The Insane Conspiracy Theory Email Sent To Game Developers

On January 8, a group of game developers got a strange email in their respective inboxes. The email was titled "Conspiracy Theory (GAMES DESIGN COMPANIES.)" It was a strange letter that informing the devs that DEMONS have been CODING to each other via games. Demons that do black magic and eat babies, to be exact.

This was the email.

What is the purpose of human life…?
Many people go about their life, trying their best to be good, kind, helpful, spiritual, and develop good qualities.
However, sometimes, there are evil people who disguise themselves as good people. And these evil people, mix with the good people, but do very evil things when they are with other evil people.
This is why I have sent you this email. To let you know about these demons.
These demons who eat human babies, do black magic, and all sorts of other evil things are all around the world – they have a secret network and they are known as the Freemasons or Illuminati.
There are some politicians, businessmen and businesswomen, film stars, music stars, fake-gurus, and other people in positions of authority who are doing these evil things.
They are from all the countries in the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia, Africa.
After you have read the attached document "Cannibalism, Black Magic, Child Prostitution, Drug Dealing in films" you will understand how they have been able to secretly code to each other.
Just examine what these demons have been publicly CODING to each other!
Investigate what they have been publicly saying for the last year in the newspapers and on television, and you will see how they have been CODING secret messages to each other!
You will probably find it more interesting to see how they have been secretly sending messages in games - for example: is Assasin's Creed an Illuminati (Vatican) game ??? What about Ratchet & Clank - Q Force -> is that an anti-British game (to attack the Queen's Force who are stopping various evils in society ???)
You will then see how they have been lying to you to cheat and manipulate the whole population.
Freemason / Illuminati
The Freemasons are a secret organisation who do Black Magic, Infant Cannibalism, Child Sex Slavery, Adult Sex Slavery, Illegal Drug Selling, Illegal Weapons Selling, and other similar evil things.
Nostradamus was a man who lived in France over 500 years ago. He had the gift of being able to see events that were going to happen in the future (premonition). He is very famous in the Western world – there are many books written about his prophecies. Nostradamus has written about an evil person "The Third Antichrist" who would be destroyed by a very holy Saint who would become the leader of the world.
There is a film called "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" about some of the prophecies of Nostradamus.
Nostradamus coded his prophecies so that evil people could not misuse them. Nostradamus said that Truly Spiritual people would be able to properly decode the prophecies and get the True Meanings.
David Icke
David Icke is a very famous Conspiracy Theorist who travels all around the world giving lectures to people to show them what the evil demons – The Illuminati – have been doing: Infant Cannibalism, Child Sex Slavery, Drug Running, Illegal Weapons Selling and other such evil activities. He has a website where you can find out more information. And there are books, CDs, and DVDs that he has written and published. You can buy them online.
Inner Light and Sound Meditation
All the Sikh scriptures, which include True Satgurus who came before Guru Nanak tell True Devotees to practise Meditation on the Inner Light and Sound – known as Naam.
The True Satgurus whose teachings are in the Sikh Holy Book, Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, were Jaidev, Ravidas, Kabir, and so on.
Guru Nanak had a Satguru, and has written this in the 1st shabad on Page 14 in Guru Granth Sahib. He has written, "I asked my guru…" (me apna gur puch dekhia…):
There is a modern Satguru known as Supreme Master Ching Hai who has done many Satsangs and there are many books and DVDs to help people remember God.
There is also a website, and a regular magazine, where you can find out more. There is also a FREE Sample Booklet in many languages:
Also, there is an online television station:
Best Wishes,

Now, attached to this email were dozens of pictures and attachments. Here are a few of the highlights, all seemingly MS Painted.

The text attachments, meanwhile, are too many to include and most of them dozens of pages of just straight up rambling. But if you are curious, a few of the titles include:

  • Cannibalism, Black Magic, Child Prostitution, Drug Dealing in films.doc
  • Reincarnation of a ghost
  • Jinxes Acquiring Supernaturality

You know, despite the email's attempt to educate me on the demons, I'm left with more questions than answers. For instance, why send it to game developers if they're the demons making this stuff?

Perhaps there's something about this specific collection of developers? These are some of the folks that received the email:

  • Blue Fang Games, behind Zoo Tycoon.
  • Bohemia Interactive, behind DayZ.
  • Capybara Games, behind Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.
  • Christine Love, behind Analogue: A Hate Story.
  • CCP Games, behind EVE Online.
  • Christine Love was the developer that shared the email with me and gave me permission to republish it, but she was completely baffled as to why she in particular got the email in the first place.

    I'm not perceptive enough to gather something from that list of developers myself. You'd think I would, because after I contacted the guy behind the email — Jas Gill — he got angry at me because I should know.

    I tried asking him who he was or if he was a gamer or — basically anything that would explain the bizarre email. This is what he wrote back.

    It looks to me like basically you are an idiot !!!

    And I LNOW THAT YOU KNOW why I have bol-italiced the word 'basically'...

    So, f**k off !!!

