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    Hi everyone. This is doing my head in.
    TAY not-random question time: Is it insensitive or controversial to call my book Peaceful Tomorrows because there happens to be a 9/11 anti-violence activist group by the same name?


    Feel free to make the usual hilarious commentary, but please also vote.

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      I think there's sufficient distance between an indie aussie comic and a US-based activist group.

      So N.

        Cool, thanks.
        Canadian publisher: make any difference to your opinion?

          Not really.

          I would say, if you come up with something different, use that. I don't see however there being anyone really kicking up a stink.

          If they do, just claim ignorance.

      I'd go something slightly less offensive like All Americans Have Sex With Pigs And Its All The Jews And Negros Fault.

      (Seriously though, I wouldn't change it. If it is meaningful in the book then that is why it should be called)

      i agree with red... i honestly wouldnt think anyone would be that uptight to make such a comparison...

        We're talking about those of the United States of America, there are multiple groups of people who take anything as offensive =/

          Yeah, but it's whether that's going to have any effect.

            I guess even if FOX News gets wind, it'll be awesome for sales :D

      Nope. If Americans find it offensive well then that's their fault. If they're going to take it out of context (which they probably will if those who're familiar with the charity ever learn about it) then I don't see why you should feel bad about their own stupidity and not taking the time to read it and learn it's not attacking them in any way at all.

      Given how American shows get away with things like,September 11th: 2000 fun, I'm pretty sure almost no one would take offence over you using the name Peaceful Tomorrows for your book, and the people who would get offended are not the sort of people you should be paying attention to.

      I'm going to say N.
      That's not to say that some people wouldn't find it insensitive of controversial, but the problem would be with them, not with you.
      If the title fits your story well in your mind, and has some sort of meaning, then go for it. Nobody has a monopoly on the term.

      The name, no.

      But didn't you say your book had some terrorist themes in it? If so then possibly but if it's a sequel to The Lesser Evil and it's set in space it's not too closely linked to 9/11 and no one should care that much...


      What about "A Peaceful Tomorrow" ? (rather than Peaceful Tomorrows)

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      A little but it will depend on the context of the book.
      Is the ending in line with their ideals or totally different. If the whole story and reaction the the terrorist attacks in your book would be abhorrent to them then it would be controversial. Doesn't mean you have to change it.

      Are they a well know group in the US? Depends on how much you want to sell over there. Although as somebody was stating earlier it could go either way.

      The other thing is did you find out about the charity group or did you publisher raise it with you. If they have raised it, they might see that as a big deal. Are you jeopardising actually getting the book published if they are conservative and would prefer to avoid any controversy.

        I've checked out their website, and it's sporadically updated. They seem to be a pretty small group, and only moderately active. They were nommed for a Nobel Prize in 2003, but that's ten years ago. Their name (and the title I want) both come from the same Martin Luther King Jr quote.

        I don't think it's jeopardising the publication of the book. My editor doesn't seem really concerned, and seems okay to leave the decision to me. But on the other hand, he did call it a "problem". /o\ Overall, though, I think I might be just amping this up with anxiety.

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      Or or or, email the group and ask them if they would find it offensive?

        If I do that, I definitely won't be able to sneak it in under the radar any longer.

        Good idea, though. I'm definitely going to think about it, and use the remainder of my work day to draft a communique.


      Dammit! I meant N! Can I have another go?

      I know it's slightly different to the quote, but what about "Peaceful Futures" or some variation?

      No. Go ahead and use it if you want. They don't have a hold on the name, they took it from a quote. (I'm assuming you did the same thing?)

      I'm sure there was no intention to relate it to a 9/11 peace group, and anyway, a little controversy is a good thing. Only play it safe if you absolutely have to.

        Thanks man, yeah, both names derived 'independently' from the same Martin Luther King Jr quote. I accidentally sent an email to my publisher asking to proceed with the title, so I'm glad that the opinion here in TAY is unanimous!

      Not really but if there are any doubts maybe consider using synonyms.

      Tranquil tomorrows for example sounds good to me.

      Or all the other synonyms of peaceful here :-)

    of worthy note, you TAY people are evil... you're tepting me to do the unthinkable...

    I need some opinions and votes...

    Should i get rid of my Vita and get a 3DSXL?

      Yes. Because Pokemon.

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        This guy gets it!

