The Commodore 64 Game Bad Cat Had Some Pretty Amazing Music, Too

After I posted about how much I love the music for Time Surfer, game developer Steve Gaynor tweeted this music at me.

I have never played Bad Cat (it looks, well, like a Commodore 64 game), but if this incredible music is anything to go by... maybe I should?


    C64 music will always sounds good to me, it's that signature SID chip sound (which even modern day producers are actually starting to use nowadays).

    Barbarian ( was always one of my faves and has epic music (there's even an orchestral cover floating around!

    Here's an idea, fire up a post to let people share/discuss the best soundtracks from games of any generation. I never owned a NES but know there would be a tonne of good music from that console as it also had a distinct sound.

    If 80s style synth music is something you're interested in I do a blog devoted to the new producers making 80s inspired synth music. I don't cover a lot of ChipTune stuff, but there's a good chance you'll find some new music you'll enjoy if you liked music in the article.

    Chris Huelsbeck was one of the kings of c64 music. I never had a snes etc when growing up, I had to have the 'educational' (?) c64.. but the music is the one thing that stays with me even now. Sad as it is, i have xmplay with about 500 sid tunes playing on the work headphones. There was something amazing about what these guys did with three analog channels.

    This was actually based on the song "passion" by the flirts. well, part of it.

    It's actually a rather bad game - it got terrible reviews at the time on all formats (the controls are abysmal), though the music is considered a classic and pioneering digitune (made by Chris Huelsbeck no less). It's one of the few examples where the C64 version is absolutely better than the Amiga version (which tries to imitate the C64!) There's an interesting remix on YouTube if you look up "Bad Cat '99". Unfortunately, there's no in-game music, only a few sound effects, so there's no reason to play the game...

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