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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    Man, got an amazing birthday present today: woke up with this weird sense of calm. A sense of peace even. Good day. :D

    Edit: Wankiest page get evah! :P

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      A Existentialist would define that as mindless dribble.

      Also Happy Birthday!

        Haha! Mindless dribble, it's what I do! Thanks, man!

      im suprised you didnt reject the gift.... :)

        Couldn't find the decline button. :P

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          It's a good game, play it damn you DC!

    Junglist-Massive (is back). But is he a Space Walrus :P

    Does Patricia actually enjoy games or does she just play them so she can find something to get offended about?

      Are we certain she actually plays the games?

      Probably easier to write about what you don't like rather than what you do. Doesn't make it good writing, though. :P

    @shane: Let me know when you get upto Monkey Island 2 and I might play it again on my iPad. Compare notes!

      Cool, man. :D

      Expecting delivery in late Jan. I'll keep you apprised, but it most likely won't be until Feb sometime. I know you have all those big plans like meats and stuff, and the EB Girl wedding and honeymoon, etc, but try to slot me in somewhere :)

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      I tried Monkey Island on the iOS but gave up with the grog cup puzzle. Touch gestures are just way too unresponsive for that.

        That puzzle is pretty demanding on the PC as well, I wonder if Shane will have troubles using the 360 controller. Played the Secret of Monkey Island SE on my PC, but have the sequel on iPad. Don't recall any timed puzzles like the first game, though.

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          Intriguing! Also, guys, the game is only twenty years old. Spoilers FFS :P

            It's not like I told you The Secret of Monkey Island! :P

              You just did.

                *attempts to read between the lines, tilts head*

                  DC: "It's not like I told you The Secret of Monkey Island

                  Zooming in on the relevant bit:

                  "The Secret of Monkey Island"

                  Joke totally ruined. DC. Gets. Them.
                  PS: It wasn't really funny anyway.

                  Last edited 15/01/13 2:34 pm

                  @DC, it's not like I told you Red Wagon.

                  Wait, I DID just tell you "Red Wagon".

                  I don't know if that's going to help, or just confuse things further...

                  Edit: Man, this joke was definitely not worth explaining :P

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                  OH OH OH I GOT IT

                  It's political commentary

                  do I win

    @dc - Saturday night?

      Oh, man. Planning meats is hard and off-putting. Haha!

      I was waiting for people to reply before setting any details in stone, but no one did, man. No one did. :D If it happens, Saturday night sounds good to me, but then my schedule's wide open and I can do whatever the others wants. (Assuming there are others.) Doesn't even have to be a formal meat kind of deal. Just get some food, see a movie!

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      Sounds hot.

      In srsness, if you guys are going to see ParaNorman I fully endorse this date.

    Page 7 repost, because while it wasn't important, reasons, also shenanigans

    I want to listen to music

    I want to fill my office with the brutality that is Iowa by Slipknot

    Or the beauty that is Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens

    The beats of Childish Gambino or the loops of Aphex Twin

    The harsh glitches of N.M.E

    And the cyberpunk edge to CombiChrist

    I want music!

    What is everyone listening to, what are your favourite genre's, styles, bands or songs?

      Well, now that you mention it..
      Hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi- hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi friend, hi-

      been listening to a crap ton of anamanaguchi lately due to the release of their new song... Provided here for your pleasure

      as for favourite genres? i'm all over the place, but generally most forms of rock, i like some rap and hip hop, and some techno stuff as well...


      Last edited 15/01/13 2:30 pm

        Sounds good man, thanks for the input

        Game music is cheating because it has all genres! :P

      Right now? Killswitch Engage. Today has been the following though:

      Buried in Verona - Notorious
      House vs Hurricane - Crooked Teeth
      Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - The Heist
      Childish Gambino - EP
      Childish Gambino - Camp
      Confession - Can't Live, Can't Breathe
      Confession - Cancer
      Confession - The Long Way Home
      Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache

        Scary musics! :'(

          Maybe I'll calm things back down with some Sufjan Stevens or Tegan & Sara after this. We'll see.

