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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    19 years after starting it almost to the day, I have finished The Wheel of Time.

    I feel kind of melancholy about this. The book is amazing and the way that basically every loose thread is tied together, even ones that I didn't know were loose is brilliant. You can see it all coming together but I still didn't know how it would finish up until the end.

    So I'm in no way disappointed or anything. I want more of it. :( I'd love to see some backstory novels since there's quite a few hints to the setting having a pretty rich history and stuff. Also where did that game disappear to? Not the crappy old Unreal shooter that basically got nothing right, the RPG that Obsidian were supposed to be involved in.

      Thanks for the quick review. Glad the ending is a goodun - I'm gonna have to get back into the books now!

        I've heard of the Wheel of Time books, but never read them. After reading a brief synopsis of the series on Wikipedia, I may have to try them.

          Especially now that the series is definitively finished and you don't have to suffer through waiting for years for each book only to have nothing happen. The 7th and 8th books were worst for that, especially the 8th one because literally everyone fucks around and then everything ends up basically where it was before the book started.

          I hate to say it but I suspect that Jordan dying was a net positive for the books. He left heaps of notes on how he intended it all to unfold but we ended up getting that all put together by honestly a better writer. Jordan was fantastic at ideas but his plot had completely gotten away from him. I think the way that everything ties back together so cohesively and neatly is because Sanderson brought a fresh perspective to all those dangling plot points.

    Goodnight, TAY.
    Goodnight, Moon.
    Goodnight Sniper/ Hearts player, shooting the moon.

      Please, children, skootch closer.
      Don't make me tell you again, about the skootching.
      You in the red, chop chop

    People playing DmC, do you find it weird that the triangle button (PS3) is the default attack button? I've been playing the demo and it just felt off so I changed it to square. Maybe it's because in many similar action games the square button is the main attack button. That being said as soon as I changed it to square I started doubting myself and getting this weird feeling that maybe I'm playing badly not using the default controls, I don't know.

    Anyway it's a good thing you can remap your controls.

    Also does anyone have any idea what the song in this DmC trailer is called? It plays in the trailer at the end of the DmC demo as well. I sent a tweet to Ninja Theory and hopefully they reply, but if anyone here has any idea let me know. It would be nice if it was a licensed track hence easier to find but if it is an original piece made for the game then maybe it's in the soundtrack list. Thanks

    Worst night's sleep ever.
    Guess I'll survive. Nanna naps ftw .
    Mums tablet doesn't know the word nanna

      Why are you teaching your mothers medication to speak?

        D: fine. Mums Samsung galaxy tab 2.

      I've heard naps are pretty cool guys! I think every work needs a nap time!

    Pyrean went for a run with me this morning. Good to have someone to run with and amusing to see that he seems to have a burst of speed and be overtaking me whenever a girl goes by the opposite way but as soon as they are a safe distance away have to stop to adjust an ear piece or something.

    Equally amusing to see this behavior fade away after the half way point as he ran out of bursts of speed. Seriously though he did pretty damn good for someone who hasn't gone jogging in at least 10 years.

      Oh Pyrean

      Bahahahaha. Tell him the trick is to overtake the hot chick, then stop to 'stretch' 50m on so you can have another perve from the front when they pass.


    Is Kenny dead? I've now seen both 'endings' to his story, and despite being surrounded by zombies, in neither one do we actually see his demise. Unusual for a franchise that thrives on depicting the gory gruesome details.

    The endgame message doesn't confirm either way. It says "Kenny was lost when..."

    I genuinely hope he's gone. Because if he comes back in Season 2, that almost certainly means that Clem, and possibly Omid and Christa (and even Lilly?) will be making a return as well... and I'm not a fan of that idea.

    Thoughts please!

      I honestly don't think he will. I think the game wants the player to decide what happens to him rather then telling them what happened.

        I really really hope that's the case, man :)
        Guess I should trust them, eh?

        Just like at the end when Clem sees two people off in the distance and then they turn and notice Clem. They never explain that and I'm pretty sure they won't. It's up to the player to make their own decision on what happened.

