Five Games I'm Horribly Ashamed Of Never Finishing

Piles of shame, by definition, are shameful. But while untouched games in cellophane taunt and beckon , there's a special circle of torment reserved for the games we started, but didn't finish. Games we enjoyed, maybe even loved, but abandoned before completion.

It's too late now! We can't go back. Too much time has passed... things have changed, we have changed. The world has moved on yet we — a couple of hours shy of resolution — have to live with the fact that we have left an incredible game unfinished. We've tarnished a holistic experience and we're bad bad people.

I may be one of the worst offenders. With too many games and too little time, I start almost every major release yet seldom finish them. Among these hundreds, however, are a handful of games that resonate — games I am genuinely ashamed I gave up on. These are the top five.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

The Year: 2003 Where I Quit: The stupid triforce quest where you have to scour the seas for some ungodly reason.

Why I Quit I was living in Japan when Wind Waker was released and it was torture. In every video game store I visited oodles of Wind Wakers stared back at me. Incomprehensible, written in a language I couldn't understand. I had a GameCube, but I couldn't buy Wind Waker. If ever a series required that you actually understand dialogue, or instructions, or the written word in general, it was Zelda.

When it was finally released in Europe, I made a quick call to my brother, who had already started playing it.

"I'll send you a copy over," he said, enthusiastically. "I'm halfway through it and it's the best Zelda ever!"

Bizarrely my brother's enthusiasm began to wane in subsequent phone calls. I didn't understand why and he wouldn't explain. "Just keep playing," he would say. So I did.

The first half of Wind Waker is an incredible voyage of discovery, literally. The art style is timeless, when all is said and done it may be the best looking video game of all time. The early dungeon design, too, is peerless. But once your momentum is steam rolling and your bracing yourself for three or four more incredible dungeon experiences, the game does a bait and switch. You are no longer heading into the unknown, exploring terrifying structures, marvelling at holistic design. You are engaging in a glorified fetch quest. WHAT?

I persevered for a while, but it was all too much. I had to walk away.

Why I Can Never Go Back Well, I actually did go back. Twice in fact. I played the entire game through another two times, with the full intention of trying to complete the game. I did so because most of my friends were quick to tell me that Wind Waker's conclusion was worth the effort. But by that time I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm. Hopefully the new HD re-release for the Wii U will convince me to give it one final go.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Year: 2009 Where I Quit: At some random section in the game's final third

Why I Quit The reason I quit Batman: Arkham Asylum — arguably the game of 2011, and one of the greatest super hero games ever made — is stupid. Pathologically stupid. On a number of levels.

I got stuck.

Not only did I get stuck, I got stubborn. And I decided to stick to one of the painfully arbritary rules I devised for myself when I was ten years old and playing A Link to the Past on the SNES: no guidebooks allowed.

So I was stuck. I couldn't find a way forward. My pride wouldn't allow myself to head to GameFAQs like a normal person and find the solution, so I spent hours walking in circles until I could take no more and I bailed out.

Why I Can Never Go Back A year later I tried to finish off Batman: Arkham Asylum, but it was nigh on impossible. Jumping two thirds into the game, completely blind and minus all the context and understanding of where the hell I was meant to be going and why, was almost impossible. Even if I did use GameFAQs (and I did) all the joy of following Arkham Asylum's strictly designed world was sucked from the bone. I would have had to start the game from scratch and that seemed like too much of a time investment.

Shadow of the Colossus

The Year: 2005 Where I Quit: The tenth colossus (I think)

Why I Quit I really have no idea. Well, I have some idea. It was mostly because I rented the game from Blockbuster in Scotland and I only had a couple of days to play through it.

I raced through the first four or five colossus, entranced by the universe. I loved the care put into the simple things — the sound of flipping through the menu, the atmosphere. The way everything moved. I really fell in love with Shadow of the Colossus, but I specifically remember one colossus giving me a little bit of trouble — I think it was the Sand Tiger, the tenth colossus.

Whereas earlier colossus seemed to telegraph their weak points, the game slowly but surely began to disguise them, making each new boss increasingly more difficult to 'solve' and defeat. Time was ticking and eventually I had to trudge back to Blockbuster, game in hand, and admit defeat.

Why I Can Never Go Back Again, I did go back. I picked up the HD re-release of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I played up until the Sea Dragon until new releases distracted me. I never went back.



