The Best Animated Backgrounds Of 2D Fighting Games

The colour schemes and the attention to the tiniest details of the backgrounds in classic 2D fighters always fascinated me. Dodgy streets, abandoned buildings, mystical Far Eastern temples: all important elements of these games, just as important as the gameplay mechanics or the featured characters.

Here's our collection of some of the most beautiful animated backgrounds.

The Art Of Fighting 2

Fatal Fury: Mark Of The Wolves

The King Of Fighters 1994

The King Of Fighters 1995

The King Of Fighters 1996

The King Of Fighters 1997

The King Of Fighters 1998

The King Of Fighters 1999

Samurai Shodown

The Last Blade 2

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

Of course, this isn't an entirely complete collection as is. You can (and should!) add your picks in the comments below.

Sources: Neo Geo Forums, NeoGAF, SNK Wiki


    I don't know about the best. Someone should point you in the direction of Guilty Gear or pretty much anything by Arc System Works.

      Yeah, so, there's this game called Blazblue, you* may not have heard of it, but the background visuals in that are intense. I can't seem to find a .gif with the animated parts, but here's the base illustration upon which you should add a bunch of painstakingly detailed sprites, and 3D geometry -

      * - That's directed at the author, not Musha, as is obvious by the end of the comment :P

        BlazBlue is beautiful! The sprites, the back grounds, the art! It's also one of the only games where I don't select the default colour scheme because the others are amazing! Definitely my favourite fighting game series. Moonlight Castle is my favourite stage

        Last edited 24/01/13 3:06 am

    If only the iPhone could have animated gifs as wallpapers.

    Anything from the Darkstalkers series. Those games are beautiful.

    Not a single background from Mortal Kombat 3? For shame

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