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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    I might go sleep too, although most likely will end up upvoting stuff with my iPad. :P

    Thanks for an awesome day, folks!

      Good night, Mr. Birthday. My birthday gift to you is to not make you try on ALL THE THINGS when you take me with you on your annual shirt-buying spree. :P

        :S This is one meat that's never happening! ;)

          So the Metal gig one is then? Yay! :P

            Haha! That actually sounds kind of fun!

              Although as @greenius will tell you, I hate fun. :P

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              Okay then. You listen to Ensiferum's Unsung Heroes, Epica's Requiem For The Indifferent and Eluveitie's Helvetios albums and tell me which band you'd prefer to see. We will make this happen. You can't back out now! :P

                I read "Ensiferum's" as "Effluvium's."

                I would like that band.

              Oh! Also there's this:
              It's Troy! Oh, and some guy from The Young Ones. :P

              We need to make a BrisMeat of this so everyone can experience the magnificence of Troy.

    That's it for Sam and Max: Season One! \o/
    I give it a 9/10 overall.
    If you haven't bought it yet, do it now!

      Is it on PSN?

        It's available on Wii, Xbox 360, and PC.
        Seasons 2 and 3 are on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (Season 3 is also available for iPad).

        Last edited 16/01/13 12:28 am

      I thought it was just okay, wasn't too fond of it, but it was still enjoyable! :P

      I always remember "They're mine notcho's" ;D

        Good news is it gets better with every season, so if you like it now you're in for fun times a-plenty. Season three also changes the formula a little and is more arc based...

          I acquired it way back when it came out and also managed to finish S2 Ep 1 and was probably halfway through Ep 2. Stopped playing because my acquired Ep 3 just didn't work so I didn't want to get up to it and miss out. Thought about rebuying it but never got around to it and probably wouldn't ever go back to it.

          I did get S3 though as part of some indie bundle a few months ago but yeah, unlikely to play through it :P

    I may or may not have gifted @masha2932 the Sam and Max Complete Pack.
    I did.

      You so crazy Crazyguy. Thanks a lot man. That was surprising and awesome.

      You're genuinely crazy (but the best kind of crazy)! Where do you get all this money from? :)

        I too would like to know this. One of the world's greatest mysteries!

          I wonder if digital goods can be repo'd...

    Hey @greenius, I tried comparing SMB xbox times to PC ones, but realised that I can't see the later times until I unlock them. Duh. So for reference, a time of 34.19 on Omega places me at #4778 out of 65,385 (behind @thecracks - curse you!). How does that sit on PC? Not necessarily one of my best times, but it's probably a good pointer to how the competitiveness/glitchiness of the times compare.

    Looking back at the leaderboards, I remember just how broken they are. My global score is 3326.05 for 307 levels, placing me at, supposedly, #3869 out of about 300,000. There are only 307 legitimate levels on xbox, yet the guy at #20 has a time of 3446.27 for 313 levels! Apparently a lot of the glitched times were posted before the first title update. I never encountered any glitches to bump me up the boards :(

    But looking at the PC leaders, it seems that this problem is not unique to xbox. I guess it's just what happens when a game written by a couple of guys gets pummelled by hundreds of thousands of people on the web.

    So yeah, what was my point? Oh right, how does that Omega score compare to PC? Also, I like stories.

      Also, I tried playing it again for the first time since January 2011. Man, that game is HARD. Who would've thought?

      And yeah, it's pretty disappointing when leaderboards are damaged by glitching and/or hacking. Makes me a bit frustrated, and sometimes I wonder what the point of going for fast times is. But then I do it anyways, because it's a personal challenge.

        That's why I always like ones that have a friends only leaderboard

          What happens when one of your friends is the glitcher/hacker?

          @notoriousR :P


      34.11 for me but like most levels the recorded time is just my first time beating it. I pretty much never went back to levels to rebeat them for better times (did some in The Forest and Factory).

      I know for sure that I could've done better as I got nervous at the last part (first time getting there) so took it really slow.

      6170 out of 58805. Next highest (and only other score) is Fled at 52811 with a time of 58.30. Tons of hackers on the PC version though as I'm pretty sure it's as easy as just downloading a save to get times of 0.00 0.01 etc.

        Only just noticed this reply, never got a notification!

        Interesting that there's less people who have finished that level on PC. I guess that there must be more people who took it seriously after buying on XBLA, while a huge percentage of the PC people got it in a bundle or something, played it briefly then gave up when it got too hard (like, level 5).

