The Game That Got Us Excited About A Retina iPad Finally Comes Out

In March of last year, a week before the announcement of the iPad 3, developer Pixels on Toast showed us how good its game would look on the device's rumoured retina screen. Today that game, Food Run, finally arrives on iTunes, and it's just as pretty as promised.

Food Run is an easy-to-digest little platform puzzler with 40 levels of crisp and colourful action. The controls are simple — all you do is jump as your Egg and the friends it gathers along the way make their way to the end of each level. It starts off simple and becomes more complicated as you progress. Eventually you'll find yourself cursing at it.

It's nice to finally have the game that sold me on upgrading to the iPad 3 in my hands, even if the iPad 3 is no longer a going concern.

Food Run ($0.99) [iTunes App Store]


    this sold you on upgrading....?a 99c game? Yeah, that's value for money....

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