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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    @mythamphetamine: Hope the post-meat blues aren't too bad, man. Was all kinds of awesome meeting you too!

      It's all good man, I'm just happy to have met so many wonderful people!
      Was great meeting the illustrious you, too! Next time though, you're coming to Sydney with me and @freezespreston ;)

    Finally trying the whiskey I got in Tasmania.
    Verdict: Quite nice.

    Is anyone else hyped and playing Pokemongs again?

    I'm thinking we should all do a Nuzlocke (maybe not :P) or a themed run with SS/HG/B/W(2) soonish! I've always wanted to do a themed run :D


      Gen 5 Pokemon aren't too bad...

      Just caught Virizion and it's pretty cool looking. Can't wait to use it if I ever do a theme run :D

        Are the generations just like console generations or does it mean something, story wise?

          Each Gen is defined as when a new set of games come out that introduce a new set of Pokemon

          Gen I - Red Blue Yellow
          Gen II - Gold Silver Crystal
          Gen III - Ruby Sapphire Emeral FireRed LeafGreen
          Gen IV - Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver
          Gen V - Black White Black2 White2
          Gen VI - X and Y

            What's the difference between Black 2 and White 2, etc?

              A few different pokemon in each one so if you want to catch them all you need to buy the same game twice (You can get them by trading but hermit)

              Also I believe the background on some of the levels are different

              There's also different areas if I recall. In the past, the first two games just had different Pokemon and slight story variations (Team Magma vs Team Aqua were different villains in Ruby/Sapphire) with the third game usually having yet more different Pokemon, more story variations (compared to the first two games), new areas and better tweaks (Crystal added moving Pokemon)

              Last edited 14/01/13 6:57 pm

            You also forget they also mix up the balance of the game whenever they release new region of Pokemon they overhaul the system, they change movesets of pre-existing pokemon, stat growths, breed mechanics, IV/EV value calculations, TM/HM learnsets, held item effects, consumable item effects, change values and effects of moves.

            I can go on sadly -.- pretty much a lot of shit changes.

              But thats only of interest to us who reeeeally follow the series. Most people would just define it as new pokemon = new gen. And there have been some very good changes that they brought in, specifically the physical/special split for Gen IV

          I'm totally going to get Ninja'd but a short comment but WHATEVS

          Just refers to the next "real" game in the series which add new Pokemon. It kind of coincides with a new console generation, so it's a bit of both.

          Red/Blue/Yellow GB(C) are Generation 1
          Gold/Silver/Crystal GBC are Generation 2
          Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald GBA are Generation 3
          Diamond/Pearl/Platinum DS are Generation 4
          Black/White (1/2) DS are Generation 5
          X/Y/(Z probably) 3DS are Generation 6

          There have also been remakes of earlier Generations to (then) current ones. FireRed/LeafGreen are remakes of Red and Blue (Blue was Green in Japan) made with Generation 3's graphics for GBA. Just like HeartGold/SoulSilver are remakes of Generation 2 for Generation 4. I'm thinking the Ruby/Sapphire remakes will probably just skip ahead to 3DS because it'll be silly for them not to!

            HAHA you were totally ninja'd.

              I know! I was playing Pokemon while typing that :P

              Thought I'd be beaten by a short answer but good to see Nova was very elaborate :) (although I was more!)

          Thanks! Seems like they like taking money from you guys! :P

            Not at all! No one is forcing us to buy both versions and there's only a small handful of Pokemon that are unique to each game. In later generations you can't even obtain some Pokemon and you have to get the spin-offs... urghhh

            Luckily they have online trading now. I've never used it but you can pretty much use it to get whatever Pokemon you want.

            There's also special event Pokemon which are no longer JUST at events or in-store. You can download them over Wi-Fi! Perfect for us hermits! :D

              You teach me and I'll teach you. POOOOKEMON!

              Last edited 14/01/13 9:43 pm

                Good D.C.! You're learning!

                Check out "What Kind of Pokemon Are You?", "Road to Viridian City" and "The PokeRap" classics!

      Went to play HeartGold again the other night. Got as far as deleting my save file. Then fell asleep. True story.

        MULTIPLE SAVES PLS NINTENDO (they hate doing good stuff so they won't...)