        Also to add, surely you saw the new pokemon trailer! HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT A 3DSXL AFTER SEEING THAT?

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          But I think it's more about trading in the Vita for the 3DS(XL), not just getting one.

          He'll be giving up his Persona 4 machine!

            Do you like JRPG's @Zetrox2k? Because Persona 4 Golden is the only game that has stopped me from regretting buying a VITA!

            Something something shakespearian tragedy something something

            Last edited 14/01/13 2:09 pm

            Well, is Pokemon on Vita?

            Problem solved.

              When it gets hacked to run homebrew that lets you play Pokemon, then yes!

          yeah that was the first of the two great temptations...

      Just buy/swap in the Vita for a 3DSXL, give it to Greenius and you can have my old 3DS!


      Are you aging backwards?
      Is that why you want baby toys?

        hahahaha, Vita Bro, there comes a time where we must admit defeat. in all honesty the hardware is hands-down pure awesome, but the games are seriously lacking. developer support is virtually non existent, even 1st party... it honestly doesnt look like thats going to change either....

        if the console had been cracked/jailbroken/whatever you wish to call it, i would have been more tempted to keep it cause emulation and stuff... but now... well... im not so sure...isaid id give it 6 months and id let it go if the games situation doesnt change and ive given it 8

      Keep the Vita, buy a 3DSXL as well.

        This makes more sense then getting rid of something you probably wouldn't get much coin for.

          well i wouldnt let it go unless i was able to get my money back. i maanaged to pickit up for about 200 brand new sealed so i recon i can actually getmore than what i paid for it... maybe...

      dick smith were selling regular 3ds's for 120 dollars, was tempted to buy one...

        Dooo itttt.
        And then one day, we can Streetpass.

        I got one of these :D I am once again a member of the 3ds owners club \o/

      thing is guys i have only 2 games on my vita, and nothing coming up that im even remotely interested in except for persona....

        I hear Peace Walker is a pretty cool guy.

        Most places might givr you $100 trade credit for your vita. Most stores are selling vitas at $250 (even EBGames) because they're not shifting.

      Why the hell would you do that?

      It would be a Shakespearean tragedy.

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    Hanging out on Friday I discovered that @doc_what has never had a Big Mac before, which for some reason astounded me. Later that night Flu discovered I'd never had ginger beer before. I dunno if that astounded him, maybe it did, maybe it didn't. That guy is one cool customer.

    So, a question: is there anything you've never tried that might garner a 'whaaaaat?' reaction from people?


      *runs away crying*


        Just think though, if we ever meet I can have a ginger beer and be like 'bro, we shared this moment' and then we'll walk off into the sunset.

          (Don't drink ginger beer until we meet)

          Last edited 14/01/13 4:35 pm

      I EAT ALL!


        I have eaten two things that will suprise people...

        1. Snails - its been about 19 years since i last had them but I remember them being awesome, also this was when i lived overseas, completely different to what you find in your garden here.

        2. Crocodile... Had it on my honeymoon, now i buy crocodile meat from a local game meats butcher. crocodile + bbq = awesomeness

          Croc's a weird food? I've been eating it for years. Very easy to ruin the meat though. Even slighty overcooked and it's terrible.

            I definitely don't think of croc as weird. Never had it but that's only because of lack of opportunity.

          Snail (Not French escargot. Some huge sea snail my Taiwanese friend's dad just nabbed from a local beach, sliced up and cooked. No idea what it was, possibly the last of its kind...)
          Century Egg (cc @dkzeitgeist)


          Wait for it...

          Grab your pitchforks ladies and gents...



      damn it alex, now i want a big mac.... well, im going on break!

      wait, what?!? @doc_what HAS NEVER HAD A BIG MAC?!?!?!?!?!?!?

        Nope. Never.

          You're not missing out, they're disappointing as all hell.

            I forgot. I tried one once. It was crap.

            Who sat down and said "You know what burgers need? MORE BREAD!"

              If anything more meat! and bacon, lots & lots of heart stopping bacon.


        Come to think of it, me neither. Can't stand the smell.

          Nice! I didn't think there would be anyone else in my boat.

          I haven't tried ginger beer either o/

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            I have tried coffee as a child (just a sip) but hate it. The smell makes me ill. I don't think I've had ginger beer either. I have had ginger ale. Which is tasty.

