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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


      Since your post has disappeared, here's one to replace it:

    So Itried to have my game in the TAY civ match and loaded up this

    Not to sure about this App

      Was it saved properly before handover?

        Something weird has gone on. red artifice couldn't get it to work so decided to surrender
        I loaded into his game but with AI in control.
        It then said it was Shiggy's turn but the desktop app is now saying that it is Kermitron's. So I've no idea what is happening.

        Probably worth trying this out on a duel map before trying to get everybody onboard

      I didn't even get to that screen, just hung at the loading screen. Who was before me?

    Kinda tired because I stayed up late watching Back to the Future. I regret nothing!

      That's not something you can regret!

    Morning TAY!



    Parallel Lines by Aphex Twin

    That dude is amazing, I put both his ambient albums on my phone and never looked back

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      Lux's Sacrafice - Tron Uprising Soundtrack
      The soundtrack's amazing. Almost as good as Daft Punk's Tron Legacy one.

      I think it might've been the Pokemon theme song for reasons. Haha! Before that was Wavin' Flag by K'NAAN, just cause it was on the Born to be Wild 3D OST.

      Can't Hold Us - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

    Damnit, @dc.

    I just accidentally ordered the Monkey Island 1&2 Collection for Xbox. And it's your fault. Happy birthday.

      Hells yeah! The second game in particular is so damn awesome! You get the disc version?

        Yeah man. $22.40 from Quick and painless.

        It actually would have been more expensive to get Microsoft Points and buy it digitally, because the Australian points aren't available in 1600 point lots, only 1500 :P ... unless I wanted to commit fraud again, but even then, it would have cost about $20.

          I would've recommended that version, but forgot it existed. Haha!


      Happy birthday to @spaghett's brother Ben too! :D (Thanks man. Much appreciated! You gots the crazy part right!)

        Thanks man :)

        I got the dashing good looks part right too man!

        Do not give up on yourself DC, none of us will give up on you, and I won't let you give up on yourself

          :') Spaghett's awesome!

            Sometimes, and he is just as awesome as DC

    Today I woke up so early I forgot that TAY gets taken down and put back up.

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      I think you're missing a comma. Right about here : "Today I woke up, so earlier I forgot that TAY gets taken down and put back up."

      I also forgot about the whole "take down TAY thing to put it on the front page" thing. For a small time we had no TAY! Those were darker times!

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      This would have never happened with Serrels :(

      That's right - I've switched back!

    So that FTL is a pretty cool guy. Sometimes. Other times I want to punch it in it's stupid face.

    Happy birthday @dc, you incredibly handsome and charming man.

      Thanks man! :D How are you, pal? (Cept for the face punching rage! :P)

        I'm doing alright. Making it through the rest of this week, then a week's leave, so that's pretty cool.

      No. No he's not. Cool guys don't take dumps in your coffee.

      But I'll keep persisting. Maybe next Tim he'll listen and change.

        You rang?

        (Spaghett's real name is Tim)

          Stop shitting in my coffee.

            I'm sorry man, It's a compulsion I have

            I was seeing a shrink for it but all he could do was complain about how his coffee tasted like shit

              I love how you turned this around at the end :-) I thought it was going to be an unnecessary apology but Spaghett surprised me.

                Thanks man

                Spaghett can be surprising

                I overcome my own anxiety at times to shine :P

      Yeah, the random encounters really make the game. Sometimes you will get nothing others you wil get stupidly powerful weapons early game.

        After 6 hours of game time I'm yet to receive a new weapon. And I constantly get attacked by ships that fire 2-3 missiles and fire beams at me. Yet to actually get past the 4th sector.

        I swear my copy is broken somehow because this is on easy. :(

          See, my first run I got heaps of stuff straight away. Then ran out of missiles cause I'm an idiot. But every other run I've barely gotten anything. I still keep coming back for more though.

          Maybe when they say "easy" they mean "easy to lose"?

          As far as I know, the only difference between Easy and Normal is the amount of scrap you collect is higher in Easy :|

          The randomness of that game makes it cripplingly hard sometimes!

          I've not played it on easy as yet.
          My first run saw me to Sector 7, then obliteration.
          My Nth run saw me to the boss with 2 Halberd Beams, a weapon pre-igniter and some drones. Unfortunately beam weapons aren't the most effective against shields.

