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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    Wow.. So become a pro surfer have your sponsor throw a massive party with Australian act of your choice? Awesome.

      not to mention all the freebies

        And the women! It's win win situation!

          Chicks for free.

            Man, look at them yoyo's, that's the way to do it.

            Edit: Yo-yos? Probably that one, since it's not a contraction of yoyo is or has, or the something of yoyo...

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      All you gotta do is win a world title too! So easy!

        I know right! I've done it before in those pro surfer games that Neversoft made back in the when Tony Hawk & Matt Hoffman games ruled the PlayStation 1

    It's time for Lambo's Big Tech Rant!
    Today, I will be talking about 3 things. Maybe a fourth if you're lucky. :P
    Number The First: Android.
    My HTC One X is the buggiest phone I have ever had the displeasure of using. I've never had so many problems with a phone before,not on iOS, WP7, not even on an unofficial Windows Mobile 6 ROM for a Windows Mobile 2003 device. Is it too much to ask for an android browser that actually works??? Chrome:bugs when opening websites in new tabs, making it unusable, is laggy on TAY too. Dolphin: text entry bugs out when writing long comments and stuff. Cursor jumps around, and when you backspace it doesn't backspace where the cursor is, it backspaces a random letter halfway through your wall of text. Pretty much makes the browser unusable. Firefox: sometimes cuts the sides of pages off, can't scroll horizontally to see it all. Makes it unusable.Also doesn't even have a cursor for text entry, making correcting issues in sentences you type a real pain. Makes it even more unusable. Default: I had issues with this but I forgot what they where. I'm writing this comment with it though, and I've already found a major bug with it. I can't move the cursor around, only to the beginning backspacing.
    Now, android updates. My phone only realised android 4.1 was available a few weeks ago. I upgraded earlier this week. I'm now trying to find a way to downgrade. This update has killed 2 important features to me. 1: Playing media on the phone on my Xbox. I used to plug my phone into the Xbox and play videos off it quite a lot. Android 4.1 won't let me do this anymore which is really annoying because it's something I used rather often. 2: It's killed my WiFi. Ever since I upgraded, I've only been able to get half the range with my WiFi as I used to be able to. I used to be able to have the modem at one end of the house and my phone at the other and it would connect fine. (We have a 3g portable WiFi modem). Now it can barely pick the WiFi up when only half a house away. It's not my mpdem's fault as all my other devices (Xbox,laptop) still have the same range. 3: (i can't go back and edit it to say it has 3 major faults due to previously mentioned browser bugs)the update appears to have gotten rid of the c'hide keyboard' button. This makes text ttext entry in landscape pretty much unusable as textfields often become fullscreen when in landscape and theonly to 'close' them is by pressing the hide keyboard key,which is now gone. I should be able to fix this by installing a custom keyboard though.
    Final note, Android is ugly. The newer versions are slowly getting there. Emphesis on slowly though. If I had to describe how Android looks, I'd describe it as a messy, cluttered Windows desktop put on a phone. All the icons are different shapes and it makes it hard to find what you're after because of the high levels of entropy. Having a standard icon style would go a LOOONG way to making it look less messy. IOS has their icon style with the rounded corners. Windows Phone has square and rectangular tiles. Makes it a whole lot easierv to find stuff. Which is why I use a WP7 lookalike launcher on my phone. Finding apps wasn't as simple as it should've been. Having those app icons in tiles made a huge difference.
    Anyway, that's enough about Android for now.

    No. II: "Wah wah wah, Windows 8 is ruining PC Gaming*, wah wah, great sadnass, wah, open systems 4 lyfe, wah wah! *codeword for my wallet" - Gabe Newell. Ironic isn't it that Valve's steambox may end up more 'closed' than the Xbox 360. Valve is using Linux over Windows in their steambox so they can make a OS that's controller friendly, which makes sense. So they'll be making their own Linux distro. It'snot far fetched to believe this distro will only run games and software off of Steam, so as to subsidise selling the steambox at a loss (which I would expect them to do to make the price attractive). This has the unfortunate side effect of making it less 'open' than the Xbox 360. Compare Steam Greenlight to XBL Indie Games. Pretty much anyone can make Xbox games and they don't have to get approval from first the community and then MS before they can start making money from their games. Means it's more 'open' and you get more games/innovation on there. Also means you get a lot more rubblesh, hence proving that 'open' doesn't directly mean 'better'. I just find it funny that Valve says their going to Linux to keep PC gaming 'open' yet their first major linux product will be more 'closed than PC gaming has ever been.

