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Rise and shine, Special K! I hope your weekend was as special, and fun, as mine. And if we're getting specific, I hope it was just as filled with spicy Korean chicken chops. And I hope you've all done your homework! Chapters 1-10 of DmC. There'll be a quiz later...


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    print("Hi friend, ");

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      Aaaaand we start the week with a downvote. Guess it can only get better from here, right? :P

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    Damn Mondays /o\
    Hooray for MonTAY \o/

    Morning my "peeps" (so street)

    How was everyone's weekend? The Brisbane meat was awesome! I would get the write up i did but, lazy.

      Hella street yo, that is totes street yo


        Chicken and Motha Fucking Gravy?

      I played some games with some jerks who instalocked .

        Such jerks. Who even does that?

    Morning MonTAY

    @dc Damn It DC!

    Last song played game

    Cowboys from Hell by Pantera

    It must have been interesting for people to see this suited man headbanging through the streets and mouthing lyrics

    @shane, see edited :)

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      All These Things That I Have Done- The Killers

      Oh, we're not playing that yet?

      "I've got ham, but I'm not a hamster."

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        No, we are, I went back and edited my comment

      According to iTunes (fight me, @spaghett) it's Outlive - The Ghost Inside.

        I couldn't fight you man, we are friends

        Friends shouldn't fight

        Besides, I am busy eating Spaghetti

        Have a good weekend @bdkiaf man?

          Yeah, not bad. Nothing too eventful, though I am on leave for this week, which is pretty great. Ignoring the 6-7 hours of driving just to go to IKEA and back.

            Where do you work/what do you do?

              IT support for the ACT Government. Nothing particularly exciting, though it helps that I don't really have to think too much during the work day.

                Well that's good

                Plans for your week of leave?

    I just tried to compile something.

    It gave me 4993 errors, on a project that should work.

    I blame... Monday mornings.

    Also society. Always blame society.

      I blame society, also society

      And the Spanish Inquisition

      Edit* I also blame DC

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    Mornin' TAY!

    Reminder for everyone: TF2sday is on tomorrow night! Whether you think you're good/bad/a hybrid of half-man half-cumquat, 8:30pm AEDT!
    The closer to 24 players we are, the less randoms we have to deal with.

      I saw that event get created when playing Torchlight 2 :)

      Thanks for the reminder

      Who decided to make TF2esday on Tuesday? Wednesday is the most obvious choice!

        Also we doing a DOTA 2 game again tonight?

          I did really enjoy that derp game we had last week. Might try and get online for tonight.

      I am so there, though I will be a absolute load on the team that I'm on.

    Mornin' folks!

    How you all doin'? Did everyone listen to Potaku? There will be a test.

      Uhhh..... The Battle of Gettsyburg. 3.14, It is an adjective

      These answers doing it for you?

        *whispering* psst, hey man, what did you get for the "name" question?

          I think that answer is The Theory of Relativity

            Big Bang Theory?

              Me fail english? That's unpossible!

              If that's the answer then you've immediately failed, regardless of the question.

                What if the question was 'what is the tv show that Shiggy vehemently hates?'

      I didn't even know there was a new Potaku!

        Linky linky -


          Pfft, Potaku website. Get with the iTunes man!

            Shouldn't it be "Get with the iTimes man?"


    Sounds more like a dirty closed door activity.

    ERRRMAGERD! Who watched that match last night!? SO DAMN CLOSE. Incredible. Except that the wrong man won :'(

      The thing about Djokovic is he always tries to walk it in.

      Why don't you marry him then :-)

      (Classic Sughly response)

      So damn good! I was sure Djokovic wouldn't be able to break. Stan played the match of his life.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    I spent all weekend MOVING HAUS. I am now in my new place, and have brought across most of my stuff- notable omission, I notcied this morning, being my razor, so today I'm on the dishevelled end.

    A monday morning question, apropos of nothing: If you could drive one videogame vehicle, what would it be? I'd love to take the Normandy for a spin

      I want to drive a Mongoose from Halo. Those things are rad.

      I doubt Joker would allow that.

