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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    Pre-meat jitters! Hello, ol' friend!

      HI jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi- hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi- hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi- hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi- hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi- hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi jitters, hi-

    Has anyone been into JB Hifi and seen that annoying Epic Mickey 2 promotional poster? it goes something along the lines off 'Free Mickey Mouse figure with every purchase of Epic Mickey 2, 10 to collect!'

    I wonder if they realize that the incentive actually encourages you to not buy it because only having 1 of 10 will surely drive you mad.

      Game didn't seem all that good either. :S

      Wait, they're trying to get you to buy (at least) 10 copies of the game???
      I don't even...

        I should go down and take a picture of it and post of on reddit or something, it's incredibly stupid.

    America introduces strict gun control laws. NRA members incite a rebellion against the government and go underground, starting a new Civil War. America starts to tear itself apart internally. China and Russia see an opportunity and use it, striking and collapsing the country, dramatically shifting the balance of power in the world. A new Cold War sparks off between Russia and China. Without the threat of US involvement, Islamic extremism expands significantly.

    What happens next? Give your theories below.

    (Work is EXTREMELY quiet. I've got too much time to think.)

      And then all of a sudden...
      ZOMBIES! :P
      A biological cold war between Russia and China eventually causes a horrible plague that turns the majority of earth's habitants into mindless zombies. Biological warfare > nuclear, because if you nuke a place, it becomes unusable (I think). However, release a virus/bacteria and you're safe to live there if you have the antidote.

      Last edited 19/01/13 1:26 pm

      What was that term the gun lobbyist on the UK talk show threw around? Democide, yeah that's it. That's what they need their guns for, apparently

        That Rummel guy is making my brain hurt. The definition of it is this except when its not because sometimes it isn't when it is except when I change my mind and what isn't is.

        Last edited 19/01/13 1:42 pm

          Just keep making sentences so long that you lose people, now you are a scholar.

      Spurred by the overseas conflict, Australia splinters into two groups. The East supports the remnants of the US, with outward support shown to Russia. The West sides with China, for the obvious economic benefits. While support for a wall dividing the two halves of Australia is brought up(dubbed the Rabbit-Proof fence both as a reference to the old fences of Aus, and as a reference to a particular group of East-Side rebels, who wished to side with the West, who would never accept them due to their extreme methods), but from a practical standpoint it's too difficult to build and maintain, so the idea is scrapped.

      Meanwhile, China and Russia get into a series of proxy wars throughout Europe and Asia, culminating when a Nuclear Warhead is launched at Berlin by the Russians, to drive off a relatively small Chinese force. China takes the opportunity provided by the backlash to invade and destroy Japan, with the pretence of using it as a launching pad into Russia.

      More at 6.

      What happens next? You have to wait for the Call of Duty game set after that one to see.

    Harvey Norman seems to be having this online sale, it is one of the worst I've ever seen Wii Sports Resort $93? Epic Yarn $93? All 3DS games for $65?

    No wonder I can always find rare games in Harvey Norman, it's because they are just like Toys R Us and never reduce their prices.

    Last edited 19/01/13 1:27 pm

      What happened to the competitive Harvey Norman sales from a while back? :P I remember seeing some actual good deals from them. Ah well. I never go there anyway.

        Back in Powalen's day...

          He had to make his own games with nothing but some broken concrete and the bloody stumps where his hands used to be.

    Wooaaahhh. A 207km/h serve by Serena. Insane in the membrane! /Sportsball

    So, uh, how is everyone? I can't think of anything gaming related to talk about.

      Apparently the fastest recorded Mens and Womens tennis serves are both held by Australians. Fun Fact!

      Oops, Sportsball again.

        I just started imagining what a qwop tennis game would be like...

    New Archer was awesome! Certain people will like it more though.

      D.C., do you watch Archer? :)

        Haven't watched much, but from what I've seen it's pretty funny. Also Lucille from Arrested Development!

          You haven't even seen all the eps! Gogogogo (just download them!)

            I've seen half an episode to be precise!

              I was talking about Arrested Development :P!

              But go watch both! And Bob's Burgers!

                Haha! I'm certain I've seen atleast 90% of Arrested Development. First two in entirety, third out of order. I watched during its first run on Seven when it was all screwy and late nighty.

                  I saw random eps on Comedy channel when it was all out of order and thought it was terrible. Then I watched it from the start and in order and it was amazing!