The Year: 2012 Where I Quit: At roughly 26 cubes collected

Why I quit Enjoyment of Fez has three very specific stages. The first begins with a dumb sense of wonder and empowerment. The process of understanding the mechanics of Fez, the act of simply manipulating the world and solving puzzles is a genuinely uplifting experience. I fell in love with the game almost instantly.

The second stage is the feeling of being lost and the dread that feeling inspires. All of a sudden Fez feels a little bit claustrophobic and scary. You have no idea where you are and no idea how to get back. The map system is convoluted and terrifying. It's so far from user friendly that it almost appears as though Phil Fish wanted to give players the feeling of being stranded in a strange universe with no means of escape.

The third level of enjoyment is mastery of that universe. The ultimate understanding of the game and how it works, how the worlds are intersected, how to navigate the world freely.

I quit just as I was heading towards that third level of mastery and I still don't know why.

I think I might have given up because the game was becoming a little too difficult. And by that I mean that collecting the cubes wasn't as easy as it was to begin with, and the game became more about staring at the map, trying to figure out where I should head next as opposed to gaily skipping through the world without a care in the world. That was the stage I enjoyed the most — the first stage.

Why I Can Never Go Back I'm lost. And so very scared and alone.

Metroid Prime

The Year: 2003 Where I Quit: The Omega Pirate boss battle

Why I Quit I left this one until last because it's the one I'm most ashamed of. Metroid Prime is probably my favourite game of the last ten years, but for some reason I never actually finished it. That sounds crazy, but it's true.

I can't really explain why I quit. The Omega Pirate boss battle is difficult, but not as difficult (apparently) as the boss battles that come afterwards. For some reason I attempted to kill the Omega Pirate roughly five times before giving up and never returning. It may have been something to do with the sparse set of save points, it may have been simple weakness on my part, but for some strange reason I gave up at that point and never returned.

I am so ashamed.

More than any other game, Metroid Prime represents for me the pain and regret of leaving an incredible game unfinished. Not only did I do myself the disservice of not exploring new areas, or enjoying everything the game had to offer, I robbed myself of the holistic experience an incredible video game can provide. I left one of my favourite games of all time unfinished, and that makes me feel a little sad.

Why I Can Never Go Back I have to go back.


    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. :'(

    Oh, man. I can't wait to play Wind Waker HD!

      You never beat Atlantis? And you call yourself an adventure gamer...

        I know, Shane. I know. Next time I see @Sughly I'll hand in my adventure gaming credentials! :P

          Indy: FOA is my benchmark for adventure games. Not many can beat it.

            Excuse me mister never-finished-The-Dig, what's that you were saying about adventure games?

              Wait what!? Shane has never finished The Dig?!


                Shane truly is a monster. (Though I totally only finished it for the first time last year with Shameless Gaming Month. :S)

                  Yeah but you don't say "The Dig" at least once a day :P

        Bro, some of those Atlantis puzzles are messed up! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO USE SURVEYING TOOLS!

          I'm pretty sure the surveying tools puzzle is where I stopped. :S

          Because they're the only things there you can interact with :P

            I actually got past that bit. I think I tapped out at the bit when you're in the actual circular Atlantis part...

              I got stuck in Atlantis at the part where you need to use the circular stones to open the doorway. I'd somehow gotten there without collecting all of them - my first encounter with a game breaking bug.

              I'm still sad about it to this day.

              I just kept randomly spinning those circles until something happened. Stupid thing is that when I went through and played it a second time I still didn't know how to do it :(

      There is a bit toward the end involving a code wheel. The solution is perhaps the most brilliant piece of graphical adventure shenanigans ever! Brilliant.

      there's actually 3 different paths to take as well. so triple the sadness :'''(

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        Was hopiong LucasArts would do a HD remake like with Monkey Island 2. Don't think it's going to happen. :'(

    Hah, I quit Wind Waker at that exact point as well. I've never actually finished it, either...

    May as well wait for Wind Waker WiiU now.

      I too quit at that point! But went back and beat it while riding some sort of Zelda hype train (possibly Twilight Princess)

      There's apparently loads of cut content from the latter sections of the game. They'll likely re-implement all of that in the HD verson so that it'll become less of a chore.

    The conclusion of Wind Waker is worth all of the frustration of the fetch quest.
    So glorious.

      I cannot remember the ending of Wind Waker making me think it was worth all of that fishing :/
      Might need to revisit when it comes on the Wii U

      This is true. The imagery in the final part is probably the most glorious in Zelda history.

