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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    Lunch was herb-rubbed grilled chicken breast on a salad of mixed tomatoes, capsicum & basil with olive oil and some macadamias.

    Time for some Xenoblading. \o/

      Chicken breast burger with some macadamia and sundried tomato pesto, bacon, avocado and cheese. And a cider.

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    @benwhite @robhussey

    Kotaku is doing that thing again where if you post a reply to the first comment on the page, after the refresh it sends me back to the previous page.

    Thought I should let y'all know! :D

    Bat Signal!

      It's been doing this since forever. Never fixed.

        I guess the last few page gets weren't that interesting enough for me to comment on :P

        Hey Mr. Negative face, I know it will be quick fix, but we've got an entire network of sites to build/maintain here!
        We'll get to it when we can :)

      It's on the bug fix list! We'll get to it one day :)

        No problem! I wasn't sure if you guys knew about it or not and I'm not sure if it was always there or a recurring thing.

        Honestly it's not really that big of an issue but thanks guise! :D

    Sigh... The clutch in our truck has either a leak in the line or a master or slave cylinder is gone, can't even locate the god damn reservoir to top it up to see what the issue is. Best of all Isuzu don't even have their manuals online and the only one I was able to locate was not on the server.. Just lovely.

    I swear that diesel mechanic apprenticeship I was looking at looks like a good idea as the days progress. I just never understood why TAFE was in Tamworth.

    Now this is a knockout!

      He hit him so hard he froze up, awesome speed and power.

    Whoa! Apparently you can add funds into your PSN account through PayPal and it even works for US accounts!

    Can anyone confirm/try it? :O, amazing news if true!

      I can confirm that I can't confirm this.

        I can confirm that you can confirm it but just don't want to (neither do I, lazyyy).

      Really? Links to the news? How do I do this!!!!! :-)

        Haha I knew I cound count on Masha! Try it out for us! Confirmasha

        I originally read it on some site but after doing some Googling it turns out Europe (and I assume us) have had it since October 2012. IGN have it on an article too!

        All that's left is to know whether this will work for us. If so that's less than a 1:1 transfer for US credit :D! I think your laptop doesn't have internet but it should work on your tablet.

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    If anyone else is a fan of Adult Swim, you should check out Newsreaders, which premiered a few days ago! It's pretty good! It's a parody kind of show of investigative news shows (20/20, Frontline, 60 minutes). It stemmed off a couple of mock episodes of Childrens Hospital, which for some reason has created 2 new shows off these things. (NTSF:SD:SUV and Newsreaders)

    Last song played game

    Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A


      Oh you so gangsta @spaghett!

      Master of Puppets by Metallica, I fucking love this album. To me this is what Thrash Metal is & was.

      Also you see Anthrax are doing headlining shows when they're hear for Soundwave? The Brisbane show apparently is just them!

        Woah, they are?

        I have no money


          Same! I kinda want to see them cause Joey Belladonna is excellent live. :P

    I am posting from a new laptop.
    Because my daughter starts high school next week, we used the Schoolkids Bonus from the govvinment (Hi Jimu! :P)to buy her a laptop. We ordered one online from Harvey Norman and picked it up today but when we got it home we discovered it was pretty much exactly the same as mine but with a bigger screen. So I'm keeping it (and giving her my old one which is only about 7 months old, anyway). :P

      This thing has Windows 8. Windows 8 is weird. I've got Chrome in "Windows 8 Mode" right now and freaked out for a sec when I went to check the time in the bottom right corner of the screen but there is no clock there!

    Hi guys, the Pow-Mash Hobbit meat was fun. The movie and company was good :-)

    Anyway, I've been having issues with my laptop and hopefully one of you guys can help. My laptop takes an unusually long time to start up and at the moment it is terribly slow. I can't even use any programs or access the internet :-( I got two blue screens of death the last few days as well and it just shuts itself off randomly. This started happening the last few days just as my Avast antivirus expired (conspiracy?, probably not)


      If you get another BSOD check the crash report. Actually crash reports might be available still for the previous ones.

      If you can't figure out wtf the crash report says, I can probably figure it out for you.

      The first thing that comes to mind, how hot is it? Download Speedfan and monitor it.

        I had similar problems. i used Who crashed to find out what was crashing it.