              I don't like ginger anything. I think I'm off the team now, right?

                I don't like ginger bread. Ginger Ale tastes kinda like lemonade.

      Never eaten a pear, blueberries, or strawberries.

        Okay, I was going to try to nod along to everything in this thread, but to this one I have to say 'whaaaaat?'

        Last edited 14/01/13 2:36 pm

          You ignorant people not getting It's Always Sunny references! :'( :P

          Last edited 14/01/13 3:25 pm

            You appear to have inserted a sentence in the middle of your sentence, about it always being sunny.

            Last edited 14/01/13 3:24 pm

        You have but you're hoping someone will bring along a delicious dessert made from these fruits at the next meat right?

      Most things. Food is like music and movies. :P

        Worst radio silence ever. Honestly, what kind of hermit are you!

          He's one of those pretend hermits. That's why he won't let anyone see where he lives. In reality it rivals the Playboy Mansion. He's the Aussie Hef.

            You'd think I would be more skilled in talking to the women folk then. :P

              You already seduced Strange and Mrs. Freeze from that video you did!

      It always looked like a double burger with extra bread. WHO WANTS EXTRA BREAD!? BREAD ISN'T MEAT!

        And the meat patties are smaller, too. So, double burger, minus meat, plus bread.

        But the sauce is nice.

          WAIT! I TAKE IT BACK! I had my first Big Mac with @ShiggyNinty before we met up with Pez and went to Brisbane!

          Shiggy took my Big Mac virginity... then I forgot...

          I thought it was kinda rubbish :(

          Last edited 14/01/13 3:05 pm

            It is rubbish. Why the fuck would I want another bun in the middle when all I want is more meat?

              EXACTLY! People are fulled by the glitz and the glam!

                Big Macs are shit. More meat and more bacon. Less bread. Anyone wants to complain I'll punch ya your stupid face.

                  Double quarter pounder for ALL your meat and saturated fat needs!

                  How would you feel about a special order double quarter pounder with big mac sauce in it?

      I'm sure there must be things but I'll try pretty much anything at least once

      Dragonfruit is something I know of but haven't tried. Should do that at some stage. I'm sure there are fast food type things that I haven't had I just don't know what they are.

        dragonfruit is AWESOME. had some for the first time last month... *drools*

    Plans for tonight gang?


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      Roast dinner!

        DC. GETS. ROASTS.

          I only get one or two roasts a year, man. It's a big deal! :P

            Dude, I buy a roast like once a fortnight

            I cooked a Roast Pork Belly the other week for Sam, it was amazing

            Spaghett did a great job

              DC. CAN'T. COOK. :P

                DC. SHOULD. LEARN.




                  LOUD NOISES!

                  Seriously though, you should totally learn to cook. Regardless of what I feel like for dinner, I can just make it. I create food. Culinary god.

                @bdkiaf is right DC

                Knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle

                In other words

                COOK DAMN YOU

              Pork belly is incredible. Had my first ever about a month ago, and will never look back.

                Though if I keep eating it, I may never look down again either :P

                  Looking down is overrated *I do need to lose weight though, except today someone who hasn't seen me for three weeks remarked that I have lost weight*

      I dunno. Might get wife into The Walking Dead Chapter Two if she's game.

      See what I did there. /o\

        I do, it was glorious

        The Pun rose over the sky and the land was awash in punlight

        Last edited 14/01/13 2:30 pm

      What about you, Spaghett ol' pal?

        I am going to go home, on the way home I am going to buy something for dinner

        *Dinner is as yet undetermined*

        Then, I shall eat dinner and lounge about the house in lazy splendour

        Also, probably call Samantha on the talky stick, her voice is trapped inside it *Mighty Boosh reference*

        Then sleep man

        Some gaming too me thinks

      'I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, " Shenanigans."'

        :( Why?

          Edit: note the quotation marks. That's a clue :P

          Last edited 14/01/13 3:04 pm

            Thanks for linking that, your link and The Cracks following comment cleared it all up for me :D

          Obviously, you haven't seen Super Troopers.

            Guess not

            If you haven't seen, I have problems with anxiety, I assumed you were mad at my catch phrase and I was like "But why?"

              Haha, woops, should have realised that :|

                Nah dude, it's ok

                I need to learn to not think the negative right away

                Little things like that will help :)

                  For future reference:
                  If I say something negative without an obvious reason, it's probably just me trying to be funny.

