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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    Hey, @ontargett reminded me. Has anyone out there read either REAMDE by Neal Stephenson or Cory Doctorow's For The Win? Both deal heavily with gaming and MMOs, with an emphasis on goldfarming.

      Haven't read For The Win, but I have read Little Brother. That's pretty good. Might have to give For The Win a go if it's as good as Little Brother.

    Hahahahaha ha!! Oh man @Sughly your Serrels Simba picture was used for the "while you were sleeping" article

      He should sue for Copyright Infringement. No one tell Disney, though.

    Going to have lunch with my mum soon, it's her birthday! Third time leaving the house this year! :P

    Will post reminder of ParaNommin' meat later! (Or just then...)

      Pre-meat jitters?

      Hippy Baffday Mum!!!
      It's my little brother's birthday too, huzzah for simultaneous birthdays!

        Happy birthday Aleph's bro! How's he liking Groote Eylandt? Settled in good and proper yet?

          Haha, yeah, he's doing really well. Just got offered the assistant manager's role at his place of employment, so he can almost afford to get his tatts removed/covered :P

          I expect a meat writeup when you return from lunch!

      Nine months ago is the anniversary of your grandparents having freaky monkey sex.

        You're a bad man, Freeze. A bad, bad man.

    Robot Spaghett here, emotions turned off, mail to soon be sorted

    Letter being prepared

    Insert catch phrase here "Shenanigans"

      how is the missus, you still being all lovey dovey?

        Stop trying to reconnect him with his humanity! :P

          But humanity is good! It lets you reverse hollowing AND rekindle a bonfire. Don't get me started on Chaos Weapons!

        Missus is good, still being lovey dovey

        Who couldn't love this tower of Spaghett?!?!

        Robot Spaghett makes mention to the bad thing that happened this morning, mention of which is on Page 17

        How are you Rockets?

          Um well thats a good question.
          I am like 40 emotions in one, you know those cheap games that come from cd in coles that say they have X amount of games and none of them are really good. Im like that. Feeling so very many things and i haven't been able to concentrate on any tasks in the last few weeks. Then i gots lady problems and nervous about moving problems.

          I am a little scrambled.
          In saying that i am loving every minute. Far too often in life i am just bored or scared i have missed something. This time it feels like im worrying and excited because its big not just because i am a horrible person with bad social skills.

            We love ya Rockets, hold in there brother and fellow TAYbie!

              Ill be fine. in the immortal worlds of Cy Grant but redone by Michael Buble' and muse.

              Michael Buble' version

              Muse Version

              Im feelin good.

                I saw Muse play in Perth in 2010 and they did Feelin Good. It was awesome.

                  Another person i know who has seen muse.
                  WHY HAVE YOU ALL SEEN MUSE.
                  I WANNA SEE MUSE

    Yeah Nobody seems to get my taste in stuff either, its probably my own fault for liking so many different things. I listen to 80's music with bish, musical scores with blaghs, classical and orchestral with my gran, 50's and 60's and country with my grandad and listen to stupid new pop music with my little sister. From That i also have my own tastes which vary from songs from my childhood, to dubstep and electrohouse. Its all kind of hard to keep track of but the best part about it is i can usually enjoy music with anyone.
    TL;DR i like music.

      TL but Did Read, I also love music

      I am hardly never not listening to it.

      Do you guys download music out of curiousity? I find it's the same with movies for me. Rely on YouTube for the most part. :S

        I use spotify atm but i like physical albums in my hand. The only problem is that the only cd ayer i have is in my car
        currently sitting in my car albums are
        Billy Talent- Dead Silence
        Skrillex- Bangarang
        Metric- Sythetica
        Seth Sentry- This was Tomorrow
        Amity Affliction- Chasing Ghosts
        Childish Gambino- Camp

        I played all of those albums for my gran except for camp because SO MUCH CUSSING
        she enjoyed metric and strangely the amity affliction. She offered to buy seth sentry and i quote " A new fucking bucket if he shuts up about the one with the hole in it" and she like skrillex although admitting "Im sure i want to hear it often"

          Upvote for your gran digging The Amity Affliction. I'm sure she'd have loved Camp. She'd have gone mad for Bonfire.

            Have you guys watched the clip for Bonfire. It scared me for a while.
            My gran would appreciate this
            "I love pussy, I love bitches, dude, I should be runnin’ PETA"
            man his raps are clever even if they are stupidly braggy and explicit.

              Yeah, it's an interesting one.

