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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    So much freakin' work done today, and so much more tomorrow. I'm actually very happy about this. Partially to make the day go faster, partially cause projects are moving forward \o/

      What has this got to do with gaming? This is a games site. Go back to facebook.

        It's my excuse for not being on TAY much today. Furthermore, I question your sexual alignment and personal hygiene.

          Be that as it may, I have had spontaneous intimate relations with your matriachal figure on several occasions.

            It's hardly spontaneous if financial arrangements are made prior to the relations.

      Feeling of achievement is a pretty good feeling!


    I present to you... ART!

    It must defy all your expectations!

      MS Paint skills :D!

        In all seriousness, I'm actually kind of inspired to try and make a decent drawing of Amaterasu. There's a lot of detail in the book on drawing the characters, so I'm gonna give it a go a bit later on.

        I might finally buy that graphics tablet as well. I have money in the bank now!


          I think it's also like $124 on eBay with Express Shipping.

          Can't wait to see it :D! I'm tempted to have another crack at another Okami styled picture once mine arrives.

    Dire Wolf is now the owner of a 3DS XL \o/

      Also, I got a new bed, but it won't be delivered for two weeks /o\

        But at least you got the important thing.

          A free pillow? Because I got a free pillow when buying the bed. That's the important thing, right?

        Which bed did you buy?

          A decent one. King size single. Got a nice wooden frame that's got a couple drawers at the front and wooden slates. My last frame was wire and it ended up all breaking. The mattress is also pretty decent.

          The guy who sold it to me was such a salesman though. I had to keep stopping my self from laughing since he was so stereotypical. There were also like a dozen different bed shops around the area I went to get it. It was insane. Everywhere you looked was a different bed shop.


      What games? And what finally made you get one? Pokemon? I'm pretty sure that trailer has got most people wanting one at the moment! :D

        Yep, Pokemon. Didn't get any games aside from what it came with (Lego Harry Potter). I figure I'll pick up some games for it over the coming weeks, but for now I'll be content playing White 2 without a scratch in the very centre of the screen.

      Prepare to be amazed by the 3D then promptly turn it off forever.

        Depends what game it is. Games like Super Mario 3D Land and Resident Evil: Revelations use 3D well, so I kept it on for the whole game. It's only when I was replaying levels or doing end-game stuff that I turned it off since I've already 'experienced' 3D and wanted to save battery.

          Yeah this. I have it off for most things, but some games like Mario and Mario Kart work well with it.

      Tried putting a screen protector on, failed miserably. Decided just not to bother in the end. Who needs screen protectors anyway? Fingerprints are a sign of character.

        I couldnt care about the top one, but always have had one on the bottom. Because of that though I have no idea if the screens even scratch easy or what. Seeing others without them, they look pretty durable.

    Can't listen to this Potaku Unplugged: Camping special, makes me feel like I'm lurking in the bushes uninvited. Haha!

      I know, I said that too - it felt just like being at a meat. Sitting back saying nothing, listening - I might as well have been there! :D

      Listen to it. It's a podcast you are supposed to listen.

      The new D,C. will listen :-)

        Pre-meat jitters! Mellow is wearing off, I think! :P

        Although you've got a cool accent Masha!

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          Aww, thanks, that's very kind of you to say.

          It's a night on the town there's nothing to be worried about, you can't make any cooking mistakes or poor entertainment choices. Those are left to the restaurant and cinema staff :-)


      *eats Doritos*

      Can't tell who's who!

        The low, constant wind is troubling me!

    Yesterday I got bored. So I decided to remake one of my games, the first one I ever finished. I finished it today and uploaded it to Steam Workshop. You should try it out. It looks reaaaallly good, if I don't say so myself :P Well, I'm really impressed with how it ended up looking at least.

      Looks way better than it's first incarnation...

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    The Leaving Freeze Behind Extravaganza, presented for your viewing pleasure.

    No editing, I just threw all the video I had on my camera together in chronological order (including my attempt at comedy on public transport. Hyup), and that was about it. Excuse the last minute or so (in fact, all of it) unless you like old motorcycles and such.