                And now that I realise what it was, it was funny

                Thanks for speaking up

                I like it when the TAYbies get involved on something I say

                Makes me feel like more of a part of the TAY family :)

    How have I not heard about this before, so cool

      Love this kind of thing. I recall Ron Perlman donning the Hellboy outfit for a terminal kid a year or so back.

      Important to be reminded of the good that still exists in the world.

      Thanks for the link. Happy feels!

        More happy feels

    For any anime/manga/samurai flick fans -

    The trailer for the movie based on the Shonen Jump manga "Rurouni Kenshin" (Samurai X for those who saw the OVAs) looks so good!

    Possibly looks better to those who read the manga or watched the TV Series...

      Unpossible, it's live action.

      Also if anyone responsible for anything to do with that show after the Kyoto Arc and Tsuiokuhen OVAs is involved then it will be horrible. Have you seen the recent OVAs at all, the ones that re-tread the Kyoto bit? I didn't believe it was possible to ruin that arc but they managed it.

        the live action phoenix wright movie wasn't terrible!

        they did the best they could, even if they did have to rush through the first 3 cases in the game in about half an hour....

          The Live Action Phoenix Wright movie didn't involve crazy over the top action sequences. It just needed a dude with ridiculous hair to yell OBJECTION in a courtroom and stuff.

          The only way to do Kenshin well in live-action would be to throw away all the crazy manga shit and go all the way toward realistic, like they did in the Tsuiokuhen OVA. The problem is that while that works awesomely for his backstory with the revolution and everything, when you're actually adapting the proper part of the manga it all falls apart - there's a certain amount of silliness you can get away with in manga and TV anime which just seems daft when everything else is trying to be serious. And then when you start cutting bits away, you end up breaking the elements that made the original material interesting to begin with.

          Especially if you're the dickheads that did the 'New Kyoto Arc' OVAs recently because not only did they throw away the good with the bad, they ruined Kenshin's actual character and motivations at the same time. Plus they entirely cut out the sequence where Saito fights Kenshin and cracks his sword, which is arguably the best action sequence in the entire series, so the plot doesn't even make sense.

        I haven't watched it. Although I have had quite heated arguments about Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection. My friend says it ruins Kenshin and is an abomination. I thought it was a bitter sweet, serious ending to the story.

        I didn't watch the rest of the anime. Filler + No final arc = not bothered.

          Reflection is an awful abomination, yes. And the New Kyoto OVAs are just as bad. It's like the people making them didn't read the manga at all.

      Unrelatedly, did you see that apparently there was a 45-minute pilot episode for the new Mysterious Cities of Gold sequel screened in France last month? It's actually real.

      never saw rurouni kenshin, but i have been hearing about the live action movie.

        *read. :P

          This. Read the manga.

            i usually read the manga of things anyway, or whatever the original format was...

              The best way to experience Rurouni Kenshin is to watch the TV series up until the end of the second arc, then swap to the manga until it hits the backstory bit, then watch the Tsuiokuhen OVAs ('Trust & Betrayal' I think was the localized title) and then go back to the manga for the rest.

              Alternatively, manga all the way then just those OVAs.

      Is it getting an Australian release?
      Saw that a while ago, it looks so good

      Haha, Linkin Parkesque music, blergh. Yeah the only Kenshin thing I ever watched was the OVA, but that was dang good. Always meant to read/watch the series, never did. So long!

        On the plus side? no dubstep.

        The OVAs were good. The original manga/TV show was far more gag orientated.

    Crazy, crazy world...
    Crazy, crazy times...

    Er... okay, this whole Peaceful Tomorrows thing is sorted now. I started writing up an email to my editor saying that if he was happy to proceed, so was I. And then I went to save the draft email so I could do other things, and hit Send instead.

    So I guess the matter is closed :\

    Thanks all for your input, though. You are unanimously awesome.

      Artistic integrity wins again!


      Last edited 14/01/13 3:05 pm

        Correction: accidental artistic integrity!

      On behalf of TAY I thank you for your presence @shane, it is awesome, which we voted on unanimously

        I wouldn't have voted that way if you'd asked me.

          This isn't a democracy man

          It's a democrazy! Ruled by Anarchy, and strict web moderators

          We have meats, and vote on each person awesomeness unanimously

          SUFFER THE LOVE!