    And finally, 3: PlayStation Mobile.
    I only found out how to get it on my phone today. There's only a few phones that are PS Mobile certified. Shouldn't they come with the app already installed. Or maybe have added in an update? If youre an average consumer and you've never heard of it, you'll probably never discover it. You've got have heard of it before then go searching for it before you can find out how to get it on your phone. That sure is a great way to get customers to discover and use your service. If it was a service available to all phones, it would be understandable,but its not. It's only available to a few certified devices. Shouldn't theybe making the service visible and discoverable on those devices then?

    The End.

      My android works fine and looks good. Chrome works fine. Customised it to get it looking just the way I want. That's all I have to say.

        What Sughly said. Never had a problem with my Galaxy SI or Galaxy S III and I got them both at launch.

        PEBKAC ;)

          Look, I get that bias will affect my experiences. I went into android already preferring WP, but still curious about android. My bias doesn't change the fact that this is the buggiest device I've ever used and has pretty much put me off wanting another android device for a long time. The Galaxy SI and SII work fine? Makes android sound worse because it can't stay consistent over different devices. How am I supposed to know wether an android device will be buggy or not? The HTC One X got good reviews, but I sure haven't found it to be good.At least with iOS and WP, there's a bit more control. IOS, only apple makes the phones so they have complete control over how well they work. WP, only certain manufacturers make WP devices, and MS is strict on the hardware they use, so theyrr rather in control of how well their phones work. Android on the other hand us available for any one to use and radically change as much ad they want. I'm not saying iOS and WP don't get bugs (they do), I'm just saying theyrr not ad wild and unmaneagable as android is.

            I don't know where you made the jump that Android can't stay consistent. The same applies to all phone production (not so much with Apple since it's the same phone with every iteration).

            Otherwise I'm too tired to go into this (and I honestly don't care).

              Maybe it's due to the fact that my phone is really buggy but yours and Sughly's aren't? :P The only reason I can think of for that is because they're running on different hardware/processors. Android has to run on who knows how many different hardware configurations (like Windows) and it does'nt seem to be able to stay consistently bug free on all of it (honestly, I should send you this phone once I'm done with it so you can see how bad it is :P) This is also why Windows has problems sometimes, but it's been around for ages and has had time to mature.
              Iphones and Windows Phones don't have these consistency issues because the way the OS is distributed is completely different. iOS is only on Apple phones, so only has to worry about a few hardware configurations. Windows Phone is only available to select manufacturers, and MS has strict rules on what the hardware should be. I think it's Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 CPUs they have to use right now. Like I said, these phones still get bugs, it's just a lot more manageable and easier to fix because they only have to worry about a few hardware configurations. Also, the updates get out faster because they don't have to worry about things like custom skins or other manufacturer made changes to the OS.

      In today's post: lambo rags on Android and goes on about how Windows Phones are somehow good (probably, didn't read).

      MORE AT 12.

        I only mentioned Windows Phone once, and that wasn't a pro WP mention as it was a pro anything other than android mention. :P

          Delete this apology because ramblings above don't seem to justify me being all sorry and stuff!

          But yeah, it wasn't meant as some serious thing here, dude

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      Someone needs a hug.

        I just need to go to bed and sleep for a week. I feel so tired and stressed out. My filter isn't working and I'm just saying the first things that cone to my head without thinking about it much. Not an entirely bad thong though as I often think things way too much when deciding what to say when talking to people.

          It's cool man, I'm just being bored. I read it all and it's okay to rant (we all do it!). I can't really relate to what you ranted about since I don't have or have really used any of the aforementioned things but take it easy. I hope all is well!

