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    @dc @shane @others!

    Walking Dead ep 5

    Wow. Depressing stuff. Here's a basic rundown of what choices I made.
    Cut Lee's arm off. Didn't even think it was an option, thought the group would force it anyway so I was a man about it. I lost my temper with Kenny apparently, I played the first half of the ep a week ago and was sent away for work. (Was this in relation to Ben?)
    Told Otis and Christa that I wanted Kenny to look after Clem, but after Ken sacrificed himself I said they'd make great parents to her. When I ran into the stranger, I did my best to be civil, giving up my weapons. Then had Clem hit him with a bottle, and after a brief struggle, she shot him. When I passed out after seeing Clem's parents, I thought that was the end for me. Got all depressed saying goodbye to her, but told her not to put me down. It was probably a life lesson she should've learnt by practising on me, but I couldn't put her through it. Kinda disappointed they didn't show Clem after Lee dies OH GOD WHO ARE THOSE TWO PEOPLE I HOPE THEY'RE FRIENDLY LIKE OMID AND CHRISTA NOT WALKERS OR BANDITS!

      Wow, you pretty much did everything the opposite to me. I kept my arm, told Omid and Christa to take Clem and told her to shoot me. I got angry at Kenny too, I think it was because he wanted to talk about what to do if I took a turn for the worst. After his constant denial when it came to Duck, the least he could have done was let me have my own denial attack. And I completely agree with you on the post credits stuff. That poor girl has been through enough already. For gods sake Telltale, give her a friendly face or two at the end... Please

        Or don't show anyone. This really is the best option! Most people I've talked to (so, TAYbies :P) are curious to know who it is and what happens to Clem but Telltale need to mother fuggin have Season 2 star a new cast or else they're going to risk milking the series dry and making people sad :'(

          I think (hope) that Telltale is smart enough to realise that. I'm sure they will weave the characters from Season 1 into Season 2 for the sake of the world and the connection we've already built with them. But I absolutely, positively, 100% DO. NOT. WANT to be playing as Clementine in Season 2. Which considering that you spent the last 10 mins of your life basically teaching her how to play the game, is a little worrying. I just don't think playing as Clem, even if she were to be older, would have the same impact. But if we end up in the same situation of having to protect her again, I worry that the impact will again be lessened

            Yeah, it's going to lose something special if they do that and I really, really hope they don't go that way...

              The way I read it, the whole point of Season 1 was to allow Clem to live. Despite the loss of basically everyone she's ever cared for, her parents and Lee are dead or walkers, everyone that was part of the group is the same, bar Lilly (disappeared), Christa and Omid (not with her). I feel like season 2 will be about giving her something to live for. Maybe it'll start with the 2 figures on the horizon being bandits or walkers, and Clem leading them back to the train where she inadvertantly causes Omid and Christa to be killed. Wouldn't that be a slap in the face for the opening scene. Cut ahead a few years, to a different group of survivors who we get to know for a few hours before they meet Clem. And then..... Someone else can take it from there. I've got no idea where I'm going from then on

              Last edited 19/01/13 9:51 pm

                Proper Walking Dead Game Spoilers!
                I don't think there's a good way they could reintroduce Clem to a new set of people. The whole of the first season was to grow a relationship with Clem (Lee AND the player at the same time). Bringing her back into a new group means the player already knows Clem, but the characters don't so you've got to go through the same introductions and such again.

                BUT, I'm not a game designer or writer so I have no idea what I'm talking about :P Personally I would prefer to play as Clem than to have her introduced into a new group where she holds the same role as before.

                  Hmm, you make a good point about us already knowing her... But I definitely don't want to see her in the same role as Season 1. I guess thats why I think it'll jump ahead in time a bit. So she's not the same scared little girl anymore, but someone a bit more capable

      Losing temper with Kenny is based on what you say to him in the attic when he wants to talk about what happens "if Lee takes another spill" - I kept my cool with him, because it is kind of an important discussion. Otherwise, I mostly did what you did, except I didn't give up my weapons to the stranger.

