The Most Interesting Pirate-Themed Levels And Areas

It's not that hard to find great pirate-themed video game zones and levels. Gigantic ships, pirate hideouts on mysterious islands (or in space), full of treasure, topped with a Caribbean atmosphere; an ever-returning element of video games that will always be a pleasure to the eye. We've collected some of the most gorgeous and memorable ones.

Pirate Ship (TMNT: Turtles In Time)

Source: UglyKatsuki's LP

Cannon Cluster (Donkey Kong Country Returns)

Source: FruitShaped's LP

Plunder Island (The Curse Of Monkey Island)

Source: Monkey Island Wiki

Booty Bay (World Of Warcraft)

Source: Wowhead, Ironyca's blog

Jolly Roger's Lagoon (Banjo-Tooie)

Source: FlameAstro's LP

The Listy Colon (Scribblenauts Unlimited)

Source: BeatnikGunso's LP

The Caribbean (Sid Meier's Pirates!)

Source: 2KGames

Balfonheim Port (Final Fantasy XII)

Source: Mark Findley's LP

Underground Ghost Ship (Super Mario Galaxy)

Source: PurpleRodri's LP

The Dorgenark (Rogue Galaxy)

Source: Rogue Galaxy Wiki

You should tell us about your own picks in the comments below.


    My PC copy of Skyrim has a nice 'pirated' theme.

    Can't believe you didn't list Lions Arch from Guild Wars 2, its a capital city that is run/owned by Pirates!

      or Bloodtide Coast... Or the pirate part of Lornar's Pass & Gendarran Fields...

    You kidding?

    You didn't mention the final boss in DKC with this epic music?

    What about Zak & Wiki? i-Ninja? Shipwreckers!/Overboard!?

    How could you skip Zack and Wiki or The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker?

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