              Some of his lines are insanely clever, “The shit I’m doin’ this year? Insanity. Made the beat then murdered it: Casey Anthony" is one of my favourites.

          Why is your gran not president of the universe?

            Logistics, also because she too lovely for world politics. her solution would be make everyone a bacon sandwich and

        I stream lots, as I have this fear that my library/taste/experience will stagnate should I listen strictly to the music I own. I don't purchase due to thinking I may waste money on something I don't enjoy.
        Far more likely to purchase digitally though, and will always attempt to find a paid download from the artist directly if the music really clicks with me, for whatever reason.

          Yep. My process is usually checking a group of sites I've wittled down to that generally share stuff I'm into, then when I find stuff that seems interesting I'll stream it. If I'm into it, I'll buy it in some way, whether digital or physical. Generally physical, but in my poorer times I go for digital. Which... is more often than I care to admit.

          Edit: I do dload by the way. In... a borrowing kind of sense. Usually I'll put a bunch of tracks from downloaded albums onto a mix cd for the car so after a few plays I get a feel for which bands stick, then go chase them down to give them moneys.

          Last edited 18/01/13 10:49 am

            I typically stick with youtube for streaming, and it's done me well thus far.
            Outside of that, aggregation within social circles seems to be my biggest musical influence though. The "Hey, have you heard these guys?" conversations are great, provided there's no self-plugging or pretentious shite :P

      Caravan Palace are the shit.

      Edit: This is in reference to the previous page, not the above post.

      Last edited 18/01/13 10:32 am

      Yeah, I would describe my tastes in a similar way, except that the bulk of what I listen to does often revert back to interesting bands I'm picking up on at the time. I like having something new, so when I go through bits where I don't come across new stuff I like I start getting pretty bored. Nothing like playing a new track and falling in love with it for the first time. Ala Mother we share :)

        Falling in love and then ditching it as soon as something new and exciting comes along.

          Just like my ex wife.
          That hit strangely close to home.

          Not exactly ditching, just... just like to have new things as well... :(

    Rightio then. Seems my work ethic is rather deplorable.
    I just caught myself reading wikipedia's entry on prefrontal lobotomies...

      Perhaps a lobotomy will improve your productivity.

      Sound like something you'd be into? :D I was reading Wikipedia in Gizoogle yesterday!

      At least it was you who caught you. Your fate is in your hands.

      Edit: I just caught myself giving copyright legal advice to an internet stranger. (My advice was "get some copyright legal advice")

      Last edited 18/01/13 10:32 am

      AND I defeated the mothership thing in FTL last night.
      On easy :(

      First go on easy, and I stomped ERRYTHANG. There's quite a difference in punishment between the two settings.

    This game looks really weird, but I kind of want to try it because of how crazy it looks :P

      WHAT THE F-

      Actually, it looks kinda fun.

    Obscure 2013 games you think should be on everyone's radar, I'll start:

    Gone Home (The Fullbright Company)
    Asylum (SenScape)
    Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)

      From the top of my head:
      Don't Starve!

      Anna's Quest HD

        2014! :P

          WHAAAAAAAT :(
          This publishing deal. Worst. Thing. Ever.

            Hahaha! But, but... it's for the full game! In 16:9! 1920x1080 res! With video clips and everything! That... I'm pretty much doing on my own :'(

              I know man, I'm just kidding. It will be AWESOME

              Last edited 18/01/13 10:59 am

          Look at this guy, knowing all of the inside secrets!

            He told us the other day! When he mentioned box and HD thing. Shane was surprised! True story!

      Asylum just got greenlit for steam tooooo, happy times! Also the dev said he will pimp Anna's Quest for me when I congratulated him :3

        Your star is rising meteorically. Not sure how accurate that is astronomically-speaking, but it's dramatic, for sure.

          Nah, Agustin's a cool dude. He's got a film blog and I've talked film with him through it before, so I kind of know him beyond the dev thing.

        I saw that Asylum was greenlit! That's all kinds of awesome. I'll probably try to get a retail copy this time around, if such a thing exists! Agustin seems all kinds of awesome! Did you know Josh Mandell, designer of Freddy Pharkas and Space Quest 6 voices the lead character in Asylum! :O

      New Blackwell game isnt far off, which is... kind of obscure? I guess? Love me some Blackwell though, very keen to see whats happening next in that story.

        I've got them all, but haven't played for more than five minutes, alas. Didn't grab me like Resonance/Gemini Rue/etc. I know it's by Dave Gilbert and not the other guys, but even so...

