The Physics Of Face Slapping

Nico Nico Douga user MuniMuni modelled Buddhist goddess Thousand-armed Kannon in a physics engine to see what would happen if the deity slapped someone in the face.

Initially, MuniMuni created the goddess with all one thousand arms, but that turned each cluster of limbs into giant blobs. Instead, MuniMuni decided that 42 arms seemed a suitable way to represent the various Buddhist worlds.

Using one hand for normal slaps to the face went fine! Using all the arms on one side caused the deity to topple over, though. So, if you wanted to do multiple slaps, it's necessary to balance that force on the other side. Noted.

All this for science. Yes, for science!

千手観音の往復ビンタを検証した [[email protected]]


    This is simultaneously one of the stupidest things I've ever seen, and one of the greatest.

    'slapping' looks an awful lot like 'spinning the guys head on the spot'. I'm tired. Why am I still watching?

    What if the other guy was slapped a thousand times instead? I don't know, I'm going to work this is lolzy

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