The Biggest, And Most Badass Video Game Toy Of All Time Is Finished

If it feels like we've been writing about ThreeA's Metal Gear Rex figure for years, that's because we have been.

Over three years later and the thing is finally shipping to customers who paid around $US500 for the pleasure. It's also shown up on toy site Rad Toy Review, whose pictures make it look like something that wouldn't just crush your house, but your wallet as well.



    I'll be happy to grab the $80 1/100 kit a build/paint it myself

      Out of curiosity does anyone know the scale of this? I'm not a fan of the greenish colours used on it

        this guys made a decent video of it

        I don't mind the greenish.

          Everything in MGS had a green hue to it. I don't mind the dark green camo areas, but the main colour looks better as navy gray

            It looks fine in darker lighting. Is a bit... green... in full daylight.

    Very Awesome but $500 sheesh maybe if it was $300

    I'd be willing to pay a lot more for this... if it was a remote controlled toy with sound effects instead of just a posable one.

    METAL GEAR !!!!!

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