    @Dc, I just saw the Freaks and Geeks where the new girl accidentally and temporarily joins the geeks' group and they all fall in love with her, and Lyndsay spends her college fund on fake IDs to see the guidance counsellor play in his band. Oh man.

      Oh man, that episode was great.

      Horribly horribly awkward though(I guess that is par for the course for Freaks and Geeks).

        So, so great. This one didn't feel quite as awkward as others so far, but no less great for it.

          I dunno, the anticipation that she'd leave their group(that kind of happened to me a coupla times over the years) really brought the awkwardness to the fore.

          Also the scene in the bar. Fantastic.

      :) You're awesome, @shane. Glad you're liking it.

        He told me in secret that he actually hates it, and is just pretending by looking at IMDB to keep you happy.


        Okay, that was a lie. I don't think I'm very good at this Devil's Advocate thing.

        Wait, I'm pretty sure the gift giver gets to be the awesome one.

          Unrelated to Freaks & Geeks, just awesome in general. That is all.

    Just beat Okami and it's so friggen awesome!


    And best of all (something which I had no idea about), it's one of those games that I consider 'perfect' aside from gameplay - mainly because they're champs and include unlockables and a new game +. I LOVE it when they do that, so a bajillion kudos to those at Clover/Platinum! Bayonetta did this too and Okami includes something like 200 pieces of awesome concept art and if I recall, Bayonetta had the entire soundtrack! AWESOME!!!

    Next on the list: Far Cry 3. I'll try to focus mainly on that for the weekend and see how we go :D

      Just play Far Cry 3 with the Lost soundtrack. Then run around screaming "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!" and "I have to find my son!"

      Last edited 18/01/13 11:23 pm

      Yeah I spent ages going through all the songs and artwork that were unlocked! Does the HD version have the original credits or the normal looking ones they had to put in the Wii one due to licensing issues? Apparently when Platinum studios found out that it was cut they were devastated.

      These are the original ones

      Just curious, what didn't you like about the gameplay?

        It does have the original video for the credits, but they couldn't get the rights to Reset apparently so they used a piece from the main soundtrack.

        Pretty much what Neg said about the music and credits. What did they look like in the Wii version? I looked up two videos and it looks pretty much the same :P

        What I meant by the 'perfect' statement was considering things aside from the gameplay (so pretty much the bonus features). The gameplay was fine and I did have some minor problems with it. Since I played through the HD version I'm not sure whether it was unique to it or the original had it too.

        My main annoyance was sort of a low draw distance (? I think that's what it's called) for objects. So while I could see the environment in the distance I had to get pretty close up to see any chests, animals and beams of light. This made finding things much harder than it needed to be. I thought the camera felt a bit off at a times and some of the forced camera angles weren't that great (but PS2 game so that's slightly forgivable). Jumping and platforming felt a bit off too. Dungeons were all a bit linear as well. Text moved way too slow and at times I could display all of the text in the box, and other times I couldn't :/.

          Fair enough :P Yeah the draw distance is shocking! Even with that the ps2 and Wii ones had really bad frame rate dips which was my biggest annoyance.

            Oh yeah it chugged pretty badly in the final battle but most of the time it wasn't too bad.

      Okami is one of my personal favorite games. You can tell it was a real labor of love for the team involved too.

      Oh by the way, what did you think of the final area? The first time I played it I was a bit confused by it because I'm passingly familiar with most of the traditional Japanese myths & legends that the previous two areas involve (Amaterasu, Susano-o, Orochi, The Hakkenden, Kaguya-hime and so on) but the Ainu stuff in the third act is completely different and I hadn't encountered much of it before.

        The final area was fine although I probably prefer the first two. I know a bit about Japanese mythology but mainly the names and not the story behind them (I knew of Orochi, Nine-tailed Fox etc.) so everything felt fine to me since I was following the game's story as opposed to trying to relate it to the actual mythology/what I knew.

        I liked the final sections more before they started talking about the space/spirit stuff. Just doesn't seem to fit. I know that probably isn't apart of the mythology but still felt really out of place.

    Watched Life of Pi today and it was Ok. The 3D was well done and it was subtle throughout and imposing when it needed to be. When I think back actually, I like that I didn't do the whole throw things at your face or go too deep either, it felt natural in a way.