        If I was on the same leaderboard system as you I'd go back to beat the time... but I can't be bothered, and my skills are wayyyy to rusty in it nowadays. I'll just stick to Trials for the forseeable future!

          And I'd beat you too except I'm kind of sick of the level! >:P

          Ugh Trials :(

            You did beat me, by 0.08 seconds!! 34.11 vs 34.19.

            But yeah, Trials is where the real men test their might ;)

    DmC is kickass.
    Loads of fun.
    That is all.

      don't know if i should get this, or save up and buy the special edition of revengeance....

        But yeah, I've got the special edition of Revengeance on preorder.
        That Play Arts figure looks freaking boss.

          Shh, don't talk about it, I'll end up adding it to my ever increasing list of special editions on preorder (Currently it's Bioshock Infinite, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and... something else with a statue, I'm sure... this definitely isn't a problem).

            I keep looking at the statue and sighing. I really shouldn't seeing as I have Nauto NS3 & Bioshock super limited edition. /o\

              Oh shit, why did you have to tell me about that Naruto one?

              I NEED IT.

                I know right!

      I got it on PC so no game for me until next week. Although I did get the game for around $37!

        I'm pretty tempted to do the same. The game looks like a lot of fun.

      I don't have it again! Love Ninja Theory and hate what Capcom did to Dante so this is all kinda awesomes.

      I also need to buy Anarchy Reigns or Shiggy will beat me (not in a good way).

    Good morning TAY

    Spaghett's last song played game

    Calling by Taproot

    They are a fantastic and underrated band

    I wish they would tour here

    How are we all?


      Last song played: Cutsman by HORSE the Band.

      Ahh that takes me back, I haven't heard Taproot in bloody ages :)

        Taproot are so good man, they just keep releasing albums

        I am glad they haven't just fallen apart or lost support from their label for not becoming super massive

        And I haven't listened to HORSE the Band in so long!

          Okay then,
          I'll recommend a HORSE song for you to listen to today, and you can recommend a Taproot song to listen to today. Everybody wins! Deal?

          Here's my offering!

            Great Deal!

            Here is my offering from their latest album


              Nice, haha hearing the lead singer's voice took me right back to my nu-metal days hahaha

                His voice still kicks ass

                I keep them on my phone

                They never really leave

                I know they are nu-metal

                But I seperated them from that so long ago

                They evolved, branched out and stayed solid :)

      How was the concert last night, man? Hope you had fun!

      Hmmm, probably one of the songs @strange posted. The weird Jazz one!

      Last edited 16/01/13 8:50 am

        The concert is tonight if you are talking to me DC

        And it's hip hop tonight

          Oh, I meant the last thing I listened too was the weird jazz thing. Haha!

          I just assumed it was last night cause of the anxiety stuff you posted about and also cause it was your bros birthday and you were meeting your brothers. D.C. makes assumptions. :P

          Last edited 16/01/13 8:54 am

            And Spaghett doesn't explain himself clearly enough lol

            hahaha, oh thats what you last listened to :)

      Map of the Problematique off Muse's HAARP live album.

      I started listening to them again and got all depressed over the pile if horribleness that The Resistance was.

        Have you heard the new album? It's.. Interesting..

          I wasn't sure I wanted to.

            You probably don't. If you were disappointed by The Resistance I'd probably stay away.

              I dunno, there's one or two that are worth listening to. Overall though, yeaaahhh.

                I kinda dig the one that's a bit of a funk song. And there was one that sounded like classic Muse. But there wasn't a lot worth listening to more than once.

      Living In A World Without You - Rasmus

        I love The Rasmus :D

          Good man. We can remain friends.

            We will, of course

            I am sitting here drinking an Iced Chocolate, looking at my daily allocated work after completing a letter berating the Australian Taxation Office and texting Sam

            How are things in the world of Shane?

              Big pile of meh. I don't like being at work.
              Especially on days that end in Y (as in WHY GOD WHY?!)

              Nah, things are generally pretty good. Thanks for asking

              Last edited 16/01/13 9:12 am

                Friends ask those things man

                Even friends from different states who communicate solely through an unoffical Kotaku forum :)

                Yeah, I have a concert tonight, I am worried my brothers will not get on a train at 5, the gig starts at 8 and we are two hours from Sydney

      Heartbeat - Childish Gambino

      For you.

        I was listening to Camp this morning on the train

        At some point I fell asleep

        Thanks man

        BDO!!! seeing him in two days BOOM.