        Last edited 18/01/13 12:15 pm

          Should invest more time into it, the actual ghosts and their stories are really compelling and sometimes quite moving too. Once you get involved with them it will certainly hook you in, and overall story becomes really compelling too once it starts to develop.

            The whole ghost side kick thing is all kinds of awesome!


    Hey man! I didn't realise you were going to star in the game "Don't Starve"

    New unlockable character: WX78, a robot who can eat spoiled food with no penalties, and who hates all living things. =P

      @Tech_Knight ?

      HAHAHAHAHA I want this game now!

      That's a bit extreme though.... @greenius is on the right track :). I like all animals... except insects, hate those bastards :P

      I think WX78 must be my long lost insane cousin...

        Yeah, only FREAKS like bugs.

        I kinda like them too...

        Haha yeah, was just joking man! He must be your evil robot brother!

          Yeah I need to find this bot and have a long talk with him. The adorable animals do not deserve the harsh judgement we shall give humans in many years ti-..... I mean there is no plan to mass murder humans... none! You heard nothing! *swiftly engages cloak and runs off*


      Is the Whitenoise invasion supposed to be encouraging the community? Because spamming is going to have the opposite effect :/

    Normal Spaghett functions resuming

    Emotions being restored

    The prospect of lunch exciting

    The letter prepared and the mail sorted

    Easter eggs being eaten because holy fuck Coles EASTER ISN'T FOR AGES!

      Creme Eggs for the win!

        I've never had a creme egg.

          Go out to your local supermarket and pick one up.
          But, before you do:

            I... I don't have a supermarket.


              Here, get a box.

                Damn... that's nearly making me drool...

                  Not sure how you'll feel when I tell you I got one of those boxes for $15 :D

                  Picked them up from a store that was offloading it cause their use-by date was like 2 weeks away, and the box was still sealed.

            That may actually make them taste better... all that overwhelming sweetness :|


    I only just read up about that whole severed torso article, and I salute you for standing your ground against the dark forces who infest the comments sections. You are both a gentleman and a scholar good sir :)

      Severed torso?
      Damn it, Shane - who'd you kill this time!?
      You told me last time would be... well... the last time!

        Who knew a skilled writer can also be a skilled killer? The more you know! :)

          It's just... research for my next book.

      Thanks man. You should have seen some of the comments that have since been removed by Junglist. Man, they were really bad.

        Which one are you guys talking about? The one about Deep Silver apologising? Doesnt seem like there's much argument against shane there now, but it sounds like there was ocne upon a time.

        Either way, I wish I gave my two cents now. That thing is truly disturbing and is doing absolutely no favors for the negative image the gaming industry has in the general public.

          My thoughts exactly. I saw this video about it on youtube ... I think the show's called Extra Credits, and they're right... game companies should just stop marketing things like that

          That's the one. I got called a bad father (in less kinds words) by two separate people just because I said I didn't want my kids to stumble across this in a retail space.

        The majority of them made me facepalm so hard I may have to get my faceplate repaired this weekend.

    SOME WINS \o/ !!! and some losses /o\
    Second management assignment was due today. Was up at 6am putting on the finishing touches on it - but it's done!!!
    This means i am completely free to get back to painting and playing the walking dead!!! :D This pleases me greatly as over the past few days all i have been able to think about is Warhammer 40k and TWD.

    Massive loss...
    So i won't be going to alestorm tonight... A blow dealt even harder by the fact that Barbarion are starting for them :(
    I was soooo looking forward to this show, but after repeated attempts to get into contact with my mate, it's been to no avail.. not that it matters, mind you, as we've just been dealt another massive financial blow being that we need to find a new rental property and move in 3 weeks time.... ffs....

    @strange - how was Sabaton? I'm sure you posted about it earlier on, but i don't want to trawl tay. lol. Did they play Coat of Arms? I would have imagined it would have gone off like a firecracker! I was listening to Sabaton on the way to work today and it reminded me of you and the concert, so i thought i should check in while i remembered! lol

      3 weeks is like 0 notice. Sucks dude. Hope you are well besides people being retarded douchebags property wise?

        Yeah man - just stressed. the added costs of relocating along with the car needing to be fixed AND the wedding is just causing me a lot of stress, that's all. This year is going to be pretty gnarly, i think. The whole lead up to this wedding is going to be tough - but once it's done everything will be back to normal though, which is a plus.. so what's that? Only until november? lol

        Plus i'm not sure how i'm going to be able to manage PAX now. I picked up the 3 day pass, but i'm not sure if i'll have spending money to sustain all 3 days. I was thinking of just asking all the rellos for money towards my PAX adventure, though, which should fix that problem :)

        But i'm still a happy little loopa regardless! :D

        How have you been recently, dude?

