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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    I am feeling very conflicted.

    So Monster Hunter 3 whatever the hell subtitle they're adding now is out for 3DS and Wii U at the end of March. 22nd for us, 18th for the US. This is cool.

    What's not cool is that I can't find any info on regioning on the game.
    1. 3DS version is confirmed local multiplayer only.
    2. Wii U has online play.
    3. There is some kind of bridging system which I haven't seen properly explained yet, where either you can play 3DS version with someone on the Wii U version on the same couch, or the Wii U version lets you bridge the 3DS version into online play, or both.

    Regarding point 1, @greenius and I discovered that some games (particularly Theathrhythm) are region-locked for local MP. Apparently the worst of these is Dead or Alive Dimensions which is not regioned for online play but is regioned for local play. :\ Typical Nintendo bullshit really, but my problem is that I have a US 3DS and no one else in Melbourne does, so I have to get the US version and if that can't play with AU versions locally there's no point buying it.

    Regarding point 2, I'm not sure if the Wii U is region locked for online or not, but I suspect it shouldn't be. I don't have a Wii U yet though, which brings me to point 3.

    I don't understand how this whole bridging system works, but I bet that given that Nintendo are the most hateful anti-consumer publisher in the entire fucking world, this will not work cross-region. If I get a Wii U it'll probably be an AU one simply because the bulk of my current Wii collection (except Symphonia 2, Fragile, Muramasa) are PAL releases. So I think I have to either go All-In on the glorious US master region stuff or return to being part of the red-headed stepchild region completely.

    So my path is either:
    - Get it on US, get US Wii U, hope I'm not locked out of everything
    - Get rid of US 3DS, Get an AU 3DS, get an AU Wii U, get game there and have fun waiting months if not years for everything to be released at higher prices
    - Same as above step but keep my US 3DS.

    And then I have to start thinking about purchase priority too since I can't afford to buy two new systems in one go. Especially since I haven't ever really played Monster Hunter much in the first place so I don't even know if I'll like it (I have played on PSP, but only alone and only for an hour or so)

    Has anyone heard anything regarding this? IIRC @ynefel was into MH for a long time.

      I don't know how the region locking with local and online multi will work either, but I suspect you are right that Nintendo will lock everything as tight as possible.

      On the upside, Monster Hunter is worth every penny of those new shiny consoles you will buy!

      I guess your first step is to try out your 3DS on someone else's Wii U first, if you can?

      Also, having not played the previous Monster Hunters, I'm kind of interested in it, but if the Wii U has online play then that's probably where I'd get it.

      The Wii U version sounds vastly superior just because of online. It's probably safe to assume the graphics and controls would be much better too and I'm not even going to consider the 3DS one (I'll save my 3DS hunting for MH4).

      If you desperately want it now and want something, the AU Wii U gets my vote. Keep your US 3DS for now as it doesn't sound like you'll be playing any new 3DS releases any time soon and get an AU 3DS later on. As for "waiting months" and "higher prices", most of the big releases are pretty close apart and I import the majority of my games from the UK, where it's pretty much the same price (if not cheaper) than buying US versions. I'm sure you can wait 2 weeks for shipping.

      I don't think there's any niche Wii U titles that may never come to PAL, but I know there's probably some 3DS ones you're interested in, so keep the US 3DS for later.

      It would also be good to try out your 3DS on a Wii U first. I can't think of any 3DS->Wii U functionalities except for importing a Mii and I don't see why that'll be locked.

        I'll be getting both the 3DS and Wii U versions. @thecracks and I liked to locally play MH3 on the Wii, but it involved transporting a whole Wii TV + console, and have to play online multi anyway!

        With the cross compatibility, you can apparently play the 3DS version locally with the Wii U version, making this a no hassle deal for us. There is the added bonus of farming or playing offline for your character (which can be shared between the two versions) on the train and whatnot.