      I would like to drive one of those transforming vehicles from Sonic racing Transformed, driving along and the cops show up LOL I'm in the sky now.

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        I could handle taking a Valkyrie to work each day.

      The flying saucer from Spyro: Year of the Dragon


      Normandy would be cool, as would any of the space vehicles but think I would prefer something atmospheric.
      Although nothing from planetside 2, I wouldn't survive the day. Actually the more I think about it the reply to loops above might be the one.

      Assuming that we are talking vehicles rather than suits like Samus' power armour

      Assuming this also includes the necessary training to do so, I'd be torn between basically any variable fighter from Macross or a TIE Interceptor.

    Good morning everyone!

    I had a fairly quiet weekend, but sometimes that's nice. Watched a fair amount of Buffy. Played some Dishonored, I'm absolutely terrible at stealth - 70 kills in the first mission...oops. Also played some FTL. The adventures of Pantaloons, Jugsy and Cake on the MojoMonstrosity were cut tragically short by a combination of surprise Mantis attacks and suffocation. I'm gonna do a Potaku voyage next! We're all doomed.

    What is this, talking about games? Who even does that anymore?

    Oh, also, a friend came over and gave me a late birthday present - this kickass Bane statue

      I talked about games most of the weekend with a friend. We like went full nerd talking about pokemon natures EV's and IV's in public. It was pretty great.

        Do you EV train? I once tried breeding Pokemon to get the right natures and it took forever.

      Wait... I think I play games wrong. I play stealthily, but I still kill EVERYONE. Why would I not kill them all!? That doesn't sound stealthy! That sounds lazy! Stealth means they die never even knowing I was there.

        Well, I usually kill people because they've spotted me, so...

        There's achievements in Dishonored for not being spotted or killing anyone and I thought 'hey I'll give that a try!' and then 70 people died...

          They had to die man

          They saw your face

          I love stealth killing, but not letting them live

          It's like playing a WW2 game and not shooting any Nazi's

            This guy gets it!

              Thank you

              I understand that the challenge of not killing anyone nor being seen might be fun

              But, they put the ability to kill people in violent, varying and interesting ways into the game

              Why not kill them

              I loved to sneak up behind someone and watch my blade magically pop up on the other side of their neck covered in red kroovy, or score a headshot with a crossbow

    @shane - my alerts is saying you mentioned me, but when i click it, nothing comes up. Did you say something horrible about me and delete it? :P

    Everyone else - HI GAIS!!!
    I started painting 40k stuff again on the weekend - feels good man.
    ALSO - BLOODBOWLLLLLLL!!!! We GOTS ta play dis, mang!!!

    Aside from that, did a whole bunch of packing, went to a wedding expo and saw a couple of my mates and did the "will you best man and groomsman me" thing. Felt good.

      I think I mentioned you in a The Walking Dead comment, and said you were a monster. But I don't think I deleted it, so it should still be there. I might have tagged you inside spoiler tags. Maybe that feths it up..?

      Nothing important anyway.

      Wedding prep! \o/
      Oh man, that never stops. When's the big date?

        I thought that might have been the case. My monster senses were tingling, after all.

        Date is set for November 23rd.
        So far we've organised:
        Photographers and videographer
        Venue (ceremony and reception)
        and Bee has organised her hair and makeup - i think that's it so far..

          Better get on it then, man. Or you won't have enough time to train the doves.

      What page was it on? I noticed this too but if you click on the next page the comment with the notification will be on the page get.

      The first comment of a new page gets all screwy so maybe it's there.

      ...or maybe Shane hates you :(

        Maybe it's a combination of all of the above.
        Maybe it's because of the fact that i don't approve of his collecting of dismembered human torsos.

          Careful, or I might start adding to my collection...

    Started posting on TAY back in November

    So much time has passed and a lot has changed


      While we're talking about Strange:

      Hi Strange!
      How are you?

        I thought that would happen

        @dc, come out come out wherever you are hiding

        Hi Bishy!
        My holidays are finished. Mr. Strange went back to work today and school starts next week. I will be the parent of a high school kid then. Eek!