            We have strict moderators? Some of the content of TAY is not fit for life... what exactly is being blocked?! :P

              Absolutely nothing, thats how strict it is!

          Yeah, that Shane guy is a jerk. Making the rest of us look bad...

            @greenius and @freezespreston

            What about the Spaghett guy

            I have heard he is bonkers

            And talks of himself in the third person

            Especially if he is bored and has under an hour left of work

              He's a bit of a jerk too.

              Didn't get a green Lumia... PFFFFT!

                I know!

                After he said he would and all!

    I was thinking about which game series I owned the most games for, so I thought about my favourite game series and counted that shizz!

    The number includes physical/legitimately downloaded games, duplicate copies as well as some spin-offs, but only relevant titles ie. Pokemon Snap counts as Pokemon but Super Smash Brothers doesn't. I may have more but I just picked the series I thought I had a lot for and then did a rough count.

    Pokemon - 18
    Zelda - 16
    Mario - 13
    Final Fantasy - 10

    Pokemon includes Stadium and Snap, Mario consists of Kart and Party (I swear this would've been a much higher number), Final Fantasy also includes Crystal Chronicles and Theatrhythm.

    I only started gaming during the N64/PS1 era so I don't have a lot of the 'classics'. I have some of them as legit downloaded games but for the most part I've played or finished them on emulators.

    What about you?!

    Last edited 14/01/13 3:14 pm

      Final Fantasy would be around 25 or so. More if you count Kingdom Hearts games.

      N64: 18
      PS3: maybe 10/12?
      Steam: lots
      360: 105
      Wii: somewhere between 10 and 20
      Wii U: 3
      3DS: roughly 10
      NDS: roughly 10
      Gameboy/Colour: roughly 10


      Seriously, though, I'm not sure. And most of my games are in storage at the moment :(

      Last edited 14/01/13 3:14 pm

        FINE! I'll play along!

        Including downloaded games, XBLA, PSN, indie, PS+ etc., I have around:
        Xbox 360 - 35
        PS3 - 65
        Wii - 30
        PC - 150
        Wii U - 2
        PS2 - 12 (didn't include my 50+ YARGGGHH copies :/)
        Gamecube - 13
        Xbox - 4
        PSP - 9 (didn't include lots of naughty copies!)
        N64 - 10
        PS1 - 16
        GBC - 9
        GBA - 16 (didn't include my emulated ones)
        DS - 15 (didn't include my naughtily acquired ones)
        3DS - 10
        Vita - 0 aint got no gaems (around 8 - 2 physical, and like 6 PS+ games)

        Not gonna bother with NES/SNES. Don't have any physical but I've emulated them a bit and have some ambassador games here and there.

          Oh yeah, I forgot old Xbox.
          Had 34 games on that.
          Plus a bunch of XBLA and a few PSN games.
          And yeah, not including emulated or otherwise less-than-legally-obtained games.

          Not at home to actually count them but for me, approx.:

          DC - 6
          GC - 5
          Wii - 12
          PS1 - 2
          PS2 - 60
          PS3 - 40
          Xbox - 12
          X360 - 80
          DS - 25
          3DS - 5
          Vita - 7 physical, 11 counting digital
          PSP - 16 or so physical, about 25 counting digital
          PC - hundreds

      Pokemon: 0
      Zelda: 1
      Mario: 3
      Final Fantasy: 6-8 I think

      Played in my lifetime:
      Pokemon: 0
      Zelda: at least 9
      Mario: at least 25
      Final Fantasy: 7 (I own some I haven't played, and I've played some I no longer own)

        I have never played Pokémon either. We should start a club.

      I don't have many that I can think off, constant rehashing of the same thing is more a console thing.
      Warhammer: 6
      Assassins Creed: 4
      Fallout: 3 (PLus DLC not sure where that fits)
      - Bunch of other things on 3

        Wow that's low but yeah, I guess the rehash thing is a console/handheld thing.

        My Pokemon count is so high because I've got stuff like Gold/Silver/Crystal which are all technically the same sort of game and I've got doubles on SoulSilver because FUCK YEAH! SOULSILVER! (also didn't want to delete my save for the Nuzlocke run everyone gave up on)

          You cannot catch a Mankey in SoulSilver therefore it fails in every concievable way.

