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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    writing a crappy meat wrap in between working, refreshing and youtubeing, dont expect too much detail on mine, and i may have missed a couple of names!!!!


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    You remember that point and click game I was making? I ended up making it for a Windows 8 game comp run by Scirra (the makers of the game making program I was using) and Microsoft. They announced the winners yesterday. My game came 3rd :DDDDDDDDDD
    I came *this* close to winning a Lumia 920 though...

    EDIT: I also updated the game to include a free trial last week, so if you have Windows 8 you have no excuse not to check it out :P

    EDIT 2: I also find it unfair that 'Farting Birds' is 17 spots higher than my game in the Adventure sub category on the WIndows Store...

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      Congrats, man! That's all kinds of awesome!

      Will so be downloading that man!

      Will be an awesome edition to my Surface RT :D

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        I don't want a Surface anymore.
        ...I need to get a job :P


          Yeah you do!

          Get cracking!

      iOS port? :P

        What about a xBox 360 version for those of us who can't afford new techmology?

          Well, I guess I could. But then it would be on XBLIG, so not available in Aus. Ha! Take that you out of touch, old luddi- wait, you have a US account now don't you.

            Sure do man. That's no excuse :)
            I might be out of touch, but I still knows how to defraud a system!

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    Good morning TAY. I am close to being hoarse from all the roaring last night. Centre front on the barrier for Sabaton's first Australian headliner show was amazing. The crowd was incredibly loud and the guys from Sabaton were constantly taken aback by the reception they were getting and couldn't keep the grins off their faces. I'm pretty sure I was grinning like an idiot the whole time as well. :P
    Oh yeah, and the new guitarists are fantastic. One of them even pointed at me after the gig and threw me a pick. :D

    Also Snowy Shaw singing The Book Of Heavy Metal with members of Eyefear and Black Majesty. Brilliant. \m/

      I was having such an incredible time and was so caught up in the show I didn't even remember to take any photos!

      Edit: DC, you can't upvote only like old man music! :P

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        For my part, I upvoted it because of the grinning and the pick throw. Just so we're clear.

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          You like Hard Rock which is the path to Metal, so you're allowed. :P

        :'( Old man music? I've got the worst reputation on this site. :S

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          You can fix that! Come with me to Ensiferum, Epica or Eluvietie. Or all of them! :P

          I don't think it's necessarily old man music, I just prefer acoustic over all and also I'm a bit of a music imposter, just like movies. Haven't heard much. Haha!

            Acoustic you say?

              Don't click on any links you post when it comes to music. Haha!

            :( Old man music, though? That kind of cut me deep for some reason. (Possibly because of my birthday tomorrow. Haha!) For what it's worth the top five songs in iTunes for me were recorded in the last eight years. Arcade Fire, Sia, etc. :P

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              Eight years... That's more than halfway back to last century!

              :( I knew you liked the young stuff too. Didn't mean to make you feel bad. Thought you were proud of your Cash love so it would be okay to joke about. Sorry, my friend.

                Aw, don't feel bad. I hope I didn't make you feel bad. Haha! I just been wondering lately if I'm like most people my age, with the whole music and movie thing. (Not that it matters.) Definitely nothing you said, my friend. You're awesome. AWESOME. Don't mind me. :D

                  You're not like most people your age. Because you're awesome. Also, you like what you like, and that's no bad thing.

                  Deviation into personal anecdote which might better explain what I'm getting at:
                  When I was in primary school, my favourite music was the Bee Gees, and my favourite show was MASH. The only CD I owned until I was fifteen was a Star Wars soundtrack. These things didn't make me a lot of friends - and in fact, even in primary school, I learned that it was better not to talk about these things with people because I would get teased if I did - but I knew what I considered quality, and I stuck with it. All my attempts to try the 'popular' stuff just made me sadface for the future of the world, so I kept my own counsel on what I should like.

                  Something something be true to yourself something Oprah something something.

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                  You're awesome, Shane.

