The Goriest, Nastiest, Bloodiest Video Games

The evolution of graphics and physics engines (just think about ragdoll physics) in video games introduced a whole new level of violence and blood. Despite the continuous debates, like it or not, this trend won’t fade away anytime soon.

We collected some of the nastiest examples, games where gore is an essential part of the gameplay.


Source: SixmasterHD’s LP

Mortal Kombat series

Source: LifeAndDeath’s LP, Mortal Kombat Wiki

Manhunt 2

Source: Megahoff’s LP

Postal 2

Source: Postal Wiki

Phantasmagoria 2

Source: Saxcat20’s LP


Source: iNexXxuS’ LP

The Punisher

Source: MrBicou06’s LP

Fallout 3

Source: Fallout Wiki

Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix

Source: Ravensoft

Happy Wheels

Source: Happy Wheels Official

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