            Love me some Sufjan. Because I am a sensitive new age white male.

            No matter which way you go,
            No matter which way you stay,
            You're out of my mind,
            Out of my mind.

            Last edited 15/01/13 2:42 pm

        I wish I could say that man, no headphones allowed and I didn't leave the office at lunch so I got no tunes in then

      I've been on a bit of a re-discovering spree recently. Finding albums I havent listened to in ages & loving them all over again.

      Red Tape, Desaparicidos, Cinematic Orchestra, Urthboy, Sparta, Ladyfinger (NE), (Love Outside) Andromeda, PJ Harvey, Rites of Spring...

      Favorite styles? Mostly anything except dance / electronic / RnB. More or less anything with a punk-influenced DIY vibe.
      At The Drive-In have been my favorite band since high school... dont think I'll ever get sick of them. Also have a soft spot for Bright Eyes, These Arms Are Snakes, Ani DiFranco & The Drones. So yeah... all over the place really...

        Always good

        An eclectic style like my own

      Oh, and I suppose I should answer the rest of your question.

      If I had to pick a favourite genre, it'd probably be hardcore/metalcore. That said though, I listen to pretty much any genre, there isn't a lot I don't enjoy.

      Favourite bands/artists: The Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive, I Killed the Prom Queen, Buried in Verona, Northlane, House vs Hurricane, The Ghost Inside, Architects, Childish Gambino, Confession, The Cure, A Day to Remember, Foo Fighters, The Getaway Plan, Gotye, The Jezabels, Kanye West, Lamb of God, Matt Corby, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, Sufjan Stevens, The Temper Trap, Vampire Weekend, The Wombats.

      Even with that massive list, I'm sure I've missed heaps.

      Last edited 15/01/13 2:52 pm

        Only discovered Northlane a few months ago. I was pretty disappointed that I missed them playing with HvH...

          Pretty sure they're on tour at the moment, you might be in luck.

            Yeah, I'll see em at some point. I'll keep an eye out. I was just pretty hyped for the double headder.

      Man Iowa was such an amazing album. Still one of the most brutal albums i've liked. Was so dark, apparently the band was on the verge of destruction when they recorded it. Such a shame, cause I would love their next release to be like Iowa.

      But currently I have Garage Inc by Metallica playing. I really dig their covers, they do real justice for the originals.

      Edit: I derped.

      Last edited 15/01/13 3:03 pm

        Nice work

        Iowa is fucking intense man, so intense! Love it

        Would you say they do justice for all the originals?

        Huh? Geddit?


          Spaghett. Gets. Jokes.

            It's so bad I even cringed as I typed it.

              I enjoyed it

              Bad things can have a good edge to them

      The almighty Sabaton: Panzerkampf. :D

        Hahaha, STRANGE :D

        I am glad you enjoyed yourself, Mr Strange to!

        Come to a NSW MEAT :D

          I already have!

          And I'll be back in April. For Epica. Epica Meat! :D

            Probably before Spaghett was around!

            Meats are so hard for me to get to

      Some suggestions:

      The Black Tooth Supper Club - Gay Paris
      House Fire in The Origami District - Gay Paris
      Fossegrim - Kvelertak
      Mjod - Kvelertak
      Cannons at Dawn - In Dread Response
      Things I Don't Remember - Ugly Casanova
      Irish Pub Song - The Rumjacks
      Aaaand The Beards' entire discography.

        I love me some Kvelertak :D

        Lately rocking Devin Townsend and old Coheed and Cambria

        Also whatever randomly pops onto my phone

      Sabaton - A lifetime of war (Hi Strange)

      Style of music changes with my mood, I like good stuff. 90s indie rock, hard rock, blues, 80s pop, classical, disney musicals,................