          It's cute that you think things go back to normal after a wedding :P

            Comments like this are exactly why i love you, buddy

              Does Bee know how you feel?

                Bee can't keep track of my TAY love, so she's just given up.

          I'm Sydney bound in a few weeks bro.
          ALso PAX, we have to hug and bump butts or whatever Melbourne people do for funzies.

      Chuloopa appears on Page 18. Coincidence?

        Pretty sure it's just female intuition.

      Shame about Alestorm. I know you were really looking forward to being in the video. :( I just saw a picture of their drum set-up, too. It had a built-in bar. :P

      Sabaton was incredible. :D I was right in the centre of the front row on the barrier and was so caught up in the show that I didn't even think to take any photos! If you want to see some though, you can check my husband's facebook, I think some of his photo albums are public. :) But yes, the Sabaton headline show was most definitely the best show I've ever been to and I've been to a hell of a lot! I have a crush on one of the new guitarists (Thobbe Englund) now. :P He deliberately gave me a pick at the end of the show which I'm giving to my husband to take on 70000 Tons of Metal next week to have signed.
      And no, no Coat of Arms. I didn't mind though because they did play White Death and Uprising, which are two of my favourites. The whole setlist was amazing. We got to choose between White Death and Talvisota, and then they asked us to choose between Into The Fire and Attero Dominatus but it was too close so they played both. They were blown away by the reception they got and couldn't keep the grins off their faces. They kept being taken aback between songs when we were all chanting "Sab-A-Ton!" and Joakim was quite often lost for words which is rare for him. :P They played for nearly two hours. I'll post a picture of the setlist on Twitter if you like. :)

      Here's a link to Mr. Strange's YouTube channel which has a few great videos from Monday night's Nightwish support show: There's also a video there of Snowy Shaw singing Book Of Heavy Metal with members of Eyefear and Black Majesty from the Sabaton headline gig.

        You are just so awesome - thanks so much!!
        Hopefully that means they will be back again sooner rather than later! :D

    Can you please tell me what the time is?

      I know what time it is

    I just realised that i haven't entered either of the comps on Kotaku yet. And i'm not sure if i even will....

    ..Is there something wrong with me?

    Feeling oddly depressed today.

    I blame @dc.

      Me too, actually.
      Agreed: it must be @dc's fault.

      Hope it turns around soon, man!

      :( Any thing I can help with, man? You're awesome!

      I've been feeling depressed for as long as I can remember, so I blame @dc too.

      Last edited 18/01/13 12:13 pm

      Hey man? Any particular reason your feeling down? Also, are you coming to the meat that's on this weekend?

        No particular reason. Just woke up feeling out of sorts and spent the whole day feeling like I'm on the verge of tears.

        I will be there at the meat. Mad dash after work.

          Did you guys want to have dinner before or after the movie?

          I'm sorry you're feeling that way, man. :(

          Last time I felt that feeling of being on the verge of tears was before The Hobbit meat. :S

          Last edited 18/01/13 12:34 pm

            Hope you're okay, @freezespreston. Any time you wanna talk, man. You know where to find me. DM or e-mail! :)

      That was me yesterday. Started off great, then i ended up a sad sac of puss :(
      *hugs it out*

    Back from lunch. I'm that weird guy at the pet store smiling goofily at the kittens and pups!

      Hate to burst your individuality bubble but that's everyone in a pet store.

      Suck it DC, you're normal.

        Yeah suck it DC, not everyone who goes to film school can be a hipster.
        Some of you turn out normal. :)

          I've lost any film street cred I've had since I revealed the movies I haven't seen.

          Last edited 18/01/13 12:21 pm

            Its okay, i haven't ever seen die hard.

              It's the feel good Christmas movie of '89!

                Feel good Christmas movie of EVERY YEAR, actually :P


        Hotross is wise in the subtle arts of picking up.

          i have had 100x the amount of girlfriends then blaghs

      No one can resist the cute puppies! NO ONE!

        Also, meat write up!

    Hey guys - catch have a big electronics sale with a couple of things that may be worth looking at like ps3 controllers, headphones and gaming laptops

    In case anyone is interested. Prices aren't mind shattering, but some are decent.

      Razer Tron Mouse - $30
      Fifa Football - $14.95
      Max Payne 3 - $25
      And all the headphones in the world!

