Tell Us Dammit: Game Genres That You Just Don't Click With

Nobody's suited to every single type of game — or, if they are, they've got a lot more time on their hands than is strictly speaking healthy. Which popular game genres just don't light a fire under you?

MMOs Minus Me

It's shameful confession time. Over the years I reckon I've had a crack at every single game genre going, including some which no longer exist.

But the MMO sits unique in my gaming collection for one very simple reason.

I've tried plenty of MMOs, but I've never really hit that "spark" point where my enthusiasm ignites and I've simply got to play more of it. That "I'll come to dinner when I've just finished this one last quest" moment that so many games are capable of hooking you in with.

I'm not entirely sure why it is; I nearly always end up wandering around randomly slaying X of a particular beast for reasons that don't quite gel with me, or not quite getting the social aspect of it (and I do understand that the social aspect is a huge part of the MMO experience). I suspect there's part of my mind that rails against the monthly fee part as well, although the logical part of my brain totally gets that it's feasible to get value out of that monthly spend far in excess of a few measly dollars.

Still, MMOs and Me. We don't seem to get along, despite my trying.

Which game genres don't gel with you personally, and why?

Note: My use of the word "personal" there is quite deliberate; this is one of those topics that could so very quickly become a hideous flame war. The intent isn't for you to say "This type of game is crap, ner ner"; it's to do with your own gaming experiences, not judging those of others. By all means engage with the non-choices that people make — but keep it civil, please? It's much more engaging that way.


    I just can't get into sports or racing games. Hell even 'mandatory racing mini-games' can put me off. It's half the reason I still haven't finished any of the GTA games. I usually get stuck at the street race bits and stop caring.

      I agree. I try to get into racing games, but they get repetative to quickly for me. I am also very bad at racing games, and I'm not a good loser.

      I don't like "realistic" racers. eg: Gran Turismo and Forza, or even more arcadey types like Need for Speed and and Project Gotham.

      The only realistic racers I like are Formula 1 games, due to the fact I'm a fan of Formula 1.

      "Unrealistic" racers though, like F-Zero, Mario Kart, Burnout etc? I can totally get into those.

      Also on my list are MMORPG's. I've never got into one and never plan to. The whole concept just doesn't appeal to me.

      I'm also not a huge fan of realistic shooters like WW2 games. I'd rather be shooting Aliens and Demons...but only one PC. Sorry, FPS games do NOT work with a dual analogue controller. They just don't.

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    Point-and-click adventure games.

      but ... the walking dead, Sam and Max ... Monkey Island!

      I'm sorry DC, we can't be friends anymore *runs away crying and tears down all the DC posters hanging in his room*

        There's just not enough shooting for my liking. The heart wants what the heart wants.

          What a minute, does the D in your name stand for Dudebro?

        You may or may not be aware, this is pretty much the only genre DC plays. He's rabid foaming crazy for them.

          Completely illogical! I played Deponia and carried a stunned parrot in my inventory. That's just against the natural order of things! *shakes fist*

            I KNEW you hated my gift :(

              Using a monkey as a wrench! Madness!

                Actually sounds kind of fun. :)

                  That's actually Monkey Island 2. :P

                  Last edited 10/01/13 11:27 am

      Who are you, and what have you done with the real DC

    MMO's and me as well, I can't stand them

    Fighting games e.g. Street Fighter

      Yup, same for me. I don't have the drive to learn button combos and button mashing is very unrewarding.

        I HATE 2D fighters and particularly the Street Fighter arcade-type games.
        The speed and lack of any sense of physical interaction with the characters just makes it a combo mashing competition as far as I’m concerned.

        I don’t mind the 3D Namco games though but the only arcade style fighting game I’ve ever really loved was Soul Calibre on the Dreamcast because it was smooth enough that you could effectively time your moves and counter-fight.

        Nutty for sports games that involve fighting though. The UFC and Fight Night games are great.

          I agree, I tried and tried with the Street Fighter games and the closest I got to liking one of them was EX+Alpha back in the 90s, which you'll note is as close to Tekken as anyone got.

          The Namco games, however, are perfect with one button per limb and animations that resemble actual martial arts rather than cheap projectile attacks

        Of course button mashing would be unrewarding. That would be the same in ANY game. Seriously, do you go into a shooter and just randomly press the fire button? Or go into racing games and randomly accelerate/brake/steer? Or go into a point-and-click game and just randomly click around the screen? No, you wouldn't. So why adopt that mentality with fighting games? I've never understood why players do it. Button mashers will NEVER beat an opponent who knows a game half decently, even in games with relatively simple mechanics like the original trilogy of 2D Mortal Kombat games.