                  Even with that whole Bee Gees thing. (I kid! :P)

                  Truth be told, though. There's also heaps of stuff I'm certain I'd like, but have never watched/listened to yet. Price you pay for being a hermit, I guess. :P

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                  Pretty sure I owe you a disapproving look for ... something >:(

                  Also re: Bee Gees, don't know why I feel compelled to say this but although I don't mind their disco stuff, I like their other slower sappier music way better. Probably old man music worse than yours! :P

        Is it wrong that I tend to think of metal as old people music?

          Haha, this is pretty spot on, considering my dad was only a teenager when Black Sabbath came about and he's now in his late 50's.. I would say yeah, pretty spot on. Also the classic metal acts are well into pensioner age too, but that doesn't stop them being awesome thank god.

          Well @strange is old. So very old.
          But @dc likes old people music and apparently that doesn't mean metal.

          So I just don't know what to think.

            Hey, atleast I don't listen to the Bee Gees. :P


              You say that like it's a good thing. Geez.

              Edit: Also, I think this gets me pretty conclusively off the path to metal.

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          Ha! Tell that to the hundreds of kids last night at the gig! :P
          But metal is a varied genre and if you only know of classic metal I can see why you might think that.


            I played to a crowd of almost exclusively teenagers on Friday. Depends on the sub-genre I guess.

              Oh yeah, how'd your gig go?

                So much fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, as evidenced here.

                I have no idea if that link will work.

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        @dc don't feel bad!

        @strange is a monster who thinks Xenoblade is as good as Graces f


      Oh, man. Sounds awesome! How long are you in Melbourne for?

        Got Sabaton supporting Nightwish tonight and then sadly, we have to come home Tuesday morning instead of staying for the second Melbourne show.

          So damn awesome. You'll be partially deaf for weeks to come! :D

      Sounds like you're having a pretty swell time. I wish I was back in Melbourne, I love that place. Also gigs, gigs everywhere!

    Back to the shrink this Thursday

    She thinks, instead of problems with anxiety, that I have low frustration tolerance

    But considering I compulsively touch metal object and worry about the most unimportant things

    I think she is wrong

    Very wrong

    Although, I may have low frustration tolerance, but don't throw everything else out the window

      Don't get frustrated, man. This might be a test :P

        It is so hard not to get frustrated man


        I will try :)

      I think I should mind my own business. Tempted to edit this out, but spoilering it instead:

      Sounds like text book OCD to me, but what do I know. I ain't a psychiatrist.

      Hope it all goes well, man. Truth be told, no one can see into your head either. She might be a trained professional, but you've got some insight that she'll never have. There's a possibility that you haven't articulated your thoughts properly and the like too.

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        True man, true

        I am pretty good at articulation

        Not really good at articulating my thoughts

        There is always much too much going on in my head, and a lot of it is just noise

        So many thoughts

          One of these days we should talk about stuff, man. (Though we probably won't, cause I'm a coward. :P)

            we should man, could DM me on Twitter, or add me on Facebook, whenever or never bro, whenever or never

    iMessage is both the worst and best thing.. It's awesome because it doesn't cost me credit to send texts, or any data since i'm mostly on wifi.

    But it's also the worst because I end up texting with a friend for hours on end and we just lose track of time...

    Oh man! DMC is out this week? SO MUCH WANT! Shame I spent all my money on manga...

    Official (cause nobody else claimed it) Melbourne Meat write

    So big weekend of Melbourne meats this weekend and it went mostly without a hitch. Write-up below which may be out of order, missing portions and/or make no sense at all.