          People online seem so convinced that this scene is a cliffhanger. And they're starting to convince me. But if I have any kind of trust in these guys, it'll be exactly like you say.

          WHY do I listen to the internet?

            I have faith in the writers to realise doing that would be a very silly thing, I just hope my faith in them isn't misplaced!

            Last edited 18/01/13 8:54 am

            Angel series finale spoilers:

            Sometimes people miss the point of scenes like that, though. It's like the last scene in the Angel finale where the apocalypse began, our heroes regrouped as they prepared to battle. Wasn't intented to be resolved, was just a mission statement of who they were.

            Not really all that similar to The Walking Dead, except for...

            the fact people sometimes confuse intentional ambiguity for cliffhangers. Haha! I wondered about the Kenny thing myself, but I think Nob's right. Just a means to give his death more power by having so much of it implied. The fact you're questioning if he's alive probably makes them successful on that front! I do agree with you, though. Here's hoping it stays a mystery one way or the other.

            *shrugs* :P

              Thanks man. You are totally right... except for

                I knew you were going to link that! Haha! Still, wasn't resolving a cliffhanger, just continuing where they left off. Not necessary either for the show's end to make sense! Maybe? (Haven't read it. :P)

                Last edited 18/01/13 9:05 am

                  Don't read it. Pretend that the TV shows end where they end. Nothing good ever came from comics.


                  I started reading season eight of Buffy, but couldn't afford to buy them every release. Was going to wait for the omnibus dealies. Only ended up reading the first two arcs. :'(

                  I didn't last much longer than you. I think I got 3.5 arcs in before I realised that I was throwing money into something I really wasnt invested in. Didn't think it was that great, tbh. Certainly not a replacement for the TV series, despite being more expensive to obtain :P

                  Also felt like they lost some of the restraint, it's like in movies -- just cause you can use CGI all the time, doesn't mean you should. The comic seemed a bit like that, spectacle stuff instead of character moments... I hear season nine was better in every way, though!

                  Last edited 18/01/13 9:24 am

                  Too bad a 48 issue "season" takes 4 years to release :P

                  Weird world: it be quicker to make TV than comics.

      My only doubt over whether or not he's dead is because this is The Walking Dead franchise. People do not stay dead. Pun very much intended.

      I didn't even know Kenny's fate was subject to discussion. He died, simple as that. No weapons, boxed in, surrounded by zombies, there's no way he made it out of that. From memory you even see Lee wince and turn away, implying that while the player didn't get to see his death Lee certainly did.

        Pretty sure you're right about Kenny. Plus, that guy's run his arc - there's no good reason to keep him around. I'm just airing worst fears for Season Two, so it'll be impossible to actually let me down with a bad surprise :P

          I think all the characters from season 1 have run their arc. I'm hoping season 2 focuses on all new survivors and they leave the fates of the few season 1 survivors who survived open ended and don't have them make an appearance in season 2.

        not particularly, I'm pretty sure one of the conversation options was something along the lines of "Kenny has to have made it out". I actually chose that option because Kenny was his best friend

          I saw that as Lee being in denial and having false hope more than a confirmation that Kenny did in fact survive. It's open to interpretation though I guess.

          Last edited 18/01/13 9:37 am

            The brilliance of this game is that everything is open to the player's interpretation. Even the morality of the choices. There's an argument for just about everything, but to some people, some of the worst choices will seem monstrous, while to others they'd be the instant best/logical/pragmatic choice.

    Spaghett's last song played game

    Sweet Life by Frank Ocean

    What can I say? The man is very talented

      Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced - Dropkick Murphies.

        Nice song to start the day to Freeze :)

        Kiss me, I'm shitfaced - and I'm soaked, I'm soiled and brown
        In the trousers - She kissed me! And I only bought her one round!

        I think I'm developing feelings for you now Freeze...

      President Rd - The Bride

      Saw them for the first (and last) time on Wednesday, bought their album on my phone before their set had even finished.

        I love being able to do that

        I got the EP for the first artist from Gambino's gig download last night on iTunes

        Fuck I hate iTunes

          BUT WHYYY?!