        Shane!! You're a writer, expand on my idea up there

        Last edited 19/01/13 10:01 pm

          Honestly, I hope we never see any of the season one characters ever again. Ever. Too much ruination.

          Except maybe Lilly.

            She could work! Maybe other 'runaway' characters like Molly or Vernon (is that his name?). I'd also say Glen but we've seen him in the TV series so there's no point. Actually I'd rather they just didn't have them at all :/. Maybe subtly hint at their actions? UGH, I DUNNO!

              It'd be kinda cool (and a bit sad :P) to encounter one of the runaway characters as a walker at one point and not focus on it. Kinda like when you briefly see a Brie walker in Episode 5.

                A Brie walker?


                  She invades the mansion in the last chapter and gets her head split open. Didn't notice until Mrs Shane's playthrough. Makes a case for zombies tracking prey because she died in Crawford.

                  @powalen @shane

                  Oh yes, I remember now! I noticed that too. Nice touch I guess. Same with Molly's past, there's enough little things in there to speculate about it without giving too much away.


                  It's been a while since I played the game but you can see her really beating up that doctor walker. First you think nothing of it but later on you discover that he's the doctor in the videos and if I recall she didn't want you seeing the video. She risked her life and ran off to find a photo who I think is of her sister (who might've been in the video, or related to the doctor). Sorry... can't remember much but there were definitely some little things in there :P!/s>

                  @greenius, @novacascade. @WhoeverElse

                  This one has, I guess, further spoilers for TWD? I don't know how to explain it...

                  There's an extra tape that you can watch, which isn't part of themain group, and basically, Molly is having sex with the doctor so that he'll provide medicine for her younger sister, who's diabetic. He stops providing it, as Oberson starts taking an inventory of the medicine, so her sister is discovered, taken away, and presumably killed.


                  Whoa what!? Where is this video? I thought I saw at least 2 tapes and that wasn't in any of them
                  EDIT: Just saw it on YouTube. Huh... I thought I had explored everything but I never came across that tape.

                  Last edited 20/01/13 1:23 am

          Also, I don't know how comfortable they'll be jumping ahead in time. The timeline of the existing Walking Dead canon is only a handful of years, I believe. Doubt they'll want the game to shoot ahead of the comic.

        So I'm not a monster anymore?
        I was really starting to worry the more pale Lee got, until that final scene, where he's almost as white as I am!

          Why were you a monster in the first place? Did you drop Ben?

            I don't remember. I just vaguely recall @shane here calling me one at some point!

              Nomad is Mrs Shane!

              oops, spoilers :P

              Last edited 19/01/13 10:16 pm

                Er... ah what the hell. Okay.

                  You called Mrs Shane a monster (several times)
                  Nomad remembers you calling him(?) a monster
                  Therefore LOGIC \o/ says that Nomad must be Mrs Shane

                Boy I hope not. No offense @shane, but it'd be quite the shock to find out that I'm I've lived my whole life thinking I was a man! Also there's the wedding I don't recall!

          Depends what you answered when the Stranger asked you "Do I look like a monster to you?" Yes, No or We All Do? I said we all do. After he had laid out everything that I'd done through the course of the game, how could you possibly deny it? I felt terrible

            Yeah I said we all do. The only appropriate response I thought, that or silence, and I never chose the silence option.

              there were a few times when I wanted to stay silent, usually when Kenny and Lilly were at each others throats. But I guess I'm just too chatty for my own good. I wonder how the game would play if you took the silent option at every possible point? I know theres some places where you have to say something. But at all the other times... Could be interesting.