    I was working Sat so turned up and many people were already there. Saw that the team was making good progress in scaring other people away and taking up all the table space
    Noticed a bunch of strange people I hadn't met before including an @strange person
    I then found $10, which was odd because it wasn't the end of the story
    A wild Mr Strange appeared
    Strange used PDA
    It's super effective
    Mr Strange Vanishes
    The group was large enough there were so many half heard conversations that were terrible without context
    I told @princesspipster we could have got married
    @powalen arrived and stopped about 10 m from the group and started looking at his phone, Look up Pow and walk towards the dozen geeks
    ACTION SHOT - this was most of us
    So much 3ds sex
    Strange wasn't too impressed with our dumplings if you know what I mean
    Strange telling us she is not staying to have dinner with us and Aleph expressing his displeasure
    So much food, then more food, then more food
    Attempting to define what was being served. By a process of elimination from the menu one of the dishes never existed
    Rookie mistake of telling @budgieishere and @beavwa about my habit of taking the last thing on the plate if somebody uses the secret code words
    Finally deciding that i can't eat anything else and being commanded to eat more dumplings by the birthday girl
    Dinner was paid for and we gained yet more evidence that Melbourne taybies are unable to make a decisions
    Final decision to go to eb games for more 3ds sex foiled by a locked door
    Something something drifter something something tell no one something something
    Returned to fed square
    @mythamphetamine taking a class in chairing 101. Next visit he is planning on taking chairing 102:Chairing with a vengeance
    @Scree violently assaulting @Jordi with a chair
    Aleph acclimitising to our weather
    Ice cream was being consumed by melbourne taybie in tshirts at this time
    It was decided the we would watch the shit out of Avatar the musical
    We also renamed unobtainium - kindahardtogetbutitispossible-ium or the shorter rareium
    Mrs @zetrox2k felt sorry for Aleph and we decided to move inside
    Needed more space so a plan was hatched to scare the 'normal' folk away with in-depth conversations about jiggle physics.
    Seating was arranged and in the choice between couches and wooden stools the couches won
    A total melbourne failure to provide coffee
    Many and varied conversations were had from bronies to jrpg to education to movies
    Pow making the most of his trip to Melbourne and the chance to meet interstate taybies
    Mass exodus and the end of the meat........until tomorrow


    Waking up and suffering a case of premeat hosting jitters
    Shopping for supplies and getting twice what I was planning but knowing I would forget something
    Forgot the milk in case taybies wanted tea and coffee (Then forgot to offer tea and coffee to said taybies)
    A quick repositioning of the furniture
    Beavwa and princesspipster arrived bearing gifts of joyfulness
    @NegativeZero arrived with a giant sack of games, shortly followed by the others
    A late pre-lunch snack of chips and party pies seemed to morph into lunch
    Started playing ticket to ride
    @F4ction arrived
    Jordi arrived
    Pictionary with lego was played for a while until people realised that you could drop the pictionary part of that and have as much fun
    Broke out the pub trivia for the first time
    Some very interesting answers were provided, very interesting indeed
    When asked to draw an upper case Delta Jordi drew a snail before Pow said then had to do something else. Pow draw the wrong letter and said he knew it was wrong but whatevers. Jordi said just draw a triangle. Pow said stop being silly and think about this. Pow's incorrect letter was submitted. The correct answer was a triangle.
    I decided it was time to be a good host and actually cook something for people
    Those people who were planning on leaving decided to stay which I take as a tribute to my culinary skills
    Nothing to do with the fact that sausages with friends is better than ravioli alone
    Food was cooked or made and served
    @Greenius squirted techie in the face with his sausage (No context required)
    Mrs Tigs arrived home, showed off her sailing trophy and was just in time for some crazy arse videos
    Pterodactyls are terrible singers
    Mrs Tigs Bished real good
    Beavwa needs to make more money so that pip can become a trophy wife
    NegativeZero kindly let me borrow one of his games
    The confusing situation of people trying to use real names
    A red dwarf marathon was discussed
    Mass exodus and the end of the meat

      Great write-up. Did Aleph really beat up Strange? I can't see that photo any other way now! :P

      Strange used PDA

      Public displays of affection? She didn't hug you, did she? :P

        I think Strange used PDA against Mr Strange to make him flee.

          This is correct. I looked up and there was somebody I didn't know.
          Strange was hugging him so I assume it was Mr Strange. I turned away and said something to Scree. When I looked up he was gone

      Awesome write up! How'd you avoid moderation with the links?

        It did go in. I think all the guest editors respect us much more than @markserrels and approve them right away :P

          At this rate, there will be tears not cheers when he returns :P


              Junglist made a fatal error and took TAY offline for an hour this morning. The mood has shifted:

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          Awesome group! It's weird to recognize a lot of people at a Melbourne meat! Strange! SyvRaen! Aleph! Beavwa! Princess Pip!

