Tell Us Dammit: The Last Song You Listened To

This week in Talk Amongst Yourselves the regulars have been playing this game, and I thought I'd bring it to everyone else as a way to listen to new music and because it's fun. What was the last song you listened to?

If you feel like it as well, why not post a YouTube link?

The last song I listened to was this. Love this entire album. Warning — video isn't really safe for work!

What about you guys and girls?


    What? I don't get a nod Mr Serrels? @markserrels? :P

    I love playing this game

    Last song for me was this

    Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones

      They took your jerb!

      Amity Affliction - Anchors.

        Derk a der der!

        They took my job damn it!


        I have to laugh at anchors ... it's like they ran out of subtle ways to incorporate nautical stuff into the songs and just threw their arms up in despair. Good song though

        Anchors was the first song I listened to this morning =)

      So despite the fact that I love both songs, it was only recently that I realised "A Good Idea at the Time" by OK GO is written as the devil's "response".

    I'd thought Speghett had been making us play for a lot longer than a week.

    Last song was ... Virus by M4sonic

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      I have man, a lot longer

      I love it

      I swear that song is not written about me

      Not that I can even listen to it, curse you shaped internets!

    The very last song I listened to Lithium Flower, the ending theme to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex season 1.

    My train playlist has the soundtracks for three of the seasons of GiTS:SAC, three of the Precursors Remix Albums for The Ur-Quan Masters, Dune: Spice Opera the soundtrack for the first Dune game and A Valid Path by Alan Parsons.

      Fantastic song

        The lyrics are kinda silly, but that's part of the reason I like it so much.

          You're incredible math :P

            Just incredible math.

            I'm not sure if Tim Jensen was raised in Japan or what, but from the lyrics I'd guess that English wasn't his first language.

    Arch Enemy - Through the eyes of the raven

    Darkthrone: Leave No Cross Unturned.

    Really looking forward to the new album.

    Thomas Prime - Forget Everything

    Despite playing Brutal Legend over the last couple of evenings, the last song I listened to was probably Flannigan's Ball by the Dropkick Murphys, whose CD has been playing in my car for the last couple of days.
    I love the album and it always seems to stay in for several loops.

    When I answered this question in TAY it was a David Guetta track I'm not familiar with that was on one of the CDs the wife made up for our "new" car. It's slightly outdated so while a six-stacker CD player is pretty cool by 90s standards, we'd really prefer to jack an iPod into the stereo. Unfortunately our car pre-dates the iPod, something it's difficult for me to actually fathom.

    Anyway, I actually decided to listen to some music while commuting this morning, so I am pleased to report the last song I listened to was actually Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf.

    Which is also my favourite Meat Loaf song. Bat Out of Hell is great and all, but nothing matches the slightly sexist but catchy as hell analysis of high school relationships.

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    Omerta by Lamb of God

      Nice, listened to that album yesterday.

    Foals- Two Step Twice
    Got to see Foals on monday, front and centre in the crowd at big day out. was ahmazing.

    shout out to the op, killer mike is the best

    Main Attrakionz - Cloud Skatin feat Danny Brown

    Anberlin - Self Starter


    I WIll Wait - Mumford and Sons

    Nothing but lots of Truckfighters after finding out that Unida and Truckfighters are headlining Cherry Rock in May.

    I answered in TAY but it was only half an answer because I couldn't remember the name of the song. I haven't listened to anything since then so I went and checked the name of the song. It was "Under My Skin".

    Under My Skin by ReVamp.

    CHROME - Off The Line from their 1984 album 3rd From The Sun. I can't believe I found it on YouTube, but here it is -

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