      Weird seeing people I know! From the internet! In real life! On the internet!

      *head explodes*

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      Why does it stop in Sydney? Where's Melbourne?!

        Melbourne was actually so exciting that I forgot to film anything.
        Also I may have gotten sick of carrying around a camera all day for a minute of footage, and there was no way I was going to live out my holiday through a lens :P

        Also I may have forgotten the charger, so opted to... not film much in Melbourne, aside from the footage at the end with Modak Motorcycles.

          Makes sense! I'm glad you were enjoying yourself so much. It was great getting to meet you.

            And you too, sir! Your birthday bash was awesome!

            even if I did have to get up at 4 the next morning :P

        He was having too much fun to record stuff!


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          You're copying what I'm saying. Get some originality about you, boy-o.


      The Sydney intro was great. No idea you were in Sydney, and then Pez screams "PICK UP YA PHONE YA C**T."

      I just finished it. Love Sughly's chilli faces. :D

        I liked @Rocketman's "take a picture of me" pose (as Beardy pointed out)

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    For anyone interested, here is a couple of videos from last night that my husband took.

    Sabaton: Ghost Division. This was the opening song, they came out full of energy. It's also pretty awesome to see the reception they were getting considering they were only the support act last night.

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      Nightwish: Slow Love Slow. Keep an eye on my husband's channel if you like this because he's currently uploading 'Ghost Love Score' from last night which was pretty incredible. :D

      Last edited 15/01/13 6:59 pm

        Kind of has a weird jazz feel!

          Yeah, that song is not super-indicative of what they're like, but I thought it might appeal to a wider range of people. :)

          The album it's from is pretty different compared to their usual stuff.

        And Ghost Love Score Is up:

      Haha! You're right, makes my music look like old man music. :P

        When they come to Brisbane I'm taking you with us!

        In the meantime, Nightwish might be more your thing. :D

          I was thinking someone should take him to Cannibal Corpse next time they're in town..

        And I certainly didn't feel like an old lady roaring out "They are the Panzer Elite, born to compete, never retreat! GHOST DIVISION!". :P

      They really need to record an album with Floor. Seems like she's the best of both worlds.

        She is, but her voice is too similar in tone to Marco's so they don't sound that great when they sing together. Marco doesn't even sing as much as he used to now. :(

          They'll work something out. Touring isn't exactly the best time to experiment with that sort of thing.

          That's why I want them to get her into a studio. See just what the band can do with her.

            But Marco! His voice makes me happy. Floor's incredible but they need someone with enough contrast to him to make it work properly.

              You're not wrong, they just need to find a way to let them both work their magic.

              Wish I'd gone to the Brisbane concert. Hohum.

    Just had my first McGangbang. You know what they say, keep an open mind and try out new things! At first I wasn't really into it but as time went on it got better. My mouth and jaw hurts from opening too wide and it also hurts when I bend over.

    Not bad I guess, might be something I'll consider for another time.

    Oh, and I had some McDonalds too.

      That opening sentence made me laugh out loud.

      Ahahaha I burst out laughing when I read this! Either you're a sick person or I'm a sick person for the way I interpreted it :P

      How did you word it? did you ask for a McGangBang? or do the safe route and ask for a certain burger with extras?

        It's not a McGangbang unless you order the McGangbang by name.

          True, however I am examining the scenario of asking a usually underage employee at McDonalds for a McGangBang being misconstrued.

          Last edited 15/01/13 8:28 pm

        Well I didn't actually order it :P (remember, I'm a hermit, not a phony like @dc), so I asked my dad to get me a McChicken meal with a McDouble.

        He doesn't need to know its real name and what I do in my pastime.