        When are you coming home, Bish? I'll need plenty of notice so I can go to the inevitable BishMeat. Are you even ever coming home? :(

          Pretty sure if I stay here any longer than I intend to, I will freeze to death.
          All the best with the kiddos! It'll be fiiiiiiiiiine, kids are totally still kids until about year 9, and then it's all downhill. So you still have 2 good years left! :D #ReallyBadAtComforting
          I will be back by PAX Aus! I was actually thinking of rolling around and travelling for a bit, like Aleph, except with less tattoos.
          We shall see!

      No, it's @strange

        Hey Shane, how was your weekend buddy?

        @dc, I promised I would tag you in everything, I am sure it will stop eventually, sorry in advance

            He is having a break from stuff, trying to get his head straight

            He said it was none of our faults

            So now I am tagging him in stuff, because he will be missed here

            Won't he @shane

              I don't miss that jerk at all.

              ... maybe a little bit.

    Rocketmeet deets
    i am having a thing in sydney city to show my friend around and he wants to meet you lovely people to make sure nobody stabs me in the heart. So on the 2nd of Feb which is a saturday i will be wandering around in the city in the morning/afternoon. If anybody wants to come around then thats fine. Then i think we will grab something to eat and head to Taybar which is also called mojos. I expect you all to be there. Even you DC :P.

    Seriously though i would love for you all to come because i will be freaking out alot and i need some friendly faces to calm my nerves/slap me back to reality.

      I'll be there, bro.

        Cakefrond said he was a maybe but booby lady said she could make a appearance, also blaghsie
        the 21 crew will all be assembled. We are like the avengers except way more unfit and can't save anyone.

      I won't be there
      But I'll be thinking of you.
      THINKING of you

        Im always thinking of you.
        but mine is more like
        "wow your friend loops is probably going to eat you one day" :P

          Funny - that's what i'll be thinking about.
          *licks lips*

      I'll try kayak over.
      No guarantees though.

        Kayak is a palindrome i just noticed that. Thats pretty cool.

          That was a trivia question last week, in other news I have trivia tonight

      But... but dc's in qld

      (I dont get jokes?)

      Last edited 21/01/13 10:06 am

      "i would love for you all to come"

      Me included?

        Of course,
        i sent you a email apologising.
        I was a bit of a dick, i had my cranky pants on.
        Also i was a little emotional cause my nonno died that day.
        Anyway, if you can forgive me i would love to buy you a beer. :)

    I went and did things on the weekend. Now I feel unclean.

      Did you hide the body near where you picked her up?


    Confirmasha? Did the US PayPal thing work?

      I don't know I haven't tried it yet. I saw the news story on IGN but I haven't got a chance to try it out. My computer has been having problems and I just managed to fix it this morning, maybe I'll see if I can add $5 or something later tonight.

    We could probably Dota tonight. I'd tag the usual people here asking them, but I never get the tags right...

      Its pretty easy to remember
      im @Rocketman
      Blaghman is @Blaghman
      Cakesmith is @Cakesmith
      and you are a jerk for not tagging me

        All of these for you Rocket:

        ...all of them.

    Good Mornday TAY

    Any requests before I head off to my unpaid volunteer radio host job?

    Also, I will soon have NERF guns... uh... more NERF guns

      I request the pit of a single perfect cherry, preserved in amber.

      I request you play Africa by Toto
      then directly after play Africa By Toto
      the do that 18 more times
      Then Play the final Countdown
      To finish your show play this

      Raining Blood, by Slayer

      Well, volunteer so they can fire you and it wouldn't be too bad?

        Yeah... Sorry... No.

          Oh, sorry, I didn't know where you DJ-ed until Rockets just told me @rocketman, thanks buddy

          um, I don't want to set the world on fire by the Ink Spots :)

            I'll see, that one may not be in the computer.

            One request for Ink Spots - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire

              I love the Ink Spots

              Thanks to Fallout 3, I now have an entirely old era of music that is new to me which I love

                Aye, I'd have to say that Anything Goes was my favourite Fallout 3 song

                  Civilization was good too :)

                  And Jazzy Interlude

                  Hell, I love the whole soundtrack

                  It's on my phone :D

        Numbers dj's at a old people station.
        I don't think they would appreciate slayer :P


      :D best start to the week :D

        Again, Metal is a no-no, the usual audience probably doesn't appreciate metal, they're old

          Haha, my bad man.