        But I have no idea how such integration would work between different region versions of the game :-/

          True, portable grinding would be pretty sweet! The Wii U works better for me because I don't have local friends to play it with and I hardly use my portables as portables and play them outside of the house (I'm too scared I'll lose them or they'll get stolen :P)

        It sounds like the dealio is you can play with the Wii U version as if it were a 3DS, so local multi only. So this sounds like the best approach for now. Besides, even if it worked, there's no Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL yet I think and that's basically required for Monster Hunter.

        None of these problems would be actual problems if Nintendo weren't such dicks about region locking. Also if Capcom hadn't been so willing to whore out the franchise to whoever paid the most.

        As for waiting months & higher prices, the games I own at the moment are:
        - Kid Icarus: Uprising (1 day gap)
        - Devil Survivor Overclocked (1 year, 8 month gap and counting)
        - Tales of the Abyss (-3 month gap - EU got it first, oddly)
        - Code of Princess (4 month gap so far, EU not getting a physical release at all and it's not dated)
        - Theatryhtm (3 day gap)

        The next ones I would consider are Etrian Odyssey IV (not yet confirmed for EU) and Fire Emblem (2 month gap).

        So I'd argue that yes, having a US system *does* have an advantage with release dates and availability. And that's considering the system's not yet two years old and hasn't started to really age out yet.

          But then there's the big daddy Pokemon X/Y which I'm pretty sure we get first. Worldwide. (NZ might get it earlier I guess).

          Thing is, the games you own you most likely bought BECAUSE of the region release differences. I wasn't aware of the Fire Emblem one, which seems a bit odd but the majority of big releases don't have too much of a difference, and if you're importing them from America/UK, you're still going to wait 2 weeks or so anyway.

          Castlevania, Cave Story, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Luigi's Mansion, Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, New Super Mario, Star Fox, Theatrhythm are only a few days apart. And Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Paper Mario, Layton, Resident Evil, Mario 3D Land, Virtue's Last being only a week(s).

          Not too bad.

          Last edited 18/01/13 2:30 pm

            Pokémon holds very little interest for me.

              Editted in a proper reply :P

                Actually the release date differences don't mean a thing to me. It's the stuff that won't ever get a release at all because it's a niche game from Atlus or something that is the reason I got the 3DS. The bulk of the games will come out everywhere. The bulk of the games are also shitty Nintendo games that I don't have any interest in due to either having already played them years ago, or not having any nostalgia for the franchises.

                Now if Nintendo released a new Metroid game...

                  Any games which fit that? While looking at the list of games I saw that Adventure Time was the only one that I'm interested in that doesn't seem to be getting a PAL release. I hear it's basically the DS version though so that doesn't matter too much. I was interested in SMT but isn't that also just an enhanced version of the DS one?


                  Games that won't be released at all. The ones you listed just aren't announced (but are still likely to come) or aren't out yet. I still can't think of anything that straight up won't get released.

      Ditch the American 3DS because from the sounds of it, these problems will just further compound however if you already have too many games invested in the NTSC region it's hard to gauge the loss your going to take.

      Hopefully you can find a solution that doesn't cause you to ultimately regret it.

        I'm thinking AU 3DS for anything that has local MP I might actually play, or is expected to have paid DLC, because getting Nintendo 3DS point cards from the US is a pain.

        EDIT: Or hope for someone to hack the system so I can softmod the stupid region lock out.

        Last edited 18/01/13 2:29 pm

    It's funny, when I saw that new FF game on iOS I though to myself "$5 is cheap for a Squinex iOS game". I just saw that it has $52 dollars of DLC stuff.

      Holy moley!

      This is free, however.

      Apparently you can unlock some stuff for free...dunno how much that'd knock off $52 though.

    This weeks title: "Offensively Blue"

    You do the math.


      I want it transcribed through gizoogle.

        I suspect it would be exactly the same. Only maybe Gizoogle would remove some swearing.

          What we lack in swears this week we make up for with gross sex stories.

          (We don't actually lack any swears, if anything, there's more swears)

    @bdkiaf @dc

    Shenanigans! uhhh, something about Sam! Last song played!!

    Am I parodying myself correctly guys??

    Oh wait....

