The Alien Vs Predator Battle Gets Mobilised With AVP: Evolution

With the console and PC release of Aliens: Colonial Marines right around the corner, Fox Digital Entertainment taps Angry Mob Entertainment (Predators, Muffin Knight) to give iOS and Android gamers something to do while everyone else is playing the Gearbox game.

That something is Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution, a singleplayer third-person action-adventure game that's really a touching coming-of-age story in disguise.

On a distant planet the Super Predators have enslaved Aliens (never a good idea) to help eradicate the Jungle Hunter Clan once and for all. That makes the Super Predators the main enemy of both story campaigns. As an Alien you'll take revenge for being used as a glorified war toy. As a Jungle Hunter you'll fight to survive against the Super Predators. I guess the Aliens will probably be trying to kill you as well. And the Androids. And the strangely bloodless humans (see the trailer).

Again, this is really a coming-of-age tale in two parts. Your Alien begins as a Facehugger and evolves into a real ugly boy over the course of the game, levelling and growing as you go. Your Predator starts the game as the dreadlock hunter version of a Cub Scout, eventually growing strong enough to one day get killed by Danny Glover. Isn't that touching? If they make a movie I want Wes Anderson to direct.

The game, which sadly bears little resemblance to Muffin Knight, is built using the Unity 3D engine, so there's no reason it couldn't become a Facebook game one beautiful day.

Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution is scheduled for release on the first quarter of this year. That's now-ish. With the console game coming out in two weeks or so, I wouldn't be surprised if this showed up around the same time.


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