        Link impaling Ganon THROUGH THE HEAD with the Master Sword?? OMG, I gasped when I first saw that! Probably about as violent as the series has ever been, and in the kiddiest looking chapter! LOL!

    I have decided that I will start to harass you on Twitter until you finish Arkham Asylum

    So this weekend during UFC 156 - expect some random tweets directed at you!
    (Please don't unfollow me!)

    My shame pile for the Gamecube is huge also - but I was able to finish Wind Waker and Metroid Prime. To be honest you are not really missing out on much on Wind Waker but Metroid was insane. It will be harder to go back and finish last gen games.

      Those games are now two generations old, making them retro.

      Retro games are cool, all the cool kids are playing them. You should be one of the cool kids with their retro games and their baseball caps and their pogs. Remember pogs?

        This might be because I started doing the 'retro' thing when the N64 was new, but I really can't see anything released later than the snes as being retro. My definition hasn't been correct since probably 2000 of course.

          I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me, and it'll happen to you, too.

          Old Man Thom doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Old Man Serrels.

    I... but... look. Get out. Now.

      On topic though, there's only a couple I can think of that really belong this list for me. Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime 3. Got half way through each of them, thoroughly enjoyed what I played of both. RE4 I was stuck for ages in the upstairs of a building with guys climbing up ladders from the outside. Didn't have enough ammo or something. Came back a couple of years later and beat that part, but only made a little more progress before getting distracted. MP3 I really have no excuses.

      Worst thing is that I loved and finished Metroid Prime 1 and 2, and Resident Evil 5 (several times!). So I know I would love them both if I did go back. But so many games...

      Which leads to my biggest gaming shame: it's not the games I've started and given up on, it's the ones I've bought, want to play, but haven't even started. Don't get me started on that list (I have a spreadsheet of them).

        Resident Evil 4 I definitely struggled with. I persevered and I managed to finish it eventually, but I found some parts of that game incredibly difficult. By contrast though I didn't find RE5 particularly hard at all.

        Wait, if that's the bit of RE4 I'm thinking of, you never made it to the castle?

          I never made it to the castle. I've seen pictures of it and it looks pretty cool. I have the HD re-release on 360. I can borrow the Wii version from my brother. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

            Indeed. I've finished the game twice (really wanted all the unlocks) and have started my final Professional run through but I left it at a really hard point and it's hard to go back for.

            Do get back to it, it's a phenomenal game well worth its accolades. The Ada Wong content is worthwhile as well

    I played Final Fantasy X right up till the final boss. Then he got hard, crazy hard, and I struggled more against that boss than I did with any other. Then I got bored and left it, never to return.
    Occasionally my mind still wanders back to that moment where I was so close to finishing the game before giving up.

      That isn't even the final boss, so there is that.

        This is true.

        You can't fail the final boss in FFX.
        The penultimate boss was hard.

        I'd say either Seymour at the top of Mt. Gagazet or the Yunalesca were the hardest fights.

          Once you get past Seymour Flux the entire game is a downhill stroll. I had to grind so hard and even then I only got lucky. I didn't have any ultimate/limit break weapons so I was capped at 9999 damage, and as you'll recall once you get him below 10,000 HP he uses an attack which wipes your whole party.

          Last edited 29/01/13 1:54 pm

          aww dont spoil it, it was meant to scare him even further.

          The story bosses are certainly not the hardest bosses in the game, not by a long shot.

          Last edited 29/01/13 1:49 pm

            I believe I made it the Calm Lands, and then thought 'Great.. more endless fields.'

              FFX had some truly epic Bosses - but all the story bosses pale in comparison to the end game ones. Such an epic game

                Remember that time Square announced a HD version of that game a million years ago?

                I am ready to revisit this game. Hopefully they tone down the lightning dodging.

                  No joke, made getting lulu's ultimate extremely frustrating!

        His dad/sin/whatever wasn't the final boss? This is back when i had my PS2 as well so I can't really remember shit.

          Once you beat Sin, you have to uh... go inside Sin. There's a bunch more game after that.

            you fight sin the monster, then you fight seymour again (i think?), then you fight jecht and him as as the final summon, then you fight yevon, then you cry because of Auron

              I thought that the Auron thing was right after the Jecht battle, because he starts to dissolve while Yuna is 'sending' Jecht.