        Most fighting games (the well made ones anyway) have an incredible level of depth to them if you actually bother to learn. It's not just a simple matter of learning button combinations, because you can teach a monkey to do that. It's also knowing strategic and when to use the various moves and combos your character possesses to maximise their strength. How to bait out specific reactions from your opponent and then countering them. How to break through their defenses or capitalise on their mistakes. Quick reflexes help too, but that's common across many genres, including shooters and RTS games.

        I'm not saying you should like fighting games; if you don't like them then you don't like them and we all have different tastes. But I do recommend you try learning one or two instead of just button mashing, and you might just be surprised at how rewarding it can be. Beating an opponent with a specific play you have been working on is always satisfying.

        Maybe I'm just biased as I've played fighting games at a competitive level in the past.

    Hardcore racing sims and sports games
    Actually anything really that requires memorising the exact course/level and making the smallest of changes to get through it or dependent on reflexes
    Examples: Gran Turismo, Fifa, Super meat boy, bit trip games

      This for me.

      Also stealth games, often because they're the same sort of trial-and-error gameplay.

      OMG how can you hate on FIFA?

        Silly roundball game liked by a bunch of sad lonely mouthbreathers who want to be sports stars but are to fat and lazy so instead sit around and twiddle two little knobs.
        Is that better hating on it? I don't hate it but it doesn't click for me as per the note above. Also note that the above was totally in jest

        I haven't played a lot and can appreciate the skill involved in the game, but it just isn't for me. Same as Super meat boy, watching somebody skilled play and I can be impressed but I am not interested enough to play myself.

        I never cared much for sports sims but I have a special hate for FIFA after Hackers broke into my XBL account last yr and used my points balance to buy DLC

    I strongly dislike Point and Click adventures, MMOs and Racing games.

    MMO's. Not a fan of hours of grinding for minimal outcome. Thats the main reason I didnt like Diablo 3 as well. it had MMO mechanics for a single player game (or with a few people, but certainly not MMO.)

    Racing games / Driving simulators. I like the Burnout series, because of the crashes, but other than that, they just dont appeal & I'm pretty crap at them anyway.

    Cannot get in to shooty-bang-bang FPSs. BORING.

      But do you enjoy the FPS's where you don't shoot anything?

    The spunkgargleweewee genre.

    Those adventure games where you have a bird's eye view of the character, and the console games where the screen keeps spinning around the character, like Uncharted. There's just something about the format that rubs me the wrong way.

      You mean a Third Person Shooter? Tell me (I don't have a PS3 but) is the Camera in Uncharted tethered to your characte's back (like in Gears of War) or is it free moving like GTA/Saints Row?

    - Sports games.
    - Puzzle games.
    - Games with no story.
    - Comedic games.

      Comedic games? So you never enjoyed the likes of Conker's Bad Fur Day?

      For shame.

    The FPS World War X game. This genre has kinda been done to death (it still keeps going because it makes money). I find the whole premise to be uninteresting, random country a is pissed at random country b because person x or event y did action z. There is no sense of personal progress for me and that is of major importance in any game I play which is why I am drawn to RPG games.
    Having said that, I don't mind so much the FPS that does something different with its story and setting. Borderlands, Perfect Dark, Far Cry and hell, even the Halo franchise (even though I won't play the game due to not owning an X Brick) have all given a splash of fantasy that makes a game that much more playable to me.

    I find it very difficult to get into Diablo style rpgs. There's been a few exceptions, but for the most part, the hack n slash just doesn't do it for me.

      Agreed - "Oh look, we're fighting goblins. In a cave. Again"

        Yeah, but "Oh look, we're shooting enemy soldiers in bombed-out buildings. Again," or "Oh look, we're driving a car around a track. Again," or "Oh look, we're launching disgruntled avian creatures at poorly-built structures. Again". You know?

    Mine's more of a game mechanic thing, I can't stand Turn Based Combat or horrible camera in any form. So RPG mostly.

    For me it's racing, sports, FPS, and fighting games. Racing games are too repetitive for my liking (more so than grinding in an RPG...), while sports games are just boring. As for FPS and fighting games, besides finding them boring, I just plain suck at them.

