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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    ill catch you guys later, i havent got much on so i think i might head off home to shower/change pickup missus then go tennis! speak to you guys on TS/TAY!


    oh wait, MASTER OF THE PAGE 20 GET!!!

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      SPORTSRACQUET (my favourite tennis gif :P)

        Whoa wait, I completely missed this! this was last year it seems after a little research. So bizarre. She won the point though!

      Let your wife know she is amazing and she should meat more often. Or just me.

    Fuck, we're 8/38 off 17 overs... :\

    Annnnd make that 9/40 off 18.3 overs. D:

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      Good thing we didn't play that B-grade side again, huh?

        At least we've seen off Kulasekara. 4 overs left of Malinga.

          Not a chance of seeing it through those 4 overs.

      You seem to know the ball and stick game!

      Somebody on my Facebook feed said that he got a call from the Australian selectors saying he's opening the batting in the next game. What does that mean? Him and his ball and stick friends are making it seem like it's a big deal and I'm too embarrassed to ask :D

        If they are serious then it is a big deal, it means that they have joined the australian team and will be playing in a world class cricket match. Opening the batting means being the first ones out to bat. It is often much harder as you need to settle quickly and the ball is harder to hit (so to speak)

        Otherwise it is a joke and by saying they have been selected, it is a way of implying that the team is so bad that a Joe Average (your friend) would be a better choice than the current team

          I'm struggling to tell. He's a good cricket person. He played for Tasmania when he was 18 before moving to Victoria, but judging by the way the conversation has gone I think he was joking.

    What are the details for the meat tomorrow? When are we meeting and where?

      Ah, that depends if we're eating before or after movie? (Sorry, worst meat planner evah!) Also a lot of people can't make it. :S I would understand if you guys wanted to cancel?

        I'm still keen. Let's eat beforehand.

          Sounds good, man! What time can you comfortably get to Brisbane, @freezespreston? Depending on that time, meet outside cinema and get tickets first? Who knew that pre-meat jitters isn't a good quality in a meat planner! :P

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            For the sake of having a plan, meet at 5:30 in front of the cinemas. We'll go from there.

              Depends how much I rush and push it I may be able to get there sometime between 5:30 and 6:00


                We'll use the time it takes for you to show up to work out where we're going to eat.

      Sometime and somewhere!

      I think the movie starts 7ish? That's all I really know =P

        Movie is 7:05pm at the South Bank Cineplex!

      That's why you earn the big bucks, Trjn! Sounds good to me!

      ParaNommin' Meat -- BRISBANE -- JANUARY 19th:
      Meet outside the South Bank Cineplex at 5:30 pm. Buy tickets at the box office first as a group, then get something to eat before the 7:05pm session of ParaNorman. Here are the ticket prices and all that!
      If any one needs my mobile number, DM me on Twitter. (@danfortheages)
      @trjn, @sernobulus, @freezespreston, @beardymcmuttonchops, @jimu, @strange, @dkzeitgeist, @welbot, @virus__, @lambomann007. (I know you all can't make it, tagged you just in case things change!)
      Wives/Husbands/Girlfriends/etc are all welcome!

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        Not even invited. SO COLD. I guess that's what the "C" in "D.C." stands for :'(

        Also, I watched the movie today. For the parts I was awake? Awesome. I just didn't get much sleep after work last night.


          Whaaat, you cant sleep in ParaNorman! Well... I guess you did. So its possible... but not recommended! :(

            But my couch is so comfy. SO COMFY.

              *dramatic finger point* We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange!

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        Can I come, too?

          Already got our Powalen quota, alas. :'(

          Sure! :P

            Why do you make me cry, DC?

            I'll save my pennies for another possible theme park meat next summer :D

              There's one in March! (Also talk of one if Shane goes to SupaNova in November!)

                Too close! Might need a job first :P

                Next year.

                  Do it after D.C. plays Jurassic Park so you can discuss it :D

                  If there was going to be a Pow meat, I'd think about forcing myself to play Jurassic Park. Just so I've got a conversation starter to push back the awkward silence for atleast a minute!

                  You could always discuss how awesome I am.


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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is $29.99 on the Green Man Gaming site!
    Also, we're all out for 74. D:

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    Baldur's Gate EE is on Steam!