    Finally, I think I hyped myself too much when I heard of the 'visual spectacle part of it. I guess visual spectacle means different things to different people and also depending on the movie but I don't know what to expect when you hear the term. The movie did have some beautiful moments though

    The sea filled with jellyfish, the island teeming with meerkats and the reveal of the human-looking carnivorous island

    The music is really good as well.

    I didn't 'get' it though.

    Or like Pi says in the movie maybe it's just a story and it doesn't need any meaning

    Anyway, I enjoyed my time at the movies and I think I might do this more often. Watching a movie every few weeks or months should not be too bad provided I don't buy any popcorn or drinks. I bought a slurpee this time and that was it. There were no people using their phones either and even the kids who were there kept quite. The only noise was the general crowd reactions which are part of the cinema experience.

    The only downside was a family group that took my seat. Ugh. I guess I could have told them to move but the cinema was more or less empty so I sat elsewhere but I still don't get why people do that. Maybe I'm part of the problem for not speaking up? I don't know. Also, when you go and see a movie on your own it's somehow becomes more apparent how much movie going is a thing for 2 or more people. There were couples and families everywhere. :-) I don't mind it though.

    Finally, I bought the Hoyts' reward card and my next movie is 'free' . The reward card cost $7 and movie tickets are $9.90 so I guess I've saved $2.90 on my next movie. :-) Wooo?

      I loved the first twenty minutes and the final twenty minutes. Liked the rest fine, but the trailer was pretty misleading. :) Was beautiful and thought provoking, though!

        Wait so you only like the parts where
        Pi and the novelist are talking? :-) The introduction to Pi was well done though and kind of funny at times

        Also what was thought provoking? Just asking since it did nothing for me and I just want to understand. :-)

          Oh, maybe it was more than the first and last twenty.

          I liked all the Pi as a kid/zoo stuff/ship stuff/novelist stuff. The alternate story of what really happened on the raft I found thought provoking and the whole perception thing. Believing what you want to believe and all that, the better story, etc. Haha, not really making much sense. Too sleepy. :P

          Last edited 19/01/13 10:06 am

      ooooo masha went on a dateeee!

      Also you're part of the problem for not speaking up! People will just sit wherever if they know that no one will mind or speak up. They SHOULD move if you tell them they're in your seats but if the cinema is relatively empty then it doesn't really matter.

      FUN FACT: I went to some Harry Potter premier at VMAX (giant screen IMAX thingy) and there was a MASSIVE line of people waiting to get in. My friends and I walked to the front and got in instantly... awks. We also had like 10 of us but 9 tickets so someone who actually paid for a seat missed out and sat on the steps... I still feel bad about that :'(. Damn that Silva guy tagging along and damn the cinema people for not counting tickets correctly!

      Although they were pretty shitty seats up front :P

        A date with myself...the best date. Damn I should have tried the yawn and place arm on shoulder trick! Next time :-)

        Yeah, I agree that I'm part of the problem not asking the people to move. Sometimes you just don't know what type of people you'll meet. I can hold my own in a confrontation I just like avoiding it when possible. I'll ask the people to move if it happens again.

          I'm pretty sure if I didn't know you, and you told me that I was sitting in your seat, whether or not it was true, I would run away and hide. You are a scary looking dude.

            Thanks for the vote of confidence blaghs. No more stolen seats for this guy :-)

            Also scary? I thought we shared a cramped back seat for about an hour. *sobs* :-)

              Wow there must've been lots of stoner masha convos in that one hour! :D

              I think big black guys with African accents are always scary. Same with big white guys with Russian accents :O

    Start game
    Rage quit
    Read TAY
    Start game
    Rage quit
    Read TAY

    Thanks @beardymcmuttonchops

      SMB? What level?

      I've been doing this too for some of the post-game stuff .__.

        Trying for A+ on all the forest levels. I'm so bad at this game

          All levels being the Light ones or also the Dark ones? Dark ones can get hard but Light ones are all relatively easy. All the levels are pretty straight forward but if you're struggling really bad on what looks like a straight forward level, there's usually a short cut you're missing somewhere.