          Seeing him tonight man

          Sideshow with one support act and thats it!

          Be jealous!


            So jealous. Don't tell me the set is longer than the 45 minutes he is doing at BDO because I'll fill with a murderous rage.

              I will do a post gig write up tomorrow

              Don't read it :P

                If I read it i'll probably end up going all 'US postal service' on my colleagues... Oh wait, no I won't because we have gun control = smart!

                Last edited 16/01/13 11:02 am

    - more dot points
    - hello
    - required bioshock infinite pc specs. 20GB hard drive space
    - recommended bioshock infinite pc specs. 30GB hard drive space (HD texture packs maybe?)
    - CD Projekt Red's site has been updated with a pic of Grealt's sword teasing an 'announcement on the 5th Feb.' Witcher 3? I am goddamn hyped if it is...
    - Lost Odyssey. Figured I'd actually get around to finishing it. I'd forgotten how much I like that game.
    - /dot points

      Lost Odyssey is sweet!

        indeed it is. waaaay back in the day, I got up to the 4th disc & then got a RROD.... lost 50 hours progress & never got around to starting again... until last night, at least.

          Damn! That must've been right near the end too :(

          How did the RROD affect it though? You could always just transfer the HD to another Xbox and then copy the save.

          I kinda feel like starting it again with a guide going for that measly achievement to get all the treasure in the game but it seems a bit time consuming and stupid :P

            the RROD didn't affect the saves as such, but when I got it back after sending the machine for repairs, the HD had either been formatted or replaced...

            Still, it's a good opportunity to get back into it.

              Ah fair enough. I'm pretty sure you were supposed to take the HD off before sending it back :P

                i noticed those instructions after I got it back :p

    Potential Brisbane/Saturday meat: Session times for ParaNorman are up. Looks like there's no 3D sessions come nightfall and the latest 2D session is 7:05pm. Is that too early? Too late? Deal breaker in some way? Let me know! Not too late to change plans either way!

      Worst. Hermi...
      I think I'm starting to repeat myself. Have fun.

      Worst case we could see something else like Gangster Squad? Planning meats is hard! :P

      Woooo! Get hype for the DC's dinner/movie that happens to be on the same week as his birthday but isn't related to it meat

      That time is fine by me!

        I think Freeze is working during the day though. Long drive from coast and all that too. Don't want to rush the guy! Plus we decided it was Meat #7. MEAT #7! :P

          What's in the Box? What's in the Box! Come on What's in the box!

      Really? I don't think I can get up there until around 7 :(

        :( That's what I was worried about. Could see something else? Like the look of any of those other movies?

        Movies always have at least 20 minutes and usually closer to half an hour crap before the actual movie starts these days so. That's a bit of wiggle room.

      I'll redo that for you.

      ParaNorman has shitty times for 3D so we're going to the 2D one at 7.05. Fucking DEAL WITH IT.

      Last edited 16/01/13 9:46 am

      Early dinner followed by earlyish movie. What could possibly go wrong?

      I'm sure Event Cinemas at the Myer Centre will have later sessions in 3D, but then it starts getting expensive!

    Morning All!

    So im seriously considering pre-ordering dead island riptide Zombie Bait Edition... trouble is i dont want to order it if the pc version is going to be a real shitty port of the console version like the original one was... so much screen tear and performance issues....

      Well if you consider the controversy surrounding it I guess I can see it as a good collector's piece investment.

      Real question is will it see the light of day.

        It should, because the controversy surrounding it is misguided (in my opinion)

          totally agreed man, in all honesty some people must be bored as hell constantly look out for shit to bitch about...

            Yeah, except they usually end up caving and withdrawing things to satisfy people who weren't actually ever going to buy it in the first place.

          I just found it as a joke in poor taste. However everyone in the innerwebs seems to be getting mad about it.

            I'm more disappointed than mad. Lowest common denominator shit like high-profile and unnecessary sexualised violence is hardly going to improve the stigma of games and gamers.

            Edit: Just have to remember, it can't all be intellectually stimulating. For every The Walking Dead, there are at least five Chainsaw Lollipops and Dead Islands.

            Last edited 16/01/13 10:02 am

              high-profile and unnecessary sexualised violence

              But this is always in the media, you have women in tight clothes / wearing basically nothing killing thousands of people in movies / TV shows. Yet everyone seems fine with it.

              I'm not saying I approve of the statue, I'm just saying that demanding this to be taken off the shelves when you can easily find much worse stuff is a bit hypocritical.