                There's three main decisions where I remained silent. The first one was on accident and was when Herschel(?) asked about me and I didn't know which choice to pick so I spent too long deciding and the timer ran out :P. That counted as a lie.
                The second was when Lee got bit. I didn't know what to do but I'm glad it defaulted to him showing everyone (the decision I was leaning towards anyway)
                And probably the hardest and last decision of the game. I seriously could not choose any option but I'm glad Clem didn't have to shoot me. Saturday was saying that this choice depends on your actions in the game but I'm not entirely sure if that's true or not. Maybe some of the other choices are like this too if you choose to remain silent.

      Also: I hate replying here because it always takes me back to page 22 :P

      DAMNIT @dc!

      DDC (I'm shortening that shit)

    Spoiler page, go!

      But i have no spoilers to share

      I keep playing with my Zippos now! D:

        Do you smoke or just collect Zippos? I can't see you as a smoker

          I'm a huge pothead

          Not really...

          I don't know, I just felt like buying some a few years ago so I did :P

        I must own this green one... Hhrrrrnngggghhhhh so greeen, must resist temptation...

        Last edited 19/01/13 10:04 pm

          Geeeet iiiiiiit

            NO U! Already closed the tab. I WILL RESIST (I also don't have an eBay account and guess what? I'm too lazy to make one)

      I said something nice to someone today whilst my mind was shouting mean things (and probably my tone.)

        I can't imagine you ever being mean Gorzy.

          It's been known to happen from time to time. Usually takes a lot of time with someone getting on my nerves though.

    One of the special stickers in Paper Mario Sticker Star turns the game into an FPS briefly. Pretty cool, actually.

    EDIT: Breaking the spoiler tag page because the first comment has legitimate spoilers that people might not want to stumble on :P

    Last edited 19/01/13 9:46 pm

      Party Poopalen? :P

      Nah, good point though but the first comment did specify what the spoiler was about.

      So how's Mario? Still disappointing? :(

        Disappointing in that it could have been so much better, but not a bad game. I'm actually enjoying it at the moment (I got stuck for a while before which caused me to get super negative :P).

        There are glimpses of classic Paper Mario scenarios, but not as much as there should've been.

        My main problem with the game is that without an RPG system the game is essentially broken. There is absolutely zero point to 'wild' battles. You collect stickers to use as attacks, Wild battles force you to use these attacks, and you get nothing for winning the battles (other than having less stickers to use against bosses :P). Even then, Bosses are super difficult if you don't use special stickers, which are completely independent to the normal stickers you pick up around the world. /rant

        But yeah, other than that it's a fairly good game. I just avoid all wild battles whenever possible now :P

          Yeah I heard the battles not having a point being one of the major cons of the game which is a tad disappointing :(

        HOLD IT

        One thing that impressed me waaayy more than it should have was: You know how you can get those holographic/shiny stickers, cards, etc? That have a pattern that shines when you tilt it in the light? You can get shiny, more powerful stickers in this game and when they're displayed in your sticker album (bottom screen) they shine as you tilt your 3DS like a real sticker.

        It's actually a really cool, smooth effect that I constantly look at for no reason other than it looks great :P

          Believe it or not, now I actually kinda want it now just to see what that looks like! :/

            Not a great video, but you get the idea. Watch it in HD to make out the details. (There's a better video showing the same thing, but this one lets you hear the cool music as well :P)

            Just saved you $60.

            Last edited 19/01/13 11:02 pm

    @dc, you're not around and I have Freaks and Geeks to discuss. Just saw "Boyfriends and Girlfriends"

    Oh man, the awkward in this one. Off the charts. So damn hard to watch. It's like voluntarily signing up to relive the worst moments of your adolescence... even though I never had any moments like those :P

    Why? Why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Doesn't feel like catharsis... more like brand new fresh trauma. :P

    Damn good episode though, and so so funny.

    Last edited 19/01/13 10:14 pm

      Worst hermit ever. We can talk tomorrow.

      Awesome show, can't remember specifics of episode. Freaks & Geeks good! :D

    So, Paranorman is a pretty cool guy!