          HeartGold is where it's at.

          I just did what i actually own not have played. But Would be nowhere near any of those levels with just played

            Yeah, I mean it's still a low number for owned. If we counted played all our lists would be much higher!

            Last edited 14/01/13 5:24 pm

      FF I guess? I still have a copy of 7 PS1 and 7 PC, 8, 9 on PSN, 10, 11 PC somewhere, 12, 13 and 13-2 AU and HK both, and 14. And some spinoff stuff.

      I might be approaching similar levels with Star Wars games maybe if you count all them as a series? Have every Halo so that's 7 games now too.

      The longer-running series that have been around for decades are always going to be ahead in a comparison like this. There's actually not that many of them I think.

        I guess actually that I own a fair amount of the Tales games too. Though @jordi has us all beat in that department.

          I've only got 6 Tales games :(

            Eternia, Abyss, Vesperia, Graces, Symphonia & Symphonia 2?

            I can only personally add Legendia to that list. I do have three separate copies of Vesperia though.

    Unrelated to my parents freezer issues, I need to buy a fridge. Has anyone used ? service any good?

    Good Roast dinner. (Turned into lunch. :P) What'd I miss?

      D.C. seduces women with his dashingly handsomeness

        Not according to my mirror. :P

          Mirror Mirror on the Wall, does DC seduce women with his dashing handsomeness?

          What? he does? he also uses his personality and awkwardness?

          Sorry DC, Mirror said you are a liar!!

        D.C. gets all the ladies, and he doesn't even have to play the C chord =(

      What didn't you miss! Oh man, you missed so much. If you could only see what you missed.

        But now it's gone. It was only here for a fleeting instant.
        And now it's gone forever.
        It was so ephemeral and glorious.
        And now it's gone forever.
        It was so awesome. It bound us to an oath whereby we can't describe it in anything but vague terms to anyone called D.C.
        And now it's gone forever.

      The Now You Know Summary for DC

      * F4ction hasn't had pears or blueberries. Ever. Or strawberries.
      * Bish is eating the world out of existence. Say goodbye to your loved ones.
      * Shane accidentally resolved the book title shenanigans.
      * DC can't cook. Wait, he was here the whole time? What a LIAR. I bet he can cook!
      * Feel-good superheroes raid hospitals in their downtime to clean windows.
      * Doc What something something manga I've never read
      * Spaghett nearly got told off about using 'shenanigans' but it turned out to be a movie quote. Many relieved manly laughs were shared.
      * DC is a Hefner-type worst hermit ever.

      Now you know, and knowing etc etc

      Last edited 14/01/13 3:21 pm

    Man, I feel so damn tense when my parents come a-visiting. :(

      pre-meat jitters? =P

      Why haven't you got a job?
      When are you going to find a girl and settle down?
      Get a haircut!
      Pull your pants up. You look like one of those disgusting rappers.
      Is that weed I smell?
      We found those magazines under your bed. We aren't angry. Just disappointed.

        We know this lovely girls parents.
        You should meet her.
        I always thought that long hair suited you.

      Might've yelled at my dad.

        You okay, man?

        Edit: Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to vent but not publicly.

        Last edited 14/01/13 3:48 pm

    TAYlist for the 14th of January 2013 TAYlist - the TAY Playlist, sponsored by Lucifer9783

    AC/DC - Are You Ready
    Billy Joel - The River of Dreams
    Eminem ft. Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie
    Kid Rock - All Summer Long
    Toto - Hold the Line
    Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
    Icehouse - Live It Up
    Umboza - Sunshine
    Kim Wilde - Kids In America
    John Lennon - Imagine
    Screaming Jets - Stop the World

      Downvote because Kid Rock.
      Otherwise, shiny.
      HOLD THE LINE! LOVE ISN'T ALWAYS ON TIME! - Reminds me of Grand Theft Auto.

      Give me a spotify playlist that you constantly update already

      Downvote for the same reason as The Cracks.

    I just had to look up something for work. Check postcode, hmmmm now where is that. That's a funny town name but kinda familiar. Look it up and it is on Groote Eylandt
    cc @mythamphetamine

    I'm trying to write lyrics for a song called "We're all out of beer".
    I can't really think of any... :(

      Doesn't need lyrics, just someone screaming AAAAAAAAH!! WE'RE OUT OF BEER!