The Most Notable Vampires In Video Games

Surprisingly, blood suckers aren't as common in video games as you might expect. They might appear as a generic type of enemy, and of course there are a few of them in the Castlevania series. We collected some of these vampires, paying attention to leave out those who like to carry people on their backs.

Bodhi (Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn)

This former elf is the scariest thing ever created that has anything to do with elves. Geez those random entries!

source: BioWare

Demitri Maximoff (DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors)

Probably the only vampire in the world that looks like Phoenix Wright on steroids.

source: DarkStalkersOpedia

Vamp (Metal Gear Solid series)

Even if he is not a real one, he's got all the abilities — and the right to be on this list as well.

source: Raiden vs Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 4

Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)

Just as Vamp, Vincent is rather a result of an experiment than a natural born vampire, but the similarities are quite obvious.

source: SquareEnix

Rachel Alucard (BlazBlue series)

An arrogant vampire, who — according to her bio — even likes tea. She probably has high blood pressure.

source: Xephyr26's fan art on DeviantArt

Vorador (Legacy Of Kain series)

The main characers Kain or Raziel should have been the obvious choices, but Vorador — who also has a major role — looks just so much cooler.

source: Legacy Of Kain Wiki

Alucard and Dracula (Castlevania series)

At least these legendary guys bring back something from the classic Dracula look.

source: Wackwikivideos

Jeanette Voerman (Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines)

Both Vampire games — Redemption and Bloodlines — are full of vampires (sounds incredible, right?) but the only possible pick is this memorable NPC from the second game.

source: White Wolf Wiki

Jericho Cross (Darkwatch)

The weird western-steampunk hybrid style, mixed with classic vampire lore made this character (and the game!) really exciting.

source: Capcom Database

Rayne (BloodRayne)

One of those female vampires that look badass rather than cute — and there's absolutely no problem with that.

source: BloodRayne Wiki

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    Hmm, there are actually quite a few Vampires in games... not as many as say, bald, gruff space marines or zombies, but they are more common than you'd think. Others include:
    Slayer (Guilty Gear):
    Keith, Joachim and Hilda Valentine (Shadow Hearts trilogy):,,
    Obviously Dracula himself from the Van Helsing game
    Anything on this page:
    Skyrim also had a bunch of Vampire characters and included the ability to play as one...
    The Disgaea series also has Vampires
    and so on and so forth...

    Last edited 29/01/13 8:31 pm

    Better then all the losers you posted

    Slayer -
    (way cooler than Rachel Alucard - but then again, Guilty Gear is way cooler than Blaz Blu)

    I agree Vorador is indeed cool, but he doesn't exactly have what you'd call a major role in the series, only appearing briefly in some of the games to provide some guidance. Based on just sheer bad-assery you've got to give it to Kain. Is Raziel even considered a Vampire? He obviously was before he was thrown into the vortex but after that he became a Wraith.

    For a game series that focuses majorly on a vampire as a central character, there are surprisingly few major vampire characters in it. Aside from the aforementioned Kain and Vorador (and Raziel in his vampire form), you have Raziel's brothers (Dumah, Melchiah, Rahab, Zephon - all killed in Soul Reaver - and Turel - killed in Defiance) and Janos Audron. There's a few that are killed off in Blood Omen 2 but none of them played any real part in the story.

    Back in the day nothing used to pwn me more then this fellow vampire from Ghost House.

    Vlad from Magika


    ... Vincent Valentine isn't actually a vampire, he's a shapeshifter from experiments against his will.

    Just get a LITTLE MORE VAGUE with your descriptions......

    Yeah dude, when you have a thread title like "Most Notable Vampires" with a picture of Vincent Valentine (who is in no way a vampire) it kinda discredits your thread before it's even read.
    It's not "he was more of the result of an experiment. Not at all.
    He WAS the result of an experiment. As such, he doesn't fear sunlight, crosses, drink blood, bite necks or suck dicks while he sparkles.

    Anyways, aside from a few non-vamps and sketchy facts, nice article.
    I always loved Castlevania ^_^

    Last edited 31/01/13 2:32 am

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