                  Some shows just don't work out of order, ya know?

      Yeah, new Archer really was great

    @greenius should watch Frisky Dingo.

      I'm pretty sure you told me that before as I found it on my computer recently after forgetting about it. Still haven't seen it yet though :P

      When's Venture Bros. coming back? I swear they were back when they had the Halloween episode but I guess not... :/

    Welp, if my boss says he can't cover my shift tomorrow then it's quitting time! Asked everybody else and they've all said no.

    Damn the ramifications to hell!

      Won't you ruin any chance of references if you don't leave amicably

        Think he's already got a new job lined up. Hope it all goes well, man!

        Yes, I already have a new job that I start in two weeks or so. So I'm not fussed about any backlash.

        Also, it just makes me sad that people are so selfish. If someone told me that their father, who they see once every two years (at best) is visiting for ONE DAY, I would reschedule my plan of going to the movies to cover for them.

      He told me he couldn't cover the shift. Right as I was about to say "well, you might want to know that you'll need to cover it anyway" he told me there was an error on the roster and I have one more person I can ask.



          Got to wait until night shift guy comes on. Get the feeling that calling to wake him and ask for a favour would be a bad call ;P

            God, so selfish. What about all us poor TAYbies you left hanging until the next instalment!?

            Good luck with it man!

    I had this definite plan to get Ni No Kuni sometime after March but all these reviews are wearing down my persistence.

    Why do I have such weak sales resistance?

      To be fair, it actually looks all kinds of awesome. This is from a guy who's not into JRPGs and hasn't seen any Studio Ghibli movies!

      Last edited 19/01/13 4:36 pm

        Japanese stuff isn't for everyone so I can definitely understand your distaste, however Ni No Kuni does seem awesome as stated.

    Roachless in the FF article is doing my head in. He's seriously trying to argue that the older Final Fantasy's (Fantasies?) are no more open world than XIII is.

      He contradicts himself in every post!
      "FF X is a corridor."
      "FF XIII is more of a corridor though."
      Yes, and that's why it's less of an open world game that X! Every single RPG in history makes you go from point A to point B to progress! The difference between every other FF game and XIII is what's between those two points.

      Technically that's true from a pure plot advancement standpoint. XIII stripped all the rest of the veneer of choice away and let you see the bare skeleton underneath.

    I love the installation of MS Office 2013.

    "You can use Office now."

    "We're wrapping things up - please stay online as we make some finishing touches."

    *Proceeds to download over 1gb*

      I'm pretty sure it streams the programs, that's how you can use it without that 1gb downloaded. It's called Office on Demand I've no idea how it works though. Must be magic. :P

        Streaming a word processor sounds really weird to me :P

        The new Office is actually really nice. I think my favourite thing is that the cursor moves smoothly when you type. It's only a small change, but it's a really nice touch.

          Yeah, moving between cells is smooth in excel too. Probably my favourite feature in the new office xD

    Going to pace and mutter about the city to psych myself up for this meat. Haha. Text me if you need me, otherwise I'll see you folks around 5:30!

      You should get a smart phone so I can random Twitter DM you when you leave the house ;D

        Sorry, I was a bit slow with that. :P

          One of the rare cases where this can apply :P. Although I hear Samsungs are pretty cool guy

            If you had to choose between a nokia and a Samsung, I think I know which one you'd pick :P
            Exhibit A: Samsung Galaxy SIII

              Exhibit B: Nokia

                Yup, I'd pick the Samsung!

                Isn't the 620 a lower end model anyway? Besides people get cases so colour is mostly irrelevant :P

                  WORST GREENIUS. :P
                  Yep, the 620 is the low end model. I wouldn't (seriously) recommend to it to anyone I like :P

                  I used to rock an all-green GUI on my SIII \o/

                  @lambomann007 I actually had a green case, yes. But when it broke I just went without for a while.

                  Last edited 19/01/13 7:07 pm

    @greenius. PO. Now. Please?

      Piss off?


      ...what did I do to you?!

        Pokemon Online. Sillius


          You made me go full @dc and worry that I did something wrong!

          Because of that I will not Pokemon Online!

          >:( HMPF

            ... Ok :(
            Of course, given that I'm in awesome form, if you wanted to truly claim you title of Pokemon Online Lord and Master, now would be the time to do it... Just saying :P

            Last edited 19/01/13 5:24 pm

              It's only fun when there's lots of people who get to watch me dominate. ;)

              @powalen @cj @mawt

              Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I uninstalled it a while ago :P

              Last edited 19/01/13 5:37 pm

    I have news.