        I didn't realise you had to delete it for the DS ones. If I recall for the previous ones you could overwrite the saves. Kind of annoying when I played for a bit and then it's all psssh nawww you can't save!

          Same. Played about half an hour or so, realised I couldn't save. Quit, erased save, fell asleep.

    Slow Monday is slooooooooooooooow. D:

      How's things, fled?

        Wanting to leave work and go for dinner, because I have lamb chops and am super hungry now.

        Things are ok! Rejoined club 3ds on the weekend (one of the $120 ones dse was selling), so gotta find where I packed my old 3ds carts... atm only got circle-pad-pro-less Resident Evil.

        Added to my future self's pile of shame - this looks p. cool.

        What's new in your two lettered world, Mr. D.C.?

          Oh, man. I'm all kinds of excited for The Cave. I think it'd be great to play in co-op too!

          Last edited 14/01/13 7:20 pm

            ...too bad you won't let @shane play :'(

              Haha! I'm pretty sure he was joking! DC. Gets. Jokes. (Maybe?)

                Not joking, man. I would do it.

                  If it coincided with a convention or something and you'd be in Brisbane, that's one thing. Would probably psych myself up for a Shane meet-and-greet opportunity. Haha!

              Wait, what?

                D.C. hates Shane and won't let them play couch co-op together even if Shane flew over to D.C.'s house.

                  Speaking of Brisbane meats we should totally have a Brisbane meat!

    Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Stuffed Crust has just taken the crown for the Awfulest Poison That Somehow Got Classified As Food.

      I don't mind it! I got it w/ the steak-y pizza, and it actually had decent chunks of steak w/ actual flavour. Also, hotdog crust. One thing, though... the store was out of the sauce+mustard for the crust... I think this was good, it actually let you hold the slice without getting tom sauce/mustard all over your fingers.

      Not bad, would get again.

        It probably doesn't help that I don't particularly like Pizza Hut to start with. I'm spoilt here with a few amazing independent Pizza joints around me. :P


    Is this The Last of Us? Dayumnnn. There's probably a million graphical things giving you a happy time D:

      Holy shit.

      EDIT: looks like they're getting the most out of their SpeedTree license!

      Last edited 14/01/13 7:27 pm

      Fo Shizzle! I've been waiting for a while to use a TLOU gif. But yeah. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN


        What did you use that .gif for again? I saw it on Page 3 but forgot :P

            Do you even meat bro?

              NOT WHEN YOU'RE AROUND!

              I've decided I'll only emerge from my hermit cave to travel to Canberra to discuss all things Bokeh. And wet pavement shaders. And not in a ironic/sarcastic way YOU JERK

      !!! That's the first thing I've seen of the game since the teaser trailer at the 2011 VGAs! Holy damn, excitement levels remain the same! (Excessively high!)

      Last edited 14/01/13 7:34 pm

        DID YOU NOT WATCH THE VGA 2012 TRAILER? (I don't blame you if you're on a media blackout)

          I didn't

            It's pretty great.

            I may or may not be biased.

            I'm pretty biased.

          Yeah, once I'm convinced I start the blackout. Didn't take much with this game. Naughty Dog? Post apocalyptic? Sold! :D (Blackout worked amazingly well for Dishonored, backfired with Assassin's Creed 3. :P)

          Last edited 14/01/13 7:41 pm

            A post apocalypse world that isn't wall to wall brown? Double sold!

              You played Enslaved: Odyssey to the West? If you haven't and like the new DMC game, play it! :D

                I don't think liking DmC has much to do with liking it. I'd say Heavenly Sword would be a better comparison since Enslaved has some pretty basic combat (I assume DmC would be much more complex) and pretty basic platforming (think really simple Uncharted)... just get it for Andy Serkis!

                  I only said DMC cause I know Freeze is interested in it and it's by the same studio. I didn't like Heavenly Sword, but loved Enslaved!

                I haven't played the new DMC game but comparing that to Enslaved might be a bit misleading on the gameplay side. That game had a great world but the combat and movement felt really stiff for me and judging by the new DMC demo the combat. thanks to Capcom's tutelage, is much much better.

                Freeze should still play enslaved that game looked really good. I always wanted to get the Pigsy DLC. Did you get it? Based on your avatar I'd say you have a preference for rotund humanoid pigs

                  Haha, oh man, sounds like I'm giving terrible advice. Can you tell I've never played DMC? :P

                  Last edited 14/01/13 8:05 pm

    Original Disgaea is apparently coming to PSN this week.