          That's a legitimate question, I've never had a problem with it. I can buy music straight from my phone and listen to it in a few minutes. That's pretty great.

            I don't have an iPhone and dislike Apple remember

            I have always preferred Winamp to play my music through on my PC

            I do like iTunes to buy music through, but I don't like using it or conforming to its formatting

              Oh yeah, that's why we can't be friends. I remember now.


                Racist? You are the racist one!

                Just because I am Windows, and a Heroin Demon

                It's racist to treat the Heroin Deficient with cruelty :)

                  My discrimination is perfectly justified.

                  Yours is racism.


                I can tell we are going to be friends for a long time coming my man


      Don't Know Much - 78 Saab

        Shane :D

          Hey man, how's it going?

            Good and you buddy?

            I got out of having to anwser the phone until 5

            So now it's just a case of walking to 333 Bar on George Street after work for drinks with my colleagues

            Drinks of which I can drink nothing alcoholic as I have to drive

    I'm watching conspiracy videos about the Sandy Hook shooting. WTF is wrong with people.

      Once my brother started telling me all these weird 9/11 conspiracy theories. Thought he was just interested, then I realized he believed some of them. We spent entirely too long discussing the illuminati. :P

      Last edited 18/01/13 8:46 am

        But duuuuuuude...seriously, wtf. It's so easy to explain a lot of the "nitpicks" they have.
        Like - the guns described changed (details often change in the early days of an investigation), people look too happy (people don't act normally...ever), etc etc.

    So my wife's laptop has died. She's decided she wants a tablet. I think I've managed to talk her down from getting an iPad, and am now looking at decent (read: cheap) alternatives.

    I think the Nexus 7 is currently winning, and I can get one for around $200 (ouch, but she can't be without internets, and it's cheaper than a whole new computer).

    Any Nexus detractors want to talk me down from this ledge?

    Last edited 18/01/13 8:48 am


      Haven't used one myself, but most of the Nexus 7 feedback i've read seems to pretty positive? Didn't Serrels buy one? I forget. Apparently it's a great tablet for the price.

        Sure looks it from what I'm reading! I almost want one for myself too :P

      Now's your chance to get a gaming PC somehow. :P

        I've got my eye on this one, going to see how high it goes, and possibly get someone to pick it up and post it for me should I decide to go for it.

        Then spend the next three months lamenting our credit card bills :P

        Still probably wouldn't use it for gaming, though, because distractions from writing are bad and evil.

! Adventure games! :D

      Everything I've heard from Nexus 7 owners has been positive. Apparently they're pretty great.

      My housemate has a Nexus 7. What does she want to use it for?
      The Nexus is pretty good for messing around on the internet and watching videos but not really things like writing or game playing.

        She just wants to internet. So I just want something that will do that for a couple of years :)

          It seems pretty good. If she copes with using her phone or similar, she'd probably like the Nexus. I don't use it much (it's not mine), but my housemate uses it pretty much constantly when he's not at his actual PC.

      I've heard mostly positive news from Nexus 7/10 owners.

      Women and iPads mang. It's the new must have accessory.

    Has anyone else read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline? Absolutely brilliant book set in a believable dystopian future packed with gaming, movie, tv and music references. Worth reading imo.

    Urgh, I have been so sick the last few days, that I actually found myself watching Power Rangers for about 15 minutes. Upon realising this, the screams of horror lasted for quite some time.
    The real clincher is the fact that I haven't even gotten much gaming done, must be dying, only explanation :P
    I did give in to temptation and pre-ordered a copy of Aliens Colonial Marines. Though some clips have looked a little iffy, there is enough there that I think I will enjoy it, it also prompted me to watch Aliens again, still a truly awesome movie.
    I think it was the powerloader statue that really sold it for me, worth the price just for that, the game is just an added bonus.


        BY TALOS! I must be sick if I didn't include SKYRIM! in my first post in days.
        Yep, must be dying... I humbly request my corpse be incinerated by dragons... or any convenient garbage disposal, whatever is easiest.

        Also, SPAGHETT! SKYRIM!

      Man, that Powerloader.