    I can't tell you who Jas Gill is, beyond the fact that he seems to be from the UK and has a penchant for awfully edited images. This is what he looks like in motion.

    Make of that what you will.

    Most of this seems in-line with those crazy Illuminati theories regarding media, with people convinced there are hidden messages in stuff like popular music videos and movies. This is the first I've seen such theories applied to games though.

    And for the record: I do not, in fact, know why he 'bol-italiced' the word 'basically'. But then again, I didn't know that Assassin's Creed and Ratchet & Clank were dangerous games containing secret demon messages, so you probably can't trust me.


      Honestly im an open minded person, i know there are "BAD" people out there we all do but why would he after he sent that first email reply like that to you'rs i mean FFS you only asked who it was it's not like you said GO AWAY CRAZY NUT JOB. seriously it makes people who look twice at something crazy...

      My facepalm just registered on the Richter Scale

      Of course the guy is an idiot, he's citing the Bing search engine

      It's like the Super Smash Bros of conspiracy theories.

      " they have a secret network and they are known as the Freemasons or Illuminati."

      I've always been fond of secret societies everyone knows about, but this time they really got creative. They communicate with each other through hidden messages in games? If that's the most secret/secure communication system they could devise, I reckon we don't have a lot to worry about

      Dear god - he listens to David Ike!

      I don't understand why all these super-powerful world leaders and CEO's of international corporations etc would need to send each other obscure messages through movies. Especially those kinds of movies. I mean, don't get me wrong - Ace Ventura Pet Detective was a fine picture, but it doesn't strike me as the kind of thing that Presidents and Prime Ministers would take the time to watch just on the off chance that there may or may not be a significant message hidden in there somewhere. Don't they have phones? Email? Hell, if it was important I'm sure they could just fly in their private jets to pass the message on in person.

      I mean... what if you needed those couple of keys of heroin / cocaine in a hurry? Like your party is on tonight, the hookers are turning up at 8 and you don't have a single gram to offer? By the time you get that message into the movie and the movie is shot, edited, distributed and then finally (hopefully) watched by the intended recipient, the horse has already bolted and your drugs turn up way too late.

      The whole I thought it was the work of 4chan, but you know this is another distraction from the real turth, much like Obama is really a machine designed to distract the public of the world from their true overloads, the Crab People.

      Year 2012 was really the Mayans saying that the year the crab people rise from the ground to assume there power has began. The End is Nigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        It's not Crab People, it's Lizard People. Get your facts straight, otherwise nobody will take you seriously.

      David Jaffe is a transgender sex robot sent from the future, whose sole purpose is to corrupt the minds of children to grow up and then offer themselves to the Illuminati.

      This is now true because I said it and you have no reasonable way of proving that it's not true, so therefore it must be true OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE JEEEZ *goes back to eating mangos*

        The Bildeberg group bought up every mango plantation on earth over the past couple of decades. This is so they can implant nanomachines in them that, once absorbed into your body, allow them to send commands direct to your brain, enslaving you to their twisted will.

        That's why they made you type that, in the hope it will make others hungry for mango, resulting in them also eating the accursed (yet delicious) fruit, increasing their army of slaves around the world.

      bath salts strike again?

      The saucer people are in league with the reverse vampires!

      We're through the looking glass here people

      HOLY CRAP!! There's like... 8 dots!! The world will end on the 8th of Smarch. It's all clear to me now.

      Seriously though... why did I actually watch that video? o.O

      I was the storeman at an Applecentre when the first imacs came out. One day the front desk sales guy came and dragged me out front to see a client he had. He introduced me as the store's head of future tech at which point the customer's eyes lit up and he burst into a rambling list of things he needed his new computer to be able to do.

      Basically he needed a computer for the rocketship he was building in his backyard. The computer needed to control all components of the ship, from its atom engine (his term), to its 360 degree firing LASERs which would deal with government troops that tried to stop him reaching the alien overbase (again, his term).

      I was stunned at the naked display of insanity - really did not know how to react to that. Then the sales guy patted me on the shoulder, said he'd handle it, and promptly sold the guy an iMac... a Tangerine one if memory serves.

      TL;DR - I think I've met the guy the article's about ;P

      Last edited 15/01/13 3:30 pm

      I don't think a lot of the people we label Evil think of themselves as Evil.

      I recently had lunch with a guy I knew in High School who talked non stop about Illuminati and Freemason conspiracies, you know the standard 9/11 was planned by the US government etc. It drove me nuts, trying to change the subject it just didn't work he could only talk about the conspiracies. I straight up asked him to stop, and it only worked for about a minute.

      It made me realise how much we need to overhaul mental health, and the ability to get treatment in this country. Back in High School he was an interesting person who could talk about lots of things, video games, cars, movies, politics etc. Now he can only talk about the Illuminati secretly controlling the world.

      I can tell you is controlling the world and it's no secret; the rich when you see governments do stupid things that anybody can tell is bad for the people but majorly benefits one companies CEO you know the government was bribed. Sad but True, Money is more important than people.

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