          I'm a hermit! I've left the house twice since Boxing Day! You've been out of the house twice in the last four days. :P

            I think we can all agree that neither of you are hermits in the traditional sense. Sure you might prefer the company of yourselves, but in terms of outright refusal to interact with the world at large? No, neither of you are like that

              I don't know who I am any more! :'(

    @beardymcmuttonchops - Just watched @mythamphetamine 's video extravaganza, you sir are the awesomest. Just for knowing who Kit Fisto is, I salute you sir o7

      Haha man with a name like Kit Fisto, there's no way I could forget him! Plus, tentacle hair! :D

        For bonus points do you know what species he is? (Yes I'm that much of a Star Wars nerd)

          A Fistulian, from planet Fistula?

            Nautolan, don't know his home planet though. Good guess though :P

              What about Plo Koon?
              Adi Gallia?
              Eeth Koth?
              Saesee Tiin?
              Aayla Secura?

                Plo Koon is a Kel Dor
                Adi Gallia is Tholothian
                Eeth Koth - Zabrak (same as Darth Maul)
                Yaddle is the same species as Yoda (never officially named)
                Saesee Tinn - Iktochi
                Ayla Secura - Twi'Lek

                I wish I could say that I didn't have to look any of them up, but I did have to confirm Adi Gallia and Saesee Tiin

                  Now name their home planets in descending alphabetical order in pig latin. :P

                  Ayla Secura is second only to Ki-Adi-Mundi in terms of awesomeness.

                Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto had a 'thing' going.

      Except he died like a punk.

    It's been a long day.

      Hi scree. You can relax now, kick back and recharge before it all starts again tomorrow

        I have to get up early for more hospital adventures*

        *Not very eventful

          Everything ok? Is it for you or for someone else?

            Mum's outpatient appointments. Just check ups on various body parts

        *kicks chair out from underneath Scree*
        *runs off waving arms around like a maniac*

          I would just curl up and sleep through it

    Sam and Max Episode 5 completed!
    Time for the final episode! \o/

      Is that The Brightside of the Moon?

      It's the fiiinal couuuntdoooown DODODOOOO DOOOO!!

      I really want to punch you now.

      I've no idea why this urge arose, but hey, there it is, swimming around my head like an annoying song, over and over and over...

      Oh wow, I knew exactly what this song was when I saw the title, but have no idea how/when/why. Bizarre.

    Happy Birthday @dc !

      Thanks, man! Much appreciated! Hacky sack? :P

        Any time, DC, any time!

          nothing to see here.

          Last edited 17/01/13 3:24 pm

            Hey @smurfydog. Thanks for using comment magic to get my attention. Internet is awzm.

            I have moderated my own comment on reflection and I appreciate you reaching out.

    @mythamphetamine: What'd you end up getting tattooed, man?

      Hey man!
      I got clouds and flame, with the words "Heaven Could Burn" in the middle of my back, plumes of flame rising up to my shoulders so as to frame the rest of the tatt when it's done.

      No colour or shading as yet, only linework. Will be getting the rest done next time I'm in Melbourne (which means I'm DEFINITELY going back :D), probably need 2-3 more sessions, depending on length, and my tolerance :P
      Apparently shade + colour isn't anywhere near as taxing, so I hope I'll fare somewhat better in that regard!

      Can't take a photo myself, so will hopefully get my brother to snap a shot tomorrow :D

        I heard you were getting something smaller, so thought you might've changed designs. I remember you telling us about it before the trip! Sounds awesome!

          I had a backup bitch-out plan, but decided to go the whole hog and ended up bitching out anyway ;)

    Finished the camping podcast. Now I've got post-Hobbit meat blues all over again. :P

      I've no idea how you managed that from a podcast in another state with different people..

        I'm a complicated man, Virus. Haha!

      Hobbit meat will do that if it's not cooked through :P

        That's exactly the connection, Virus! Food poisoning from poorly cooked Hobbit meat, Sughly had food poisoning too. Now it all makes sense!

        Last edited 15/01/13 9:29 pm

      Ha ha, how that happened I'm not sure :-)

      Don't be blue you have a meat over the weekend. Excitement!!

    Mrs Shane vs The Walking Dead Chapter Three

    She shot the woman in the street. She thought it was worth getting the zombies’ attention to save her a few seconds of agony. Comparison: I didn’t.