              Last edited 16/01/13 10:03 am

                I dunno man, a dismembered bikini torso statue with limited contextual relevance is pretty bad... :)

                Edit: Also, I'm not sure your media argument holds up. Media content has to be accessed and consumed, implying the desire of the consumer to see the content. But something perpetually on display like this doesn't have even that gatekeeping mechanism.

                Last edited 16/01/13 10:48 am

                  Do you mean displaying it in public? Or on private property? Because I agree with you that something like that should ever be displayed in public, but that's hardly the publishers problem. The retail store should make a conscious decision to not display the product if it may cause offence.

              i most definitely see your point Shane, and i agree it is unnecessarily sexualised... What I dont understand is people kicking up a storm about it, start emailing people, form petitions and crap... no one is shoving it down anyones throat. it is completely optional. the game is clearly headed for an R18 rating.

              What will upset me is the way retail chains market this collectors edition. I no-doubt see them placing pictures of the mutilated corpse statue all over the shop. after all, these are also family stores, and this kind of stuff needs to be sold in a discrete manner.

                I think you and I are essentially in agreement. Especially about its prevalence in a retail space.

              Downvoted because Lolipop Chainsaw was spectacular.

      I didn't have problems with the PC version of Dead Island.

      Well, I mean, it was a buggy piece of crap, but by all accounts that's expected, what I mean is that it ran fine for me.


      This doesn't help you in the slightest, I know.

        lol, it ran fine most definetely but yeah it had more bugs than the amazon rainforest... and the graphical glitches... :/

        i hadnt played aport so bad since halo 2 pc...

          The issues there weren't because of the port.

          The issues there were because of THE GAME.

            most of those issues werent in the console versions though... at least not the visual/performance issues...

        from what I heard, the initial version that went up on steam was the beta. that why it was ultra buggy for a while.
        then they put the right version up & a lot of the bugs went away.

        it still had its problems, but it was a pretty enjoyable game in multiplayer.

          Yup. People found out after they downloaded the game, then suddenly had to download an update the entire size of the game a day+ later.

    A train from Wyong station leaves at 5:26 and gets to Central at 7:04 and takes 1 hour and 38 minutes

    Let's see if my brothers can follow my instruction and get on the right fucking train

    I am more than willing to go see Gambino by myself @bdkiaf

    But I bought them tickets, that have their names on them, brotherly bonding at a rap show!

    I don't know why I posted this

    I guess it's because I don't want to vouch an 8 page ledger from 2006 to today

      Fingers crossed it all works out, dude. Is there a second train that'll get them there by 8 if they miss the first one?

        Yep, a second train will get them there on 8

        The main act doesn't start at 8 anyway, but still its an issue of lining up, and going inside and all of that malarky

      I read the first line and thought eeeergh maths problem

        I felt my skin crawl while writing it man

        Grats again on Anna's Quest and such

        So no maths problems forthcoming in Anna's Quest 2, I take it?
        None of the hexadecimal stuff from ala-Rama for example?

          Maths puzzles are a deal breaker for me. Haha! There was one that looked like maths in Primordia. Instantly checked walkthrough. Wasn't maths, just over thought it. I stand by my thought process, though. Maths is the tool of the devil! :P

      I'm sure I could make it to Sydney by 8 :P

        Hahahahaha, I bet you could, leave now and pretend your name is Ben or Justin? :P


          Listening to Camp now, the last verse in You See Me is insane. Can't wait to see him next week.

            You are going to have such a good time man

            Apparently Miracle is supporting him tonight

            Whomever that is

              "Samson Andah, better known by his stage name Miracle, is an Australian rapper based in Sydney. He is best known for his song "Better Dayz", which is a rap cover of Pete Murray's song of the same name."


                Nice investigative work Archer :)

    So, I'm worried that The Walking Dead game is undoing all the good Mrs Shane's antidepressants accomplished. So. Damn. Bleak.

    I'm not really worried, but it was a joke we shared last night.

      I thought you were worried until I clicked the spoiler

      I am glad she has noticied a marked improvement

      I haven't with mine, although admittedly I am happier, but thats because of Sam....

      So I don't know, stronger dose maybe

        I'm sorry to hear that, man. Atleast you've got Sam! :)

          That I do brother of mine

          That I do

          I don't know, I still worry and get anxious about stuff

          And I still touch everything metal I walk past *makes Coles and Woolies super fun*


            :( I know your psychiatrist said exposure therapy probably won't work on you, but have you tried it any way, man? Sorry for prying!