      Yeah! Noticed that on steam last night. It seems to have just appeared on there. No big picture it anything on the front steam store page.

    Anno 2070 is 60% off on Steam!

      Skinless chicken breasts are 2 for 1 at my local butcher!

        Lucky bastard!

        Shit that's a bargain. Well depending on the kilo price..

      My sister was interested in that game, but the UbiSoft DRM was a deal breaker!

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    I bought a Vita.
    Only $200 at EB!
    (Oh glob what have I done)

      Something something Shakespearian tragedy something something

      Enjoy the No Games!™

      I would have done the same if I hadn't wasted all my money already...

      I bought a Persona 4: Golden machine***
      Only $200 at EB!
      (Oh glob what have I done)

      I keep looking at one wanting to buy it but there is literally nothing I want to play on it. REALLY wish they'd release something to give me the excuse.

      lolol it's a Sha-.... oh. Ah... nevermind.

    My father just messaged me to tell me he's in Geelong on Sunday (he lives and works in Canberra, blerg. Don't see him for years at a time). Now I have to get time off. If I can't, I'm thinking of just quitting then and there. I have enough money to last me until I start at le prison.

    \o/ ?

      Cautious upvote. If you're happy, I'm happy! :D


        I... I really don't know.


        Oh man, that reminds me. There was this massive spider in my room again (I guess they like the warmth from my PC?) and I went to get the bug spray as it was over the top of my door. I go to walk past it and it WEBS DOWN TO ME IN A FREAKING FIGHTING STANCE. After congratulating this epic MAN-SPIDER I still sprayed it to death as I am MORE MAN THAN HE and ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE.


          EDIT: I would have run away crying :(

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          SPIDER JENSEN!


            Also did you loot it's corpse? It probably had $10

          Errrrrmaaageerrrrrd, I wouldv run away screaming so hard.

            Why would you be hard? OH GOD YOU ARE GROSS, SUGHLY

      I just finished downloading that a few hours ago (I'm not a pirate, no sir!). I hope to watch it tomorrow before work \o/

      Does indeed! Wanted to see it badly at the cinema, but it came out right in the middle of moving out :(
      I have since sought out some pirates, and they have helped me get a copy. Will watch as soon as there isnt an interesting tennis match on. Which is never :(

        I, uh, acquired this and Seven Psychopaths this arvo.


          Maybe I'll read the wikipedia plot description. :P

*Di330tttVy6d9xIpUzX3P/Sexy_Pirate_Costume.jpg ?? :P

    Eh, not much has been happening here, but for some odd reason i decided cleaning was the thing to do in the 40 degree heat yesterday.

    Having a chat with my eldest and she just made me the proudest dad in the world.

    While all her friends are going nuts for Gangham Style and Idol/X Factor/Whatever contestants, she is a huge fan of Brahms, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and Dvorak, even knowing their names and bringing them up without prompting from me. Although she struggles with the pronunciation of Tchaikovsky.

      Nice work Dad. :D
      Although if she's having problems with Tchaikovsky, best to avoid bringing up Rachmaninov. I Still have trouble saying that one

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    Yaaaay wooo, pizza and Aus Open! That's what all the cool kids do with their Friday nights right? Right..?

      Thai food and tennis here. The coolest.

      Dayyymmm. Sharapova is destrolishing Venus.

        Yep. Figured as much would happen. As will Ferrer, as in... be destroying Baghdatis. Baggy will get some good games in, but alas he will be destroyed.

    I am getting very tempted to go to the wreckers and buy a car to fix up. I miss my old 1979 Ford Escort so much :( Stupid things being things and not other things.

      Get an old Ford Econovan and make it prison van! Should go well with your new job role!

      No? I'll show myself out :P

    "Oooh, I've got an idea! Why don't we make a laptop that has less features than a smartphone!"
    And thus, the chromebook was born.

    I arrived home to an email saying I had been mentioned on Kotaku and upon further inspection discovered one was from @chuloopa and it was on Page 18. Not gonna lie...I was scared for a second. :P

      I really, really don't blame you. lol

    So I saw this over Gizmodo.. Must say those atom/hydrogen/nuclear bombs detonating look awesome but it's also just really uncomforting..