      Oh, nice! I loved that game.

    Might need to attempt to organize another Theme Park meat after the success of the last one.

      D.C. finally attended his first meat. Possibly meat of the year.

        Now I've been to six! :S After Movie World, the sixth meet was the most terrifying!

          Boxing Day?

          Have you been to a house/boardgame meat? I prefer house ones :D.

          Last edited 14/01/13 7:52 pm

            Freeze's BBQ was kind of house/boardgames. That was the most comfortable I've ever been at a meat! Boxing Day one was so scary cause of all the interstate people. If I messed it up, the word would spread. :S

            Last edited 14/01/13 7:54 pm

              On the contrary if you were awesome, the word would spread! (and you were)

              More house meats Brisbane people!

              wait... you didn't go to Strange's :P. LIAR!

                Meat #1: 28 October 2012: Movie World
                Meat #2: 10 November 2012: Chinese Food/Karaoke
                Meat #3: 01 December 2012: Freeze's BBQ
                Meat #4: 06 December 2012: Strange/Sughly lunch
                Meat #5: 08 December 2012: Regular Show/Riding the Swan
                Meat #6: 26 December 2012: The Hobbit Meat

                I know Trjn/Sughly had a few boardgame meats, but that was before Movie World! Strange had a meat?

                Last edited 14/01/13 8:06 pm

                  I was talking about Brisbane people having more house meats and then remembered @Strange totally had a smallish one for Christmas and invited you! But you lied and didn't go! >:(

                  Wagon circling pffft

                  Christmas lunch isn't a meet. (Notice I used regular spelling to avoid pun. *shakes fist at @shane*)

                  Last edited 14/01/13 8:09 pm

                  Haha! I might go see ParaNorman tomorrow by myself! Does that count? Birthday meat! :P

                  Last edited 14/01/13 8:19 pm

                  If any one wants to see it, let me know! :P


                  Did D.C. semi-maybe start a Birthday meat!

                  Too bad it's hidden and might not be seen :'(

    "Blaghman's, slightly amusing(maybe), stories from work!"

    (Imagine it sung, maybe I'll sing it later, I dunno)

    So my boss and the new admin lady walked into the printer room today, which is adjacent to the hermit cave that I work in.

    They talked for a few minutes, and the last thing the girl said before they left was "Wow, I've never seen one so big before."

    I definitely didn't spend the next two minutes giggling at my desk.

    It was the next three.

      You know how sometimes a room/office can fall quiet really quickly?

      My boss was telling a story how after the first time he played squash, his ass/legs were hurting. Of course, the office quiets down the moment he says "Oh man, you killed my ass this morning, it hurts like a mo**********" and the entire office burst out laughing.

      This is a completely relevant anecdote, sponsored by an excellent interview with Ken Levine

    Sup gang? I am watching American Horror Story in my bedroom with the dog

      I still haven't started watching season 2 yet. I'll watch an episode tonight. @dc reminded me on Twitter when s2 started and he'll be disappointed if I haven't watched an episode. :-)

        I didn't really like it. Haha! If you're a fan though, I hear it's more of the same! :D

          I loved season 1 but I don't know why Season 2 is not calling out to me. Maybe I'll finally watch an episode tonight then delete it so it isn't wasting precious hard drive space.

            Hellscream likes it, I think he said it's so bad it's good. That's what Freeze said about the first season. Haha!

        Probably because S1 ended so well. It didn't need more and I was satisfied with what was.

        Still. New sto0ry to get hooked on. I'll start eventually.

      I need a new show to start.. I have that sitting on my external along with The Killing. That being said I should really finish Six Feet Under.

        Finish Six Feet Under! Not too much left and stays strong the whole way through! :D

          Eh got something like 20 episodes to go, at 50 minutes each that's a lot man!

            I thought you finished season four! :S My mistake! Still? Damn good! :D

              Yeah, I uh... Watched something else, then Melbourne.

    Hmm, why can't I reply to some comments. I was trying to reply to DC above but the reply button is greyed out. Weird.

    Anyway @dc about the DMC stuff, don't worry about it, I was just being nitpicky.