            Thanks, just the light for the moment. 3 levels to go

    @dc did you finish watching your Enslaved playthrough? :P

    What game you playing now? :D

      Nothing at the moment, Greenius ol' friend. You?

        Far Cry 3, Persona 4: Golden!

        I still haven't even unlocked the second island on Far Cry 3 so I might have a while to go and even though I'm 57 or so hours in P4, I doubt I'm going to finish that any time soon :D

          Unlocking the second Island is pretty rad.

          The Wingsuit is amazeballs.

      TAY refresh. An addictive MMO indeed.

      I made three comments. By the time each one was posted and the page automatically refreshed, they were already upvoted D:

    Good night, folks. I fuckin' love you all so damn much.

      Good night DC, Good night TAY

        Good night, Tigerion. I'm so glad I finally got to meet you.

      Eek! A swear! I would never swear on TAY.... :P

        P. S. As the First Lady I believe I'm qualified to say we love you too.

          First Lady can say whatever she damn well pleases.

        Swearing seems to be getting more and more common around here lately I've noticed. Whether its because we're all comfortable with each other or everyone got new jobs as sailors I'm not sure.

          Socially speaking comfortability isn't the catalyst, normally it would be when sampling of the language is introduced yet not objected, than that allows it to become a norm.

          So if you want to swearing to stop just complain about it a lot.

          yeah, i actually swear a bit in real life but on here i tend to censor myself a bit, don't wanna accidently offend someone.

            Also, judicious use of curse words will lend emphasis to the rare occasion that they are used.
            I probably swear IRL more than I should.
            But I never ever swear around my parents. Never. It's just not done.

              I feel really bad whenever I swear around my parents. It happens sometimes, and I just want to hit myself the moment I open my mouth.

                Both my mum and I learned how much I swore right around the time I got my L's. I try not to swear but if I'm angry then all bets are off. Apparently I can get quite hot headed when dealing with cyclists.

                  Oh man, as a Canberran(we have stupidly high amounts of bike infrastructury stuff), screw all the cyclists who don't understand how road rules work.


    What did you say in that post about the Omega watch on Giz? :P

    Apparently wearing a watch makes us posers because the only way anyone should ever tell the time is by looking at a phone. That's a really nice looking watch though. Some day I'll own one as nice as that. Some day, but not in the next 10 years :P

      My current watch isn't anything overly fancy. Pulsar, leather strap.
      But it's the last birthday gift I received from my nana before she passed away. And therefore it's better than super shiny watches. Even though the super shiny watches are awesome and are totally calling to my wallet.
      That Jove person was an absolute idiot in that thread, though.

        By Jove they were annoying.

        I don't use my watch very often. It's a pocketwatch, unfortunately not long after getting it I broke it, and since having it fixed, it's always run too fast. Still, proper watches are excellent.

          Pocketwatches are inconvenient, but dapper as hell.
          I think I have one lying around somewhere...

            One of the many reasons I need to lose weight is so that I can start wearing my dinner suit again.

            Screw everything else, I just want to look really dapper.

              Before the year is out, I plan on getting a few things to go full dapper. Pocketwatch, monocle, twirly moustache, vest, tweed jacket, bowtie are on this list.

        A well looked after watch can last such a long time that I think they're a fantastic item to give somebody. You'll have that memory of her for quite a long time. Keep it well looked after :)

      You must conform! Poser!

      I wish I had a really nice watch however the hip pocket nerve is to strong in me.

      i bought a 2 dollar watch from malaysia that lasted me about a year.

      it lasted a year longer than i thought it would last.

        Funnily enough a watch I bought for $10 in 2002/2003 (I forget which) is still going. Every other watch I bought after that has died within a year. These were all digital watches. My nice analogue Citizen should hopefully last a long time.

        I hope I haven't jinxed myself...

    Even though I've only played 15-20mins of Rayman Origins on my Vita (and have done nothing else on it), I can say I'm happy with my purchase. That screen is very shiny. Rayman is gorgeous.