      Cannot see on work computers. Just hangs so bad. There must be some really invasive or lazy coding in that website! :P

    D.C.'s meat write-up. Lunch with folks. Not tense this time around. No fallout from yelling at dad on Monday. Saw critters at pet store. Avoided eye contact with people. Looked around JB Hifi. Spent five minutes coordinating my exit to when other people were leaving so I wouldn't have to talk to guy at the door. The end.

      Today, at the train station, some random guys said "Good Morning" to me. I calmly replied with "morning" then freaked out wondering why the random guy wished me a good morning. =P

        Oh man, the encounter with the lollipop lady when walking to Westfield is always dreaded. Sometimes I cross to the other side of the road to avoid that good morning conversation.

          The guy only said good morning to me but not the lady behind me! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? All the freaking out!

            Maybe he was trying to make friends. :'(

            He might be nervous talking to girls...?

              Haha! There might be some truth there, I can easily make small talk with guys but get so nervous when speaking to lady folks. :S Would never initiate conversation either way, though. :P

              Last edited 18/01/13 12:40 pm

              I don't think you quite understand how my mind works when I freak out. I ALWAYS think of the worst possible outcome, or just assume everyone is mocking me when they greet me.

                Haha! I worry people are mocking me too. A friend! :D

        I got my brother to pick me up from the train station yesterday and forced him to take me to the Maccas drive-through on the way home because I was wasting away. When the girl handed him my meal, she said "Here you go!" and he replied "Hi", froze for a second then drove off as I burst out laughing.

          Socially awkward moments shouldn't be mocked, Pow. They should be repressed.

            It's my responsibility as an older brother to mock, tease and laugh as often as possible.

        That's the part where you're meant to recite Gandalf's line about good morning from The Hobbit!

          Haha oh man, I should memorise that so I can respond with it every time someone says good morning!

            It would be so epic. Brb finding that quote on IMDB.

            Edit: Here it is!

            Bilbo Baggins: Good Morning.
            Gandalf: What do you mean? Do you mean to wish me a good morning or are you saying it is a good morning whether I want it or not? Or perhaps you are saying that you feel good on this particular morning. Or maybe you are suggesting that it is a morning to be good on.

            Last edited 18/01/13 12:55 pm

      Did they have MS Surface advertising plastered all over the front window at JB HiFi? They do at the Ipswich one. Just wondering if anywhere else had it.

        "I'm not a fanboi"

        oh lambo how wrong you are.

          Mannn fanboys shit me...

          Soooo, i hear this Warhammer 40,000 is pretty great...

            Me too freaking hate fanbois so blind to the flaws of the company or products they support

            I'm going to watch Doctor who and play pokemon. cause DOCTOR WHO and POKEMON

          It's called data collection. :P I want to see how extensively MS is advertising the Surface now that it's at retail. MS seems to be trying to change their image so that they're the cool, exciting tech company.

          Also, more advertising means more customers means more people to buy my games :P

        No idea, had to keep my eye on the prize. Get to the game/blu-rays without making eye contact or getting distracted.

      Its good to know i am not the only person who does that thing with security guards.

        I must be the most suspicious guy when I exit stores. I get all tense even if I haven't bought anything at the store.

          Same, like im sure that i have accidentally stolen something and i always walk out slowly so if i did steal something the guards can catch me in a timely manner.

          Worst thief ever.

            The best one is when you set the alarm off(because sometimes it just happens), and just sort of stand there, looking around confused, until a staff member takes pity on you and says "you can just leave."

              Haha yeah, I had that happen but no one said anything / came to check on me so I walked away. I kept expecting to get tackled by security / pulled over by the police! ALL THE PARANOIA!

                Are we all the same person?

                  Probably, we are probably Fight Club!

      SIGH. What did you steal this time?

        I'd be such a prolific movie watcher if I got over my shoplifting fears. :P

      Those JB door guys are a sinister bunch

      Also, you should come to Ipswich. The JB Hi-Fi door people don't talk to you there :P

        But then there'd be a worse problem... being in Ipswich. :P

    ^ That Spaghett guy again, going on about Shenanigans!

    So fucking bored guys, I am just looking forward to the after work drinks

    Especially after the gruesome discovery *Page 17* and then a 14 minute phone call where I was copping abuse *joy of joys* I just want the day to be over

      Do you live in sydney dude? we should totally have drinks. i like you, you have moxy.

        I live on the Central Coast, but I work in Sydney

        So THAT'S who had Moxy!!!

        Now only to work out where in the world Carmen Sandiago is...

        ... That is, if @shane hasn't found her first and hacked up her torso.

        Last edited 18/01/13 12:53 pm