The Goriest, Nastiest, Bloodiest Video Games

The evolution of graphics and physics engines (just think about ragdoll physics) in video games introduced a whole new level of violence and blood. Despite the continuous debates, like it or not, this trend won't fade away anytime soon.

We collected some of the nastiest examples, games where gore is an essential part of the gameplay.


Source: SixmasterHD's LP

Mortal Kombat series

Source: LifeAndDeath's LP, Mortal Kombat Wiki

Manhunt 2

Source: Megahoff's LP

Postal 2

Source: Postal Wiki

Phantasmagoria 2

Source: Saxcat20's LP


Source: iNexXxuS' LP

The Punisher

Source: MrBicou06's LP

Fallout 3

Source: Fallout Wiki

Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix

Source: Ravensoft

Happy Wheels

Source: Happy Wheels Official


    I would have included God Of War. Best use of the L3 and R3 buttons ever, pushing both in at once to simulate pushing your thumbs into someone's eye sockets. Then probably mashing X to rip off their head.

      I totally agree, that is one of the most badass moments in any game I've ever played and so memorable.

    Bleh, really not a fan of gore. Actually not strictly true, not a fan of when it's as realistic as you can get these days, the newer Mortal Kombats make me queasy, MK3 makes me chuckle <3 dem Liu Kang voice clips. Also yeah, ^ God of War probably belongs on that list, other than the comparatively shallow combat when compare with the likes of DMC, gore is the primary reason I don't enjoy the GoW games.

    The God of War and Prototype series deserve a mention here. I will never understand how they got away with MA15+ rating in Australia while Left 4 Dead 2 had to be censored.

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      L4D2 got censored mainly due to the 'violence against authority figures' as some zombies are in uniforms depicting police etc (off memory....)

        No that is why it got censored in Germany, it got censored in aus simply because it was excessively gory.

    Where's God of War and Left for Dead 2?! :-P
    DOOM for its time, too. Shadow of Rome? Even the Conan game was pretty gory (and quite enjoyable I thought, besides the infuriating boss segments).

    Love it though. I'm not a huge fan of gore in films, but for some reason I can't get enough of it in my video games, when it's done well enough! Punisher was a damn favourite, amazing game, loved it. Sequel, anyone? ;-)

    Hotline Miami is gorier, violenter, louder, colourfuller and all around get fucked better than those games. Especially God of War.

      Gotta agree here... possibly the most violent game Ive played in ages... Im off to KILL A DOG WITH A SAMURAI SWORD now!!!

        The katana is sex. Also on the violence, I really think H:M gets the impact right with all the blood and bodies lying around, that don't disappear. When you clear a level and just look over the brutal, brutal slaughter you have just committed... that is some genius shit right there.

          Also the fact it reminds you constantly you are NOT a professional killer, you're a thug. It reminds you what you're doing is definitely wrong. That you're the badguy without a doubt. I love that the game is so nihilistic and intent on making you loathe the character and what you're doing.

    I love setting the cats on fire on Postal 2 and watching them run around lighting up the people on the street, LOL good times good times.

    ...Fairy Tale Fights... a game where you skate around on the blood of your enemies.

      That one slipped my mind, yup! Nothing like dancing around with a cleaver slicing enemies into giblets and then sliding around on their blood for five minutes to pick up a trophy. :-)

    Fallout 3 has a no blood mode, gore plays no part in the plot what so ever.

    Carmegeddon, well I used to try and take out every single pedestrian. and I never won a race via the checkpoints always by killing every other car and as many pedestrians as possible.

    Mortal Kombat, yeah Gore made the game.

    But come on Fallout? While it could be bloody it wasn't nessecary to complete the game.

    Loaded on the PS1/Saturn should be on this list. Basically you enter rooms and blow everyone to pieces.

    The screenshot titled "Phantasmagoria 2" is actually from the first game.

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    The list is missing the new Splatterhouse! Easily one of the most bloody, gory games this generation.

    Also Ninja Gaiden 2!!!

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