      It's going to look so good on my shelf, where I will never use it, and only have it for the purpose of having a cool looking thing on my shelf, that I could have bought a better version of for less if I'd looked elsewhere on the internet...

      Here's hoping Colonial Marine lives up to the hype. It's really hard to say with Gearbox, though. (Especially since I've only played the Borderlands games and they really weren't very story heavy.)

        Yeah, the story will definitely be a bit of a concern for me.
        Have they even explained yet, how they will be visiting the settlement when it was blown up in a thermonuclear explosion with what I think was a radius of 30km?

          Haha! That's a good point too! :S Maybe it overlaps with the movie before the incident? Still, can't wait to explore Hadley's Hope! :D

            Mmm, should be interesting, as at one stage it was supposed to take place after the events of the second film, then later it was after the THIRD film. Supposedly they find the sulaco orbiting the prison planet, then track it course back to LV-426, then various shenanigans take place.
            Maybe it was a shaped nuclear explosion, blew up, not out :P

    Was going to post this on the latest Dead Island torso article, but figured if I put it here I'd get intelligent responses:

    Out of curiosity, what would people suggest would (could?) be done regarding the design of this torso, while still keeping it relevant to the game? There seems to be a lot of complaints directed at the fact that it reveals a lot of skin (in conjunction with it being a dismembered body), could you change this to keep it relevant to the game? Let's assume it *has* to be female, and needs an obvious tie to the game.

      1) Make it more zombified. (if it's meant to be zombie parts, see point 2)).
      2) It's currently "zombie bait" - so it's just there to attract the mindless horde, implying that this is parts of a person that for some reason has died and has now been cut up. Why a torso? Why use such a large chunk as bait?
      3) Why the everlasting fuck are the breasts intact, but no other part of her, and why does she not have sunburn/tan lines?
      4) In essence, to keep it as an obvious tie in to the game, I'd probably use a chewed on hand holding a bat or something to fend off zombies with. Or because they're meant to be tourists, a beer or something.

        The assumption I'm making about the breasts being intact is that, had they decided to make them damaged in any way, people would have lost their shit over it being sexual violence or the like.

          Then make them older. Not everyone at a resort is young and babelicious.
          And make the boobs less perfectly spherical. And the skin so smooth.

          Last edited 18/01/13 9:18 am

            I think the fact they look amazingly fake (implants) is on purpose. Pretty sure they did the same with every female zombie in Dead was weeeeiird.

        1) I don't think it's supposed to be zombie parts.
        2) If I was going to attract a group of zombies, rather than an individual, I think a torso would be appropriate.
        3) Because they're implants and zombies don't nom on saline/silicone? I dunno. (I'm not actually defending that choice, just speculating)
        4) What would you call the chewed up hand edition?

        (Not debating, just speculating)

        Last edited 18/01/13 9:36 am

          1&2) I feel like I would leave a trail of body parts and a torso is pretty big. I'd cut out the heart and lungs and liver and use each of those separately.
          3) they haven't even gone near them?
          4) OMNOMNOM

      I don't know, maybe a severed head statue? Still pretty messed up though.

      Last edited 18/01/13 9:09 am

      Zombifiy it. Instead of a human corpse, remove the sexual attraction by making the skin all green and pustulated. Wounds across the 'good bits.' Some folks still might get off on it, but for most, it will lose its sexuality.

      If you give me more leeway, I'd replace the whole damn thing with:

      1) A cocktail glass with entrail garnish (with the words Dead Island on the back); or
      2) A full zombie figure in a Hawaiian shirt.

      Last edited 18/01/13 9:10 am

        I assume number 2 would be a male zombie in a Hawaiian shirt? Why not a woman? Women are horribly under-represented in zombie-based special edition extras for video games.


          Putting aside the tongue-in-cheek nature of your comment, why not female in Hawaiian shirt? Pretty sure women are allowed to wear something other than bikinis when they're on holidays. :P

            Bikinis or nothing.

            In all seriousness though, you're absolutely right, I just wanted to make that joke.

