The Daily Show Calls Out Scapegoat Artists In The Gun Control Debate

The Daily Show Calls Out Scapegoat Artists In The Gun Control Debate

Ever since the awful Sandy Hook Shootings happened, there have been attempts — some earnest, some misguided — to link the deaths there to violent video games. And, yes, there is a conversation to be had about the way that pop culture glorifies violence and displays of power.

But, as Jon Stewart points out in this stinging and funny Daily Show clip, any talk about games, movies or TV should be proportional to discussions about how to regulate the weapons directly responsible for people’s deaths. Scapegoating doesn’t offer up any solutions for a serious problem, whether it’s Kindergarten Killer or the other games named by NRA spokesperson Wayne LaPierre or the Daily Show’s made-up Call of Dike-y. The latter, at least, is meant to be laughed at.


  • I love Jon Stewart so much. Him and Stephen Colbert have had so many different Call of Duty parody covers! This is probably one of the best.

  • Since columbine, i didnt see any real progress tackling the gun crimes by the us of a.

    Just saw a video yesterday about a “debate” of piers morgan vs john davis, it makes piers morgan instantly likeable

  • John I do like many things you talk about but are you serious on gun control ? You will give your gun away but you forgetting that nobody will help you when you will have someone shooting at you. This show it looks like you working for globalists or you are just idiot.
    Why is so difficult to understand for so many that :
    1 Criminals will always have guns as corruption is not under any control.
    2 Governments and rich who want to create laws for people are not happy for you to be armed.
    Why so many sheep on this planet without any brains.
    Why America was for so long dream place for so many ?
    Because every human been knew, that has same value on this planet as any one else. Doesn’t matter you rich or poor, higher or lower position . People had more respect for themselves. Nobody likes to have his/hers life run by someone else and dictate you what directions you have to take in your life . If you will come over to me and tell me :
    – IN the name of law I will take all you have –
    situation like that will make me slave, unless I will put gun to his/her eyes and say go away or else. All they need is to disarm people so they will be defenseless and easy to manipulate.

    • America hasn’t been a dream place for a long time, believe it or not, you guys are not the land of the free or the home of the brave. I will also like to tell you that other countries with gun control, it has worked, there is no dictatorship and no anarchy, just not much gun crime. Also, if the world wanted to make a one world government, what’s stopping them? so you guys have guns but they have missiles, who is going to win that?

      • It was difficult reading that dribble, and even if you try to understand the fragmented English, the argument still isn’t logical.

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