The New Black Ops II DLC Lets You Play As The Zombies

Mark your calendars: on January 29, the 'Revolution' map pack for Black Ops II drops. It packs heaps of content — not only does it have a number of new maps, but it also features a new game mode that lets you play as the zombies in a mode appropriately called 'turned'. About time, eh? It also includes the first DLC gun in Call of Duty history ('peacekeeper,' it's called), if that's your sort of thing. But really, guys: you can play as the zombies!

I'm curious if the lack of corners on that skatepark really makes that much of a difference. Wouldn't think so, but I haven't played it, so who knows. Either way, the devs are promising maps that play with verticalility and maps that allow you to play with the environment a bit, so the DLC looks interesting.


    This is very cool news! There are a lot of monkeys here who can't wait to play!

    That... might be the first reason in the last 5 years I've had to purchase some DLC for CoD.

    What is this? DLC that's actually worth it?
    can't wait to actually see how it works. might be enough for me to buy a Cod game for the first time since Modern Warfare.

    I got a good 50 or so hours in the first few weeks of BO2 before I got completely over it. I think i'll give the DLCs a shot.

    Hydro looks interesting however I so can't help think they saw the Crysis 3 demo with a dam and went, 'lets make a dam level!'.

    The skate park looks like it's one of those BO2 maps made by a douchebag. There's a few in the game. You know which ones they are! Igt'd be cool if you could skate in it though, lol

    Alps looks like its right from BO1. Why can't you go in the gondolas?

    Mirage looks good!

    WIth Zombie's i actually never gave it a shot in BO2. I think i went to play once and something was annoying or difficult to get to it and so i never bothered. I should. It was like that with BO1 though. Even though i played a lot of WAW zombies, i didn't try the zombies in that for ages.

    This is the kind of article we want from you, Patricia. Informative news about games.

    Is there going to be Atlantis as a new zombie map pack

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