              Last edited 30/01/13 1:10 pm

                I'm 90% sure Auron is sent after fighting Yevon, because it is part of the final cutscene, and that is back aboard the ship, maybe I am wrong, it has been a long time

                  Ah yeah, I think you're right. It's been awhile!

    My top 5 are:
    Deus Ex:HR
    STALKER: Call of Pripyat

      Do yourself a favour - leave DExHR where you are. The end will only make you ask 1 question "why did i bother?".
      I really like the game, but the end...

        I don't get why people hate on the ending so much. Sure the very final room was very lazy but the endings themselves are very interesting.

      Second Torchlight. As for the others... You Monster.
      (Er... doesn't count that I didn't finish STALKER: Clear Sky.)

      It was a joy to me that I didn't really need to have finished Torchlight to really enjoy Torchlight 2. (Gawd. I first played it a couple days ago and was horrified to discover that I was up to an insane hour, eyes bleeding, head nodding, but determined to explore this last area just a little more, hoover up all the loot before finally returning to town to--OH GOD WHY IS THERE ANOTHER QUEST?)

    In all honesty, the WW fetch quests didn't bother me that much. I think I only really had to spend abput half an hour to get the remaining pieces that were actually out of my way. And yes, the ending was totally worth it.

    I stopped Fez when I got stuck at that section where you're trying to get the skull and had to walk through a million different doorways. I had all the maps and I even looked up how you're meant to work through them but it still didn't work for me.

      I didn't think you had to get that skull to pass the game. I passed the 32 cube ending before I did that stage.

        Yeah I got the first 32 by then but I don't count that as a true "finish". I don't even know what the skull was meant to do but dammit I wanted it and couldn't move on till I had gotten it.

          although i just recently finished fez 100% (209.5%) there were a few moments where if the internet didn't exist i may have stopped or at least walked around the world infinitely without making any progress. and for anyone who has completed it i will just say i played, as i do with all games, with vibration turned off, so i was always going to have trouble with some anticubes. disappointing though as guiding that game really ruins it, but is essential when you get to the heart cubes. but none-the-less i absolutely loved the 170 odd percent i got through without it, getting stumped with the tuning forks, the clock and the bell.

      It didn't take me that long either - because I used a guide. That is just not Zelda.

      And I still resent it - that part of the game was seriously flawed.

    I gave up on Metroid Prime at the final boss. Not really ashamed since i figure that I'd seen all the game had to offer by then.
    I think I abandoned Metroid Prime 2 about halfway through, but learned my lesson and didn't even buy the third one.

      IN all honesty, as amazing as Prime is as a game - the ending was pretty disappointing. Unless you have the 100% items to see the extra bonus part, its not worth it.

    I, too, have never finished the glorious experience that was the first Metroid Prime, despite having finished the third and other m.
    I got stuck on the final boss, the tiualar Metroid Prime, and could never get the timing right.
    However, the game I'm most ashamed of not finishing is XCOM Enemy Unknown.
    I have breeched the mothership and have started the final mission, but now I am frozen with fear of losing my team. They're already struggling under their feeble commander and I'm not even halfway through the ship yet.
    I will get back to it, but I also picked up FarCry 3 and that is an absorbing game, too.

      The final boss, Metroid Prime, was honestly not that hard. The boss before him, Meta Ridley (which I don't think is a spoiler since it's obvious the game builds up to it) is a lot harder IMO, and if you managed to beat him you shouldn't have had any problems with Metroid Prime.

        I couldn't get the timing right during the rolling phase and just kept taking damage without inflicting any.

    I've finished 4 of those 5 games (I've never played Fez).

    It's been a long time since I finished WW so I don't really remember the fetch quest much. But, I do implore you to work up the courage to finish WW, AA, SotC and MP, because they are all incredible games. MP especially.

    Never finished Metroid Prime either, Ripley was too hard to beat.


    Man Metroid Prime gosh golly if you think Omega Pirate was heard, try fighting the penultimate boss in MP2. That took me so long but I was damned if I was going to let it stop me.

    You've actually got a pretty good list there. Arkham Asylum, Wind Waker and Metroid Prime are all pretty great (and I've 100%'d them all, save the Tingle Brothers trophy in WW). I always wanted to play SOTC but never had the opportunity.

    I recommend playing the Trilogy version of Metroid Prime on the Wii; the controls definitely made those tricky boss battles a little easier. Plus, you get widescreen! And achievement-based unlockables! Hooray!
    As for me...... Mirror's Edge. I really gotta get back to it sometime.

