The Most Badass Dragons In Gaming

Whether they're allies or foes, tiny or towering beasts, robotic, undead or living, the kings of reptiles will always represent brutal power in any game. When they make their appearance, you can be certain that devastation, destruction, and, well, probably the end of the game, will follow.

We have collected below some of the most badass dragons video games can offer.

Up top is Onyxia from World of Warcraft, via the WoWwiki.

Ridley / Robot Ridley (Metroid series)

Source: DragoonMyuutsu's longplay of Metroid: Zero Mission

Rayquaza (Pokémon)

Source: Bulbapedia

Volvagia (The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time)

Source: XHolyPuffX's longplay of the game

Spyro the Dragon (Spyro series)

Source: Spyro Wiki

Alduin (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Source: The Elder Scroll Pages

Dran Draggore (Eye Of The Beholder II: The Legend Of Darkmoon)

Source: Doommaster's longplay of the game

Queen Of The Blackmarsh (Dragon Age: Origins)

Source: Dragon Age Wiki

Black Dragon Kalameet (Dark Souls)

Source: Dark Souls Wiki

Solo Wing Dragon Form (Panzer Dragoon Saga)

Source: xDriver4's longplay of the game

Fafnir (Megami Tensei series)

Source: Megami Tensei Wiki

Bahamut (Final Fantasy series)

Sources: samcadaris', WarrWeeny's and veteran0121's videos of FFVII, FFVIII and FFX

What did we miss? Add your favourites below.


    A few more to add to the list:

    Dragon God - Demon's Souls
    Archdemon - Dragon Age: Origin
    Deathwing - Warcraft
    Jack of Blades - Fable: The Lost Chapters

      +1 Dragon God... a bad ass battle if ever there was one.

    I agree with all of those except Spyro

      Really?? What's wrong with Spyro? Granted not Skylanders Spyro like the picture shows but the PSX Spyro was great =D

        I don't know what it is, but I could never get behind Spyro, the way he looked, his games, they all annoyed me.

        Spyro was allright, but he's far from what I'd consider 'Bad-ass'

    Really? No mention of the Ur-Dragon from Dragon's Dogma. =/

    Anything from Guild Wars 2 for badass dragons.

    What the hell is Rayquaza? It's all about the Charizard.

      Charizard isnt actually a dragon type :P

        Minor technicality (the creators wanted to keep the dragon type rare for Gen 1).

        It's a giant fire breathing lizard with wings, horns and a tail. If he isn't a dragon, I don't know what is.

          Dont worry mate im with ya, its just funny because me and my missus were arguing about this very thing last night.
          She's playing BW2 and wanted a dragon/fire type, so her obvious choice was charizard, untill i told her he isnt a dragon type, just fire.

          Well theres the point, he is a lizard, not a dragon. And in the end is a fire/flying type which matches what he is - a fire breathing lizard with wings. Dragons in Pokémon look vastly different to "Lizards" or in charmanders case - salamanders (Except strangely, Salamance, who is dragon/flying).

          its clear charizard was meant to be a dragon but there was also the issue of balance for its type, in the 1st gen the only weaknesses dragons had were ice and dragon,if charizard had dragon as its secondary type and fire as its primary it would be WAY overpowered since its primary erases the one weakness dragons have and that in the 1st gen the only dragon type move was dragon rage and that hit a constant 40 damage. this is also the case with gyarados Whose primary type is water would also negate the ice type weakness


          That's also interesting as Gyarados is even more like a Dragon than Charizard (at least more like an Asian dragon as opposed to Euro style ones), but it isn't dragon type either. It's water/flying.

          I just had a look on Bulbapedia and it describes Gyarados as being "a large dragon Pokemon," despite it not being a dragon type. Which it also uses to describe Charizard, "dragon-like" to be precise. Charizard can also use/learn dragon type attacks. So with that in mind, I'm going to describe Charizard as a large dragon Pokemon!

          Last edited 22/01/13 6:59 pm

    I think you'll find that all these guys are pretty badass...

    Last edited 22/01/13 3:14 pm

      Yes! I do believe there has been a large oversight in this article by not including these dragons.
      I can hear the noise of those hooks coming out of the pirate dragon now.
      And the squealing noise when you hit them.

    Shinryu over Bahamut any day.

      He is a pretty nifty looking dragon (with an awesome battle theme, I might add):

    Where's the dragon from Moonstone. Old one but still worthy.

    To hell with Ony, Malygos is WoW dragon of the year all years.

    I gotta say, I'm really depressed with all of these except maybe Alduin. Nothing else feels as huge, as dangerous, as old, or as mighty as a dragon should. Deathwing was pretty cool, too.

    Last edited 22/01/13 3:34 pm

    Oddly enough, you use Onyxia as the image and there is no mention of any of the Warcraft Dragons.

      This. I would have at least expected Deathwing, if not Alexstrasza to have made the list. There's Nozdormu, The Lord of time to consider too. What the hell, man :-P

      Last edited 22/01/13 5:22 pm

    No Firkraag? Psht.

      Exactly what I was thinking! Baldur's Gate FTW!

      If you face Firkraag too early, you have the worst time. Many a game was spent contsantly getting my ass kicked.

    FF8's Bahamut was the best Bahamut design.

      I really liked Bahamut in Advent Children, myself. That and Bahamut Zero from FF7.

    Also point of order: Volvagia has no legs or wings and is thus a Wyrm, not a Dragon. Fafnir has only two legs and wings and would probably be better classified as a Wyvern.

      All the dragons in Skyrim, including Alduin, are also technically Wyverns.

    Alduin? Seriously?

    Also; no mention of Saskia?

      Came to post the same thing, Alduin somehow gets in and Saesenthessis (Saskia) gets snobbed? What the hell?

      I really want to see Villentretenmerth in Witcher 3, Saskia made golden dragons sound awesome.


      I may be barking up the wrong tree (game), but wasn't Tiamat a giant bat?

        The mythical Tiamat's form was never described, just that she was a chaos creature that gave birth to many monsters, like dragons and merfolk. D&D and Final Fantasy depict her as a dragon though.

    Onyxia, Nefarion, Deathwing??

      Was thinking onyxia was the BANE of a lot of peoples WOW existance, and should have been in the list for sure.

        Not Ony. Vael was the guild-killer back in the day. Should be Vael.

    DDO's dragons were pretty awesome. That Red one with the fiery breath of potential instant raid wipe was something else.

    Altered Beast

    Angel/Angelus, Legna in any of their three (including the third Chaos) forms out of Drag-on Dragoon/Drakengard?

    Disappointed. (And I agree with NegativeZero on the FFVIII Bahamut design, hell even Tiamat would be worth going on the list!)

    The cast of Dragon Valor.
    Some Badass dragons in there!

    Why use the Skylanders Spyro? Oh and, Ridley FTW!

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