Tell Us Your Favourite Final Fantasy Music

Last week, we asked you all to tell us your favourite Zelda music. The ensuing playlist was pretty outstanding.

This week, I thought I'd keep the idea going with another storied video game series: Final Fantasy. Between the lacklustre preview event for Lightning Returns and the bizarre new Final Fantasy mobile game, it's easy to forget that the venerable series still has a lot of lingering goodwill.

I know this is basically an impossible question, but if you had to pick one (only one!) piece of Final Fantasy music as your favourite, what would it be?

Show us what you've got: Pick your favourite track, embed it using the "Add Video" in the comments, and write a little bit about why you like it. Looking forward to how many people choose Aeris' Theme.


    Da da da da da da da, da da!

    Congratulations - you somehow survived a Malboro ambush in the Calm Lands (FFX)!

    Melodies of waves and light (FFX-2) game wasnt too crash, but the opening theme.. is just beautiful, calms me down every time :3

    I'm a sucker for over the top, overwrought, and over... something else... music.

    So my vote goes to Liberi Fatali.

    Overdone? Overplayed? OverandUnder? Whatever...

      This would be my favourite song too.

      When I was 10, Final Fantasy VIII was the very first Final Fantasy game I played, back when I got my Playstation 1 for the first time. I loved everything about the game, from the Junction system, GF system, Triple Triad card game (my favourite mini game in the entire FF series), variable enemy levels, how cool the gunblade looked back then, and Zell Dincht in general. I still have memories of my first encounter with T-Rexaur to this day (shudder).

      I've played the game and finished it multiple times, because everytime I played it, it always seemed fresh to me. Final Fantasy VIII will always be dear to me, and Liberi Fatali and other great FF8 songs reminds me of the good times I had playing this game.

        I played it primarily at a friend's house, and it too was my introduction to the series.

        Hilariously, the first time they attempted playing through it, they didn't understand the Junction system, so tried to grind through everything. Suffice to say, the results were terrible.

        Love the game though, even if I've never actually finished it. And stupid Zell's mother. Always taking my Triple Triad cards. :/

          I remembered getting the first 7 beginner's cards from the dude on the 2nd floor walkway of Balamb Garden. Then I tried playing 3 matches, lost all 3 (my precious Fasticolon-F card!!), and couldn't play another game, as well as not knowing how to get more cards. Good times!

            I probably spent more time in the menu than the rest of the game combined (with the possible exception of the Triple Triad screen. Had a party of lvl100s before I even got Irvine (albeit not on my first playthrough)

        I'm fairly sure on my second play through, before obtaining Ifrit, I went straight to the training centre and started grinding. I got to level 20 in there quickly and easily. Every part of the game was ridiculously easy after that.

        Fantastic game though. I beat that last witch (Ultima-something?) without unlocking everything, with a level 100, 90 and 40. On about my sixth try 'just for the hell of it'.

    The Man with the Machine Gun as well, but the Distant Worlds II edition.

      I prefer the Dissidia Final Fantasy version; It keeps that Techno vibe, and is closer to my heart.
      At the same time, its close enough to the original for me to love it.

    Playing through FFVIII right now. Lots of good music there but I don't know the names of them! Still, the battle music and victory fanfare are some of the most memorable tunes in gaming.

      This. Anything from FF8.
      Or the theme they always recycle (amazingly) between games (generally the end theme).

      Yeah I have a soft spot for FFVIII music. Force your Way, Don't be Afraid, and Man with the Machine Gun are classics! The overworld theme is kick with a frosty beer chilled out too. :)

      Glad to see all the FF8 love. It's my second favourite game in the series after 6,and I agree that it had the best sound track.

      I was also partial to the overworld theme in FF9a.

    Dancing Mad. Nothing more needs to be said.

      It's definitely right up there. I'll take the Ending Theme from Final Fantasy VI though... it's a bit of a cheat since it includes short but enhanced versions of so many of the character themes (including that great and heartbreaking version of Shadow's theme, and the uplifting version of Celes' theme).

      I could also have taken Searching Friends (because the opening of that track, coupled with the party regaining hope after a couple of the most depressing hours of gameplay I've ever gone through, created one of my favourite gaming moments ever), Dancing Mad, Maybe I'm A Lion, The Place I'll Return To Someday, To Zanarkand, Liberi Fatali, the Ending Theme from FFX and about two dozen others.