      Can you reveal said news?

        tbg n orq orvat qryvirerq fbba! Fb unccl!

          You had a stroke?! Oh my god.

          I can't remember what I use to decipher this

            You didn't see anything... :P

            Last edited 19/01/13 5:32 pm

              Url, V'z hfvat vg orpnhfr v qba'g jnag zl nhag gb xabj nf fur fgnyxf GNL. erzbir gur yvax naq nal zragvbaf bs ebg13 cyrnfr

              Sorry about the hassle

            rot13, havn't seen it awhile since the Kotaku changes.

    So, I was playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, and I decided to chuck on one of the provided streams from EKR Rock Radio, and the DJ gave a shout out to people playing Euro Truck Simulator 2!
    It was seriously amazeballs! \o/

    EDIT: And now they're playing Red Barchetta by Rush.
    Could this get any more awesome?! :D

    Last edited 19/01/13 7:38 pm

    I will eat your soul. Also got my hair cut, aerodynamic as fuck now

      Needs more speed holes.

        Does the two in my ear count? Even though I have a bar in said holes..

          It's a @benj hat!

            I have one just like it! The aerodynamics are incredible. When I'm out and about and the wind gushes through the holes, sending the smell of cheddar through the windows of every home, that's when everybody knows that cheese boy is in the hood.

            Last edited 19/01/13 8:41 pm

              Aww I was hoping it was Swiss or Jarlsberg cheese!


    Can you please explain this ExtraMission thing for me?

    Sometimes when talking to people I received some mission things but I don't really understand it. I saw a video about how to farm Red Shards and he had some sort of passive ability that made it more likely for him to find shards. I pretty much never have Wi-Fi on or the C-Gear (or whatever it's called) so I'm not sure how it works but I turned it on trying to find it and teleported to some weird place and it only had one Berry mission but none of the other ones I'm pretty sure I found while talking to people...



    Last edited 19/01/13 7:42 pm

      I tried a few of them. But yeah you turn on the C-Gear and teleport to the Entranet (I think) and select a mission. THey all have times limits and specific goals, by completeing them you earn points... that I'm pretty sure do absolutely nothing. Except you can brag about how many points you have. If you're doing the Shard hunting quest, it does raise the chance of finding a shard a bit, but not enough to make it useful. If I was after shards, I would just stock up on Repels and ride around the nearest cave hoping for dust clouds to show up. And then proceed to rage every time a Drilbur appeared

        But when I teleported to that place I only had one mission and I recall seeing messages that said something like "received ________ mission". Maybe I have to do that one first before I get to see the others? Who knows... :/

        Last edited 19/01/13 8:13 pm

          Yeah you have to do a few first.

            Boooooo! I don't like the C-Gear cause it feels like I'm missing out on stuff. What do HG/SS have again? I know Gen 4 had that Poke thing that had a bunch of weird apps. That was kinda useless but cool :P

    DmC. Holy shit.

    This game is awesome.

    For all the people with their panties in a wad over the new Dante, seriously - pull your head out.

    This game is awesome.

      But he's smoking. D= i really hate that =(
      I have to try the demo still.

        So you hate smokers?

        Poor smoking TAYbies :'(

          I wish I was dead ;(
          Thanks to the joys of cigars, that may be a much closer reality than ever before!

            I thought I was going to be dead the first time I smoked a cigar. Nobody told me you don't inhale :l

            (PS I don't normally smoke)

            Last edited 19/01/13 8:40 pm

          I really dislike the absolute disdain people hold for smokers.
          That said, if you smoke and *don't* use mints/deodorant etc. whilst in public, it's pretty damned rude.

          A little love from both sides would go a long way.

            THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR YOU! And your smoke machine! MONSTER!
            Man, I wish I could self upvote :P

            Last edited 19/01/13 8:34 pm

              I didn't care for it, but gave you one on your behalf. You're welcome.

            I don't mind as long as I can't smell it or breathe it in.

          I think it's more that she hates fictional characters (protagonists) that smoke, because it kinda promotes smoking?

            lambo, you should know better then to apply logic here

              Lambo, I knew you and logic could put your differences aside and work together for the common good. Its good to see the 2 of you finally getting past all that misunderstanding. Good on you, man. So Damn Proud


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