      Mirror's Edge is glorious. The best levels are the early ones, but I loved it all the way through.

        Me too. So much potential there for a sequel.

        Yeah, I love that game. You're right - early levels are the best because they're also the purest - all about running as fast as you can, timing the jumps / slides right, and basically just keep moving at all costs. The later levels had a tendency to get bogged down in substandard shootouts and irritatingly overcomplex platforming bits that required a bit too much standing around and looking at stuff trying to figure out HOW to get to the top. The early sections were just instinctive, seat of the pants stuff - just run and jump and keep on running which really got the adrenaline flowing.

          I didn't fire a gun the whole game. That's how it's meant to be played! :)

          But you're right, some of the paths to level's end did get a little too hard to locate towards the end.

            I've played it through multiple time and generally speaking, avoiding combat is the best option.

            Some combat sections are unavoidable and those ones are definitely better if you just grab a gun and quickly drop everyone.

            The server room, in particular, stands out as a nightmare if you try to avoid guns.

          God. Truth. The early levels ARE the best for their free-running instinctive purity. Stopping and paying attention to what suicidal things you're about to do breaks flow and was the worst part of the game for me, and why it remains incompleted in my pile of shame.

          I definitely broke character for the shooting. To my mind, Faith didn't shoot the baddies. But as soon as I got my hands on a gun, she stopped being Faith. She turned into that murderous, buzz-haired, square-jawed, white space marine that all the cool kids want to move games away from. (Great. Now I won't be able to relate to video game characters anymore!)

      Couldn't agree more with Metroid Prime. I bailed on both GameCube versions. Bought the Trilogy version for Wii and MP was just that much more enjoyable. I dare say that MP was before it's time

      Last edited 29/01/13 1:40 pm

      Bought mirrors edge again last xmas during steam sales, after not completing it at launch, only took me 5 hours to finish but worth it, very good game, and have always wanted a sequel.

        That's not finished, that's just fully unlocking the real game - the speed runs.

          Nah, i dont due speed runs or achievment runs, im there for the story and the fun, getting frustrated at a game makes me hate it, and i dont like to hate good games.

            The Speed Runs in Mirrors Edge are quite different to single player simply by virtue of removing all of the story elements and enemies. It's just you trying to find the quickest , most efficient path through the environment (and there are a lot more paths than might be apparent in the single player) and attempting to beat your own time or others on the high score list. You can even download ghosts of other players to race against.

            In all honesty, I think they'd have been far better to release the game as an expanded version of these modes, more like a Tony Hawk sports game typed deal and ditched the story entirely.

              Lol see teh problem i have with that is that tony hawks pro skater killed me as a young'n, i had to 100% that game, and it shit me to no end, took me months to 100% it.

    Super Mario Bros (furthest I ever got was level 8... when I was 10)
    Final Fantasy X (I was literally up to the level where SIN is and my PS2 laser died, never replaced it)
    Dead Space
    Dark Souls
    Mass Effect 3 (don't ruin it for me)

      Mass Effect 3 (don't ruin it for me)
      Shepard is really a man
      I have no regrets!

      I got up o Sin, saved, meant to pick it up the next day.

      Never did.

    Ocarina of Time ... I know I'd just gotten all three spiritual stones and unlocked the temple of time, but I can't remember exactly where I stopped.

    Donkey Kong Country 2 - I remember getting up to a pirate ship and then nothing.

    Zombies Run - Technically it's an app with resource management and zombies that gets you fit. Due to a bug with the version I downloaded it wouldn't let me access anything I'm picked up or move on past the third mission. Between that and moving house, I kind of forgot it till I was cleaning up my phone and remembered.

    The Walking Dead - Long story short ... It's all installed on my computer and I'm about halfway through episode two but I just can't force myself to power through the remainder and I don't know why.

    Amnesia: The dark descent - I'm a glutton for punishment and tend to play this one drunk and it gives me nightmares ... but I really did enjoy the story from what I played and some of the mods/custom maps look amazing.

    On the flip side of this article in the "things I finished and am damned proud of" pile, I've only got one thing. Beating Battletoads all alone when I was a youngling

      Highly recommend The Walking Dead; Episode 2 does start of a bit slow, but has some great moments in the second half.

      Spiritual Stones? You've barely started Ocarina!

