Tell Us Your Favourite Zelda Music

Few video game series have music as iconic as The Legend of Zelda. Over 16 years and more than a dozen games, Koji Kondo's memorable themes have been transposed, re-arranged and re-imagined countless times.

Each game in the series has its own musical identity, and each player has his or her own favourite song. What's yours?

Hop into the comments and tell us your favourite piece of Zelda music (just one, no cheating!), and tell us why it beats out the other ones. Bring your obscure tracks, your deep cuts and your diamonds in the rough.


    Errmmm...The Legend of Zelda series is older than 16 years...

    My all time fav Zelda track is the intro song on Zelda 2 The Adventures of Link. Its the first Zelda song I had ever heard and it still gives me goosebumps :P

    Tal Tal Heights - Links Awakening
    and for cheatings sake lets add The Great Sea - Wind Waker

    Has to be the Gerudo Valley theme from OoT. It was just so peppy and catchy!!

    Clock Tower from Majora's Mask -

    I like it because it perfectly captures the sad, mournful air that pervades Majora's Mask.

    Dragon Roost Island. Sometimes I turn on Wind Waker just to hear that for an hour or so.
    I can't freakin' wait for the orchestra! The last few weeks have been hell.

    The Fairy Queen theme in Wind Waker.

    Something about this song just fascinates me, maybe its the use of the clockwork toy noises.

    Credits to A Link to the Past, hands down. Sends shivers down my spine every time.

    I liked the intro to Ocarina of Time, there's nothing quite like it.

    overworld link to the past

    Another vote for Overworld from A Link To The Past, or in fact, basically any track from ALTTP.

    The spirit temple in the gerudo desert. It was so grand!

    Any track from ALttP brings a tear to my eye.

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