    Heroin, Mescaline, PCP

    Anxiety, OCD


    I figured it should also include my love of violence, drug referencing and my anxiety disorders :D

      Aw yeah, brother!

        @dc, my Pentium 4 Dual Core Processor with 1.21 Gigawattz of processing power

        Last edited 18/01/13 1:24 pm

          @spaghett, my Enslaved: Odyssey to the West playthrough happening in another window!


          Okay, you win again! :P

            I am quite adept at being bizarre, also my lexicon is quite durable, it's also a tad bloated and lengthy

            Another window? :O

            Got your console linked up to your PC monitor like a fancy pants?

              Haha! Oh, I meant another browser window. YouTube! :P

                ...didn't you start it up again yesterday? Or were you referring to watching another playthrough? :P

                PLAY THE GAME DAMNIT!

                  I played the game yesterday, walked around looking at stuff. Now I'm watching other people walk around looking at stuff!

                  But then they won't be playing the game at your pace and they'll rush things you want to look at more!

                  Nah, don't feel like a full replay. Just want to take in the sights and sounds again! :P

    Any one play Dear Esther?


      Next question!

        What's new, Greenius?


          You're supposed to be discussing the game!

          It seems like one of those stare at stuff games you loved. Did you love it for that? I pretty much did. It was awesome just looking at stuff but the actual 'gameplay' was pretty eh and so was the story which was wayyy to meta and stupid :P. But dayumn it was awesome looking at stuff!

            Haven't played it. Was watching the Gone Home trailer and it reminded me that a game like it's already released! Fun to explore?

            Last edited 18/01/13 2:02 pm

              There's not much exploring as it's all pretty linear.

                Thanks Greenius, pal.

                  Worth it for $2.50 though! Game was about 2 hours long anyway when I was taking in the sights.

    Picking up the German lass after work as my +1 to my brother's birthday bbq.
    Round 2, fight?

    Contemplating removal of hairs of the face, too.

      Put wax in them and mould them into the shape of a love heart.

    When Mark comes back, we should all jump over and use Whitenoise for the week. Don't send in any Kudos noms either. Make him think the guest editors have ruined the Kotaku community :P

      I just right-clicked and was perplexed when I couldn't find the retweet button...

    I haven't received many nominations for Community Kudos guys! Just a reminder :)

      I nominate myself!

        ...because no one else will

        *runs away sobbing* :'(

          ...because I don't do anything nom worthy

            Fishingforcomplimentsius :P

              I'm not I was just bored :P

              But I don't do anything nom worthy so why would I be nommed. IT'S SCIENCE, MAN.

                Science man?


                  something something about me putting in a comma something strange putting commas in odd places yesterday something sughly something comma momma something

                  I mean LOOK! Over there *points*

                  SCIENCE MAN!

              You forgot the "ugh, " =(

      If someone buys me a new desktop PC, I will nom them using eight different email addresses.

        How bout that free one I offered 6 months ago!?!?

        OK, to be fair it's a little behind in hardware at this point.

          I forgot about that offer. Can you furnish me with some specs please?

            Off the top of my head:

            Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
            9800GTX+ 512MB graphics
            4GB RAM (can't remember specifics)
            Think it has a 250GB and 1TB HDDs

            So...yeah, fairly old at this point. It's also in a fairly large case, but if you want it it's free.

              Thanks man. Do you mind if I pass? My laptop has pretty much the same specs and I'm looking to upgrade :)

              Really appreciate the offer though, it's so generous!

                No worries.

                Yeah, I think it's about 5 years old at this point, so not much life left in it :P

              Case is apparently 570 x 205 x 520mm (DxWxH)

    @NEGATIVEZERO - get yourself X-Link Kai. thats how i used to play MHP on the PSP online with friends overseas, as they only offered Local play. it works a treat.

      I wondered if there might be bridging software like that out there - seems like it should be possible on paper at least. I'm not sure it'll work with 3DS though?

    OK. update with a hint :

    Tavern at head University done badly? Only a suggestion. (8)

    the answer involves 2 synonyms & an anagram.