      Oh man, DKC2?
      If the last level you got up to was a pirate ship then it was probably near the end of the third world, right before the first Bramble level. Man, at that point in the game you ain't seen nothin' yet.
      DKC2 is best game.

      There's two pirate ship areas in DKC2. I hope you didn't stop at the first one because that's the very first area :P

      Last edited 29/01/13 2:05 pm

        ... maybe, we're talking many years ago when I was a stupid, stupid child and I just haven't had the chance to get back into the game.

      I loved Zombies, Run! I thought I was the only person who bought that!

        I managed to get a few people in the office onto it as well. As an exercise app, it's pretty good and I intend to redownload it to find out what happens.

    I quit Wind Waker at the stealth section near the start. I found it profoundly frustrating.

    I drop a lot of games before completion because I just stop enjoying them. But the following are the ones I kind of regret.

    DARK SOULS. I will break it one day, despite having taken several 3-4 month breaks from it.

    FFVII. Got near Sephiroth. Don't know what happened.
    FFX. Got into Sin. Rage quit, never went back.

    Last edited 29/01/13 1:27 pm

      Shane! Nooooooooooooooo, you've barely experienced Wind Waker!

        I know, man. I know. But I spent over an hour trying this bit again and again (even resorting to online guides, which offered little help), and just loathed it. I know it gets better after that, but I just couldn't care anymore. That part is an abomination, a big black eye for gaming in general.

    Never finished Prince of Persia Sands of Time simply because i got stuck on a level and had no clue how to do it (and never through to use game faqs or anything back then. still bothers me i never finished it because i loved the game. I did go back to it but by that time i was still getting stuck and i just wanted to be playing a new game.

    Why don't I remember this fetch quest?? I finished wind waker and it would be my favourite zelda of all time if OoT didn't have so much nostalgia power... I remember the awful main dungeon rehashing of phantom hour glass (which i persevered) but I cannot recall this wind waker triforce quest that everyone complains about?? maybe there is more nostalgia power in wind waker than i realised!

      I never got why people complained about that sidequest so much. Sure, I suppose some people might consider their time "valuable", but It's not exactly that long. It takes about an hour from having no charts, to getting all of them and finding the pieces, should you have enough rupees. I suppose that if you don't have the rupees, it's another story, but I've always had enough, and I've played Wind Waker about 15 times.

        I think if people went back they'd realise it's a pretty big overeaction to a fairly smooth quest. My friends and I do this all the time actually, we go back and do a run through of some old game and afterwards discussion will inevitably come to,
        'I was suprised by X, I remember X being really boring/annoying/long, but X was in fact easy/short/added Y to the game,' or the opposite of this, remembering something being good and it being kinda.. meh. This happens especially with certain Nintendo games (Seriously, Water Temple isn't as bad as you think), and my theory is that in the case of wind waker, it's such a great game that the few not so great (but not bad) parts tend to stand out like a sore thumb.

    Final Fantasy VIII
    I got up to the boss fight where Rinoa is trapped in Sorceress Adel, after the fight with Seifer's lackeys, but I couldn't beat the boss. I could only beat the boss using attacks that also harmed Rinoa, and if I attacked just Adel, it would absorb Rinoa 'till she died. I lost to that boss about 20 times, then I gave up. I have no real interest in finishing the game, though, since I don't remember anything I really liked about it.

      One of the hardest fights in the entire bloody game, but worth getting past.
      took me 20 tries the first time.

      EXACTLY the same for me. Never went back.

      FF9 is a similar one for me. Got through the game with no probs whatsover, get to the final boss and can't last more than a few minutes. Rage quit 25 times, never went back. I swear the the whole game sets you up to fail that boss.

      If you do go back to it... Cast Zombie on Rinoa. Adel drains Rinoa and takes damage instead, might even heal Rinoa at the same time.... Pretty easy fight, I remember being stuck on it for a long time too.

      Last edited 29/01/13 2:29 pm

        That's... a pretty good idea. Unfortunately, I don't own the game any more, and it's been years since I last played it, that I couldn't just jump back in from where I left off. I'll probably get it at some point in the future, and I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

      That's exactly where I gave up too. Whole game was pretty average, and as soon as I killed Rinoa a couple of times I decided that it just wasn't worth the effort.

    Baldurs gate would be my biggest. Was close to the end when I had a HDD fail and lost my save. Tried s few times but never got through it

    FEZ im at about 170%, but it started to hurt having to try work out some of those puzzles, and after a few days my brain just melted, havent gone back due to pure intimmidation.