      I think its normal to not be comforted by explosions. Unless you're Michael Bay.

        Point, he has quite the erection for explosions.

    Clean shaven feels weird.
    I started with the sideburns, took them up to the top of the ears.
    Then, the middle of the mo' was gone.
    Then, the goatee, leaving a soul patch.

    Suddenly, I looked like a cross between Shannon Noll and Watkin Tudor Jones, as he looks today. This was my crowning achievement with regard to sex appeal, as you can imagine.

    Now, however... Aleph is babbyfaced :'(

        Oh GOD

      I reckon clean shaven would suite you actually, IMO. I approve!

        I look like Rocketman.

          Well, Rocket is a master of picking up men, so I'm sure there's a positive there somewhere.

            Except that I'm trying to woo a woman.

            Sliiiiight flaw in that plan :S


              Well, have I introduced you to the joys of Ketamine?


                Fun fact:
                Started chatting with someone at the pub months ago, got on really well. Then he told me he was the vet, who flies here every 3-4 months.
                He tried selling me ketamine, to which I kindly turned him down.

                  But it has a hundred and one uses.

                  Far better than Chloroform.

                  Trust me on this.

      My dad used to do that with me when I was young.
      I kinda picked up on the fact my joystick wasn't actually doing anything though...

      Ha! My husband showed me this picture earlier. Our son is too smart and knows if the light isn't on that it's not working. :P

        He should get a video game consultant job on TV shows. It always riles me up when there's controllers not turned on, charger packs missing, etc.

        Last edited 18/01/13 9:29 pm

          I'm pretty sure the producers don't care.

          Someone on the staff would know, someone would eventually point it out.

          And they would be shut down.

    Okami music is so rad!

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here playing Okami HD. Shame on you all. Shame. On. You.. I think @35 started it but he probably gave up. SHAME ON HIM.

    ...but then shame on me for never finishing it. I'm right near the end. I can taste it! Played a few hours on PS2 but stopped for some reason. Was meaning to get back to it for a while but never got around to it. I was interested in getting the Wii version too but heard it wasn't as good, good thing I waited until Okami HD!

    I love me some Zelda and quality Action/Adventures. I just wish there were more 3D Zeldaesque Action/Adventures :(

      I played the first ten minutes on an emulator, many moons ago.

      But it ran terribly, so I gave up on it. >.>

        Okami HD gogogo!


            Yup! Maybe do it as a separate post so more people can see it and comment on it :)

      i agree with the Okami music.I completed it on wii and was disappointed that okamiden was so short

        I really liked Okamiden, even though yeah it's a bit short. The ending really got to me. That's the only time I've ever felt like crying in a game.

        Although I struggled when Issun got left behind in Okami.

          Okami spoilers or Okamiden? I'm going to work on Okamiden sometime in the future so I'll avoid it if it's Okamiden related :)

            Okami related :) You can read it now that you've finished it!

      Shame on anyone who hasn't played Okami on at least one platform! If you haven't, I'll forgive you as long as you get it right now :P

      I don't want to spoil the end boss (well, one of them) for you Greenius but I have some more art to show you when you're finished :) If you thought my Issun was good, well then just wait.

      PS I played Okami before it was cool.

        I'm pretty sure Okami was already cool the moment it was released! (I'm pretty sure I acquired a copy then)

        Shows us your pic :D. I just beat the game.

          I give you the most incredibly detailed, most accurate portrayal of possibly the most thoughtfully designed final boss you'll ever encounter.

          Brace yourself:

          Oh and what did you think of it? I really enjoyed the ending of Okami. It left me with the fuzzies :)

          I've been searching for years and I still can't find a game I've enjoyed as much as Okami.

    @rocketman This gal has some pretty great music, and is offering her EP for free! Can't go wrong -

      Whoooaaaaaa, and this girl too. Holy crap, this track is amazing:

      New discoveryyy yesssss!! She's only got like 3 songs out, but theyre all amazing. Apparently she got scooped up into a deal and is working on something now, and this is a new single. Yesssss...

      Last edited 18/01/13 9:32 pm

        And yet another lass. Very nice stuff

    Man, those non-bacon instant noodles sucked. Now I'm going to have to grab some actual bacon from Macca's on the way home.

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