      What's this?

        trying to offload some steam inventory stuff. figured I'd make in interesting.

        answer the cryptic clue & get one of these :
        Ace of Spades, Torchlight 1, Payday.

        Did one the other day & @bdkiaf got it within a few minutes, so i've made it slightly harder....

      Apparently I'm terrible at this.

      All I can think of is Aberdeen and proposal. Neither seem right.

        there are tricks involved, which can be learnt.
        most of the time the answer is a synonym of part of the question, and the rest of the question tells you how to arrive at the answer. see the walkthrough below.

      @ontargett got it!

      The answer is INNUENDO

      Reasoning :

      Tavern is a synonym of INN
      Head University (take the first / head letter) = U
      Done badly = anagram of done = ENDO

      mash em all together & get INNUENDO = a synonym of 'a suggestion'

        *sigh* no-one can ever get my handle right.

        It's @mythamphetamine !

          Excuse me? I always get it right man!

          It's so easy

          I just think of Cradle of Filth's Nymphetamine album

            nymphetamine... AKA the start of their transition into shit.

              Heard the latest album? pretty decent

                not yet. I sort of went off them after high school. I only picked up Thornography & Devils Thunder out of curiosity. Saw em play last time they were in Sydney though. It was nostalgic :p

                I'll probably give their new one a listen at some point, but I'm in no rush.

                  I really liked it

                  Reviewers did too if I recall

                  Manticore and Other Horrors

            I would have hoped that with your fixation on psychoactive substances, amphetamines would have sprung to mind long before CoF :P

            I think I kinda stopped listening to them after Nymphetamine's release. Damnation and a Day was the album before it, wasn't it?

              Yes it was, and of course, my fixation with psychoactive substances help me remember your name too

              That and mythbusters

        Also, wow. I really don't have the right stuff for these cryptics.

          Me neither. I just go all O_o whenever an answer is explained.


    Where are youuuuuuu? I had Anarchy Reigns concerns :'(

    Also, how do I change targets?

    Shiggy will probably dick kick me but I don't really recommend people getting it...

      sorry, i had work 9 till 5 today (note: 9 till 5 PERTH time) -_-

      replied on the previous post, and i think the right stick changes targets.

      Last edited 18/01/13 9:27 pm


    so ive got tickets to the Australian Open tonight at 7pm at the Rod Laver Arena...

    now apparently Evermore is playing at about 6pm - 7pm

    Does that mean i can check that out as part of the whole deal? im in corporate seating if that helps...

      You can enter Melbourne Park at any time with your ticket, so you can go early to see Evermore (the stage is in a public, outdoor area). To get into Rod Laver, you just have to show the ticket at the door. No major difference between Corporate/Normal seating.

      EDIT: Ah, and you can enter Rod Laver at any time during the game too, so don't feel like you have to be in and seated before 7pm (though they hold you back until the set is over).

      Last edited 18/01/13 2:33 pm

    Have submitted Mrs Shane vs The Walking Dead to @alexpants for Potaku. Thanks for the idea, @dc
    Don't forget to rope your significant others in for Walking Dead fun in February gaming, @beardymcmuttonchops and @rize and others!

    Last edited 18/01/13 2:31 pm

      My long-ex-significant other used to not game at all, but then got crazy into Lumines

      My cats aren't very well versed in English, but I'll make sure they watch! :P

        ... do I need to call the RSPCA or PETA?


            I meant because age appropriate. Are the cats 15,18 etc?

            Where did your filthy mind go?

            Last edited 18/01/13 2:39 pm

              DAMMIT SHANE

              I saw that edit. =P

      Sounds good, I look forward to watching Sam squirm

        *Makes inappropriate joke about what you do in your private life*

      Do imaginary girlfriends count? =P

        If you make the commentary funny enough, ANYTHING counts.

          Can I just post Simon & Garfunkle Sound of Silence lyrics?

            The sound of silence......

              People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening. People writing songs that voices never shared, no one dared... disturb the sound of silence.