            I haven't met SyvRaen since the very first Melbourne meat. He has a lot more hair than I remembered, as if the human was staying in a cave since then :P

              At the Brisbane meat no one introduced him officially to me and I had no idea who he was for the first thirty minutes. Lambo eventually told me. Haha!


      Oh yeah, I think this was the pic where I was itching my eyes like crazy :P


      I think my sausage squirted him on the arm. I missed.




      Was making stupid faces in the last pic :P

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        ... When you're with me I'm smiliiiiing
        Give me whoa-oa-all your looooove

          Your hands, build me up when I'm sinkiiiiiiiing
          Touch me, and my troubles all faaaaade

        Looks like you were praying for us all to leave Green!

      On my ARM, not my FACE! Geez! :P

        Why let facts get in the way of good innuendo

          Now now, let's not turn this into the media, twisting the words for ratings :P

      What's with all the hoodies?


      Aleph expressing his displeasure was just awesome.

      I had a grand day Saturday - kudos to all that showed up \o/

    I found out last night an iPod video I scored a while back is working again! Even if the screen is totally wrecked. I think it might earn a permanent spot in my iPod speaker dock in my room!

      I had to score a roast pork last night to get the crackling crackly. If you did that to an iPod, no wonder it stopped working.

        I hope you rubbed copious amounts of salt & oil into that scoring, to get awesome crackling :P

          Yeah, but it still only turned out mildly okay. The pork itself was amazing though.

            Oh damn! But yeah pork! I had pork last night, Chinese BBQ pork with fried rice. Was awesome.

    At the weekend I watched the movie Seven Psychopaths. I really enjoyed it! Anyone watched it?

      I loved it. Colin Farrell is pretty great. No idea how to spoiler, the buttons don't show anything at work, so that's all I can say.

        You can do spoiler tags via '<' 's' '>' (I hope that shows up)

        Pointy bracket then "s" and then close pointy bracket

        And to end it, pointy bracket then "/s" then close pointy bracket.

        Pointy brackets are the ones on the full stop and comma keys.

        Edit: ... what lambo said.

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          Edit: \o/

          Last edited 14/01/13 12:14 pm

      Was soooooo keen to watch it, but was moving house at the time and missed it. Now I have it through pirating ways and will rectify that! Same director as In Bruges for those playing at home.

    Scribbletakuuu!?! Why hast though forsaken me??

      Oh you haven't. Phew. Junglist is just cheating when he says the article was published at 12:00.

        Yeah, I got bored of waiting at 12.01. Back to work.


    I do remember offering to get you a soundwave ticket while we were getting ours and you were all "nah I got it covered" :P

      Future reference: "I told you so" is fewer words.

      I thought I said I didn't have the money and I felt bad, cause I wasn't sure if I could afford it! Though that does kind of sound like me also.. But I thought I said no because I didn't have the funds at the time lol.

    Sup guys?

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      Virus! How's things?

        Boring, but it looks like it's going to rain so, SALVATION FROM THE HUMIDITY! What about yourself?

    Zetrox2k's unofficial but awesome Melbourne Meat write up because Tigerion stole the official one!!!

    Zetrox's Shitty Meat Write Up!

    So it begins with an epic journey, far, far away, long, long ago... About 15km away, last Saturday. Mrs. Z and I boarded the metallic snake-like beast from Fawkner station and journeyd to the unknown plains of Mordor, hereforth known as Melbourne CBD.

    On the way Mrs. Z tried to make sense of the grand plan set forth by the Wizard, NegativeZero... keep in mind shes normally a planner... as in she normally plans things to a tee and knows exactly what shes doing at 2:18pm, 35 seconds in!

    Mrs Z:"So do you guys know where to meet?"

    "We are MEATING at Beer Gardens behind Fed Square."

    Mrs Z:"So do you know what anyone looks like?!?"

    "I know what their stick figure self portraits look like!"

    Mrs Z:"Do you have anyones phone number?"


    Mrs Z:"How do you know anyone is actually going to be there?"

    "Cause thats whats been organised."

    Mrs Z:"And if you cant find anyone?"

    "Ill contact someone!"