      *cough* nothing to see here! Move along!

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    If I came up to Brisbane in November to sell books at Supanova, is there anyone out there in TAYland who would consider keeping me company for a little while? Kicking around options at the moment.

      I'm not sure if I would actually go to Supernova but I would so be up for a Shane Brisbane Meat! Finally the 2 twins (@shane @dc) meat!

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        It's his birthday, so I'll do it for him.

        @DC: No. Meating. Shane. >:(

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          And because it's fun:

          @strange: You're UNGROUNDED, young man! Get outside immediately!

            And one more.

            @shane: DC hats me. So. Damn. Much. :(

              The characters in TAY have devolved into a series of repetitious soap-opera-esque disagreements, endless naval-gazing, and speak with hackneyed cliches, catchphrases, and shenanigans (@spaghett). Quality is really going downhill this season. Fire the writers!

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                I would leave but


                IM PREGNANT

                *extreme close-up"

                  I have to tell you Nob, I lied to you earlier.

                  *Stares off into the middle distance for a bit*

                  When I told you earlier that Rocketman was the father, I wasn't entirely truthful.

                  The father is really...

                  *Camera zooms in on me looking really mournful*


                  Like points from a gamerscore, so too are the TAYs of Our Lives.

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                  *Falls to knees and looks up to the sky*


                We really jumped the shark three seasons ago.

                  I dunno, man. Bringing back fan favourites such as Sughly has brought an edge back to the show! Not to mention the road trip episodes! Babies! And wave after wave of former editors!

                  The Christmas special was very mediocre though.

                  It was when they did the animated TAY Babies spinoff that really sunk it.

      I guess I could drag myself away from the excitement for a while to ensure you aren't left alone with *shudder* writers.

        Thank God. Writers are the ... what the word?

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      I would keep you company! You could even stay at our place if you wanted. :D

        Thanks - that's really awesome of you! \o/

        I will touch base regarding this closer to the time.

    And so begin the pre concert jitters

    Both my brothers have to come into the city, we have to meet up and find something to do before the concert begins

    Google Maps tells me its easy to get there, which is good

    But I am still anxious, and I guess I will always get anxious

    It removes me so far from my comfort zone

    I am not just going home, I am going to a venue I have never been before, trying to arrange my brothers to meet me here, and getting home at who knows what hour


        Gambino man, Gambino :)

        All gigs make me anxious

        In fact, doing things I have never done before makes me anxious

        Fucking stupid right


          Surely you can find something to do? Go to a pub and have some dinner perhaps?

            Yeah we will find something to do

            And I don't have work the next day, which is nice

            I will be going to see my shrink, a little deaf

            But maybe now she will take it as anxiety, and not low frustration tolerance

      :( Sorry to hear that, my friend. Should be fun though, once the anxiety passes?

        Um, well the anxiety never truly passes man

        It will be gone the next day sure, but my life is filled with a general anxiety that just clouds everything

        But yeah, thanks man

        Will be fun

    Greeeaaatt! Get into the shop and some charity people have set up in front of me. It's for sick kids so I have no issue, hell ill probably donate myself. But having a heap of images of sick and dying children staring at me all day is a bit of a mood dampener.

      They're serial killer children. Or actors. Whichever makes you feel better.

      This might be a bit out of left field, but is there another direction to stare at while pondering the meaning of life?

    Big Starcraft 2 news!

    6 units will be getting new dances! SIX! That's as many as three twos and that's awesome.

    The Colossus will be getting Singing in the Rain, the Ghost something Elvisy that I can't quite place because it's still morning and the Overlord will be umm ... something.

    Then the Queen, Immortal and Marauder will all do Gangnam Style. Yup. That's happening.

      This changes the game.



        Dancing overlords could be a lot of fun. Especially because you always have so many of them just sitting idle.

      Starcraft is the gaming world of South Korea seems fitting to have PSY references in it.

      Boasting will never be the same again.

        The biggest game in Korea right now is actually League of Legends, they've had a Gangnam Style dance in there for a while now.

        I just look forward to seeing Parting's WonWonWon build finish with half a dozen Immortals dancing in his opponent's base. It's pretty much the only way to improve that build.