      Planning on seeing it tomorrow

        The ending is, that it was all a dream ... and the dog did it!

          Ugh, Trollulus

            I'm so proud :')

              Awesome seeing you, man.

              Forgot to the say every time Norman's sister said Ugh, I thought of you and @greenius. :P

    So I finally got around to doing the B run of Nier. Oh my god they take the sadness and multiply it by 10 :( It turns out this game can be really short when you have no sidequests or anything else to do!

    There's something about seeing mum and son shades and watching while the son hears his mum get killed that makes you feel really bad. I guess if you just played through it once you'd have no idea that the shades actually have emotions, that they're sacrificing themselves to protect their kids. And that you're still forced to kill them all.

    I'm really glad I decided to do this play through. It changes your whole view on what's actually happening, and who the enemy really is.

    I wish more people gave Nier a chance. It deserves so much more respect than it gets. It's one of the best games SE have ever published in my opinion.

      B Run? Is that like New Game Plus or something?

        There's 2 parts to the game. You only do the first part once, but when you finish the game you can do a B run of the second part that expands on the story. Then when you finish that you get the choice to do either the C or D run. I'm not quite sure what they add to the story. If you choose the D run, once you finish it the save will be deleted, so if you do the C run and then the D run you'll see 4 different endings.

        I'm pretty sure that's how it works anyway.

          Sounds cool confusing!

          I'll play it one day!

      If I had an Xbox or PS3, this would be the first game I picked up :(

        You can find used Xbox's fairly cheap these days. Honestly, if I didn't have one I'd get one just for Nier.

          I would, but I'm pretty sure the tv in my house doesn't actually work. Its the same reason Greenius keeps having to yell at me to finish Xenoblade

            Would you like a free, terrible, old, CRT display?

            All you have to do is swing by Canberra and pick it up! :P

          Trouble is that Nier itself is hard to find now :(



      Wait, so this whole time you've loved Nier and never finished it a second time?


      I watched the endings for the 3rd and 4th playthrough on YouTube and I can't remember the exact requirements for them but I think one of them involved getting all the weapons and well... I'm lazy :P...

      I don't think they were as good as the ending for the second but I definitely 100% recommend everyone who finishes the game to at least play through it again as there's quite a few changes other than just a new ending. That "B run" made me love the game a whole lot more :D

        If you do the 2nd playthrough, you must at least do a third. Otherwise what's the point of it all?

          But if you're burnt out of the game (like Mr. Ben J!) then when it comes down to it there's no real incentive since the playthrough is exactly the same and only the endings are different (and no one likes losing their saves!).

          Last edited 20/01/13 1:15 am

        I did literally everything else in the game (sidequests, collecting weapons, fishing and stuff) and got a bit burnt out after finishing it :P I should be able to get through the rest of the endings in the next couple of days.

      I can never upvote anyone again, because I've given you ALL the upvotes for this.
      <3 Nier. <3 its New Game+
      Only game I've ever played and then immediately played again. Times three. Incredible game.

        Hey... you got angry when I mentioned its new game plus once because you considered it a spoiler! (IT'S NOT!) >:P

          IT IS! But everyone's mentioned it already so I can't get angry anymore. It's totally a spoiler. Just like Haytham is a spoiler for ACIII. But everyone talks about that freely, too. Not to mention all the Walking Dead game stuff I've seen that people put to go along with their other spoilers. I know too much. :(

            :( Oh man, sorry to hear about The Walking Dead stuff. For what it's worth, I knew a pretty significant spoiler and it didn't ruin it, so still worth playing. :)

            What Walking Dead stuff are you referring too?

            AC3 SPOILERS:
            Not sure about other places but I've only ever seen Haytham mentioned here once. And just the name, not who he is or that he's even playable. I only played AC3 in late November and I thought everyone was annoyed with the game's intro because it involved what I assumed was a young Connor and his childhood, not playing some English fella.