        I can't access the internet so I can't download speed fan. :-( That being said, I doubt it's heat since it runs fairly cool except on really hot days. The crash report thing sounds promising though , how do I access it? I really hope I can fix this :-(

        Thanks for the tips.

          When a BSOD occurs, it will typically present you with an error code of some description. Make note of that code, and hopefully someone will shed some light on it for you.
          (My contribution would likely be to google the code/trawl Microsoft forums, so I'm likely not much help :S)

            Also this ^^

            Write down all the info next time it happens.

            Thanks, i'll note the error code and post it on TAY.

          type in crash report in the search box in the start menu (I'm assuming you're on Windows 7), go to "review your computer's status and resolve issues", under maintenance there should be "Check for solutions to unreported problems", and click on "View problems to report"

          They should be under Windows (as long as you didn't report them!)

          I've had 4, 3 due to driver failure, and one "Shut down unexpectedly" which annoyingly gives no other info beyond that.

            Thanks, I'll do this as soon as i leave work. Thanks ben j :-)

    Wondering if i should do a woodworking course or a carpentry apprenticeship

      A carpentry apprenticeship would ensure you've always got a skill that will get you work anywhere in the world.

        Sounds even more promising now


    Haha I was super tired so I had a nap and I just dreamt that I found my Gameboy Player box and was thinking about putting it on eBay :P. For some reason it came with a giant keyboard... I have weird dreams :/

    I know that box is somewhere but I can't remember where!

    It's weird to think a simple cardboard box is the difference between like $100 :P

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      You think that that's a weird dream?

      I had a dream once where I was playing something similar to the old AvP game, but at that point I was only fighting aliens, and I had a keyboard on my chest, and I could input the dev commands from "Black Shades" and they would act as they should have.

      I also had a dream where I was Mal from Firefly, and to skip through a large part of the dream, I ended up playing Super Mario Kart with Samuel L. Jackson. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT MY BRAIN WAS TRYING TO TELL ME.

        Oh I have much, much weirder dreams than that one. This morning I woke up in the middle of one where I was on a beach running around then it turned all grassy and there were rivers and lakes everywhere and then there were some sort of castle ruins and I was climbing around on it and I had a bow and I shot an arrow with a giant rubber band attached to it off into the distance and it was supposed to sling me there like that Vine power in Okami but it didn't so I had to run there but it had a bit of pull. Oh and then a polar bear attacked me.

        And there was more to that Gameboy one. Pretty sure a group of friends and I (who weren't my real friends or people I've even met) wanted to meet at some sort of fast food restaurant (McDonalds?) except it was in the middle of a some sort of zombie apocalypse. So the cast of Whose Line is it Anyway picked me up and I had busted up the left side of my jaw for some reason and couldn't go (then I found that Gameboy Player box).


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      It's been my experiences in collecting that collector's have the following traits.

      1. They avoid imports like they are the plague. (Unless they are Japanese or otherwise unobtainable in their region.)

      2. Anything related or sold with the item adds value, heck even Product safety & warranty inserts or even promotional inserts are considered desirable.

      3. Rarity is a guiding price principle, so usually really bad games end up becoming worth a lot.. I know its sad.

      4. Popular classic/staple video games is also a price guiding principle.

      5. Collector's LOVE collecting Nintendo stuff.

      6. These lunatics will spend more on a box than on the game.

      Edit: 7. And if you think values they put on boxes is silly, you should see what sealed items go for.

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    $206 is the current bid for a used one... and there's an hour to go...
    I might sit this one out, but if anyone else is interested, go for it.

      You really think artrage is that good? Then i will play with it after I finish this current drawing/artwork/thingy

      I can't afford the intuos ;_;

        Yeah, Artrage is that good.
        If it wasn't, I wouldn't have been using it for as long as I have.

          I used corel painter for a little while

      How long have you guys been drawing/photoshopping for? I always wanted to get involved in it but it requires to much of a time investment for me.

      Also do you have any deviantart/portfolio stuff? that's always fun to have a quick look through.

        um, photoshopping since year 11 so 8 years. illustrator on and off for 4. flash and i have a love hate relationship. i love using it, but hate it too.