    She allowed Lilly back onto the RV. Doug’s death was pretty sad, man. Comparison: So did I, after she killed Carley much more brutally.

    She gave Duck some water. Teared up when Katjaa talked about how he was allergic to bee stings. Comparison: So did I. Oh boy, the manly tears.

    She pulled the trigger on Duck. I actually handed the controller over and made her do it. >:D
    She covered her eyes and looked away from the screen before pressing the button, and then insisted that she “didn’t do it” because she wasn’t looking. I am a true monster husband. Comparison: Yeah, of course I did it. You’re really going to make Kenny do it after losing Katjaa?

    Oh man, so many misty moments in this scene. She didn’t realise that Katjaa had killed herself right away, and asked Kenny “What the hell happened?” :P

    She talked Kenny into stopping the train. She didn’t even realise that fighting him was an option, and wondered why anyone would beat up a guy whose son is dying. Comparison: Same here. Seems an odd option to fight him.

    The lesson she taught Clementine after the station house was “Remember to pull the trigger next time.” Comparison: I reminded her that “Everything is dangerous.”

    She saved Omid first after I told her that it was a choice which one you save. Comparison: I saved Christa, because I didn’t realise it was a choice. Would have chosen Omid.

    She said she didn’t like this one, and I asked if she wanted to keep going. Turns out that the emotional rape was just intense, but “of course” she wants to keep going.

      Not a monster! :D

      I think the real monster is you for making her shoot Duck!

      Last edited 15/01/13 10:01 pm

        Totally, totally true :)

          It's interesting that she didn't like it for the very reasons I find it the best episode!

            "Didn't like" just means that the events really got to her. She particularly was affected by what happened to Duck, who she liked more than Clem, and to Katjaa, who she totally identified with as a mother Don't get me wrong: she liked it, totally and completely.

        But I think that moment was when she really saw the power of games. Until then, she'd been directing traffic, but being put behind the wheel is a different matter entirely.

          I know your PS3 is about to explode, but you should do the same sort of playthrough with Heavy Rain! :D Not sure it would be as powerful if you weren't holding the controller, though. Write up your thoughts on Potaku for The Walking Dead too, man! The whole Shane Vs. Mrs. Shane thing! :D

          Last edited 15/01/13 10:32 pm

            That's a good idea re: Potaku. Now I have to go back and find all the old posts... worth doing though, you're right.

            Re: Heavy Rain, it's on our to-do list for sure. We already watched a playthrough of it in a series of Youtube vids, so we know we like it :)

            And Monkey Island too, when it arrives, perhaps. EDIT: just got notice - it's shipped!

            Last edited 15/01/13 10:39 pm

              Oh, man. If she likes Monkey Island you can introduce her to and the hundreds of adventures there. Then justify a gaming PC! :P

              Last edited 15/01/13 10:40 pm

                Justify is still different from afford :P

                  The Walking Dead: Episode Three

                  I hear that Doug's death's more of an accident rather than premeditated murder. Does Lily act differently? Come across more sympathetic?


                  Not really. It's only an accident because she tries to shoot Ben in cold blood and Doug gets in the way :|

                  @dc Actually there are some interesting differences. Lots.

                  Without Carley around, no one is there to encourage Lee to come clean about his past. There's just no option to do it in conversation. That entire subplot just doesn't happen - but when you're on the side of the road and deciding what to do with Lilly, she'll blurt it out and tell everyone.

                  Kenny is then mighty pissed off at Lee, and there's nothing that can be done about it. He is real pissy when they break the news about Duck's bite. :P

                  And she zeroes right in on Ben when making accusations instead of bouncing back and forth between Ben and Carley. Apparently Doug is never a suspect! :)

                  Real tragedy of all this is that she was totally right about Ben /o\

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                  @shane *shakes fist at elastic storytelling* Crazy alternate universe!

                  @dc, it's a seriously impressive game. Realising that, watching through, seeing all the differences.

                  Like this one:
                  If you make Clem take the hoodie at the end of Ep 2, she'll wear it from then on.