              I'm talking about the stuff people put around their spoiler-tagged stuff. For some reason people will put some stuff in tags but then talk around it in ways that make you know the gist of what was inside the spoilertags.

                I always feel rude having a post entirely of spoiler space and try to put some banter before or after. Hope I haven't contributed in any way. :S Will keep that in mind next time!

    ParaNorman was awesome. Trjn? Awesome. Freeze? Awesome. Mrs. Freeze? Awesome. Nobulus? Awesome. Sorry for the nervous ramblings, especially Trjn! :D

    Last edited 19/01/13 11:50 pm

      I get the subtle feeling that there was awesome involved.

      Last edited 19/01/13 11:49 pm

        Also these little kids on the train were mooning people on the platform. Haha!

        That was disturbing for all involved, especially the platform people.

        Last edited 19/01/13 11:54 pm

    Late Night meat write up because I was bored and it's late and I couldn't think of an interesting title ... now in point form

    - I arrived late
    - @trjn had already bought my tickets for me (nice guy)
    - We all had no idea where to eat because no-one really goes to South Bank regularly.
    - Me and @dc shared a similar uncomfortableness of eating at real restaurants because we don't dress fancily
    - We narrow our choices down to 2, Chinese or Burgers
    - Luckily @dc took charge and firmly said "Lets get burgers" (Such an awesome meat planner!)
    - I got a burger called the "finger stainer" yet my fingers were not stained (Ripped off)
    - We ordered chips and onion rings but they never made them for us =/
    - @dc said he hats eggs (troubled young man)
    - We partook in normal dinner conversations which involved what a high quality hotdog is made of and @sughly's bodily functions when he got sick during the #leavingfreezebehindtour
    - We killed a bit of time at the arcade in the cinema lobby
    - Me and @trjn played 2 rounds of air hockey, 1 to 1.
    - Freeze and Mrs Freeze played some shooting game in which you apparently shoot at people in a hallway of people that don't shoot back ... O.O
    - I made a comment about playing the Jurassic Part game there and making @Powalen proud ... I don't think anyone heard it though.
    - I got a rainbow Slurpee thingie to drink during the movie. \o/ \o/ \o/ (Ride the rainbow)
    - We watched ParaNorman, which was a great movie!
    - After the movie we stood outside and talked about the people that voiced the characters in the movie (which I have no idea about)

    The End ... ? ... ! ... ? ...!

      I heard the Jurassic Park thing and was constructing something witty to respond with. The moment passed. :P I got an American in Noosa Burger. Name made no sense, but it was tasty. What is this Soylent Green stuff? Trjn unfortunately was the first person to meet up with me and got the brunt of my nervous, increasingly bizarre, must fill all silent moments with ramblings. :P He didn't seem to mind or atleast was all kinds of polite! :D

      Nyfb, V ubcr lbh thlf qba'g guvax V'z n wrex be nal guvat. Gur genva evqr ubzr V ortna fgerffvat nobhg guvatf V zvtug'ir fnvq jebat naq guvatf gung pbhyq or zvfvagrecergrq nf wrexl. Ubcr gung jnfa'g gur pnfr, ohg vs vg jnf V'z fbeel. :'(

      Last edited 20/01/13 12:18 am

        Given it's you I'm not sure if your Soylent Green comment is serious, or in jest.

        Soylent Green is people.

        Oh, and D.C., having talked to people about you(as we Kotakuians love to have little bitch sessions when we're in groups(which always makes me super nervous about what people say about me)), everyone was all "Man, Deece is such a cool, normal guy." So stop fretting, ya idgit.

          Aw, man. That's kind of you to say! :')

          (Also, I totally knew what Soylent Green is! Something something eating American tourist something... DC. Constructs. Jokes. :P)

          Last edited 20/01/13 12:28 am

            Ahh, right.

            Blaghsy. Gets. Jokes.