      Not a huge musical person, stuff I like I like but I don't need to constantly be listening to music.

    Feeling kind of manic today. You may have noticed my posts are fairly high energy and a little mental today. Especially those of you who played my Serrels' Wild Encounters text-based adventure earlier. I don't know where this is coming from, but I am really jumpy today... I think I'm overstimulated by @dc's birthday. Damn it DC.

      Maybe you've taken on my anxiousness for the day? Thanks, man. I'm enjoying the mellow. Who wants to play hacky sack? @smurfydog?

        No worries man. I couldn't send you anything for your big day, but had to do something! \o/

    Pretty good haul at the clothing shop! SO MUCH GREEN THINGS NOW!

    I really hope they all fit though!


      Almost time for my annual buy two shirts for the year trip too! :P

        You do that... every year? SPENDIUS.

        I want in on this trip!

          Haha! It involves avoiding lots of sales clerks! Looking at the stock outside the store before going in! :P

            I'll make you try ALL THE THINGS on! :P

              Why would I consent to such a nightmarish experience? :D

              No no no!! Girls are experts at this :( I've been trying to avoid having a couple of girls take me clothes shopping for the past month! Do not want!

                Strange ain't no girl, she's a WOMAN.

                An old one too.

                Am I allowed to make "Strange is old" jokes yet?

                  You have my permission to make Strange is old jokes.

                  Whether you have Stranges approval is another matter entirely, but I'll let you test the waters :P

      I also couldn't decide between two green jumpers...


        I can never wear my Teal hoodie ever again because then someone would make the joke of how I'm you and then I would have to kill them.

        Thanks, jerk,

        Last edited 15/01/13 2:55 pm

        It's not easy being green. Having to spend each day the colour of the leaves. When I think it might be nicer being red or yellow or gold or something much more colourful like that. It's not easy being green. Seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things. And people tend to pass you over cause you're not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water or stars in the sky. But green's the colour of spring. And green can be cool and friendly like. And green can be big like a mountain or important like a river or tall like a tree. When green is all there is to be, it could make you wonder why, but why wonder? Why wonder? I'm green and it'll do fine. It's beautiful and I think it's what I wanna be!


          Disappoint there's no Life's A Happy Song link. I'll let it slide because birthday, but you are PUSHING me, son.

    Just discovered how flammable our clear glue actually is.

    Boredom is a dangerous thing :S

      How can you possibly be bored? You have flammable glue!

      Last edited 15/01/13 2:43 pm

    I think I need a 3DSXL

    Not this pay, but I need one

    I spend a lot of time on the train after all

      As someone who studied Health and Fitness for one semester, I can tell you that you actually need Streetpasses to live.


        I am not sure how many games I would play on it though

        Ugh! Conflicted!

    It's a lot harder to not hate your work when you've decided that you won't be there in a few months :/

      agreed. but its harder still when that decision has been made for you.

    Happy borthday DC. I'm out of here guys, Nighthawk might make an appearance tonight, or he might be laughing at Monster Mrs Shane vs The Walking Dead #3. Either way!

    I am back!
    Just to clear a couple of things up: yes, @mythamphetamine hit me. I have the bruises to prove it. They're totally not from being on the barrier at Sabaton. :P

    And I did not decide I was too good for the Melbourne TAYbies, I received a message from my husband saying we had a chance to have dinner with Sabaton and Nightwish. Couldn't pass up even the possibility of it. Ended up having dinner with my husband and his friend, and then trying to go back to the other place to meet up with the TAYbies again but they were already gone. :( So we hung out in our room drinking cider and then went to a scary bar with uber-sticky floors called the Cherry Bar, where Mr. Strange's friend let us into the room to hang out with the bands. Well, most of Nightwish and one guy from Sabaton who I was too in awe of to talk to. :P But I got to talk to the ever-awesome Troy again which was fun (he says he remembers me asking for a hug on 70k but I think he was just saying that. :P ), and met the amazing Floor Jansen who was very gracious.