      Well if you ever get bored of Rayman Origins you should consider visiting the PSN store and getting FF 7, 8 & 9 you could also play them on the PS3 but I find it more agreeable on the Vita.

      Also don't bother with remote play it is laggy as hell.

      It's not a Persona 4 machine without Persona 4!

      Import it now!

    Thanks to Shane, I feel like I need to link this now:

    Kyrie, I love Dire Straits.

      You know they have this George Harrison song they play a lot on Gold FM and whenever it's on my Mum thinks it's a Dire Straits song despite the numerous times I've corrected her.

      Random story I know, but this song reminded me of that. Best Dire Straits.

        I dispute, this is the best Dire Straits:

      Thaks jerk! Now I'm going to be up all night watching Dire Straits vids. >:(


    Wimminz. I don't even.

    Really though, and in light of the above overly-superficial and presumptuous statement, the only thing about her that fits the 'stereotype' is that I don't understand her. Thus feeding the attraction/intrigue.
    Either way, AWESOME night. I got/am a little too intoxicated, (though not enough to warrant mistyping/drunk posts in that sense) had a marvelous time, and am looking forward to spending some quality time with a backpacker before her visa runs out.

    I... (WARNING: MUSHY GUSHY P.D.A. INCOMING) love you guys.
    I love people.
    I... I love.

    tired still =p

      Morning scree. Big day of projecting planned?

        i wanna buy my bed but I'm stalling. Not sure why.

            I remember why. Mum is yelling at me over it. she doesn't understand how the credit card works

    Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go. Worked myself up into a stress loop last night so didn't sleep well. See what happens today I guess

    I've been pondering lately on the seeming apathy towards the next round of consoles vs the hype about stuff like OUYA, Shield and Gamestik. I'm curious as to how much of that can be attributed to the latter having working systems and being a tangible thing and the Sony/Microsoft consoles being nothing but unfounded speculation at this point. After announcements will hype train leave the station or will it stand idle and empty?

      Lots of disturbing rumours about the next gen: built in motion controls, potential DRM against used games, etc. People might be a little uneasy until specs are known in full. I do agree, though. I'm psyched about next gen games, but not so much the consoles themselves. Also PC is in better shape than it has been in a long time! :D

        masta rayce

          It's true! Look at Steam and GOG. Was also in JB Hifi yesterday and spent more time looking at the PC shelf than the others. It's almost the same size as the others too if you ignore the pre-owned games. Crazy mix of AAA games and awesome, polished indie games. It's been a long time since there's been so many adventure games on the shelf too. Amnesia, Deponia, Gemini Rue...

          Last edited 19/01/13 10:21 am

            and spent more time looking at the PC shelf than the others

            I don't believe that for a second.

            You know who else was big into the master race thing?


            Ergo @dc=Hitler.

              Haha! I've never liked the whole master race thing and don't know why PC gamers willingly use it.

                How do you feel about the word 'Gamers' I seems to get alot of people complaining about it.

                  Doesn't bother me at all, seems like the best all inclusive description for game fans!

                Fanbois gotta fan
                Part of it comes down the cool tech, a high end PC will always be better than a mass produced console. Seeing the output of some of them is amazing. True some people take the master race thing to far but on the whole it is just easier to say master race then uses a computer instaed of a console

      I don't get the hype for OUYA and similar products. They're just underpowered consoles that only play android games (which aren't exactly AAA quality yet). I mean, they'd be cool to use with emulators and stuff, but as new consoles? Shield looks interesting. More interested in the streaming PC games to it though.
      I think these consoles are rather niche, and they'll be largely forgotten once MS and Sony announce their new consoles. The power and graphical quality they'll have will blow the Ouya and friends out of the water, plus there'll be AAA quality titles for it from launch. Makes it more attractive to the average consumer. I mean, Ouya and friends will be cheaper, but if consumers had the choice between Ouya with Shadowgun or Xbox 720 with CoD Modern Warfare 4 (or whatever), I think they'd be more inclined to pay the extra few hundred dollars.