              It's not prying DC, you and I are friends, friends discuss these things

              Different shrink now and she wants to try that stuff

              But she also thinks I have Low Frustration Tolerance and not problems with Anxiety

              She may be right about Low Frustration Tolerance, but I still have anxiety problems

              I don't like her

                Hope it goes well, man. You deserve good things and clear thoughts, ol' Spaghett!

                  Thanks DC

                  @dc is the bomb

                  Let's give him happy birthday wishes!

                  Troubling stuff. Stop living in the past, man. Birthday's a year away! :P

      I wonder how many kids are going to be named Clementine from this year onwards

      Last edited 16/01/13 9:50 am

        Haha! Better than Edward/Bella/Jacob/Harry/Hermione/etc.

        Although some of these names are cool, just tarnished by pop-culture. :P

        Last edited 16/01/13 9:58 am

    \o/ :D ^_^

      You win that thread today. Awesome, man! :)

        I saw that you replied to me. I thought you were going to call me a monster again.

          Aw man, that could have been a pun. Damn it. I think I'm slipping. :(

            I'm sure lonely people would like the bikini to slip.
            Nothing sexier than a dismembered torso with its tits out.

            *Waits to be called a monster*

              You. Monster. >:(

                I think i prefer 'Sexy Beast'...

                  I dunno man. The way you play The Walking Dead... total monster. Where you up to now?

    oh man, what could have been.... actually looked pretty cool...

      i saw that the other day. I always knew that the sequel was gonna have champions fighting on behalf of the dinosaurs... but seeing it in action is a bit disappointing.

      without the dinosaurs, its not got its main drawcard. that is to say, dinosaurs beating each other up.

      still, loved the game back in the day & I'd be hyper hyped for a remake / reboot.

      Edit: spelling.

      Last edited 16/01/13 10:18 am

    Just got an email from "The Messenger Team" with "Important information about my Messenger account"

    ...i thought those guys died?

      I was at their funeral

      I gave a chilling rendition of Gangnam Style

      People were in tears

        I always thought you would make a great portly South Korean with only one memorable achievement to his name, despite its mediocrity.
        Maybe you should do it for Halloween this year?

          Oh God! I have to do that!

          Heyyyyyyyyy sexy candy! GET GET GET, GET IN MY BELLY

      That's kinda the point. They want you to get on the Skype train. Woo woo!

    There's a new Civ 5 expansion coming.

    Good timing on that one, seeing as quite a lot of us are getting into it now.

    So bored. And manic. Honestly, I wish they'd just give me something to do. Having work to ignore/avoid makes the day go faster!

      What happened to my work ethic? I never used to be like this...

        You've got a good work ethic as a writer, though! Discipline!

      oh shane, now i want to watch clerks ii damn it....

      Clerks 2 spoiler...

      Jay: where the fuck's Kelly?
      Dude: Thats kelly!
      Jay: If thats Kelly, whos the sexy stud?!?

      Love how he gracefully does the whole spirit finger thing and tongue antics as he goes down on the donkey!

      Last edited 16/01/13 10:35 am

        That movie is So. Damn. Wrong. But so funny. And genuinely moving, too.
        It's my guiltiest pleasure, and cemented in my Top 5 films ever.

        Clerks III in 2014 \o/

        Last edited 16/01/13 10:40 am

          yeah i love Jay and Silent Bob. The sad part about Clerks III is that it apparently marks their retirement...

    Oh sweet! New Borderlands 2 DLC is out and I completely forgot about it.

    Didn't play much of the 2nd expansion since NO ONE ELSE DID (foreveralone) but I got up to the last boss and it was pretty much impossible to beat without certain weapons so I just gave up...

      Was the 2nd expansion that torque arena one? because that was frekkin hard I couldn't even complete it.

      I would be excited over this but, hey, DmC!!!!!!!!!

        I've kinda lost excitement since no one else plays it but I'm sure it'll still be fun, especially since I paid like $4 for it :D

          I never finished the first one (though I did smash the raid bosses) and haven't played the second one. I really should give that game some attention many other games to play!

          Last time I played that game I was farming for a Metal Blood head skin for my Mecromancer.

          Suffice to say my Mecromancer looks badass now.

          Also DmC!!!!!!

          I found ten dollars.

      confession: i have never played borderlands 2... :)


    Listening to The 2nd Law now. It's not as bad as The Resistance. But is still a solid second last in my Muse Album Rankings.