          Perhaps Coin Laundry - Lisa Mitchell
          or... All The Rowboats - Regina Spektor?


            One request for Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry
            Another request for Regina Spektor - All the Rowboats

      Lloyd Speigal - Dirt road to paradise

        Considering I can't find that song on youtube, chances are slim

          Probably would have helped if I spelt his name right as well. I couldn't find that be below will give you and idea on what he is like

          Doesn't have much of his stuff on youtube, but if you have spotify then he has a number of albums up there. His most recent (and I think best) is tangled brew which has dirt road to paradise on it

    Damn it @dc

    My stapler just broke

    Why Monday? Why?

    The Injustice! The humanity!

      Thanks Obama DC

        Imagine the crapstorm if DC were elected!!!

          A hermit president. I can see the campaign trail... empty. I can see the Oval Office... empty.

    Morning, TAY!
    Still reeling from the tennis last night...

      'Twas good! I struggled to stay awake though. As soon as my head touched the pillow after the game I was out.

        Whaaaat!! Took me ages to get to sleep, I was all over hyped from the match. On the edge of my seat with every point in that last set, so intense :O

          Apparently rockets is offering free chloroform for all...

    So you know how you guys are all smart and know stuffs? Well who can tell me what the easiest way to transfer all my things from the old laptop(that works fine) onto my new one is?

      Portable hard drive would be my top recommendation. Will investigate further.

      Edit: apparently this thing has a program called Norton Ghost or something that will copy abolutely everything in one easy package.

      Last edited 21/01/13 9:57 am

        dont ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ghosting will copy os drivers and stuff.... you could end up with major dramas when you move it across to a new device consisting of completely different hardware....

          Okay. Ignore me then.
          I just looked for a solution that accommodated extreme laziness in case a portable hdd was too much work :P

      Smart AND intelligent!

      External hard drive? I dunno :P

      Probably by using either a portable harddrive and making a backup first then transffering the backup data
      alternatively you could just flail your arms around and scream get in my disk drives data
      That second option is the one my mum uses.

      With a Nokia :P

        Don't you have a apple convention to start throwing eggs at? :P

        Dammit Lamb...I have Windows 8 now. I thought that would make you happy! :P

      assuming that the're both the same type of connection, take the hard drive out of the old laptop & put it in the new one.

      thats the easiest way, but I'm sure thats not exactly what you wanted :p

        Wouldn't this have the same issue that zetrox2k mentioned above, that there might be drivers that conflict with the different hardware of the new machine...?

          probably, but the OS should recognise any new hardwarw & prompt you to d/l the new drivers.

          Edit: but then again, my response was more of a joke answer.

          Last edited 21/01/13 10:19 am

      Windows 7+ to Windows 7+, hit start, type windows easy transfer, run the program, follow the steps. :) Can transfer directly between two machines over a network.

        Windows7 to Windows8.
        This looks like what I was looking for. Thanks! :D

    @Chuloopa how are you going to cope if Relic doesn't find a buyer?

    Last edited 21/01/13 9:58 am

      Relic has to find a buyer - they don't make crap games, so how could they not?
      If not, i have $10 in my wallet. I'll buy them.

    morning guys! hope everyone had a fun weekend? i spent my saturday working
    may go and grab me a 3DSXL i thinks... we shall see... the Vita folks have formed a cult and keep chanting "one of us" and "noone leaves the vita club".... so conflicted!

      How was the tennis the other day?

        pretty good man! it pays to understand greek when you are watching another greek play.... some of those chants were extremely disturbing...... o_0

        went for dinner afterwards, barely got any food on our plates but ended up $130 lighter... its kinda disappointing to walk out of a restaurant you just spent that kind of money at for two people when you walk out of there thinking you would have preferred mcdonalds...