      Also, I don't think steamboxes are going to work that well as consoles to start off with. They're great for playing PC games on your TV, but the majority of PC games currently lack one very important feature, split-screen. TVs are more social devices than PC monitors, and PC games are lacking in that important social feature, making consoles 'better' in a sense.
      I mean, for a hermit like D.C. it probably wouldn't make any difference though :P

      Last edited 19/01/13 10:27 am

        Yeah, no difference at all. Cept I like mouse and keyboard for some PC games and that'd be awkward on the couch. Haha! Last time I played a game socially was probably Portal 2 co-op or Renegade Ops. (Or three seconds of Scott Pilgrim at the Freeze BBQ/Riding the Swan with Dan! and Sughly. :P)

        I do like the idea of Steambox in theory, but then I don't want all my PC gaming to be on Steam either.

        Last edited 19/01/13 10:31 am

          Steam needs more competitors, like GOG and the Windows Store.
          PC Gaming has pretty much been turned into "Steam Gaming", now it seems Valve is trying to leverage that to make their own platform (where they'll have no competition). Hence the term 'Steambox'. I don't get why they're called steamboxes (the ones not made by valve), they do so much more than run steam games :/

            I think they're just designed with Valve's specs in mind though. Built for low noise, living room stuff. Either way, D.C.'s not the greatest when it comes to tech specs so I might shut up before embarrassing myself. :P

            Last edited 19/01/13 10:53 am

          I've gotten to the stage where I only really prefer adventures on the pc. I basically avoid buying games on steam if I know theyre coming out on xbla. Controllers and a couch is just way way more comfortable, and doesnt have internet distractions.

            A long haul game like Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Dishonored I like to be close to the screen for some reason. Haha! (Not really an issue since I got my HDTV, though.) More immersive or something, plus the precision that comes with the keyboard and mouse controls. Although the beauty of consoles is knowing that it just works without any screwing around. Most third person games I prefer controllers too, sitting in a dark room on the couch. So damn comfortable. :D

            Last edited 19/01/13 11:14 am

            You are a wise man.

              I agree mostly, except lately I haven't been buying a whole lot from XBLA cause I know the gen's days are numbered. Not sure what's going to happen to all this stuff when the next console comes out. Steam is a little more future proofed. (Though I will be buying The Cave on 360, just for some local coop! :D)

        You mean you're not excited to play amazing games like jetpack joyride and angry birds on your TV?


        ... Good, because I'm not either. There's a time & place for mobile games and that time and place has very little overlap with console gaming.

        Steambox won't be the Master Race miracle that people think as well.

      Everyone will go mental when the next consoles are announced. Self entitled master race peoples will cry out in protest because everyone's abandoning them and their unnecessary elitist ways, but noone will really care because they are excited. Calling it.

      Oh and yeah, people will care less about ouya and whatnot. Need for something new will be met in xbox/ps.

      Last edited 19/01/13 10:26 am

        As a Master Race Enthusiast, I am ready to get ridiculously excited for next gen consoles.

        This stuff is exciting! I love technology!

          I like gaming in general. I prefer PC, but as long as it plays well I don't care what platform it's on!

            ...and as long as you own it :D

            No one likes spending new money on hardware to play the bestest new games!

              That's true, I've been so used to having the 360/PS3/Wii that it's going to be horrible having to decide which one to buy first next gen. :S

              Last edited 19/01/13 10:48 am

                I had that problem too but now I own everything current :/

                  PS3 has had the best exclusives this generation for me atleast, might seal the deal for the PS4. (Which is odd, at the start of this generation I well and truly preferred the Xbox. :S)

                  Same for me :)

                  I think it goes Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft in terms of best exclusives and first party titles (you could probably swap around Sony and Nintendo for first party though). I only preferred the Xbox at the start of the generation because it was all that was out for a while and most multiplatform games were better for it, games were also $10 cheaper compared to PS3 (I actually forgot about this!)


                The first one to have a must-play game gets my first $. But I will own them all. That's what I do. :P

                  Haha! Me too! They will be mine, damn it!

                  (Doesn't apply to handhelds, though. Never had one of them before.)