        EDIT: I'm bored so I'm going to explain the WonWonWon. A little while ago, there was a ridiculously strong Terran build against Protoss called the 1-1-1. You built one barracks, one factory and one starport and then won. It was kind of nuts and most Protoss really didn't have an answer to it.

        It finally got figured out but then later Parting came up with a Protoss build against Zerg that is equally ridiculous. The name, aside from sounding the same as the 1-1-1, has more meaning: Won Lee Sak (Parting's real name) won (earned) Won (South Korean currency).

        His build is basically called "I win money".

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    Morning all!

    I have 3 x copies of Ravaged to release into the wild to those wanting to have a crack at it... GO GO GO!!!

      It's a... hunt, then? I forgot to bring my bloodhound to work today. I'll pass, thanks!

      I wasn't sure what you were talking about so I looked it up. The Internet tells me when you sexual destroy your partner in bed.
      Davey Joe - I ravaged that mule of a woman last night.

      I think I'll give it a miss this time. It's not you, it's me.

        o_0 lol that is epic...

        was thinking more like

      *picks up pointy stick*
      *charges off into the wilderness*

        lol r u putting ur hand up for a copy rize??? im confused?!?

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      Already a member of the master race

      *already own a copy*

      But thanks

        your on heroin now Spaghett?!? man its gone downhill for you bud, we need to talk....

          We so need to talk, about how much fun it is being a demon for the heroin god

          We will have to steam friend each other tonight

          I am in the Kotaku group, I have the same picture

          I am listed as Insanity Awaits

        also why are we not steam friends, we need to test this shit out....

    @Harli @fatshady @bish @Effluvium-boy @batguy or anyone else who remembers:

    When was the first Kotaku Meat?

    We'll be coming up to the 2 year mark soon!

    For everyone else - Kotaku Meat II :)

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      Must've been crazy meating internet strangers for the first time!

      When was everyone elses first meat?

        The Monomeat (pictured below!)! Ah, the memories...

          Movie World, not all that long ago for me!

        Hmmm, first Can'd Meat. I was there for a grand total of 48 minutes.
        Then Second Can'd Meat. I was there for a grand total of 23 minutes.

        Yep, I'm such awesome company that if anyone's in my presence for longer than an hour at a time, they will go hopelessly mad.


        ... yeah, let's go with that for now.

          You've got to stick around for more Shane time, man. If I psyched myself up to meet you and you left after five minutes I'd be left a broken shell of a man. :P

            I promise to stay at least eight minutes for you.

        Meat 2.

        Which was technically the third meat, since there had been a mini meat a few weeks beforehand. that a beardless Shiggy?

        It sure is! No beard is weird!

        Right, Alex?


          It's okay! We all go through that beardless phase.

          It wasn't until I met you guys that I started growing my beard out, actually. You inspired me!

            Awww shucks!

            I shaved it off for the Mono Meat because my beard wasn't dapper enough. Had it been thicker and longer, I'd have gone with a Poirot mo.

        Tales of TAY! I forgot this existed. Well, I know how I'm spending the rest of my morning. Bish's Cookie Jar story \o/

          was there ever a resolution to that most perplexing of mysteries?

            I think so. But doesn't look like it was copied across to tumblr.

            @BISH!!! We need re-resolution!

              I am reading over what I wrote and it is terrible!

        ahh that was fun. I still can't believe that I managed to score us a place in the CBD for nothing and they allowed me to hook up an ex-box.

        good times all.

          That was a great day. It's what made joining TAY easier for me.

          You changed Kotaku forever with your meat. (May not be a euphemism)

            It was the first time I met him in person. I'm pretty sure that's when I contracted the Trials virus.

          Ohhhh that's right! And I know how I can place it - I bought my (original) 3DS just before so that I could help Mark out with his streetpass adventures, and that was indeed in early April.

          Also included my one and only meeting of @strange!

        Pretty sure Welbots in Bris predated this one

          Yeah, but we coined the term "Meat" :P That's important!

          The Sydney Meat on Final Fantasy Distant Worlds weekend where Sir Eats-A-Lot was revealed to be a Lady was the very first. Welbot's was the second, I think. Certainly the second one I attended.

      Found a Kudos email I sent on 10/06/2011, which said:
      my other kudos nominations are from last weekend's not-so-mini-meat. I had a great time, and wanted to nominate Jamie What? for organising it, ShortShady for making an appearance, and Gorzilla for surprising me afterwards with a lift home.

