The Makers Of Bayonetta Would Love To Buy The Suddenly-Endangered Darksiders Series

One of the sad and somewhat odd outcomes of today's big auction of top games and studios from game publisher THQ is that no one — not EA, not Activision, not Take Two, not Bethesda, not Ubisoft... no one — made a bid for the action-game series Darksiders and Vigil, the studio that made those games.

Look, even here at Kotaku the Darksiders games aren't uniformly loved. But some of us dig them and we can now share the bittersweet news that some very talented game developers dig them, too.

Here's Atsushi Inaba, the head of Platinum Games, makers of Bayonetta, Vanquish and other cool action titles:

And here's a translation, via our own Brian Ashcraft:

"In THQ studio and IP selling off auction, Darksiders is unsold? [We] wanna buy it...on the cheap..."

Earlier today, some of us half-kidded that Nintendo should have snatched up Vigil. The Darksiders games are, more or less, an M-rated love letter to Zelda (please don't read that the wrong way!). Nintendo obviously didn't go for Vigil. If Platinum did? Or even went just for the series? We're not rooting for people to be out of work, but either result would be fascinating.

We're following up to see what could come of this.


    Oh sweet! I can't wait for them to release the next game on a console nobody wants to play it on!

      Oh Neo.. just buy a Wii U then you can have Bayonetta 2, maybe Darksiders 3 AND Yoshi's Epic Yarn!!!!

      You do realise that if it wasn't being made for Wii U it wouldn't be being made at all right? No one wanted to fund it but Nintendo.

      Troll harder. I'm buying a Wii U next paycheck, will gladly enjoy my worthwhile exclusives.

    It sounds like they want to get just the IP, not Vigil... meaning that any Darksiders 3 would be of their own creation... I don't like the sound of that...

      After Darksiders 2 I'm not sure I'd mind. Unless it was at the behest of THQ.

        Darksiders 2 was a great improvement over number 1... although I will admit the epicness curve levelled out quite quickly after that massive ass Guardian battle... The final boss came around (granted 15 hours later) and I just though "That's it, I literally teleported straight to this boss"

      Platinum is basically the team that made Okami, which is the only game to have ever soundly beaten Zelda at being a Zelda game. They'd be a pretty good fit actually.

        They also made Bayonetta which Ninja Theory deeply took inspiration from for DMC. It's probably no coincidence that the director of Bayonetta is also the former director of the original Devil May Cry... Combining the three (Darksiders, Okami and Bayonetta) might produce a wonderful Child of the End Times.

    I'm sure all the developers at the auction wanted the franchise "on the cheap" however I doubt THQ would fulfil the requirements to be good stewards at bankruptcy if they allowed that.

      Or it wasn't being offered in the form buyers were interested in. If it was the studio+franchise up for auction, it might not have been appealing to a buyer who only wanted to franchise (especially if no one else seemed to want the bundle).

    It would be interesting to see Platinum's take on Fury.

      I agree, expand on the Vanquish gameplay with a more open world in the Darksiders universe just scream potential.

    Now THAT would be something!

    Do it!
    Bayonetta and DMC are great games.
    I wanna see how they handle Darksiders.

    Oh I love Platinum. I hope they can get the rights to it. I'd love to see what they could do with the series.

    Platinum has been Tweeting at vigil employees basically asking if they need a job.

    It seems like they want the entire Vigil Dev team aswell as darksiders.

    Never got around to playing it but heard good things about it being Zelda like, which is something I'd welcome more games to try. Platinum are awesome so I'm sure they'd do a good job with the studio.

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