    Mrs Z:"So you have phone numbers."

    "Nope, I have Twitter :)"

    Mrs Z:" :S "

    So we arive at the back of fed square. Turns out it was Beer Deluxe, not Beer Gardens... close enough.

    Mrs Z:"So how do you know whos who? :S "

    At that point we put a plan forward... Look for anyone who is either:

    * Playing on a DS/3DS
    * Playing on a VITA
    * Wearing a gaming tee
    * Wandering around, seemingly lost
    * hiding in a bush

    Figuring that no one present fits the criteria, we grabbed some drinks and sat on a semi-crowded table. Than i notice someone who fit the seemingly lost criteria. Noticing my curious expression, Scree approaches. "You wouldnt happen to be from TAY would you?" after some quick introductions, Scree notices that Strange was sitting on the table across from us with an unknown individual, who turned out to be Aleph!

    Within moments the TAY folkstarted pouring in, including, in no specific order because I am of no relation to Rain Man: Tigerion, Greenius, NegativeZero, Princess Pip, TechKnight, Beavwa, Powalen, Tofu, and umm, crap I missed a few names!!! Sorry!! In total, there

    So after some very rough introductions, the noise level began to rise. We ended up clearing out Beer Deluxe. *People were practically running away from the group screaming and trampelling all over innocent bystanders...

    * May have over-exaggerated a little...

    Princess Pip suggested that the first person to pickup an electronic device would pay for everyones drinks; this didnt last long, everyone had phones out at some point, and numerous curses were heard about the lack of Streetpasses, and others decided that they were too cool to "Near"...

    So anyway, I made an interesting discovery... NegativeZero is apparently the culprit getting Viruses onto our computers... or out of them, whatever!

    Much fun was had at the expense of all TAYBIES present/not present.

    After some uneventful discussions were had about dinner choice, we somehow made the decission to go for dumplings, in a little alleyway near chinatown, right opposite the Gaylord Indian Restaurant. Climbing upstairs to an empty side of the restaurant capable of accommodating 16 hungry animals, i came to the assumption that we had entered a dumpling steam room. The heat quickly dissapated once the air cons were turned on.

    Aleph decides to visit his office away from home... ...only to return with a disgusted look on his face... the experience must have been overwhelming. shortly later, TechKnight confirmed.

    At this point, Strange decided she was too good for us and left prior to the banquet...

    The all you can eat menu started flying onto the tables... and it kept on coming, and coming, until we had to ask them to stop...

    Then I made the mistake of badmouthing "My little pony" in Scree, NegativeZero, and Tofu's presence, only to be dished out a can of verbal whoop-ass. I THOUGHT THE DAMN THING WAS FOR 6 YEAR OLD GIRLS!!!! and thus i discovered the meaning of "BROnies and PegaSIS"... Mind = Blown!

    We decided to go back to Beer Deluxe afterwards (though we robably should have opted for a Karaoke Bar!), where smoothies, frappe's and ice-creams ensued... Aleph was staring at all of us with a quizical expression on his face... after all, we were all wearing t-shirts, shirts, and thin jumpers, eating ice-cream, while Aleph looked like he was swimming in the Arctic ocean, with a jumper, jacket and hoodie. We also lectured him on why he shouldnt walk around melbourne with a long jacket, a hat, and a hoodie at the same time...

    Some other highlights included someone in a bunny costume jamming on an electric guitar and a dude playing some really bad beats with a sign that said "lost Brain"....

    There was a lot of talk about setting fire to an "art" display woven entirely out of sticks to compensate for a lack of a campfire...

    Mischievous tales were spoken involving the anarchist cookbook, disections, mutated chicken embryos and so forth... We also discovered the secret behind "speed pillows" and missing school kids....

    So anyway we wrapped it up at around 10:40pm and all went our seperate ways.

    It was awesome to meet everyone, we had a fantastic time, and hope to do this again soon!!!

      Awesome write-up! Melbourne's Aleph's last stop before returning home, right? Did he get that tattoo? Any one go with him? :D

        I think he went by himself, no one knows whether he got the tattoo!