      So 4th of June?

      I don't know if that was the first meat, but it might have been the first I attended.

    Reply fail?

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      it sure was.

        Kotaku was teaching me a lesson. Apparently I was posting too fast.

    Just so people know, im going to be bugging everyone constantly until they take these copies of Ravaged off my hands. Trailer below... think Rage style Team DM with awesome vehicles and stuff!

    A wild @markserrels was spotted lurking in the bushes.
    Do you:

    A) Offer congratulations for his recent big news
    B) Demand he return to work immediately
    C) Wonder why he's in the bushes
    D) All of the above
    E) Attack
    F) Flee
    G) Use item.
    H) Other. Please specify: _________

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      Avoid eye contact and flee. The man's terrifying!

      Last edited 15/01/13 10:15 am

        You attempt to flee, but are flattened by a caber.
        GAME OVER

        Last edited 15/01/13 10:18 am

          Atleast I wasn't eaten by a grue!

      H) Introduce yourself, but insist that he should be able to work out who you are.


        "Plait tae meit ye mah huir uv a braw mukker. Ah am nae completely sure fa ye ur, but aam gonnae tak' a wee guess."

        Do you:
        A) Wait patiently
        B) Offer clue [LIE]
        C) Offer clue [TRUE]
        D) Cut him off

          Server timeit. critical errur. savegam tint. gam ower

      H) Obtain restraining order...

        As you reach for your phone, you can hear music. Beautiful music. No wait, it's bagpipe music. It gets louder and louder until your ears are bleeding. You can no longer hear or talk on the phone to obtain a restraining order

        Do you:
        A) Attempt to placate your attacker by discussing UFC
        B) Offer gift
        C) Attack
        D) Flee

          E) Pretend to offer him a gift which you explain is UFC related, kick him in the nuts and flee....

            Die roll. -1 for complex plan. -4 for hasty decision. +2 for UFC distraction. -10000 because you don't have any UFC-related gifts in your inventory.

            Your plan fails.

            Do you:
            A) Try again
            B) Abandon your plan and choose one of the real options

            Last edited 15/01/13 10:28 am

              The game must have bugged out, i didnt think i needed a UFC related gift in my inventory? after all, i was only PRETENDING to give him one!!!

              lets TRY THIS AGAIN!

              A) TRY AGAIN

                Die roll. -957877866 for pissing off the game.
                A toilet seat falls from the sky and kills you.

                GAME OVER >:(

                  I remember that show. Cant remember what it was called at t the moment, but it was pretty cool nevertheless.

                  @35 invades your game to make comment.

                  It was Dead Like Me. A pretty cool guy indeed.

                  {Server banishes @35.

                  A) Low-level formats hard drive and sets it on fire, sends angry email to Kotaku HQ wanting last 10 minutes of life back and insists they provide a bug fix!

                  @zetrox2k Your request is denied. There are several large men on their way to you right now to teach you what we think of sore losers.

                  Continue? Y/N

      Give that man a cigar and babble inanely, so inanely he calls the men in white coats to have you hauled away

        He attempts to call the men in white coats, but his accent is too thick, and so nothing happens.

        Please choose another option.

          I offer a gift of a free round of drinks and try to communicate with the man with the thick accent

            He accepts your offer and you get horribly drunk together. You learn that his accent is actually fake, but have forgotten this news when you wake up in the morning with a stinking hangover on a fishing trawler bound for Hong Kong.


              FLAWLESS VICTORY


      H) Other: Demand he attack the bushes with an item so he can flee into the big news above.

        I don't think you can do that. Try typing your answer again, and check your spelling.

          SERVER TIMEOUT. CRITICAL ERROR 000x000000000000000.00000000000003. SAVEGAME LOST. GAME OVER

      H) Join him lurking in the shrubbery, followed by
      A) Offer congratulations for his recent big news, followed by
      G) Use item (Coffee), followed by
      H) Wait & watch event unfold, followed by
      H) Exclaim "holy shit, I cant believe that actually happened", followed by
      F) Flee (in terror).

        Please choose one option and live with the consequences. Awaiting input

          H) Join him lurking in the shrubbery with the intent to see what happens.

            You wait. Nothing happens.

            Do you:

            A) Wait some more.
            B) Do something else.