              Haha! I haven't actually seen the movie, though. So you were right to be cautious! :D

              You'e awesome, Blaghs!

            Noooo, its not tourists!! Ergh, @dc, do you watch anything!? >:(


              Last edited 20/01/13 9:30 am

                Dammit dc! Whatd you say?

                  He's said before that he feels inadequate when people point out he hasn't watched things so I'm going to guess he was bringing that up again? D.C. we're just joking around! There's a bajillion films out there and it's impossible for everyone to see everything! Also Sughly is a jerk! :P (nah he's alright) SURVIVORBRO

                  Hahaha! Ah dc, don't worry about it, I'm just messing with you. I actually only watched it for the first time last year, had put it off for years since I already knew the twist. And while I give you a hard time, there's plenty of films I should have seen by now too. Just jokes, all in good fun.

                  Of course I could be wrong and it was something else but who knows! (D.C. knows)

        Mrs Freeze is threatening to smack the bejesus out if you don't stop and that there's nothing wrong with you.

          Haha! Mrs. Freeze is awesome, man. So damn kind! :)


        ...for not liking eggs! (and the usual stuff doofus :P)

        Last edited 20/01/13 12:53 am

          She could do some damage! She's tough!

        Surprised you didn't reflexively say "NOPE :P"

      Is that the Jurassic Park game where you shoot all the dinosaurs? Because I don't like that game :P You'd make me more proud by not playing it!

        Powalen not liking dinosaurs/Jurassic Park?! Waaaahhhhhh????

      I liked the part about the slurpee.

    Aw... what a cute kitty...

    83 for me! :P

    Keep in mind it asks you to register at the end to see your result. You can literally enter any email (eg. asndjlnsdals (at) poo (dot) com ) and any old password to instantly see your result. Easy peasy!

    Somewhat long though but good if you have a couple of minutes of derping around to spare :P

    Last edited 20/01/13 1:08 am

      I got 81. I also used a poo(dot)com address. I wonder if there's somebody looking at email addresses wondering why people are all of a sudden using poo(dot)com!

      I should have died 2 years ago apparently.

      79. I was expecting it to be a lot worse based on some of the questions. Especially the exercise ones, I'm the worst at exercise. Although I am walking to work now, but thats only 10-15mins each way.

        Better than the nothing I do!

        I think that's my worse area but I'm healthy enough (I hope)

          So you do less exercise than me, but you're still going to live 4 years longer (in theory)? How is that fair?

            Well I put "I don't know" for all those blood pressure etc. questions with numbers. I think I eat pretty healthy though and I have rad metabolism. Also no alcohol, smoking, coffee and/or tea.

              Oh! And I beat Xenoblade so life is infinitely better! ;)


      Given I don't plan on living past 24, this is only a significant, horrible, problem.

    Hey DC, remember how my son got hold of my iPod the other night and typed something and tried to tweet it to you but ended up unfollowing you instead?
    Today in the car he was reading a JB HiFi catalogue and suddenly exclaimed "Oh no, I forgot to save my money for an iPhone!" When we asked why, his response was "I need it to play games. And to type stuff." :P

      So. Damn. Proud. :D

      I just assumed I wronged him in someway, but technology enthusiast is better! :P

    I might get some shut eye, once again it was excellent meeting you folks today! Meat #7! Catch you on the flipside, home slices.

    Argh! ArtRage isn't giving me any pressure sensitivity in my tablet!
    It works perfectly fine in Photoshop CS5, but it doesn't want to work in ArtRage. :(


    Last edited 20/01/13 1:38 am

      Is it a wacom? Bring up the wacom tablet properties, and where it says 'Application', add ArtRage and check the sensitivity settings there. Try raising the sensitivity of the pen pressure here and see if that helps maybe?

        I'm afraid it didn't work.
        There doesn't seem to be anything in the properties regarding applications, either. :(
        Thanks for the help, though.
        Much appreciated. :)

          Oh... there should be. I mean the proper wacom settings, where it brings up sensitivty options and the like. You can add applications in there, and change all the settings specifically for each application through there.