        Quite often the zombies in Dead Island would mostly be identifiable as such due to their head, leaving much of the body untouched. There were plenty in the reverse too. I still love your cocktail idea. It's horribly gross and wonderful.

      Rip off one of the breasts. Seriously. I started playing Dead Island for the first time recently and one of the things I noticed was that some of the bikini clad female zombies had one of their breasts ripped off and I thought that was cool. Rather than trying to sexualise the fact that they were in bikinis the game instead said, yeah, they're in bikini cause it's the beach, but they're zombies first and formost, which is something I feel that statue in question fails to do.

      Haha! I don't think there's any thing they can do to make me want a severed torso statue in my house. (Though I know some people do, that's cool! :D)

      Last edited 18/01/13 9:12 am

        Don't get me wrong, the purpose of my post isn't to defend the torso, though in all fairness I have a lot less of an issue with it from what I've seen.
        Still not a fan, though.

          I'm not outraged or any thing. Just personally not a fan of it. I think an arm or something would've been better and slightly less weird. (Wouldn't have bought that either, though! :P)

            In case you haven't played the game, that's pretty much what corpses/zombies looked like if you wailed on their limbs. The funny part is that there was no censoring in Australia despite attacking/dismembering being a key issue in L4D2's censor.
            I still have a Dead Island screenshot on Steam somewhere with a similar comment.

            EDIT: Was going to post a link to it here, but...I dunno, felt weird cause it's a pretty gross image :P

            Last edited 18/01/13 9:30 am

              Also one of the reasons I wouldn't buy it, haven't played the game. :P

      Maybe put a head on it or something? I dunno, I missed the whole controversy so I'm not sure exactly what peoples' problem with it are.

      Either way, I don't understand why someone would want to display that statue on a shelf in the first place :P

        Problems are many and varied from what I've seen. The people it offends seem to have a range of reasons. For me, my main problem is:

        I never want to see it on a store shelf, or any public space (including promotional material in the mail or instore) that my kids would see it.

        I also wonder about people who would proudly display it, but my problem there is with the people, not the item itself :P

          Seriously, if I went home from a bar with a guy who had one of those on his shelf, I'd GTFO.

            Exactly. I wonder sometimes if people think about just how much their possessions actually say about who they are... or at least, how they appear.

            Last edited 18/01/13 9:26 am

            lol yeah id probably run too... i dont think many people would look at it and recognise it as a dead island statue.... :)

              I would look at it and think "Oh, they're into weird gory stuff. To each one's own..."

                Yep, doesn't mean that I wouldn't want them to either justify it well or leave.

                  That's fair enough.
                  For me, personally, I would see it and find it unappealing. I'd assume the person was into zombies and gore, which doesn't really interest me. It might affect my level of attraction to them, it might not, but I wouldn't label them as anything other than a person who's into gory movies/games/stuff.

                  @effluvium-boy Replying to myself because the thread ran out.
                  Yeah, I don't have a problem with them being into zombies or gore, just that I'd feel uncomfortable being there with them. So I'd leave. I feel like we're of similar mind on this, actually :/

            Seems unfair.

              Really? I've dated guys who seemed normal on the surface but were massive creeps underneath, and in hindsight they always had something that showed it to the general public, but was dismissed as "oh, it's just personal taste" or something. Forgive me for being a little more tentative now if someone is going to openly display something like that.

              And I know, I'm weird, and I'd date a guy who had a complete skeleton among his possessions. But the torso is...just a turn off on multiple levels for me.

                Out of interest...
                How does a guy earn the Massive Creep label?
                I sometimes wonder if I exude that vibe and whether it's detrimental to my social life.

                I assume there are creeps and then there are creeps, since, from what I gather, girls label a lot of guys as creeps based on minimal evidence and I'm guessing that's for the sake of humour or whatever.

                Last edited 18/01/13 12:38 pm

                  One of the specific ones went to prison for being a massive creep.

                  I was just talking in general, but wow.

                  At least he can say he's good at what he does. Dedication.

                The comment, without context, sounded judgemental.

                However with your personal reasoning, I can see that you're basing it on personal experience not just on a "by the cover" reaction.