    Also weirdly I preferred Heavenly Sword to Enslaved. I think I just really liked the after touch once I realised you could do it with the analog stick. :-) Maybe I should buy them both again and play them, my memory of the games is fuzzy.

      I'm a huge fan of colourful post-apocalyptic settings, I think that was enough to seal the deal for Enslaved for me. Also really liked the story and characters. (Gameplay too, actually!) If I'm not mistaken @beardymcmuttonchops and @strange liked it too. I didn't like the motion controls in Heavenly Sword, but I think you said they released a patch for that? :D

      Last edited 14/01/13 8:36 pm

        You should play Prince of Persia 2008. If you can't tell, I LOVE that game. :-)

        It's not really post apocalyptic in the traditional senses but it does feature a deserted city which is somehow post-apocalyptic, right? :-)

          I loved that game. So. Damn. Pretty. I even found all the collectables. Haha!

            Awesome. Oh man, the sense of movement in that game when you make a perfect run without stopping or falling was awesome.

              I liked exploring new places in areas you had already been! Made it fun to explore time and time again!

              Last edited 14/01/13 9:06 pm

                Yeah and the fact that they looked gorgeous after being healed from the corruption didn't hurt either.
                Man, now I want to play that game again. I think I've finished it 3 times now, not counting the times I just loaded it up to run around the world. :-)

                Spelling error, changed loading to loaded.

                Last edited 14/01/13 9:18 pm

                  You end up getting the DLC? Worth it?

    Two more episodes left of Sam and Max: Season 1!

      The Telltale Sam & Max episodes get better-and-better. At the end of season three it's pretty damn amazing how far they've progressed. (Though at the same time, could be better. :P)

      Last edited 14/01/13 9:16 pm

        Oh man. That last episode of Season 3. That episode affected me more than The Walking Dead did.

          I have a list of favourite endings (in games, movies, books, whatever). That and the ending of Sherlock Season 2 Episode 1 are on it. (Those are the only ones I can remember right now)

    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is the tits, Spike is fun to play as (Caught You!), Nos just so happened to choose the god-mode stun-lock character, sadly no Crash Bandicoot or Spyro

    9/10 Will keep playing

    Damn but do I dislike JJ Abrams.



        Star Trek it kind of made sense stylistically, but not in Super 8. Haha!

        Last edited 14/01/13 9:55 pm

      I really like J.J. Abrams. All his movies have been solid. I kind of preferred his Mission: Impossible to the others, really liked Super 8 and loved Star Trek. I miss hands on TV J.J. Abrams, though. The guy who used to write and direct Alias episodes.

        I didn't get the POP DLC but I might, just to have new, supposedly drab, areas to play in. $16 for an hour or two of play is had to swallow though. We'll see I guess. (replying here since reply limit or something)

          Yeah, doesn't sound like it'll give you more of what was so good about the core game. :(

        I find I like his stuff for the tart of whatever it is then find myself becoming more an more disinterested in it. The guy is incapable of keeping a good thing going.

          Haha! Yeah, Super 8 kind of imploded a little towards the end. Some say his TV stuff did too like Alias and Felicity. He's got a cool attention to detail, though. Made Star Trek popular and socially acceptable. Got to give him points for that! :P

          Last edited 14/01/13 10:17 pm

    It's true. She's a monster. I married a monster.

    Mrs Shane vs the Walking Dead Episode 2

    I’m still playing for her, but following her instructions.

    She took the leg off. She tried the chain first, but otherwise didn't hesitate to take the leg. Comparison: I did exactly the same.

    She fed Clementine (apple), Duck (crackers), Ben (jerky) and Lilly (crackers). Didn't try to feed anyone else. Comparison: I fed Clem (apple), Duck (crackers), tried to feed Carley and Katjaa (but both refused), so gave Mark and Larry their last meals.

    She didn’t shoot the woman in the camp. Comparison: Neither did I

    She didn’t let Clementine eat the Mark meat. Comparison: Same here.

    She held Lilly back while Kenny smashed Larry’s face in. She didn’t regret it. O_o
    Lilly was PISSED OFF.
    Comparison: I tried to save Larry.

    She killed the first farmer guy. Then got all freaked out because Lee didn’t take his head off. See what I mean? Monster. Comparison: I spared him, and was relieved because Clementine.