    As incredible as the band part of my weekend was (and it was super-mega-incredible, especially Sunday night's Sabaton headline show. I've been to a crapton of gigs in my life and that one blew them all away), the Melbourne Meat was just about as incredible, too. Like I said on Twitter that night, I feel very lucky to have met so many wonderful people through Kotaku. :D

      @mythamphetamine hit you? That bastard! *puts together a posse with pitch forks and torches*

      Oh, man. Sounds like an awesome trip, my friend!

      Last edited 15/01/13 3:03 pm

      That's simply not fair.

        I kind of have an in with Epica as well...are you going to the Brisbane Epica show? I hear Simone Simons is all kinds of lovely. :P

          I'm most definitely considering it.

          Give me a reminder a few weeks out from the show.

          EDIT: I should probably mention that my main hesitation is that I think that might be the last week I spend in Brisbane.

          Last edited 15/01/13 3:29 pm

            You moving? :'(

              Only in a physical sense.

                Weird thing to offer, but let me know if you need any help on the moving front. Carrying furniture for short bursts and all of that. Also, be sure to attend one or two meats before you flee! :D

                  Appreciated but I haven't made any real plans just yet and will probably end up just hiring some movers to do all the work. I'm definitely not driving a truck full of my furniture down to Sydney.

                  Wow, I love this new meat-organising-outside-help-offering DC :-)

                  D.C.'s feeling mellow! Who wants a hug? :P

                  By the by, I've been pretty swamped at work but I did see the Twitter chain about a meat on Saturday. I'm probably going, got plans earlier in the day but should be able to make an appearance. I'll pester Nobfrond for details on TS.


                  Dammit, that means I will actually have to pay attention. =P

                  Oh, cool! Thanks, man! Makings of a plan a-brewing?

                  Someone has to pay attention and it sure as hell won't be me.

              He hats us. All the unwarranted hat!

            Moving to Sydney?! *sniffles* You were supposed to get her to move up here, not the other way around!

            We will be at the Sydney Epica show as well, so hopefully we will see you at one of them.

              Clearly my skills of persuasion aren't what I thought they were.

          Fairly certain that I've never heard Epica before, but I just googled Simone Simons. You're not kidding.

      Hi Strange!

      Good to hear you had an awesome time also I will bash Aleph for you and super cool that you actually got to hang with some famous people! Oh, and also those Nightwish and Sabaton people.


      yei we feel loved again!!!! great meeting you too strange!!!

        She's ours! Back off! :P

          why are you constantly hurting my feelings today DC?

          WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU!!!

            You wronged me in some way, man. >:|


    im kind of afraid to go near Groot Eyelandt, what with the flaming mattresses, and automobile bon-fires

      And the night time visitors. And clotheslines Aleph has set up to decapitate them. :S

        Not decapitate, just incapacitate. It's more semantics than anything, but it's still a lot when looked upon in the eyes of the law :P

          whats happening bud? you back home or still travelling?

    so the next gen consoles might possibly be tipped for a march announcement.

    Edit: damn. half my comment disappeared.

    Edit 2: Original comment was wondering about the compatibility of digital purchases made via the PSN store / Live marketplace between console generations. Based on the assumption that PSN IDs & Live accounts will be transferrable. Which is pretty likely.

    Edit 3: the user accounts working across gen is whats pretty likely. Its pretty unlikely in my opinion that software will also be transferrable.

    Last edited 15/01/13 3:46 pm

      I thought you were just being cryptic. :P

        Time lord made crowd hoot? (6,3)


        You're birth, it was a good thing.

        It pleases me that, twenty eight (.75) years ago, your parents decided to boink.

        Last edited 15/01/13 4:19 pm

          well, 28.75ish years ago, I suppose.

          Either way, their night of bumping uglies had a pretty good outcome, I'd say.