    RTS games. They've always kicked my ass, and as much as I try to get into them, I always end up getting totally reamed with no real clue of what I'm doing or what just happened. I know not being good at a game isn't a great reason to not be into it, but I guess I just never had enough interest in the genre to really apply myself to it. WarCraf/Starcraft, C&C, Civilization, they don't like me, and I don't like them.

      You gave it a go, you didn't get into it, it happens. At least you gave it a go.

    Genres I'm not a big fan of: Sports, Racing, 'Realistic' Shooters
    According to steam, my most played games are: RPG, Action, Adventure and Indie

      What's not to like about realistic shooters with their 12 billion shades of brown, deadpool soldiers with regenerating health that can shrug off a shotgun blast but crumple over dead from a paper cut. Not to mention the whole complete master with any weapon thing and how the story is normally just cutscenes between blowing things up ... I do like that teabagging thing though

        You wouldnt happen to be targeting any particular franchise of duty duty, would you?

          ... maybe.

          But if you're going to call something a realistic shooter, I saw go the full hog. bullets do proper damage, if you get shot it's off to the infirmary or ER for you and you have to heal in real time and then go through psych/physical therapy before being able to be back out in the field or being sent home. None of this "hide behind a box for a few seconds to let the 100 bullets I just absorbed work their way out of my intestines" malarkey ... also, spawn campers should automatically get a local strain of the clap.

          *end quasi rant* To be fair, I'm damned horrible at FPS games so most of my deaths are swift and moderately painless

        Try Counter Strike Source, you might like it. Die with one bullet most of the time

          Ahh CS:Source ... I haven't played that in years. I did always enjoy it because it was mostly realistic. You had a set amount of health, decent guns except that damned AWP and it was fun. I've been meaning to have a look at the CS:GO that came out recently because it looks like a high def version of Source. Thanks for reminding me of the fun times I had, Lillee

    I find sports games unplayable, racing games unattractive and I just don't get platformers.

    I actually have trouble defining what game genres I am into. I either like a game or I don't.

    So many. So so many. I'm a jaded gamer, who will accept only the very pinnacle of gaming excellence these days.

    I just can't get into RTS's. Tutorials are very slow and there's to much me for to remember

      For RTS games I just start up a skirmish first time round, and build everything!

        I think it's more that if you play an RTS campaign the first 3-10 missions are going to be tutorial missions that gradually unfold the various features and teach you a little about the tech tree.

    I find that games on consoles just don't really click with me.


    *whispered* It's a joke about mice v. controllers */whispered*

    And Fighting Games. I am terribad at them.

      *Whispers* The secret is to press the left or right stick with slightly more force.*/Whispers*


        *Runs off crying*

        Well, I hope your happy now Mr Kidman ... You made Blagh cry *slow claps* ... seriously though, nice work. I've been trying but he's just too tough for me.

    Sports games, Warfare games, MMOs, Fighters, Strategy, anything turn based. There's probably more genres that I don't like than ones I do.

    Sandbox type stuff, GTA-ish games. I got Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 3 though, which one would be worth playing?

      Sleeping Dogs, for sure. Saints Row 3 is just stupid (in my awesome opinion).

        Saints Row 3's main problem is that it was too goofy and over the top and while that fit with the story and was what everyone was asking for, it kind of lost sight of what made SR2 great, which more and more I believe was a complete fluke.

        Sleeping Dogs was much better despite not having nearly as much variety in the gameplay. The world was more realised instead of just being a sandbox with missions vaguely stapled to it.

        Saints Row 3 wasn't just stupid, it was the perfect Co Op Sandbox game!

        Sleeping dogs was good as well but there aren't nearly enough Coop games these days.

          The secret to Saints Row is to:
          1. create a character who looks like a clean-cut celebrity (mine is Barry Gibb)
          2. obtain the big purple dildo
          3. Hijinx ensue

      Depends what you like. One is reasonably serious, one is ... Saints Row, which defies description, but could never be called serious. From what I hear, both are fun to play (have only played SR3, but enjoyed it a lot)

        I'm with Matt K on this one. The first Saint was serious, or at least, not a spoof. It was much like GTA III was, in tone. The ending alone was abrubt and somewhat shocking for the player, especially considering the consequences. They hammed it up for 2 somewhat, more so, I think, to seperate it from the GTA series. But three just opened the throttle on the cheesiness and really turned me off of the series because it was just ridiculous to me. And I'm a big fan of Volition-- the gave the world Freespace 2!! But this was too much for me, even with SR3's great additions of modding weapons and expanded vehicle modding options. :(

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