The Nutrition Facts Of Food In Video Games

We totally think that bringing video game food into real life would be an awesome idea. But what are the nutrition facts of those mushrooms that Mario eats or those glowing dots that feed Pacman? We need to know these things!

Complex created a tongue-in-cheek infographic that showed the nutrition facts of popular video game food. You probably knew those power pellets in Pacman gave you 100% invincibility but did you know it also adds 80% intimidation too? Check out the details on the pellets:

Man, if only I had one of these in real life. Check out more nutrition facts on video game food here. [Complex via Design Taxi, Laughing Squid]


    Aren't they called "Super Mushrooms" or something else?
    I'm pretty sure "Magic Mushrooms" is a completely different thing altogether...

      Or is it?
      The Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) looks very similar if you ask me. (Quick google check.)

      As a kid I always called them Mushrooms, or if I used the long term Magic Mushrooms. Never called them Super.

      It's funny, I call them Super Mushrooms in any Mario platformer, but they are just Mushrooms when it comes to the RPGs and Mariokart series.

    Informative, but it doesn't tell me the important things like:
    What's the RDI on Power Pills? Gotta be high the way Pac Man pac-ks them in.
    What's the fat content of a Super Shroom? I just know they're going straight to my thighs (as well as pretty much every other body part)
    What's the number of joules in a Sandvich? I imagine it's high given how much health/energy Heavy gets back. For calorie counters it's a nightmare.

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