    She spared the other guy, but only because she thought being eaten by his zombie mother would be a more painful end for him. O_o
    Comparison: I spared him so Clementine wouldn’t have to see.

    She took the food with the others. Forced Clem to take the hoodie. (Preview for next ep showed her wearing it on the train :| ) Comparison: I sided with Clem and stood back while the others took the food.

    She says that she’s not that attached to Clementine, that basically she’s just one of the group.

    She gets all panicked in tense moments, and goes, “Oh, god, oh god, pick the left one.” She’s so sucked in and is using words like ‘immersive’ liberally!

    Loving the game. Totally into it. Her first game, and we’re bonding over it. It’s awesome :D
    Thanks again @blaghman. Value for money plus!

    Last edited 14/01/13 10:33 pm

      Mrs. Shane divided the food in the same way as me! Also made the same call with Larry! The farmer stuff is just scary, man. That's interesting on the Clem front, I wonder if it's to spare herself from empathizing too much cause you have a daughter of your own?

        Nah, she's just a monster. So. Damn. Callous :P

          You'll know for sure next episode. :S

            Can't wait. Totally loving seeing this non-canon variation to the true story that I experienced! :D

              Alternate universe! There but for the grace of god and all that... :P

    @dc @freezespreston @strange and everyone else who expressed concern about Mrs Shane's current issues:

    She's feeling much better the last day or two. She's on some anti-d's of some sort, and she feels back to her old self and much better coping with two kids, after three days of taking them. And not just coping, but actually enjoying life again. Best afternoon news ever. \o/

      That's awesome to hear, man. You guys deserve nothing but happiness. Hope you're feeling better too!

        Thanks, man. I totally leech off her mood, so I'm feeling pretty good right now.

      Good to hear. Breaking that horrible cycle is the hardest part.

        From what you said, this was nothing like as bad as what Mrs Freeze had, but it's still a huge relief - this has been eating holes in all of us, including the kids.

    I think I answered one question at Tig's trivia dealy. I am the greetest!

      Was the answer Jurassic Park? :D

      @Greenius: There was a question that was basically What is the name of the host of Survivor. If you'd have come you could have flashed your brain stash. (I said I thought it was Jeff Probst but we went with something else because I wasn't 100% :P)

        dude... those are gimme points...

        I should've went!

        I blame you city folk living in/near the city! >:(

      Answered one question or answered one correctly?

      What was the question? :D

      Last edited 14/01/13 11:36 pm

    Just saw this on Gizmodo.. Props to whoever turned the first Toy Story into a live action feature film. It looks AWESOME!

      Pretty impressive, that's for sure.

    So it turns out that carrying in MOBA games is kinda fun.

    My mate pulled his old Sega out tonight and we played Cool Spot and Micro Machines!
    So much nostalgia!

      Start ABBAABBA!

      From memory or I could be completely wrong. Been a while since I played Cool Spot.

        That sounds familiar. What does it do?

        But I'm home now and I think my mate is donating his Sega and games to the church fete. That's why he had it out in the first place - to make sure it worked and give a last hurrah to old times.
        He got the Sega and a bunch of games 2nd hand from the Trading Post when we were house mates many years ago. Also an arcade controler that sadly didn't survive the great beer spillage of 1999 :(

          Fairly certain that was the level skip code.

          Child me cheated every chance he could the little scamp :P

      I played micro machines at my very first meat

    So, after playing Sam & Max for most of the afternoon/evening, my eyeballs hurt. :(

      Haha my eyeballs were hurting after playing Super Meat Boy for most of the morning/afternoon!

    Oh man... I'm so pissed off at myself for a game of FTL! >:(

    I accidentally sold something I could've used, bought the wrong upgrade (it was expensive) and worst of all - even through all of that, I was doing well until right up to the bit directly before the boss! I needed just 8 more Scrap (the currency in the game) for an upgrade so I decided to explore one more area, only to end up on a blank space and the boss moved out of range...

    So I had to move to one of those red 'overtaken' spaces and shit went sooooo downhill from there... :'(. It was my third playthrough and I've only got up to the boss once, so I was really keen to experiment. Ah well!

    I'm pathetic and playing on Easy :P

    Last edited 14/01/13 11:40 pm

      I'm pathetic not a masochist and playing on Easy :P

      Fixed for you

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