The Beautiful Short Film Disney Showed Before Wreck-It-Ralph

Posted online yesterday, this gorgeous Oscar-nominated short, directed by John Kahrs, is well worth your time.

If you saw Wreck-It-Ralph in theatres, you might have seen this already. If not... well, what are you waiting for?

Paperman - Full Animated Short Film [YouTube]


    I can attest to how good this film is, I saw it in the cinemas before Wreck-It-Ralph, and am glad I did.

      Yeah it was a fantastic and heartwarming little story and the stylized animation was fantastic. As for Wreck-it Ralph, well that was bloody awesome too :P

      Yeah, same here. I liked Wreck-It Ralph, but I loved Paperman.

    interesting....I cant quite place what kind of animation this is...tridtional or CGI

    even though CGI can do some great things I'd love to see traditional make a comback, looks like of like cel-shaded

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      TA-DA!! its a mix of both, they made it all in CGI then went and layered hand drawn animation over the top, surprising what that touch of humanity does to animation isnt it

        In essence its a new form of rotoscope animation ;)

          similar principles but rotoscoping is usually to discard one half, these combines them. There is a making of video somwhere that is super interesting if youre into animation

      Its a merger of both styles.

    I cried again watching this. I guess I'm just a big softy.

    I love it! As if Wreck-it Ralph wasn't good enough, you've also got this!

    My son got bored of this but he is 4 so his judgement isn't really top notch yet but i loved it and told my wife about it and she thought it sounded great now i can actually show her how good it was.

    Fantastic animation and story telling. Since Disney's aquisition of Pixar, John Lasseter has really turned things around.

    Disney sentimentality, sometimes there's just nothing like it.
    I imagine those monochromes in 3d would have looked amazing.

    I don't think throwing things out of windows sends a good message to the children. Other than that annoyance I found it to be enjoyable.

    I think it would have been better without the whole magic paper aeroplanes thing. Still an enjoyable short though.

      The magic was part-and-parcel of the Disney schtick (Fantasia, anybody?) but yeah, the story and message would have been better without it. Less kid-friendly, but better.

    I saw this and loved it too - hated the whole magic part of it though. But the animation and design is truly beautiful. I love her hair, but her waist is so tiny!

      Haha the tiny waist is somewhat disturbing when looking at the video still preview, looking at it ignoring anything above the paper.

    Should have ended on a sad note - sorta as a message to people to "just take some risks in life"

    While I did like this pre-film feature, I couldn't help but see this as 101 dalmations minus the dogs.

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