        You have his number, send him a text!

        nah i dont think he got it! something about his tatooist double booking or something!

      Everyone should just start yelling random TAYbie usernames if you don't know who people are/what they look like.

        Hah, I got lost on one of the Brisbane Meats, @dc apparently saw me but decided against yelling out HEY NOB!


        But that's been proven to not work effectively.

        Because I am deaf.

          Obviously they weren't loud enough ... next time a megaphone may be needed!


          WE LOST OUR PANTS :(

      Oh god those bathrooms, I had suppressed that memory

      We also cleared out the couple from the dumpling place, there were practically begging to go downstairs away from us

      Nice write up, the first section is one of the best summaries of MelbTay planning I have read

        hahahaha lol man you should have seen the maccas one... without being too descriptive, imagine 80 people having to use the same toilet for number 2's and were unable to flush! ... then 20 people walk in for number 1's but miss due to alcohol intoxication and unable to see what they are aiming at...

    For those who know the level in Super Meat Boy...

    Omega, the second last level (one before the boss) in The End (possibly the second last Light World level?)

    Fuck that level.

      Just looked it up on youtube O_o

        I fail around the last bit :(

        It's not necessarily hard, but it's one of the longer levels and it's easy to make a simple mistake :(

        Been at it for probably 2 hours+ the past few days and I'm getting further each time but it's just annoying! >:P

          I know that games like this and Dark Souls are about pushing your limits and developing skills, but I know my limits and can state categorically that there is no way I could do that level.

            :P not with that attitude!

            I wouldn't say I was good at SMB on Xbox but something 'clicked' when I replayed it on PC and I've just been breezing through levels (and haven't shut up about me doing so :P!)

            I'M PROUD DAMNIT.

              Yeah, that's what happened to me yesterday. Last time gave up just after starting the hospital. Yesterday, picked it up, and got through to the boss in about five minutes. Funny how easy it is to get used to the controls again.

              PS: You should be proud.

              Last edited 14/01/13 12:30 pm

      I remember being so nervous by the time I reached the end that I died the first 3 or 4 times I did.

      But the rest is fun, and there's a couple of minor shortcuts you can take to remove a bit of the risk.

        The main areas I struggled with were those first few jumps through the saws, getting down after getting the key and now that last bit.

        Still at the point where I'll only get to the last bit maybe 1 in 10 chances so haven't had a good chance to attempt it yet!


          Decent enough time too :). Managed around 6100 and @fled (the only other Steam friend to beat it) is around 51,000.

          Could've done better but was taking it really slow towards the end and finally did it! :D

            I'll load up the xbox and PC versions tonight and see where my times compare on each. I'm guessing there's a much larger population to compete against on PC, so they won't rank anywhere near as highly.

            I know that our illustrious guest editor is also pretty decent at the game.

              Your SMB times on Xbox are just ridiculous, just quietly.

                It was my Trials before Trials. Then Trials came along to fill that void in my gaming heart.

      That one took me a couple of hours to beat.

        My plan at the moment is to just beat the levels then go back and A+ the ones I haven't and do the Dark Worlds. After that I'll go for Warp zones and bandages.

        I'm telling you because you (and others) say The Kid Warp is probably the hardest level(s) in the game. So I'm keen to try that out shortly. Although I'm not too fond of Warps since you only have 3 lives per a level :/

          Only on some of the warps are you given 3 lives.
          The Kid warp is just three incredibly difficult stages. Infinite lives. Beat one, progress to the next (unless you quit, then it's back to the start).
          But yeah, I'm currently in the process of A+ and Darkworld progression. Then bandages and warp zones also.

          The Kid levels would be impossible if they were like the warp zones, with limited lives. But because you just restart on the same level each time you die, it just takes a whole heap of persistence.

          But warp zones. Ugh. The thing that I actually hated most about them was having to sit through the animation every. single. time. you restarted. Or can you skip that on the PC?

            Not too sure since I haven't done any :P (except the Bit.Trip one)

    @redartifice and @sughly talk shop on Potaku!

      Wood, metal, plastics, electronics? Which shop class from high school are they talking about?! I need to know!

