The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Begins Today

A long-awaited beta program starts today, open for anyone to sign up as its developers test the strain on their servers and take a step further on the hype train. If you've ever wanted an MMO from the same universe as Skyrim and Oblivion, now is the time..

The moment you have been eagerly awaiting is finally here! Now is the time for future members of the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact to rally and show your support!

The Elder Scrolls Online will feature one connected world, with social networking features built in. It's scheduled to be released this year on PC and Mac.

Understandably, their site is "experiencing heavy traffic" at the moment, so you might have to try a bit later.

You can check out the Elder Scrolls Online beta here, and watch its trailer below:


    "If you’ve ever wanted an MMO from the same universe as Skyrim and Oblivion, now is the time.."

    That's the thing, for me, I never have.. I've always appreciated Elder Scrolls as a standalone, single-player experience.. I'm sure I'm in the minority but Skyrim and MMO in the same sentence seems odd to me and I wonder on the quality of the game and them bringing the same level of richness to the gamespace.. like Star Wars: Old Republic.. it seems that once you've done the story-based missions, there's not a great deal left.. will be interesting to see how they overcome those kind of hurdles.

      I've often felt it would be fun if the games had a co-op option as wandering the tombs and castles and lands, etc. as a rag-tag team of adventurers and heroes tickles my fancies but as an MMO it starts losing all the things that make it an Elder Scrolls game. Especially the progressive nature of the world.

        This is what my friends and I have always wanted from the elder scrolls and fallout series.
        I don't want to play with hundreds of other ass-holes just one or two ass-holes that I trust

        Very much agree. Having a (for example) 6 man team running through the game together would be amazingly good fun. I've tried the co op mod for Skyrim and it's...OK..I guess, but I wanted to see an official multi mode so much more than an MMO.

        I always felt they'd be best taking a Secret of Mana route. Three or four players. Small enough that it's not required for anything but still enough to make it possible to have a D&D style adventuring party.

      I don't think you are in the minority. For me the series has basically been a fun mmo without other people in it. As in, I don't have any interest in playing with others.

        And why would you? People jumping around like nongs everywhere, sprinting through the streets while the NPCs potter around nonchalantly (unless surrounded by 30 players at once). Casting big visual spells or buffs randomly. The chat bar filled with torrents of random abuse, BALDY SPELT GRAMER/DIALOG ALWYS IN CAPITOLS!!!!!, spam, did I mention the random players abusing each other??

        I'd love to see this new incarnation of the Elder Scrolls-- I've only recently fallen in love with Skyrim's beautifully rendered environs, and I'd love to commit some ethnic cleansing of some Thalmor/Aldmeri Dominion towns (They give me the shits!!), but the thing I want least of all to see is the bog standard MMO framework and the tonnes of players ruining the atmosphere. I'm torn. Skyrim would have been great to play with a few other players (even without, it's great), but after seeing how WOW and Star Trek Online have devolved respectively, I find myself wanting to avoid it like the plague. Imagine Whiterun filled with 100+ players at once... :S

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          I'd love to commit some ethnic cleansing of some Thalmor/Aldmeri Dominion towns

          Which is another thing MMOs can't really handle that well. They can use phasing for intended progression like doing quests, but when it comes to the wild things you normally do in The Elder Scrolls it's a bit tricky. You can't have a phase just for players who killed all the NPCs with names starting with the letter J, at least not without fragmenting the player base.
          So odds are when you go on your campaign of murder you'll achieve nothing, because thanks to the five minute respawn timer the people you kill will reappear before you've even left town. I'll be interested to see how they handle it because the free form nature of The Elder Scrolls is a big part of what makes the series fun.

      So honey, just don't play it...

    everyone wants to emulate the success of wow... not going to happen to Bethesda either.

      WoW is really overrated.

    I don't really understand the argument that all Elder Scrolls games are meant to be exclusively single player experiences. I've put hundreds of hours into The Elder Scrolls since Morrowind and absolutely love the series as it is, but one of my favourite elements of the TES games is their wonderfully rich lore. This MMO will let Elder Scrolls fans explore more of that lore in new ways, and I'm all for it.

    Providing Bethesda doesn't go bust, it shouldn't influence the development and release of future solo TES games.

      Yup.. I'm not against the idea.. just that I don't consider it as an MMO series :) As others above have said.. a multiplayer element to the game would be good.. but an MMO.. not sure.. again, will be interesting to see how they pull it off..

      Games going MMO is usually the fastest way they butcher the lore.

      If wow is anything to go by in 2 years every major lore character would have gone insane to give you an excuse to kill them for loot.

    I really hope they don't screw up the lore like WoW and Swtor did.
    This game could ruin the entire elderscrolls series.

    Seems like everyone hates on MMORPG's these days. Maybe there are some people in the world like me who like end game content like PVP and raiding. And the gaming group I'm in seems to be 18+ so there's isn't any kind of abuse going on since we don't act like children and take mistakes as mistakes.

    My thought anyways!!

    No one thinks its weird that the elves in this trailer aren't elves from the Elder Scrolls lore? They aren't recognisably any of the 3 main elf types (Altmer/Dumner/Bosmer).

    I cant believe they would burden the Elder Scrolls series with this game giving the astronomical failure rate of fantasy RPGs. Just give us coop already.

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    I think the MMO community is getting a little jaded. It may be just me but It's been one fail after another honestly... and this is coming from an MMO junkie ;)
    Every AAA mmo title in the last 5 years just hasn't been getting my juices flowing. I was a wow junkie for years and have tries SOOO many other MMOs and nothing has been able to compete. They seem to be released far to early and horribly broken, or lacking in any real content (PvP content/ balance and endgame raiding... I'm looking at you ! ;P )
    The other downside is I've never really got into the Elder Scrolls. Bought a copy of Skyrim, played for 2 hours, went "Meh" and gave up.
    Maybe WoW has just corrupted me for life?
    Oh.. and there's not nearly enough Dwarves out there, give me dwarves and I will play your broken MMO and smile ;)

    Is Elder Scroll Online going to be a movie maker, is it? Or does it just have amazingly realistic graphics?

    "Hi, we're Bethesda and we can't show you any of the gameplay footage because it's broken (especially the UI) but we're still having a party, drinking mead and whatnot.

    So, like, here's a cutscene instead."

    I refuse to give these idiots any more of my money. I don't even care if it's F2P (From Bethesda? Yeah, right!) - I have given Bethesda all the money *and time* I'm interested in giving them - and all they do with it is release broken crap, dodgy ads, and have terrible support.

    They don't know how to make games anymore, but they're excellent at making troll bait.

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