Tell Us Dammit: What Mods/Tools/Fixes Can't You Live Without?

Not only is this an age of change - the technologies, the business models - but the games themselves are changing. And when they're released, they don't stop changing. Sometimes this leads to them being not very complete when released, but it also opens up the opportunity to breathe fresh life into a game. This week we want to know, what post-release bits and bobs do you find the most useful? Or the most fun?

We're not talking about the obvious stuff like "Steam". This can be a zombie mod that was introduced into your favourite game, or something that's necessary to play it that the developers neglected, or a UI fix... Anything along those lines.

Personally I couldn't live without the resolution mod for Dark Souls on the PC. For some reason they wanted everyone on PC to play it with the same resolution (720p) and FPS (30). The mod allows you to play at whatever resolution you want, making it much more beautiful, and has evolved to fix other issues with the PC version as well.

Another one that keeps popping up for me is MotioninJoy. Many PC games require a 360 controller or some other game pad lying around. But you might not have a 360, or perhaps not a controller that plugs into USB. MotioninJoy lets you use a PS3 controller, fooling the PC into thinking it belongs to a 360. Great for all those Steam games that work better with a gamepad. It can be a little fiddly when you set it up, but is usually fine after that.

The Six Launcher/Updater app also comes to mind for those playing DayZ, though if you're playing DayZ, you probably already have it.

How about you guys? Got anything that might help your fellow gamers or improve their experience? Drop it in the comments below!


    Darkplaces mod for Quake.
    Just having the extra lighting changes in levels is enough to make it a much different game for me.

    DayZ. Nuf said.

      I clicked through to say exactly the same thing.

    I snubbed PC gaming for so long that I'm pretty much a vanilla gamer.

    Though I recently modded FTL to remove the fleet - finding it's still very challenging but with a more relaxed pace. Also a great way to gradually unlock all the extra ship types.

      So did you develop this mod or is there somewhere you can downloa it? I would be seriously interested in it, especially if it can be switched on and off.

      I want this - the stupid fleet is an unnecessary annoyance in a game that is already hard as hell (even on easy).

      I installed the infinite space mod, which removes the fleet and keeps giving you sectors to explore forever. Unfortunately after a while you power up everything to it's max and become this unstoppable force. It would be a nice addition to that mod if they upped the max reactor power, and added some extra to shields/weapons that would allow you to battle more challenging enemies.

      Ah I might have to grab that one. I hear there's a Serenity mod as well.

    I actually want to play Far Cry 3 now there's a mod that you use that ignores the campaign.

    DayZCommander for DayZ, though I find it's a little too granular and SixLauncher actually was better for me to find the servers I want (US servers w/ good ping - no hackers ever!).

    I tried the Deus Ex graphics mod but it didn't work.

    Deus Ex HR - that debug menu mod MAKES IT PLAYABLE.

    In fact, I'd love to see more of those - games that let you use the 'cheat' menu. Console games no longer let you do this....

      Wait what's this debug menu mod for DXHR?

        Try that.

          huh, interesting

      I'd second the swartz mod compilation for Far Cry 3 (without the minimap). That alone has made the game so much more enjoyable for me. I'm completely ignoring the story and just driving (or flying) around taking outposts, hunting animals and seeing how long I can go for without dying.

      Actually trying to play the story was just an exercise in frustration as every time I'd try to jump in a glider and do something cool I'd end up getting a "you are leaving the mission area" message, forcing me to abort whatever I might've wanted to do and forcing me instead to just follow what the game designers decided was the right way to do things.

    Deus Ex - DX10 renderer for the Unreal engine, Shifter, Project HDTP and New Vision.
    It gives the game a fresh feeling after years of playing it vanilla.

    Skyrim - SkyUI, Item Sorting & Enhanced Distant Terrain.

    Mafia - Widescreen fix, Better Roads & Unlimited Draw Distance.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC - STALKER Complete 2009, Realistic Weapons.

    Probably a lot more. but I don't want to flood the page with 'em all. :)

    Optifine for Minecraft, just makes it that bit more buttery smooth, and adds so many more graphic customisations.

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      Minecraft for me i used to run (haven't played in a while):
      Sonic Ether's Shadow mod or Water Shader mod (cant remember the name)
      Sphax PureBDcraft's Texture pack (128x or 256x)

      Used to play quite a bit of Tekkit too, which includes lots of mods

    ANY 'remove all those damn start up logo movies' mods for any games ;)

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      Also Stainless Steel for Med2TW, also Third Age for Med2TW. Also any mod that enhances the really crappy AI in any Total War game. I'm supposed to be versing Napolian-esque level commanders here, not some work experience kid first day on the job whose main tactic for every single encounter is 'run towards enemy, flee'

    Probably not what was being asked, but...

    PS2 Modchip. Wii Homebrew Channel. Because region locking should be illegal.

    PSP CFW. Because it's crazy that you can't dump your UMD games to ISO and run them directly off the memory card any other way.

    Morrowind Overhaul.
    It's a graphics package for Morrowind. Makes everything shiny.

    Typically I play most games without mods, and if i do run mods it will typically be to make the vanilla game better ie. UI, HD Texture mods, difficulty (balance or harder), etc...

    There was a mod for Fallout: NV that added a more comprehensive radio station. The default station had about 10 tracks, one of which played every second time due to a bug that still wasn't patched by the time I stopped playing six months after release. Stopped me from quitting the game 5 hrs in.

      Conelrad? adds like 50 cold war era music? I loved that one.
      I use those songs on my Ipod. hahah.

        Yeah - that was it. Awesome edition, I totally recommend it.

    Wii Homebrew, for cracking open the region lock (also for letting my run custom versions of GHIII). Also the "mod" that lets my Japanese F-Zero X cart fit into the US N64 so I can play it with the expansion kit :P

    Very much waiting on region lock cracking tools for 3DS and Wii U.

    No I didn't write it - I haven't really coded anything since Uni. Now the only thing I do write is simple SQL when it's easier to grab something direct than have someone grab it for me.

    As for the MOD - - I found other notes in other sites about how to do this but this was the simplest one - just be sure to back up the data file.

    EDIT:- The is RE FTL Mod. Stupid login removed my reply request.

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    Some older games are good with a gamepad but don't recognise the 360 controller, so xpadder lets you map keyboard controls to the 360 controller. I recently used it for Soul Reaver and it works great.

    The newer versions cost money but there's older versions floating around for free which still work fine but don't have as many features.

    FOV fixes, FPS limit fixes, mouse acceleration

    The joys of PC gaming ;)

    All the little fixes that help get rid of screen tearing. I just can't handle it :P

    +1 for MotionJoy

    RawkSD For Rock Band on the Wii. Loaded up songs from most of the Rock Band / Guitar Hero games I own onto a USB hard drive, and can play any of them on Rock Band 2. It's just a pity it hasn't been updated for ages and I keep having to set my Wii's clock back.

    gmod. best hl2 mod

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