        No, we talk retail in general. I used to work in a toy shop, and we also talk about those shops where you buy those crystal statues.

      The stupid editor forgot to find a feature image. What an idiot!

        FIRE HIM

          I expect me to turn in my badge on my desk by the end of the day.

        First forgetting feature images, then phone hacking.

        Pretty sure that's how it went down in the UK

    hey there you lot.

    - dot point post time.
    - hope all is well with you guys.
    - nice write-ups of the melbourne meat by Tigs & Zetrox.
    - happy birthday to those of you who have their birthday on this day.
    - celabratory pre-batgirls-birthday drinks with Cake, Pants, Doc, Flu & Batgirl was fun.
    - i have a massive bruise on my hip from running into a table at the bar the aforementioned drinks took place at.
    - my ps3 died last night
    - game of thrones season 2 is awesome
    - i hate almost every character in GoT. theres a few exceptions.
    - made the mistake of starting a new character in Skyrim. goodbye time.
    - my sleeping pattern is broken.
    - started reading The Last Wish (book that The Witcher series is based on). its pretty ok.
    - finished reading the Spellman Files - a book about a family of private investigators in which absolutely nothing happens.
    -i've run out of points to dot.

    *wanders off*

      @ PS3 stuff

      YLoD? Were you able to take the disc out?

      If I recall you had a fatty PS3. There's a quick way to fix it using a hair dryer and a box but I hear it's only temporary. I did it when my PS3 died and it came back to life for at least long enough for me to transfer everything to the new one. No idea if it still works now but it should since I haven't been using it.

      I can give more deets on both things if needed

        no Yellow Light. its just dead. turns on for half a sec, then shuts itself off again. the machins about 5 years old, so it was just a matter of time before it died I suppose. I'll trawl through ebay or something to see if I can get something cheap.

        Little Big Planet is trapped inside... I'm quite happy to gut the machine to get it out though.
        I'm not too fussed about transferring data. I can just swap out the hard drive into a new one.
        I'll google the hairdryer trick & see if its applicable to the symptoms its showing.
        also, thanks for the idea.

        Edit: spelling

        Last edited 14/01/13 12:45 pm

          There's a certain way to get the disc out of a broken PS3.

          I can't remember the exact technique but I'm 99% sure it's turn it off at the back power switch then put your finger over the eject button/touch thing while turning it on at the back. The fans should spin really loudly and the disc should pop out.

          It's not supposed to be good for the system so don't do it too often.

            I'll give this a try. thanks for the heads up!

          Remember the offer for my old PS3 still stands if you don't find a suitable replacement on Ebay.

            Thanks for the offer good sir. I'm sure I'll find something :)

        hairdryer is good for a quick backup, if you want something that will last you a few weeks, you need to use a heatgun but have to be extremely careful...

        the only proper way to fix it is by reballing which is pretty full on and unless you work with electronics for a living, the kits can be quite out of peoples price range...

      Everything is worse without Sean Bean.

      RIP PS3

        its the death of consoles as has been foretold i tells ya!

      I picked up the Last Wish a few months ago but haven't started reading it yet...I probably should get around to it some time.
      I have the same problem with GoT. I'm hoping season 3 just has about four episodes of people bitch slapping each other before getting on with the story.

        I see what you mean, but I hate the characters, because as a viewer, thats what I'm meant to do. Just means that the writers & actors have done their jobs very well.
        though it does make me think that GRRM has a difficult job by
        a) constantly introducing new characters to replace the ones killed off
        b) making the new characters a credible threat
        c) upping the ante by making them even more horrible than established characters
        d) and then finally making the existing villains match the new ones by coming up with scenarios that enable them to become even worse still

        for the record, at the moment the only characters i dont currently loathe are Tyrion, Bronn, Osha, Stannis & strangely enough, The Hound.

          Haven't seen the show, but - going by the books - I think that if you don't like Arya, you're pretty much a monster.

            I dont hate her, I just don think she's done anything yet to warrant having her as a favorite.
            just think shes a cliched ballsy tomboy at the moment.
            hopefully that'll change.



    Spags is keen for a Sydney Meat :)

      Organise one!

