The Horror Game Where You Play As A Toddler Still Looks Eerie

Remember Among The Sleep? It's that game by Killbrite studio where you play as a two-year-old who has yet to "develop a full sense of reality, making you weak and susceptible to the horrifying creatures inhabiting your nightmares". If you've forgotten, this is your reminder that This Cool Game Still Exists.

There have been a couple of updates since we initially covered it, including new screenshots and concept art earlier this month, as well as a response to folks who were upset that you could play as a kid last year. Pictured above is concept art, obviously. Here are a few more pictures that make it obvious that this toddler is going to have one heck of a journey.

First three are screenshots, the two after that are concept art.

I'm glad that the game has retained some of what we saw in the original trailer, because last year some folks responded negatively to the idea that you could play as a toddler in a video game. Killbrite responded to some of these concerns last year:

You are the child. At no point in the game is the goal to harm a child. Your goal is naturally quite the opposite: to avoid harm. Our goal as developers is to put adult players in the mind of the child, and let them experience the resulting perspective in a creative way.

Events are not literal. The game mixes an undeveloped sense of reality, with imagination and dreams. Hence, many elements are not necessarily meant to be taken literally. It might seem like metaphors are not yet expected in games.

It's a game for adults. Our target audience is adults, not because Among the Sleep will feature grotesque violence, but because we expect a certain level of intellect from our players.

To me the negative response seems absurd, since the entire premise of the game — playing as a toddler — is exactly what makes it interesting. And look at all these locations we might get to visit!

Either way, Killbrite is still hard at work on Among The Sleep, though they're working on smaller experimental projects at the same time. We'll keep you posted.


    Ahem, I think Krillbite might be the actual name of the studio, not Killbrite.

    I am really fascinated by this project. Can't wait to hear more.

    Looks so much like the haunted mansion of time splitters 3 awesome

    Spoiler Alert: The most horrible moment will be the nappy change.

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