                You'll have to tell me about these creeps one day.

                I'll tell you about mine.

                  Fair enough. And I'm happy to be thought of as judgmental if I feel like I'm safe. The world isn't a comfortable place and unfortunately it probably means I'll judge a few people who aren't actually the way I assume they are.

          i have a small collection of gaming figures that it would sit next to in my man cave... to be honest some are pretty gruesome but they arent displayed anywhere where i would have to force anyone to look at them...

          EDIT: I strongly agree with you though shane, they have no business being displayed in retail space....

          Last edited 18/01/13 9:25 am

      I liked it but can see from a retail standpoint how it might be bad to display in your shop.

      It would've been too small and badly detailed to warrant a purchase but horror movie props are great.

      I don't agree with the whole "People who'd want a dismembered torso are effed up" thing. I want it and I'm normal. Sure, that's not really an argument but fake gore and real gore are two very different things. I can't fathom being in the same room as a real corpse but one made out of silicone? I'd be all over it.

      I also don't understand how making it more "Zombified" makes it more acceptable. It's still a persons torso, it's just a little bluer. Surely that would also make it more gory, right? Bits of skin coming off and probably more decayed flesh etc.

      Why is that way more acceptable?

      Now to be this guy, when I was in the US in October I was hit full in the face with American Halloween. If you've never experienced first hand you cant grasp just how gory it is. Our first day there we went to Target and were greeted by a dismembered, bloody corpse in the doorway. People In New Jersey had corpses hanging from their trees with their guts spilled everywhere.

      It. Was. Rad.

      I'm not sure what my point is here, but basically, why have we gotta get up in arms about every little thing?

      Can't we accept that people are going to make exploitation or offensive material just like they do in other mediums?

      Games, man.

      Give it a zombie head. Maybe an arm as well (keep one side severed to keep with the 'theme' I guess).

      Or they could just go for a zombified figurine rather than just BEWBS

    So, out of no-where, a game appears that ive never heard of, and several screenshots later, i decided I MUST HAVE IT....

    my eyes are bleeding trying to process the sheer awesomeness of the art style....

      also, Valve is a pretty cool guy...

    Have to try and find a fax machine today :S

    Someone needs to tell my employers that the 80's was three decades ago.

      What's a fax?

        Don't let the fax get in the way of a good joke.

          I don't know, it sounds like Freeze wants to get down to the cold, hard fax

      It should be on the 2nd shelf, right next to the flint & steel,

    Hey guys, not dead just blocked TAY at work for a while. Moving next week. Super hyped. My boss let it slip that i am moving and i gotten so much crap thrown at me . Its reverting me back to angry rocket when i really hate that guy he has some anger issues. Anyway Gorzy and Pyrean have graciously offered me a room at their house so that's where i will be in Sydney. I should have a job in a few months time because the CEO offered it to me when i resigned. Gonna still see if i can find some part time work in the meanwhile.

    Hope you are all well and that i spelt things correctly cause there is no way in hell i am reading over this comment.

      Rockets! Good luck with the move, man.

      I'll be in Sydney on the morning of Saturday Feb 8! There's a meat at Kinokuniya in the city to celebrate. I expect to see you there. Don't know if anyone else is coming though. Perhaps Doc What.

        Ill see what i can do. see what i did there. haha I'm hilarious in the way a turtle is funny cause it looks stupid trying to walk on land. I do love kino and im a big fan of yours so i will most probably be there.

          Ooopsie, I mean February 9. You really shouldn't be a fan of mine - I can't even read a calendar :P

        I might be there. I think there might be an engagement party I'm supposed to go to.
        If not, I'll see you there.

      Rockets! Start of an adventure, man! :D

        A scary adventure filled with dangers at every turn.

        Not even joking there is a fucking massive bushfire on the highway i am meant to drive on in 2 weeks :P

        Ill be fine. If i die, i died the way i lived. Doing stupid things like driving into the path of a freaking bushfire.

      Don't worry man! It's the end of the week. You won't need to deal with those dick bags at work. Good Luck with the move!