                  Ben didn't mean to hurt anyone either. Just his way of helping someone out. Backfired, but he never intentionally was a threat to the group. You know how I feel about that, though. Writers! >:| No one needed to die for his mistake.
                  I saw the hoodie thing in promotional screenshots. Wondered if I made the right choice not taking it. (I did! :P) If you're interested there's 'choice' trailers on YouTube that go into the statistics of the episodes. There's a lot more than the ones detailed at the end of the chapters!

                  Last edited 15/01/13 11:07 pm

                  EVERYONE died as a result of Ben's mistake :P

                  But I agree. I feel sorry for the poor fool.

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    Rockstar should do a new Bully game. The protagonist should be a girl.



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      Mean Girls: The Game

        Haha! I thought the same thing, then realized that might be sexist. :P

          So... you're saying I'm sexist?

          This is so not fetch.


              And seven time Mario Kart cheat?

                TRUE STORY:

                We played Mario Kart on Sunday. Same characters, no lag (on my end). And I won like 4/5 times.


                (he was probably going easy on me but shhh)

                Last edited 15/01/13 11:01 pm

                  I was handicapped!

                  We also played on Saturday and I won like a hundred times.

                  Trying to ease suspicions, I bet! :P

                  They forced me to use Shy Guy instead of Toad!

                  Just ignore for a second that Shy Guy and Toad have exactly the same stats... IT STILL MATTERS.

                  It wasn't about the character but the car parts YA FOOL. And when we played on Saturday I was handicapped with Shy Guy and default crappy car parts! :P

                  Also totally didn't know the first race started and when you said it had, everyone zoomed off >:(


        People have been saying for a while that it's well past time for Rockstar to do a game with a female protagonist, and I think something like that would work pretty well. Better than, say, GTA or a Red Dead game. Plus Bully deserves another round.

          Mmmm but then again, Bonnie as the protagonist of an RDR game. I'd play that.

            She barely leaves the homestead. Would be a pretty dull game :P

              Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman! Haha! Actually, you might laugh but she was a pretty strong character. The show was no doubt a soap opera, but the basic premise of a Boston doctor on the frontier is interesting subject matter. Darken the story up and it'd totally fit within RDR's open world.

              I think Bonnie would make an excellent character too if given her own 'quest'...

              Last edited 15/01/13 11:18 pm

                Yeah, I've seen some of that show. Didn't really enjoy it, but can't deny she was a tough woman in a rough world.

                Last edited 15/01/13 11:24 pm

                  Now I'm thinking of Mattie from True Grit. Such a cool character!

              In RDR mebe, but there could be a whole new storyline for later on. Just making the point that there were female characters worthy of being protagonists in an RDR world
              Edit: actually, you know what... I think RDR would be an amazing world for a female protagonist. There'd be a whole other level to it, being in such a male dominated world. Could make for some very interesting writing

              Last edited 15/01/13 11:20 pm

                John's wife would've made a compelling character too, especially all the back story with Dutch's gang!

      Or a The Warriors HD collection.

      You know for someone who loves that game I still haven't watched the movie it is based off.


        Never played the game but love the movie. Together we make a good pair Mash.

          Ha ha, the best pair :-)

          The Warriors meat? The game has full campaign co-op as well.

          You bring the pistachios and I'll make popcorn for the movie :-)

      Yes! Especially with better controls with more of a GTA feel to the controls please.

    So that 'All The Bravest' trademark that Squenix filed recently seems not to be for a 3DS localization of Bravely Default. It's some kind of iOS thing related to that FF6-looking thing they put up a teaser for today. :(


      I kinda liked that as a localised title, too.

        I thought so as well. Bravely Default Flying Fairy is not going to work outside Japan.

        Maybe they'll just go back to its original title when they get around to localizing, and call it Four Warriors of Light 2?

      Nooooooo!! Far out, JUST FREAKIN ANNOUNCE A LOCALIZATION ALREADY! This is srsly getting lame now. Thinking on it now, it was seeing the first footage of this dang game that made me start thinking I should get a 3ds. Dag nabbit...