    So, I have a impulsive habit to think inside my head 'bloody mary' rapidly whenever I enter a bathroom with the lights turned off. I know it's a bit odd to do so, but nonetheless I find myself hurrying to turn on the light every time. It's become a bit of a habit, now, even if I stop myself from saying bloody mary, I still tend to get spooked a bit

    Yesterday, the lyrics of 'rock the casbah' were stuck in my head.

    Short story short

    *enter bathroom*

    Last edited 20/01/13 8:10 am

      Hahaha! I do crap like this from horror films all the time, I feel your pain.

    What is it about cloudy days that make you soo laazzzyy... Don't even have the drive to finish my

      At first i was all "What? What doesn't he have drive to ... ohhhhhh"


      Last edited 20/01/13 9:39 am

    Today is the day of the second Powtato Mash Mini-Meat! @masha(insert numbers here that I can never remember :P) and I are going to see The Hobbit! None of that fancy 48fps though, because apparently only snobby major city people are allowed to have fun (hi guys).

    Last edited 20/01/13 10:03 am

      If someone can get to Orange in the next 2.5 hours and wants to see Paranorman, open invite :)

        Apparently it takes me 4hrs to get to Orange...

        Maybe if I drive really fast...

    Ugh! Magicka! and hella fun on Torchlight 2 :D

    I'm going to take a little time off TAY, I think. I'll be back and I'll be reading, just not posting for a couple of days or so. Just to clarify. Not leaving. Not deleting twitter. Not ignoring e-mails. Not mad at any one. There's nothing but good will and warm feelings when I think of TAY. Just legitimately feel the need to clear my head. I will be back and soon.

    Last edited 20/01/13 12:28 pm

      I know you said don't reply, but I have to do it.

      Damnit, DC.

      I miss @dc already

      Fuck him asking us to not respond

      I am tagging him in everything

    Chillaxing with a coffee listening to battle music from Ys.


    Hahaha, thought I'd try at least one game of FTL on Normal...


      Hey, DC's twitter? I think twitter has unfollowed him without asking me

      Last edited 20/01/13 2:08 pm

        I wouldn't unfollow you, scree. Though I did check, you're not following me! :P (Just read your edit! Haha! I'm @danfortheages!)

        Last edited 20/01/13 2:15 pm

          Sorry, I will re-add you now. Stupid twitter

      59 hours played o.0

      Great little game, but hot dayum if it isn't punishing.
      I played my easy for the second time ever last night, and finished it. I can consistently get up to The Last Stand on Normal with most ships I have, and have gotten to stage 3 of the final boss battle with the Engi ship on Normal, but that's it.

        I beat it with the Engi ship yesterday and the immediately after with the Osprey. @rize waas right, that thing is pure beast!

          I pump shields, engine and artillery to max, then let it do most of the work, backing it up with whatever I've found along the way (weapons, drones etc.). Max shields and dodge are amazing!

    Hooray, my Bamboo is working on ArtRage again!

      is Artrage fun?I keep thinking i really need to try the demo

        Yeah, it's fantastic!
        I tried the demo from an issue of ImagineFX, and I liked it so much that I bought it on Steam! :)

          This +1! :D

          It's got lots of cool effects that I haven't seen in a drawing program before (to be fair I've only seen/used MS Paint and Photoshop :P). I especially like the paint as it acts like paint and you can mix it with other colours and stuff.

          I would buy so many more ImagineFX's if they werent so dang expensive :(

            yeah, I have a whole bunch of them

      Just in regards to the settings thing I was mentioning...

      Is what I meant :)

        Oh, yeah.
        My Bamboo Fun is an older model, (2nd gen, I think) so you can't set it up for applications. :(

        Last edited 20/01/13 3:57 pm

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