    Arkham asylum - twice now i've gotten about 90% through the main story, and then my steam save has corrupted, i just cant do it again.

    My biggest shame is FF8 its my favourite FF game, on par with FF6, i've played FF8 through to the 4th disk 8 times, and i shit you not each time i get to the 4th disk, someone breaks it, or loses it, or scratches it ot it just disappears.

    i have 8 copies of FF8 all missing disk 4, i also have 3 copies of FF7 all missing disk 3.

    Last edited 29/01/13 4:14 pm

      i definitely feel with fez if i played through it again i would have worked out at least one more puzzle on my own (the clock area), that and the pangram room, those animals would have seemed out of place on a second playthrough.

      if you ever get back into it would recommend asking someone who has finished it to give you pointers without spoiling it or solving it for you. wish i had that on my playthrough.

    I generally try to make it a rule to finish a game before moving onto the next but I've become a little lazier in my old age with a Mound of Shame bigger than a breadbox. (Three breadboxes even!)

    However, one of my biggest skeletons is Record of Agarest War which I quit at the end boss because the weapon/armour development is based on doing certain things at certain times with no way back if you miss them. Thus, you can be severely underpowered at the final boss with no way of winning. The other is Final Fantasy Tactics which I tried to start again after screwing up my saves at the battle that most people quit on but just couldn't muster the enthusiasm for again.

    I fully intend to finish them... one day. Agarest I'm going to cheat a little and use DLC packs to boost my inventory rather than playing the game again.

    Wind Waker was the only game from last gen that i did finish! Though I needed to consult the internet on the fetch quest.

    Didn't finish

    Super Mario Sunshine
    Can't get through the Lava Cave where you have to ride those wooden boats.

    Metroid Prime
    Quit in the second level whetr you face that boss (and get killed) and you're thtien bsck to the start of the goddamn level!!! What kind of sadist designed that

    Made the mistake of selecting the wrong thing in the menu and starting as Raiden, when i had to go around difusing bombs I ran into areas with a lot of guards and yet had no weapons at my disposal.

    My track record this gen is far better

      Running around defusing bombs as Raiden pretty much sounds like MGS2 for me as well. Isn't that the game?

      "Metroid Prime
      Quit in the second level whetr you face that boss (and get killed) and you're thtien bsck to the start of the goddamn level!!! What kind of sadist designed that"

      Pretty typical of games not this generation. I miss decently spaced checkpoints, just the other day I was playing DmC thinking how stupid this generations system tends to be, if I went into a boss battle with 25% or less hp, I'd just kill myself knowing the checkpoint would be the start of the battle with full health, there's no need to ever use an item yet they're implemented anyway? No game should ever encourage you to die when the overall aim of the game is to do the exact opposite. That's equally shitty game design as having to redo a level, and that's without touching on the complete lack of tension 'regular' checkpoints brings to the table.

      So you quit Metroid Prime because you died on a boss and restarted at the nearest save point? Mmkay.

        When youve had to redo the same 20 minute section 15 odd times it starts to lose its appeal

          There are ways to lessen the pain of that. For example reaching the room before the boss (which you know is the room before the boss as you've done it before), then backtracking to the nearest save point. So if you were to die, you don't need to do the whole section again, you just need to run through the area back to where you were. It would take you maybe 2 minutes instead of 20.

          It's not that painful and personally I prefer it that way, rather than having an auto save point right before the boss (or even in the middle of the boss fight), because it actually creates a real fear inside you of "I better not screw this up".

          If you were having trouble, exploring some more and looking for some items you may have missed like health tanks and missiles would probably make the fight a lot easier. Although, if you quit on one of the early bosses in Metroid Prime, which are pretty easy all things considered (they don't start getting even remotely difficult until towards the end of the game), perhaps the game wasn't for you anyway.

            Back then I didn't play First Person Shooters, nowadays i could probably do it in my sleep.

            The point is moot though I traded my GC some time ago. Maybe a 3DS remake would convince me to try again.

              If you have a Wii or Wii U, track down the Metroid Prime Trilogy. You may find the Wiimote controls easier, and you get all three games on one disc.

          All bosses have a save point nearby. I think the omega pirate the serrels quit at is the furthest you have to travel, and that's about a minute travel.

          EDIT: ...and this is where I forget that I clicked on an old article and that the comments are a month old. Meh.

          Last edited 26/02/13 3:30 pm

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