        They sound like a bunch of idiot high school kids. :S

      Best of luck man - Will be a shame you won't be coming to any more drinking sessions lans but I'm sure I'll catch up for beers/furniture destruction when I come down to Sydney next.

      Yay for finally moving! :D Gorzy and Pyrean are awesome. Even I know that and I don't do that Teamspeak thing all the cool kids do. :P

        I would say talking to strangers on the internet most nights isn't the coolest thing i do. but yes i am a big fan of both of them and i expect a visit if you come to sydney :)

    @bdkiaf, Dude, I wish you had been there last night

    The gig was so good, such high energy

    We should keep eyes out for bands we both like, and do a possible Concert Meat

    Aren't you going to be at Soundwave?

      Concert meat? I think @Strange has some metal plans a-brewing! :D

        Noones hipster enough to go to a concert meat with me :(

        Except @rocketman. Who was going to. Then I bailed on him. Caus that's what hipsters do.

          If I wasn't a music imposter and had cash and wasn't a hermit, I'd totally think about going to a concert with you! :D

          We're all going to this one together:

          It's the punk guy from The Young Ones as well as the guy who's touring with Nightwish playing the Uillean pipes and some other guy playing super-old-school punk songs and others on their weird folk instruments.
          You're going too, Sughly.

            Holy crap that looks amazing! Canberra is the worst.

              Yeah it's pretty bad when even Perth gets them but Canberra doesn't.

            Ahhhhh..... nehh :)

              You can't get much more hipster than this. You can say you saw them before they were cool. :P

                But they will probably never actually be cool :P

                I dont think this is hipster strange. I can show you what the world of hipster looks like if you want though. It's a magical place, where everything you listen to is better than what everyone else listens to. Come in, the water's fine...

                You're all cooler than I'll ever be. :P

          Wait no, im not hipster, don't group me with the likes of you and Dan. I just like good music, and hate mainstream stuff. Like some sort of person who is with the times and a coolcat. There is a 1950's word for it but i can't remember it.

          FINE I'm a hipster and recently i started dislike birds of Tokyo because that song that they played where they say Fire 50 times in 3 minutes.


            Birds of Tokyo were never cool B)

              This album begs to differ.
              I saw them live and they were awesome and i love this album


              Listen to it and tell me its not good.

                Yeah I did listen to this album back in the day. Will listen to a bit just for you...

                Edit: It's this guy's voice, ergh so grating. I really hate that kind of singing. I'm skimming big time here but the songs are coming back to me. These bands all sound the same to me. Not into this style at all.

                Last edited 18/01/13 10:04 am

                  I honestly haven't listened to them for a while but my tastes change every month or so. This month i am really into this genre known as electroswing and have been listening to this band Caravan Palace


                  As well as so classical music like vivaldi and a bit of pavarotti. I also listened to the avalanches album last night on the advisment of flu and i gotta say it holds up really well. Some really great sampling and interesting sounds.

                  anyway ill make a list for you and we can exchange music.

                  P.S. CVCVCHS have a album coming out really soon and im kind of hyped because i have listened to "the mother we share literally 100 times last few weeks"

                  Ohhh didnt realise the album was close! Theyve been bombarding facebook with studio photos so I figured it was still a while off, though I guess maybe the photos are old. Oh man, a Chvrches album would just be the BEST right? :D

                  Also, not sure about this electroswing thing. I'm in a downtempo mode these days, so this is kind of the exact opposite of that haha. Been listening to lots of Promise and the Monster, Gem Club, El Perro Del Mar, that sort of thing.

                  Edit: Far out I would love to go to a meat with you and just talk music. You're the only one who understands me rockets! You and Serrels actually, Serrels has some good taste. And Ben White.

                  Last edited 18/01/13 10:19 am


                  Karnivool are the worst band I've ever seen live.

                  Musically, they were fine. But they just walked out, said nothing, played their set and walked off. Absolutely no banter or "We are Karnivool, thanks for coming out".

                  It was balls.

                  Bands that do that are the worst. For reals. Feels so shitty being at a concert when that happens. Kind of like yeah let's just get this done with. Cool thanks for coming and taking my money guys, cheers.


