The Bosses In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Look Awesome

The Bosses In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Look Awesome

I find it difficult not to get excited at the upcoming Metal Gear Rising after watching this video showcase some of the bosses in the game. Particularly Mistral and her million hands, very cool. Everyone seems to be distinct in some way though.

Been a while since I looked forward to a boss battle!



  • I have a slight issue, started playing MGS2 to play through all before i get to this one… but my god are the controls frustrating as all hell, i mean im proper raging at the carelessness of snake, i’ll be sliding along a wall go to peak out to my right and instead he starts running at the bad guy… like WTF.

  • WOW, this just looks more insane every time I see something on it.
    I was going to wait but the Metal Gear fanboy in me has won. DAY 1 PURCHASE!!!

  • The Metal Gear Solid series (though I have yet to get to the HD collection) has had some of the best boss fights I have ever seen and this looks to continue that trend. It’s also by Platinum, a company that knows how to make proper hack and slash combo games (Sorry, DMC has nothing on Bayonetta other than a main character with correct body proportions) so I’m really looking forward to this game despite the silly subtitle.

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