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        I just started drawing Futurama characters in high school, and just went from there.
        I kept drawing stick figures until I was about 16 or 17.
        If I hadn't kept looking at the "How to draw" features on the Futurama season 3 and 4 DVDs, I probably wouldn't have drawn as much as I do now.
        I picked up a Medion Graphics tablet from Aldi when I was in high school, and I felt like I couldn't draw anything with it.
        You can see most of the stuff I did with it if you look for anything from 2010 to mid-2012, after I picked up the Wacom Bamboo from Cash Converters, I began drawing a lot more.

          I think this was my earliest drawing I did with it:

          Mine was cardcaptor Sakura and a boring ping pong lesson that started mine. yay for cartoons!

            High five!

          Oh wow that's cool how the cursor changes to Kenny! :D

          D: Now I know your real name. I KNOW TOO MUCH!

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        Drawing? Not very long if you count the time I've actually drawn. It's really just a random pic here and there. Sometimes I'll go months or years without properly drawing anything. Photoshop? A few hours/days total :P

        I'm not sure if you saw but I got a tablet recently (Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch) and decided to try and teach myself this stuff. It's been fun and you should definitely go for it! Hardest part is definitely getting used to the programs (been using Photoshop and ArtRage) and their features. I thought getting used to the tablet would be hard but it's actually quite easy and I picked it up pretty easily.

        ...And since everyone else is pimping themselves I'll post my pics here soon. Too bad they're lost in TAYland so I might just have to make a DA account and upload them. (As of typing this I just remembered I made an account 4 years ago but there's nothing on it :P)

        Tablets are lame. You need to use pencil, paper and Instagram! :P
        Here's some of my 'artworks'

        I have an early Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, the first version I think? Don't really do much drawing with it though...

    So I didn't end up going to see ParaNorman today. Instead I stayed at home but started playing Deus Ex Human Revolution again. I never really got into it the first time around. Was getting my backside kicked as early as the police station. But this its going much better. I think I've got a better feel for the controls this time around. And I've got a slightly better idea of what Augs to pick. Although I do feel spoiled by Borderlands, being able to respec whenever you wanted for a comparatively minimal fee was awesome. I wish I could do that on DXHR. Would have been a nice addition to the LIMB Clinics.

    Storywise I've just arrived in China, and why do I get the feeling that Mr Sarif is just trying to get me out of the way...

    I came on here to discuss an episode of Freaks and Geeks with @dc. And then I remembered and was all :(

    (Even though he's useless at remembering and just says stuff like "Oh man, it's been so long since I watched it, so I can't really comment in detail. It's an awesome show, though. Haha!")

    (Whenever DC isn't on the screen all the other characters should stand around saying "Where's DC?")

    (Will he still be our manly upvote fairy? I will be so sad to find all my comments with "0" ups.)

    (damnit, DC)

    Couldn't decide which of the above to say, so I said them all.

    PS: Edit, so I don't look like a total jerk: hope you feel better soon, man.

    Last edited 20/01/13 9:25 pm

      I know what you mean. =(
      We miss you DC!

      Wait, where is DC? What did I miss? Is he okay?

        He's edited the post since I last saw it - it was a bit more open-ended then. Damnit dc! :P

      Sources tell me he's alright and just needs some time off TAY. He's still going to read it and manly upvote all over the place.

      I'd like to think we can not be selfish and wish him the best as he knows what's best for him... but DDC! (damnit D.C.!) we're selfish.

        Pfft! We all know DC does not know what's best for him. His brain is his own worst enemy. :P

          OMG HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I vote we hire a new upvote fairy in the meantime.

        To the capacity of D.C.? any normal man would get a repetitive strain injury in an hour.

        I'm just going to avoid upvoting until the new fairy has been crowned...

          I nearly upvoted this comment /o\
          I hope the crowning happens soon!

    Had a productive day, but annoying. My laptop is a few years too old to be doing what I'm trying to do. For my comic artwork, it can't handle rendering a scene with more than three characters in it. Which means that if I have a larger scene, I need to create several identical scenes, each with different characters, render each scene separately using the same angles, and hope they splice together well enough in postwork. Unbelievably frustrating work.

      Something something something buy a Nokia something something.

    ...what the heck? :|

    I've never used deviantART before but uploaded a picture and within minutes someone added it to their Favourites.