              B) Do something else

                You do something else. It's fun. Eventually you stop.

                Awaiting input.

                WAIT. RANDOM ENCOUNTER

                *campy music*

                The bush Serrels is hding behind begins to morph and twist before your eyes. It grows until it towers over you menacingly. Serrels is caught in its viney grip. "Please help me," he cries. "Ah dornt want tae die in th' leaves ay thes dumb bush. Ah hae a yoong bairn tae consider!"

                Do you
                A) Leave him to his fate
                B) Fight
                C) Offer yourself in trade

                  @35 elects to fight.

                  Die roll.
                  +1 for bravery
                  -2 for unfamiliar foe
                  -3 for massive enemy

                  You roll a 4. Your first blow goes wide, but you avoid damage. The bush tightens its grip around Serrels, who screams in pain.

                  Do you:
                  A) Look around the environment for something you can use
                  B) Fight again
                  C) Flee

                  A) Look around the environment for something you can use

                  @35 You see some weed killer and a stick the length of your leg. You only have time to grab one this round. It is too late to flee.

                  Do you
                  A) Take stick
                  B) Take weed killer
                  C) Try to take both
                  D) Take neither and prepare to fight

                  @35, you take the weed killer and use it in battle.

                  Serrels shouts at you. "Nae oan me ye bludy divit. use it oan th' bush!"

                  But you don't understand him and continue your mercy killing.

                  GAME OVER

      G) Use item. I eat chips and watch him with mild confusion.

        He watches you back. Time passes. Decades, in fact. You have chips. He doesn't. You both die of exposure and thirst.

        GAME OVER

          Wow, we did pretty well to last several decades like that.

            You had a lot of chips. Also I guess it rained sometimes.

      Haha! Not in the bushes! I was just checking my mentions! I followed the comments down. Thanks for the congrats. Hey and you can use an item on me any time. Oh gawd, what am I saying, STAHP!

      And hey @tigerion -- I don't mean to disrespect anyone. I'm seriously just bad at checking these things. It's the same thing with emails, messages, phone calls. I typically just come into the office and go into the zone with writing. Sorry! Ask my mum and my brother. They get filthy when I don't respond to their text messages!

        I don't think you can do that. Try typing your answer again, and check your spelling .

        hahahaha, sorry for the low blow above mark, it just seemed like the right thing to do in the proposed situation!

        Last edited 15/01/13 10:27 am

        If you're not hiding in the bushes, why are you covered in leaves!

        And that's not Serrels, it's old man Jenkins!

          No... wait. My mistake. It is old man Serrels.

        A wild Serrels appears

        He uses "Become a father"

        It's super effective

        Spaghett uses "Congratulations"

        Serrels is floored with Kindness

        Flawless victory

      H) Bug him about my copy of Far Cry that he'll be sending out :)

        He sends sharks, crocodiles and tigers after you.

        Do you

        A) Run for your life
        B) Get eaten


      @spaghett is the only winner. Because alcohol.

      I thought @35 was going to YOU DEFEATED but instead he decided to have a look around in the middle of combat. Le sigh.

      Edit: that was So. Damn. Fun. Thanks for playing guys.

      Last edited 15/01/13 11:09 am

        Heck YES! *does victory dance*

          You win a lifetime supply of oxygen. You'll know when it runs out.

            Thanks Shane

            *breathes deeply, safe in the knowledge that the oxygen will never run out until my life does*

            *spies a man with a post it note that says T Watson 19 O'Connell Street, Sydney 4:00pm*

              Man, if I'm gonna get there in time to kill you I gotta leave work now. Bye guys!

                See ya in Sydney in time to kill me Shane man :D

        damn. so close...

        nicely done sir!
        Also, sorry Serrels...

      D) All of the above

        You attempt to do several things simultaneously, but get comically tangled up and fall off a cliff.

        GAME OVER.

      H) Pick up bush

        You get prickles. They develop into infections. The surgeon takes your hands, but it's not enough. You die.

        GAME OVER

    Shane has cemented his place in the TAY pantheon.

      Took long enough. That's all I'm gonna say.


    Mark off the 03-03-13 on your calendars people's.

    Save your pennies and organise your schedule. Interstates encouraged.

    Please use the below area to discuss and questions.

      I read pennies as penises........ /0\

        However you need to pay to get there.