          I was going to make a joke about my right hand but my right hand did play through the game already.

      I have so many games that I'm not allow to play without her. So so many

      Also, you need to call her Mrs Shane for the entire article

        I think I did. Now I'm not sure. @alexpants, can you make this happen? Chop chop, editor.

    It's 2:30!

    And It's Friday

    I am confused as to where I should seat my posterior

    Which place should I seat my posterior?

    We all have to lower ourselves horizontally on Friday

    Frivality Frivality Yeah!

      In Miss Deutschland's lap ;)

        Shouldn't it be the other way around?


          I think Tigs got us confused man

          I was just ripping Friday by Rebecca Black

            No not at all. It's just that in this day and age the abstract concept of self is an artificial limitation on experience. So while it may appear to you that the direction of my statement followed to logically progression inherent in a reply to yourself, the mechanics involved in means that is merely a perception of fact rather than anything containing the structural certainty of fact.

            Or you could both stop changing your name and profile pictures

              Fine, I'll leave my name as is ad infinitum...

                I want you to change it to Kitten Superconductor

                Because reasons

                Also raisins

                Also, I have no reasons

                Or raisins

              I haven't changed my profile picture since setting it up, @mythamphetamine on the other hand has

              I did change my name to include the line about a Heroin Demon

              But I love drug references

    So this FFXIII Lightning Returns game apparently has an in-game timer that ticks down regardless of what you're doing.

    It's like Squenix are deliberately trying to make the FF series unappealing.

      No, no, apparently there's actions that delay the timer.

      But either way it sounds like multiple playthroughs will be needed to fully enjoy everything, so fuck it, point is moot.

      They seem to have a massive boner over FFXIII. I wonder if they just committed so much to it that they're just continually throwing more resources at it in the hopes that somehow it becomes worthwhile in the end.

        Must have cost them a fortune to develop the art/models, and now they're just milking them. Whatever else you might think about this sub-franchise, it was a graphically impressive achievement.

        Last edited 18/01/13 2:42 pm

          That was the only thing impressive about it though.

          Also cant help but get taken out of a beautiful cutscene by one of the characters talking.

          Last edited 18/01/13 2:51 pm

            I liked the pace of the battles too, and a few of the mechanics. Also the difficulty curve was really impressively perfect. Aside from that though, the game (esp characters and story) really didn't do much for me.

            Last edited 18/01/13 2:54 pm

            Was that a complaint about the dub? Because the dub is pretty awful.

              Getting taken out of a scene isnt a good thing, so nooope. No compliments here.

        It was such a mediocre game but they seem to be going all out on it. =/

        Can we just get FFX HD rerelease already?

          Fuck FFX HD, I already played that game.

          I want Type-0. It's supposed to be one of the best FF games released in years. Also Bravely Default which is apparently basically FF5 done better.

        Yoshinori Kitase has a boner for Lightning. The rest of the setting is ancillary to that. I wouldn't be surprised if he has Lightning love pillows and stuff.

      The worst part is that I read that Hope will be back. Why the F would they bring the most annoying character I've ever met in a video game back?! It sounds like he's only there for advice or something along with Snow, so fingers crossed we won't actually see him.

        He was back in XIII-2. And not annoying. \o/

          I skipped that game :P I can't bring myself to buy it. Lightning Returns is going to have to be pretty good to pull me back in, because they lost me with 13.

            I loved XIII-2. One of my favourite games of last year. I had so much fun with it. :D

              Really? Wow, it must be a fairly big improvement! You've convinced me, when I finish my next game I'm going to get XIII-2.

    'Lance Armstrong confesses he's always told the truth'. Errr, what.

      I did not have sexual relations with that woman!

      Wait, you are impeaching me?

      At least it's not a paradox like "I always lie." Gotta give him credit for respecting the space-time continuum.

      That guy scares me, man. I honestly feel the need to look away whenever I see him. Long before the doping stuff. Something so damn unnerving.

      Last edited 18/01/13 2:48 pm

        You're just prejudiced against cancer survivors. The walking dead. Monster.

