The PS Vita Wanking Game Is A Surprise Hit

Card-based PS Vita game Monster Monpiece features monster girls and inappropriate gameplay. In Japan, the game appears to be a monster hit. I cannot understand why!

Compile Heart, the folks behind the title, announced on January 26 that the game's first run of 27,000 copies is already out of stock and that many stores in Japan are currently sold out. Not bad for a game released only two days earlier! There will be another shipment of the game later this month. Until then, enjoy this GIF.

「限界凸騎モンスターモンピース」品切れのお詫びと次回入荷のお知らせ [Compile Heart]


    This will get 3DS owners 'coming' to the dark side

    Here's hoping for an EU release. I'd tap... er... stroke(?) that!

    LMAO, I love it

    PS Vita for the last year has been struggling with lack of games, and now the first game that sells out is pretty much a masturbation simulator.

    Well played Sony, glad to see you're really hitting the Mature Portable market now

    If you cannot understand why Author, then don't buy hentai games ;)
    There are loads of great Vita titles and PSP/PSX/PS Mobile games available.
    Why even bother yourself with this shit?

    I don't get the point, aren't you supposed to play Hentai games while rubbing one out? How will you to do this when both hands are masturbating your console and your actual junk gets no love?

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