          I'm not even interested in the gaming side of the next xbox.* I'm more interested in it because it'll be the culmination of Microsoft's '3 screens and the cloud' strategy. I want to see how it integrates with Windows and Windows Phone. :P

          *Wait, that's not entirely true. I'm excited about what sort of cross platform multiplayer stuff it has. :P

          Last edited 19/01/13 10:39 am

    ParaNommin' Meat -- BRISBANE -- JANUARY 19th:
    Meet outside the South Bank Cineplex at 5:30 pm. Buy tickets at the box office first as a group, then get something to eat before the 7:05pm session of ParaNorman. Here are the ticket prices and all that!
    If any one needs my mobile number, DM me on Twitter. (@danfortheages)
    @trjn, @sernobulus, @freezespreston, @beardymcmuttonchops, @jimu, @strange, @dkzeitgeist, @welbot, @virus__, @lambomann007. (I know you all can't make it, tagged you just in case things change!)
    Wives/Husbands/Girlfriends/etc are all welcome!

    Last edited 19/01/13 10:23 am

      I seem to have lost my phone number, may I borrow yours?


        Ugh, Identity Theftius.

          I thought to myself "Nob would be proud you included the Ugh" and who's the first to upvote it? :P

            I've got to admit, it was the perfect reply!

      wish I could come. Sounds like it'll be pretty decent. I shall probably use the fumes I have left in my car to drive to my parents for a swim later. Think mum's gonna buy me some fish and chips! Free foood!!!!!!

    In the spirit of turn-based games and so on, is anyone interested in doing a Blood Bowl tournament?

      I have no idea what that game is, or what it's on!

        It's a turn-based PC game from the Warhammer universe. It's basically violent Gridiron. You buy your team, they earn experience over the series etc.

        TotalBiscuit did a basics video recently!

        And you don't have to wait days at a time for your turn ;)

      i have bloodbowl and it was quite fun even though i had no idea what i was doing!

      i'd be in

      Are we talking PC version or breaking out the minis?

      Based on the above I see that it is PC. I have both the dark elves and the legen.......dary edition

      Last edited 19/01/13 4:13 pm

        I'd love to break out the mini's but I'm more keen to, as far as minis gp, get back into Necromunda. If you're interested... and @chuloopa is interested... that's kind of enough to start some games!

        Also, yay on people interested in playing this \o/

          Yeah mate - i'm totally keen on playing.
          I have the legendary edition also.

    Oh wow.. The producer of the YouTube show FPS Russia was killed execution style last week. What the fuck.

    Reading the Kotaku article about it does make you question what kind of activities he might've been involved in considering he had a federal license to import exotic weapons modify and then sell them..

    i cracked under the immense pressure caused by no one and pre-ordered the limited edition of revengeance... THAT FIGURE LOOKED TOO COOL ARGH

      I wanted to get the limited edition of Tomb Raider for the figure but the action figure hinge joints was a huge buzz kill for me.

        Oh, man. Can't wait for the new Tomb Raider!

          Yeah but why does the figure have hinge joints =(

          Edit: Obviously @NegativeZero you feel my pain! figures shouldn't have noticeable adjustable joints!

          Last edited 19/01/13 12:11 pm

            Yeah the figure looks retarded anyway, regardless of joints (which yes are a major buzz kill). But dat lithograph, mighty purdy.

            Edit: Wait, what stuff are we getting in Aus? I did another search, seems some come up with the lithograph, others come with an art book... what do weee geeeet!?

            Last edited 19/01/13 12:18 pm

              I decided to go with the JB HiFi steelbook.

                This one?

                Has the art book! Niiiiice. Bet the art book would be tres purdy.


                  No look below at the std edition preorder bonus.

                  I know, what can I say? I'm a huge sucker for steelbooks, art books are good for a flick through but steelbooks are shelf eye candy!!

                  Dat's cool. Yeah, it does happen with art books. I have to say thogh, not really a fan of steelbooks. Bought a couple of DVD's in these when they first started coming out, they are more like eyesores in my collection :/

                  I agree, Prometheus came in this weird steel box. Have it off to the side somewhere, hidden.

                Well, I'm just getting the regular edition cause that's just how I roll. (Also? I'm poor. :P)

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