Thank The Wolfman: The Historical Murder-Fest Dreadline Still Exists

Back in May, we caught wind of Dreadline, a game in which famous monsters travel through time to equally famous tragedies and kill everyone before they would've died anyway.

It's an enjoyably goofy premise, and given that the game is headed up by former Harmonix and Irrational developers Bryn Bennett and Steve Kimura, it's got a lot of promise. We hadn't heard anything else on the game since then, but they've still been working it, recently turning to Kickstarter to raise the money they need to finish it.

It's the rare Kickstarter project that isn't a rehash of an old idea or a nostalgia-play, but Dreadline is a new idea, and a cool one. In the video above, Bennett and Kimura (or animated versions of them) give you their best pitch. Hey, a game where I behead Titanic victims, save babies and hang out with the Wolfman? I'd play it.

Dreadline [Kickstarter]


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