      Nothing feels as good as getting a work faved mere minutes after you've uploaded it. :)


      First ever pic was Journey then I did Amaterasu. Next two were quick sketches based on TAYbie suggestions and others are just works in progress that never went anywhere :P

      Read the descriptions if you can, gives a bit more context! :D

        Man that elephant drinking tea reminded me of my days as a kid watching Babar on ABC.

          hmm, @dc mentioned that too! I might've seen it when I was younger but I don't recall it and I wasn't trying to go for that :P

            The show was pretty forgettable I even had to do a few Google searches to find the title of the show.

            Also what's the name of that Disney show(It was sorta like Cheeze TV with show hosts.) they had on weekends? been racking my brain trying to remember it.

     idea, sorry! :P

              But I hate that feeling too. Where you can remember something and it's literally at the tip of your tongue but you just can't figure it out. Ugh!

              Oh man I watched that every single weekend and I have no idea at all what it's called. I feel bad.

      Feels good, huh? Video game art always does pretty well on there!

      I used to publish Pokemon doodles (heh) on Devientart back in the day. I deleted my account a few months ago though because I didn't want anybody digging it up :P

        I wanna seeeeeeeeeee!

        Connor James is my new best friend.

    Inspired by all this talk of doodles, I finally bought one of those Bamboo Pen and Touch things. $122 delivered express :)

    Soon I'll be an artist! An artist lacking any artistic skills.

      YEAH BOY! :D

      I can't wait to receive my Okami art book. So many Okami drawings from both of us!

        I promise to make more effort than drawing a circle from now on!

        I always laugh when I remember that boss though :P

          Your Issun was good :D

            I thought I'd set up a deviantart page featuring my Issun! Oh, and a bean.


            You'll definitely wanna be subscribed to this page.

              No ergonomics elephant.

              Worst gallery ever.

                Elaine! I forgot about her! Have a look now, she's there :P

                  Wow dude you already have 2 favourites. CAPTAIN POPULAR!

              TWO FAVOURITES!!

                Hmm not sure if you ninja'd me or not...

                EGO BOOST YEAH!? :D BEST FEELING

    Is Mark back tomorrow?
    Also, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is damn good fun!
    I just got a speeding fine! >:|

    Warinka just took the fourth set!
    We're going to five! :O

    Last edited 20/01/13 11:51 pm

      I think Junglist was taking over for 2 weeks. I think it's only been one week so far?

    Xenoblade update. Finished Colony 6. The music almost drove me insane. Nearly as awful as the cave music in Tales of Graces, except at least it was short in Graces. :(

    I'm now in the following zone the swamp and got a story quest to gather some macguffins to open the way. Hating this zone so much. I think the enemies have gotten ahead of my gear a bit but nothing good is dropping. Is it intended that you make regular trips back to Colony 9 to make new gems? Because I haven't been back at all and that seems to be the main way you gear up...

    Also should I be using Dunban in my party? He seems like he doesn't fit very well unless I want to drop Shulk. Or is he actually a tank?

    Last edited 21/01/13 12:32 am

      I upgraded my gems pretty frequently so I guess you should head back. Some enemies at the swamp are pretty tough but as long as you're around the same level you should be fine. As if you hate it! The night theme for Satorl Marsh is amazing!
      As for Dunban I swapped out Reyn for him as he's also a tank but deals some damage too. The thing is with Dunban is that he focuses on Agility and dodges most of the attacks where as Reyn is more of a damage sponge. Personal preference really. My main party for the majority of the game game was me controlling Shulk, Sharla for healing and Dunban as the tank.

      Last edited 21/01/13 12:32 am

        Ah, so an avoidance tank rather than a mitigation tank. Makes sense for the character actually. He doesn't seem to have taunts though so I guess he holds aggro by being badass.

      I actually barely ever used the gem crafting system. Got by fairly well by the various gems you pick up or get rewarded from quests/material collection.

    Djokovic vs Wawrinka is 5-5 in the 5th set...
    And it's nearly 1am...

    And now it's 7-7...

    Last edited 21/01/13 1:07 am

    Got into work at 7:45, was all ready for a nice hour before anyone else showed up, and my boss turned up 2 minutes later, and we both sort of looked as each other as if to say "why on earth are you here so early?"

    *Sigh* I guess this means I'm actually supposed to do work now.

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