        Hmmmmmm, good idea

          Yeah! Organise one. We could even ride the train together and share your long journey :-) That or we just meet in the CBD :-)

            Hahahah, imagine everyone riding the train with me, thats 2 hours of Meating on a train

            Most mundane meat ever

              We could play board games and stuff. C'mon Spaghett you're the shenanigans guy. :-)


      You Sydney TAYbies are spoilt. Can'd Meat only comes around very rarely.

        And even then, they're just Sydney Meats with Sydney people, but located in Canberra.

        We should probably rectify that some time soon...once my air conditioner is fixed...

          I'll host one, one day. Probably the only way you'll lock me down at one for >20 minutes if history is any guide. /o\

    Radio silent for the next few hours! Don't worry, I'm not moping in a corner or any thing! (This time! :P)

      Cleaning up for your big surprise party? Probably a wise move.

    Flying with a fresh tattoo isn't so bad. Well, not when it's wrapped, anyway. I took the glad wrap off last night and it stunk to high heaven due to containing the culmination of 10-12 hours of blood, sweat and other nasties. Blegh! Now I'm walking around Darwin (it's actually not that hot today, which is awesome!) in the loosest, lightest shirt I own. It keeps sticking to the tattoo because of the antiseptic cream I've managed to smear all over. Interesting stuff!

    The process itself was... both more *and* less painful than I could have anticipated. I only got the linework done, which lasted 2.5 hours. Falls short of completion by a long shot, but that's alright. I can always add more later. The artist called it quits right as it felt I had reached subspace. Pain stopped, I was high as a kite, all that good stuff. Turns out my body was going into shock and I wasn't responding to most external stimuli, let alone maintaining conversation.

    Meating all you wonderful people was just fantastic, I've got the biggest case of post-meat-blues going on right now /o\

    Anyway, time to go find some food methinks. I'll start working on a month-long-meat-write-up when I get home, and we'll see how it goes :D
    Hope you're all doing wonderfully, and staying out of trouble and all that good stuff!

      Who's this guy. He's not got a @


      Uh.. Aren't you meant to unwrap and clean it after like 3 hours..?

      I assume you didn't go for the full back? :P

      I'd suggest logging into your main account for the insta posting but @junglist is an amazing moderation accepting fairy

    Glancing through my news feed and I see "Namco Bandai Are Publishing A Macross Game In The U.S." and I'm all like \o/ and then I re-read and it turns out it was Motocross. :(

    Also I might have to go to Redmond in two weeks for indoctrinationtraining

    Hello Square. How's that FFX HD remake coming along?


    Last edited 14/01/13 12:57 pm

      I would also like to know the answer to this.

      I hated FFX!
      True story.


        Actually I liked the game but hey thats just your opinion man

        How come? Jus wonderin'

        FFX was my first (lol u gais r old) but I've played a few JRPGs before and what I noticed was the lack of exploration/world map. Loved the combat though since there was practically no penalty for swapping characters in-game which meant I didn't have to pick a party and neglect the others, or try and level up the rejected people so they're not left behind.

          It was actually encouraged, because if a character spent one turn in combat, they got an equal share of XP.

          Honestly, not really anything that makes it a bad game, just some things irked me majorly.
          - The symbolism and the storyline and the writing quality. I'll be honest, I'm not up to speed with all the Christian symbolism in it, but from what I picked up, it was just so... poorly implemented? Maybe? And I don't mean to say that the laughing scene is the standard for the entire game, but the scene writing and direction in general fell a bit flat too.
          - Tidus. STAND ALONE POINT.
          - Also some of the others. Final Fantasy has an ensemble cast. Yuna had no personality, Wakka was... Wakka (in a bad way), and I didn't feel like many of their personal stories were really any good. Same issue with FF13. Overall, the script, didn't feel like there was much character development, at the occassional humour, jokes and fun writers had in the past few games was absent.

          It's not all bad though. The sphere grid? Really awesome level-up system.

            Agee with all of this. The rock music kicking in for that boss fight was completely random and out of place and stoopid too, but I know everyones going to disagree with me. Despite me being right :)

        It was the game where Final Fantasy stopped being good.