            Stopping trying to harsh my mellow with disturbing mental imagery.

              We could always start speculating on what positions they used if you'd like?

              My moneys on reverse cowgirl.

                One thing we don't have to speculate on is that D.C.'s father ejaculated inside D.C.'s mother.

                Well, unless they used a turkey baster or something...

          I'll pass the message on! :S

          (Thanks man! :P)

    Starting to get a few maybes for this Saturday thing. ParaNorman w/probable dinner! Brisbane City! Doesn't matter if it's a huge group or just a couple of us. Should be fun? Also, don't send any lynch mobs after me if it somehow collapses/doesn't eventuate. :P

      Happy Birthday DC! I'll be at the meat in spirit only! Save me an invisible seat!

        Thanks Ben J! One day you'll have an elusive Tas meat with @Ontargett! :D

        Last edited 15/01/13 4:20 pm

      @dc birthday dinner/movie meat?

        Not at all! This ain't a birthday thing, if you were wondering. It'll be days in the past by then. Just hanging out, it'll be good to see you guys again without Boxing Day nerves. No obligation to even attend if you don't want to. Haha! *nervous*

        Last edited 15/01/13 4:22 pm

          So, it's DC's dinner/movie that happens to be on the same week as his birthday but isn't related to it meat

          It rolls off the tongue =P
          Put my name down in the attending list thingie.

            Let's just call it Meat #7. :P

      How about South Bank? Plenty of food options and cheap cinema.

      I should be free, my plans on Saturday are for the morning/early afternoon.

        Oh, I like that idea, much easier to get there for me.

        Sounds good! Session times aren't up yet, but here's the prices and all that!

          Are we seeing it in

          *Takes deep breath*


            You see it in 3D, @sughly? Make a difference?

              I saw it in vanilla mode, which was fine by me. Ahhh... I imagine there would be some rather nice elements in 3D. *shrugs*. Dunno... come to think of it, I should go back and watch it again in 3D...

      Babysitter confirmed. Can definitely make it.

      I like @trjn idea on Southbank too. Nice and easy to get to.


    Next gen console stuff:

    Also this week, Baird Equity Research analyst Colin Sebastian said that, having spent CES "with a number of companies involved in video game development and distribution", he expects new console hardware from Sony and Microsoft to retail for $350-$400.

    Lets jack that up to around $549-$649 with the Australia tax.

    I mean after all, the consoles need to be sent into outer space first, gravity tested, only then can quality control clear them for overseas delivery... #aussiegamerscrewedagain

      also can they actually get this whole RROD/YLOD crap sorted out properly?!?!?!?

        Aren't those just indicators for a hardware fault? I'd say the amount of control Sony and Microsoft could have over hardware failure is pretty minimal.

          not quite. it actually has nothing to do with a hardware malfunction... the problem is with the lead-free solder that is being used to atach chipsets which generate excessive heat to the motherboard, ie, CPU, GPU, RAM. Due to constant heating/cooling, the solder joints become brittle and lose contact disrupting data/power transfer...

          it is basically how the hairdryer/heat gun temporary fixes work. they reheat the solder and hopefully temporarily restore contact.

            The more you know.

              the more it angers you that the use of shitty materials has required the repurchase of millions of consoles???

                Or a free repair under warranty in most cases with the 360.

                If you were standing it up it in a closed cabinet with crap airflow then it would have died regardless of the solder.

            Pretty sure that they stopped using that solder in the newer versions though. The real issue was that they pushed the system out a year ahead of initial plans and so the GPU didn't have the die shrink they had planned for, so it had more TDP and needed more cooling than the design had allowed for. As they shrank the die over time, the reliability of the system improved significantly.

              yeah spot on.... i think the slim revisions are supposedly rrod proof providing they are allowed to breathe...

      I paid around $1000 all up when I bought my PS3, so I'm hardly against that price.

        yeah no shit eh? from memory it was $649 for the pro console when i got my 360 and the ps3's were about 899?