        Might have stretched that joke a bit thin then...

          Not wheely, these things come and go in cycles.
          Sure, you'll be ostracized. You'll lose your awards and commendations.
          But you can rebuild. Start small, pedaling your wares on the street.

          Stay armstrong, and you'll come to find that life's pretty dope without the rest of the shit going on.

            There aren't enough upvotes in the world, my friend. So I'm not even gonna :P

        Hahaha, ahhh ok. Serial killer look maybe?

          Psychopath. Something intense about him that I don't like. Haha!

          (Maybe it's me with the problem. :P)

            He isn't a very nice man. When you will fly from Europe, go into the court where the wife of a team mate is testifying against your interests, stare her down with your arms crossed the entire time she is on the stand, then leave as soon as she finishes and fly back to Europe it is understandable that people may find you intimidating.

              You might laugh, but in all seriousness the 'feel' the man projects is that if it was in his best interest, he'd throw you in front of a train. :S

                Yeah, you gotta be a certain kind of person to dope to remain world champion for a decade, and that kind of person is not really out to help others.
                I hear you.

      Are you reading the onion again?

        That's my primary source of news. Man, the world is a funny place. Weird AND humorous.

        No, was a news update. Obviously not a very accurate one according to updates following.

    w-w-w-w-w-w-wallll of teeexxtttt

      so yeah.. i decided to enter.. i was bored.

      I'm scared to read it because it'l probably win >:(

      I also wrote a wall of text, A proper one though, without line breaks! :D

    I thought I just saw a comme-

    But it was just there-

    Seriously, what was that about-



      Haha! I know how you feel, man. I replied and the entire comment chain was gone when it refreshed. :S Hope you're well Saturday!

      (Also what's with the aggressive reaction that guy gets? I mean it ain't particularly funny, but it's almost certainly one of us with a secondary account. Milford Earle/Plainview doesn't get that kind of response. Is that part of the joke? If so, I totally get jokes! :P)

        It's not someone with a secondary account. It's someone who only comes on here to troll. We have, on multiple occasions, asked them to stop yet they keep doing it.

          I see! Might be best to ignore the mofo then! :D

            Yup, best thing to do is report & downvote.

              Couldn't resist a chicken n gravy comment though. My bad.

            Yeah, that's the theory, but last time we did that, he posted the same stuff over and over for about six hours. Only so much ignoring you can do. Still, you're right - the response we made probably wouldn't have slowed him down either :P

    God damn it's good to be on TAY

    It makes it sound like I am working, I love the community, and get to enjoy talking about bollocks and referencing things I love

      "get to enjoy talking about bollocks and referencing things I love"

      So.. Just talking about bollocks?

        I am applying cold water to burned area

        Also, it's like 45.7 degress outside

        FUCK YOU SUN, ASS!

      In most groups, me shouting SKYRIM!, often results in odd looks, and that quick shuffle to get away.
      Here, it is just part of the parcel that is Hugs the Huggable Barbarian.

      Thank futhing God for TAY. This has been one of the slowest, drudgiest weeks I have ever had, and I have no idea how I would have dealt with it otherwise. You guys are awesome. My lifeline to sanity during business hours.

      Edit: not even gonna pretend I'm sane, but at least there's a lifeline so I know what direction sane is in.

      Last edited 18/01/13 3:32 pm

        We try.

          Powalen tries.
          It's super effective.
          YOU DEFEATED \o/

          Last edited 18/01/13 3:36 pm

        I couldn't have said it better myself Shane

        But you are the published writer

        I am an office plebian

        I am not sane either, but my lifeline to entertainment is where TAY is at

        I think I accidentally started TAY love with my comment :D

        You're awesome @shane! You too @spaghett!

          So are you! @dc Want some rye? Course ya do!

            I've had that worry I've been too annoying again today. Haha!


              I've had that worry man! I always worry it

              Yet TAY acccepts me with open arms

              And you have been here longer than me dude

              Damnit dc. I wasn't annoyed until I read this.

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