      Last edited 15/01/13 10:33 pm

    Civ 5 has the potential to take over my life.

    Playing a multiplayer game with Blaghs and Techie, I got lucky and randomed Catherine but barbarians screwed up the placement of my second city. I think I'm doing alright but I need to start getting things going for me to get my super secret plan in place.

      You should detail your secret plan here on TAY. We're all good at keeping secrets! :D


        Just for you.

        My super secret plan is to make it up as I go along.

    Cosmopolis is one of the most boring films I've watched in a while. Curse my habit to not stop watching a film sometimes. I've been watching a 1hr 40min film for 4+ hrs.

    The scenes inside the Limo are well shot though and they give a good sense of being in a cocoon which is what the limo is in a way-his own private world. Robert Pattinson is convincing in the role and fits the persona well. I think that might be cheating though since that distant look of indifference seems to be his trademark. :-)

    These few positives do not save this movie and its overdone(?) message.

    Save your time and money for something else

      Yep. I love Cronenberg, but this is a very big waste of time. Very self indulgent, wanky drivel. Cant win them all Dave!

        Everything that came out of the associates of the protagonists seemed overwrought and over written, Ugh. Even the sex scenes were boring.

    Killin Audino's like nobodies business

      Ha! I like that I know what you're talking about. A few months ago I would have had no idea.

        On TAY when in doubt, Pokemon or JRPGs! :D

    Will somebody think of the poor pubic lice!

    Ha ha, I'm guessing scientists will have to have synthetic pubic hair in labs to prevent their extinction.

      Damn.. Now how am I meant to use the line "Go and play fetch with your crabs" if they're becoming extinct D=

        I know it's supposed to be a tragedy when any species dies out, but I won't be losing sleep over this. Haha!

          Had a case of crabs before, DC :P

            Hells no. Haha! Just like sharks and crocs and snakes and stuff. These are things the planet can live without. :P

              Well we certainly can't live without, sharks, snakes & crocs. Since they all play a role in our eco system :P Like I was reading the other day if bees were wiped out it would cripple humanity as we know it.

    The Cave is $11.25 at GMG with GMG25-XTYYZ-POSL1 for 25% off.

    I was going to wait for it to drop in price but this is almost 50% off the $20 Steam is asking for it.

      Not too shabby! Thanks for the heads up! (Might get 360 version still, just for local coop reasons.)

      Needs Steam. Sigh. Hope you guys enjoy it. See it cheap on XBLA though, let me know :)

        Steam games are always cheap :). You already have Steam :P

          I hate Steam. I uninstalled that ludicrous client app the second I finished gifting TWD to DC. Plus all the other reasons I've mentioned so many times in the past!

            Other reasons why you hate Steam? I don't recall them :P

            I know that you don't really have a gaming worthy PC which is fair enough though.

            Haha, might've saved you some hassles. :P

              Yeah, but I still had to get the client. Can't do much without it. For example, had to have a game in my inventory before I could add you as a friend, so I redeemed some old code I had for something, which meant I needed the client. :(

              Edit: oh yeah, sleep time. I forgot :P

              Last edited 16/01/13 12:06 am

                Thanks for the effort, man. You know how good the game was. Picture getting that as a gift. (Although come to think of it, you did! :D) Good night, man!

    Heh. Looks like I can finally combine my two sewing loves: T-shirts and quilting. :P


      ohhhhH, it's from Strange's link!


      ...sometimes I do click on the Sugar sites :P

      Is it just me, or is that woman's forehead HUUUUGE?!

      Fivehead, etc.

        A huge forehead is a coveted thing in the modeling world. Sheesh, haven't you ever seen any America's Next Top Model? :P

    Night gang. Got a hard day's work (snigger) tomorrow. Happy birthday for the next three minutes, @dc. Make the most of it.

      Still an hour and two minutes here. :P (Was born in Victoria, though. So *shrugs*)

      Good night, man. Thanks for talking with me all day. Haha!