    Too many, but I especially love a lot of tracks from FFIV:

    Main Theme -
    Troian Beauty -
    Illusionary World -
    Dancing Calcobrena -
    Giott -

    There are far too many amazing songs (of course the sublime One-Winged Angel, J E N O V A, the haunting, Mako Reactor, Liberi Fatali, and so on), but i'd have to pick Swing de Chocobo (FF8).
    Just because. Swing. And Chocobos. Really.

    I knew this was coming the moment the piece for zelda the other week came up, curse you >.<
    I will pick

    "You are not alone" FF9

    While I think many other pieces have come close, You are not alone exquisitely captures the emotion in the "I'm going it solo from here no matter what the cost" scene after the big reveal of Zidanes ancestry.

    This is the short list I had to pick from >.<
    You are not alone 9
    Fishermans Horizon 8
    The Castle 8
    Battle on the Big Bridge 5
    The Decisive Battle 6
    To Zanarkand 10

      Fisherman's Horizon! Man, I really can't choose 1! Don't make me choose between my babies!

      "You are not alone" by far my favourite FF song. Been quite a long time since my last play through and hearing this again just brings it all rushing back.

    Noel's theme, this song fitted so well when you were exploring Noel's timeline the grey and red graphics, the barren wasteland, the lack of humanity, the loneliness I just thought it was extremely well put together.

    It's a toss up between loss of me/rose of may from ffix or the successor from ffviii for me. Preferably the piano versions.
    Loss of me -

    The successor -

    Edit: Posting from phone sucks

    Last edited 19/01/13 12:19 am

    Ragnarok from FFXI:

    Ah, the memories I have of that battle.

    i love aki kuroda's cover of ffx's People of the Far North -
    good quiet time music

    Cleary One Winged Angel by Nobuo Uemmatsu. Hearing it live is amaaaaaaaazing

      It's an amazing piece but it's also kind of overdone. Poster child for big, bombastic JRPG end boss themes. I actually prefer The Extreme from FFVIII over it.

        Man the Extreme is amazing.
        Its like, for the first minute its a slow guitar piece which is slow and very haunting - but then at 1:15 the awesome boss theme that you have heard throughout the game kicks in but with a electric guitar remix.

        When that Guitar starts, you know its Real. Shits going down. And this is most definatly the final fight.

    Final Fantasy (Main Theme) as performed live by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is my favourite by far.

    IMO this one is the best.

      Personally, I prefer this version of the Final Fantasy (Main Theme). It starts off a little differently, but it quickly becomes something we all know and love dearly:

    Lol. I like Tifa and Aerith's theme, preferably the orchestral versions. Also, the Final Fantasy 7 main theme (orchestral) is superb.

    I also like song of memories and melodies of life, as well the exploration music that it initially started off with after leaving the forest.

    The balamb garden theme is also memorable.

    All in all, mostly the soundtracks from FF7.

    I'll just leave this here.

    For me it's a tie between two songs
    'Shinra theme' from FFVII. It sets the mood amazingly well.
    'The stage is Set' from FFVIII. Few songs get me so hyped in a game.

      Wow, that Shinra theme just brought back some serious feels.

    FFVIII on the boats towards Timber for your SeeD exam. Most epic music/cutscene ever.

    FFVIII opening cutscene is also up there music wise.

      Towards Dollet*. And it's called The Landing. Another very great song from 8. First time I heard it made me so pumped up to kill Galbadian soldiers. Same feel like listening to the Opening ~Bombing Misiion~ from 7.

    Never played any of them. But FF 6's theme music is my pic

    Searching for friends from VI is just brilliant.

    Spira Unplugged (which is just an acoustic guitar version of suteki da ne) is one of my favourites.

    oh and battle with seymour

    oh and Battle with the four fiends from IV is possibly my favourite battle music...


      you should know I go to uni with a guy who's working for nobuo at dog ear and these days most of his arranging and even work is outsourced to people that work for him, he just overseas the general feel and projects get his name on them these days. Much like Zimmer or the like.
      That said man's great at making catchy choons but i think a lot of the value in his music lies tied to the memories we have associated with them they aren't particularly revolutionary.

    Besaid - FFX Piano Collections
    The only word I could think of to describe it is "beautiful".
    It gives me so many mixed emotions because of the game; I love it.

      I used to get wasted and play ffx, go to besaid island next to the hidden temple and just let the music play on loop. it was incredible. nothing like a bit of ff vii battle music to get u goin tho

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