                  The Red Hot Chili Peppers were the same. Fantastic musically, but barely a word spoken.

      I wish I'd been there! On Wednesday night. Last night, not so much :P

      And yes, I'm totally going to be at Soundwave.

        Oh yeah, Wednesday :P

        Soundwave, cool

        I'll see you there, somewhere

    Played a bit of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West again yesterday after talking about DmC here, man, so damn purdy looking. That kind of world is my favourite take on post-apocalyptic. Over grown vegetation rather than barren wasteland. (Can't wait for The Last of Us too.) One of those games like Uncharted where I stopped every three steps to look around!


    I can't disclose what made me sad, as it is to do with work, and is private information that isn't about me and doesn't involve me

    But I can post about being sad

    Morning fucking ruined

      Sorry to hear man. I don't think I could do your job. :(

      hope your day improves man.

      also, if you dont mind me asking, what do you do for work (just so I can avoid getting into a morning-ruining industry)

        I work in Estate Administration and Trust Administration

        Let's just say that a Trust (money held for a child) has turned into an Estate @dc @shane @freezespreston

          Fuck, man...that's a really up and down job. The work itself can be really rewarding but considering everyone you meet has just lost someone it's pretty depressing.
          I worked as a paralegal for a year in estates...fortunately I got to mix it up with conveyancing, which wasn't as depressing (just hair-tearingly stressful).

          Shit :(
          Yeah, I couldn't do that job :(

            I am not so much in the Estates anymore

            And I never had contact with family members

            Kinda removes some of my empathy

            This just grounded me back in reality

          Can you explain what that means?

            Estate administration is what happens after you die

            You have a will, and it says who you want to be the executor of your estate

            The executor then applies to the court to be granted Probate, which means they have legal rights to collect your assets

            We collect your assets, pay off your debts, and distribute the money to your family/friends/loved ones/charity

            Trust Administration is just looking after money awarded to children due to a parent dying on a job site, or them being involved in a car accident or something that nets them money from winning a court case

            We hold the money until they are 18

              Sorry to bring it up again man, but thanks for answering.

              More questions (feel free to ignore)
              So does that mean a child has died? :(

                yes man, sadly she has, of her own volition

                No problem bringing it up :)

      Funds distribution, wasn't it?
      One for you, three for me. One for you, three for me...

      Sucks to hear your morning isn't off to the greatest start.

      Last song played was "Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)" - Regina Spektor

    Hey gang, the show that Homeland is based on begins tomorrow night on SBS.

    Happy Friday TAY.
    I think this might be my first post this week. I've been busy.

    I saw The Hobbit last weekend. It was good. I was a little surprised at just how much I enjoyed it.
    I've been listening to the soundtrack all week. You should all listen to this now.

      God damn that song is amazing...and that's roughly the 30th time I've heard it...

    Attention TeamSpeakers and TAY!

    Time for a Dinnertaku Write-Up!!!

    i spent some time rubbing this in to some of the TS crew yesterday...

    So, as TS friends are aware, yesterday I was invited to my parents place for a LAMB ON SPIT! Being my name day and all (its a greek thing, and i totally didnt remember).

    So anyway, arrived at my parents place and walked into the backyard to find it was almost ready.

    So preparation talk...

    Before its placed on the spit, it gets spiced up. a large bowl is prepared consisting of wine. The wine is injected all over the lamb using a rather large, scary and yet awesome syringe. and i mean all over. The inside is brushed with a mixture of oil, lemon, salt, pepper. cut lemon pieces are placed inside, and the inside is stitched shut using wire...

    Whilst cooking the lamb is reguarly brushed with a mixture of lemon, salt, pepper, oregano. practically every five-10 minutes... every half hour, the lamb is sprinkled with lots of salt.. the salt never gets too much as it draws moisture from the outside of the lamb and it sweats it off as it cooks. This is also beneficial for the skin, as it turns it into a crackle style snack!

    about 3 and a half hours later the succulent piece of awesomeness is ready to serve!!! So succulent and tender, practically melts in your mouth...

    Last edited 18/01/13 10:00 am