          Oh you ate at one of the restaurant things at the grounds? Yeah I can't imagine that would've been cheap! haha I had enough trouble justifying a $10 sandwich for lunch :P

          Glad you had a good time!

            no no, thats just silly.... city restaurant... cant even remember what it was called.... looked pretty flash though!

            also, traffic was hell, took an hour and a half for what is normally a 20 minute trip.... got there just as evermore were about to kick off their last song...

              Ah, that sucks! I caught the free tram from fed square to the grounds and back. I was surprised how well they coordinated it all. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes or so for the next tram.

      If it's any consolation, I left the Vita club. I was a launch buyer and staunch supporter of the Vita the whole way, but I felt Sony let us all down. The PSP is also my favorite handheld of all time, if my Sony handheld fandom needs clarification.

      Honestly, see what games each system has and what appeals to you most. On the upside, the Vita is a fuggin' sexy piece of hardware - polished, powerful and lovely to use. Just.... the games. I also preferred the original 3DS to the XL. 3DSXL felt cheap, plastic-ey and clunky.

      Last edited 21/01/13 10:09 am

        im in the same boat as you man.... always loved the sony gear, same opinion on the PSP. But man, its been over a year and the games are seriously lacking... nothing decent on the horizon either... no point on holding on to the console because the hardware is awesome if you have nothing to play...

          I found I was increasingly using the Vita as a PSP and PSX console. No point doing that when the PSP does it just as well, is cheaper, and the battery lasts a shitload longer.

            The screen is much nicer though. I can't go back to my PSP2000 because of the horrible blur whenever everything moves.

            Also It doesn't feel like a flimsy piece of shit that's going to snap in half in my hands like the PSP-2000 either.

        the 3ds over the xl? really? i had a play around with the xl and thought the handheld was rock solid....

          Yeah that one more comes down to personal preference, I'm sure.

          I got my 3DS at launch, and have spent a lot of time with it. I found with the XL, it's built of very thin and cheap plastic that very much just kind of clips together. It has a dull, matte finish - shit colors, and the magnificent glossy, metal flecked paint from the 3DS is no more. Screen quality is fine, but overall I could just never shake the feeling I was holding an inferior product. The 3DS XL is also significantly cheaper than the 3DS was, so much so that it just confirms the cost-cutting and overall cheapness.

          The original 3DS feels much more solid. It's molded, and put together very nicely. It just feels like a higher quality product.

          Incidentally, I did purchase a 3DS XL, but sold it within weeks. My US launch 3DS still gets regular use. Plus, all my criticisms of the XL mean nothing if you're after the screen size, because that point can't be argued!

      Let's make a pros and cons list to help you out.

      Pros: Has games

      Cons: Has no games


        A non-ShakespearianTragedy


        PS Vita
        Pros: Is Shakespearean

        Cons: Is a tragedy

    You know that twinkly noise/tune that plays in the BttF movie?

    I just heard it at work.

    If Marty doesn't skate by and make Biff crash into a manure truck then there are no words for how disappointed I will be in today.

      I....... HATE....... MANURE.


    I'd also like to point out how baws it is that Combichrist feature in DmC - one of my favorite aggrotech bands. Also downloaded the soundtrack by Noisia, and powering my day with both.

      I pre ordered the Combichrist soundtrack to DMC through iTunes, I so can't wait!!!

      I love them, saw them live last year in Sydney at the Manning Bar :D

      Was amazing!

        That's awesome. Never seen any of my aggro bands live, didn't think they came anywhere near Aus - didn't think there was enough call for it. Might have to keep my ears open for some bands in the future.

        But srsly, enjoying the hell out of DmC, and the soundtrack is fantastic. Noisia and Combichrist suit it well.

          Yeah dude, it was insane!

          I will be jumping all over DmC on PC when I get paid next

      OK, I think I need to get DmC now.

        Magic words were said for ol A to the Lezzle to be picking up his copizzle of DmCizzle

        If you get it up to 88 mph, you're gonna see some serious shit.


          !.21 Giggawattz

            1.21 JamieWatts!

            That's me and my messed up clone (he's a face in a jar. Just the face. Not even a full head. I call him facey)


              Facey the face in a jar

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