      And because I'm bored and not much else to do:

      1. Origin of Symmetry
      2. HAARP
      3. Black Holes and Revelations
      4. Absolution
      5. Showbiz
      6. Hullabaloo
      7. The 2nd Law
      8. The Resistance

        origin of symmetry
        black holes
        havent listened to 2nd law & dont really want to.

        I am also bored.

          Y u guys ranking Hullabaloo so low, that album is so underrated :(

          Last edited 16/01/13 2:43 pm

            actually, now that you mention it, I forgot that there was a 2nd disc in Hullabaloo.
            I'd actually jump it up to 3rd place now.


        1. Absolution
        2. Origin of Symmetry
        3. Hullabaloo
        4. Showbiz
        5. Black Holes and Revelations
        6. HAARP
        7. The 2nd Law
        8. The Resistance

        That being said, Muscle Museum is my favourite track, which is sitting on album 4.

        Last edited 16/01/13 2:41 pm

      I didn't mind The Resistance, so I'd put The 2nd Law last. And I'd probably move Black Holes and Revelations to the top of mine. The rest I agree with.


    I bought Borderlands 2 on my Xbox, so I could co op with my brother

    The second DLC was so difficult to solo

    So I am really keen to download the 3rd one tonight


    Can I assume you have Borderlands 2 on PC?

      Yep, PC for me.

        Ugh, my brother was and still is, heavily into BLOPS 2 when the second DLC came out, and he is never really home, so I couldn't play it with him

          What a jerk!

          The boss is stupidly hard on solo so I'm not even bothering :P

          Pretty sure this one increases the level cap too :D!

            I know, the biggest jerk!

            Good brother though, I will get him back into it

      I have it on 360. My only guy, an assassin, is level 36. I'm keen to play any of the DLCs if you have a similar ranked character.

        XBL I am InsanityAwaits

        add me man, I won't be playing tonight, but I will tomorrow


    Forget what I said before, I'm an idiot. Forgot I work in NSW now so I finish at 4 not 5 QLD time. I can get up there well in time. Probably even for dinner if I push it.

      *shakes fist at time travel* Awesome! :D Since the movie's only 100 mins and starts at 7:05, we could always have dinner afterwards too?

    I've decided that I can't venture outside of TAY anymore. Aside from an interesting and well-reasoned difference of opinion with @effluvium-boy I just get saddened by the state of the comments. There's so much damn anger out there :(

    Last edited 16/01/13 11:09 am

      This sounds odd, but I seem to only read comments with Gravatars! :D

        But.. That would exclude Flu and DAN!

        That's missing out on some quality content.

          Unless it's Flu/Dan!/pre-Cheese Ben J. :P (Or anyone on TAY. Haha!)

      Unfortunately the "gamer" stereotype doesn't just exist for no reason.

        You know, I genuinely thought the world had outgrown that stereotype. :(

        Time to add 'gamers' to the list of groups I want nothing to do with (TAYceptions apply of course), alongside 'writers' and 'rapists'

        Last edited 16/01/13 11:29 am


            I'm so not kidding :P

            I don't like the way I'm thinking now either, being all mad that people like this exist and are wasting all our food and oxygen. :(

            I'm tired of defending them in public, won't be happening again.

            Last edited 16/01/13 12:31 pm

              :( Sorry, man. Just writers and rapists in the same sentence made me laugh. I understand your point, though. Hope you feel better too.

                Sorry, I shouldn't have vented all over you. I'm probably just a bit highly-strung at the moment and got a bit upset at all the personal attacks, hostility and self-entitlement in those torso article comments.

                Last edited 16/01/13 12:34 pm

      Yeah, it's pretty sad.

      My opinion has been swaying. I'm now getting the feeling that people really do get off on this stuff and my initial reaction/opinion, which relied on the assumption that people would see beyond the "smut", was rather ignorant.

      Last edited 16/01/13 11:55 am

    Sydney Sexy Laser Blaster Meat Of Sexy Lasers

    Where: Strike entertainment bar, Darling Harbour
    When: Febuary, maybe March. Depends on what's best for you guys.
    What: A Scotish docter
    Who: Whoever
    How: Much? about $18 per person but if I go down in person to book, they can do deals

    So who's interested?

    @Spaghett will be there. He doesn't know it yet, but he will be.

      Awww yeah!

        So what days/times suit you best?

          A weekend man would be good :)

          March probably better, or a date in February that isn't near Soundwave

      im interested.

        Sexy. ANy dates better for you?

          I was gonna try & get a bavarian / mojos event going for the 23rd feb. So not then :p

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