          $999 on launch day I got mine for.

            Yeah and it stayed that high for months too. I got the initial Japanese 40gb model for about $650 AUD including shipping and at the time they were still sitting around $899 locally. Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

    So my Okami art book arrived today. The shipping time was pretty good! I only just got home and haven't even unwrapped it yet. The front cover looks really pretty though!

      The pages also look really pretty!

        What about the stuff that's on the pages? :P

          Just as pretty! It's all pretty! It's a prettiness explosion of gigantic proportions!

      Mine hasn't even shipped! :P

        Amazon must be really slow :P

          Well you did point out that thing where it said it might take an additional week or so to ship (they estimated around January 14th). I did, however, also order Persona 4 and Journey art books from them (both of which have shipped)

          But since I picked the slowest/cheapest shipping method it might take a while :P! I don't mind waiting though as it gives me times to finish the games! :D

          Draw me some Okami art!

            Oh boy, this is going to be a masterpiece, just you wait!

    still got 1 more copy of Ravaged peeps!!!

    also @crazyguy1990 you need to accept my friend invite so i can send you your copy!

    @tech_knight @negativezero (and any other Melbourne TAYbies)

    If I recall you two didn't see The Hobbit yet, right? I'm still keen if you want to go but I'll prefer to see it in that crazy 48 frame thingy since that's a 'unique' cinema experience (something I won't be able to see on BluRay etc.).

    I haven't seen Wreck it Ralph either but I think I can wait a few months until it's 'acquirable'

      im up for that 2 guys, tbh i wanted to watch the 48fps thingy too... i think melbourne central is screening it in 48fps... also theres talk about providing a special edition with a 48fps copy as well which can be played back on all players. catch is only the 2d version is possible to be played back at 48fps.

        I don't organise things so I'll leave it up to you cool cats :D

      I'm up for it but I may have to go visit Redmond for the week of Australia Day which probably means travelling both weekends. :( Won't know for a day or two.

        Alright, cool. Doesn't have to be ASAP but let me know if anything happens. @tech_knight @zetrox2k were keen too but maybe do another TAY/Twitter post and see if more people want to come.

        I'm not going if it's just us 2 :P!

        Last edited 15/01/13 10:54 pm

          Doesn't look like I'm going to Redmond after all so whenever is cool.

            I'm free whenever so whatever works for you guys.

    lol come to think of it,


    back in my days console sales would break records the hard way... one per customer. now most people have chewed through 2-5 consoles cause of shitty manufacturing processes.

      Blame optical media. More moving parts, more chances for failure.

        Yet the PS2 is a sturdy little unit.

          my ps1 still runs like a boss.... even considering that it was running backups on cheap optical media since day 1

          The PS2 was the first console that had the same sorts of problems that modern consoles have.

        thing is though 9 out of 10 times its not the hardware that fails.... its that damn lead free solder...

      I still have a near release NES, SNES & Sega Mega Drive II. I'm currently on 3 Xbox 360's and 2 PS3's

      Last edited 15/01/13 4:43 pm

      Shortest rant ever. 2/10.

      Seriously though, I still have my original PS3, which I've used almost daily for 4-5 years.

      id actually be partially happy with them locking discs to your account but only if they allow you to store the damn games externally onto a usb drive or something...

      i would still be pissed that i cant sell them off or give them away, but it would somewhat make up for it.



        And now because you've said that, they will break.

      In the case of the 360 it wasn't shitty manufacturing, it was shitty design. They released the system earlier than intended and the design hadn't allowed for a CPU and GPU with the TDP they ended up launching with so it had heat issues.

      I'm still on my first Wii and my first PS2 and PS3. My Dreamcast died from disuse (probably just needs to be cleaned) and my original Xbox died from overuse (wore out the disc drive). People going through 3+ systems are either unlucky or doing something wrong IMO.

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