The Titles Pokémon X/Y Were Predicted In 2008, Maybe As A Joke

Think back to 2008. That September, Pokémon Platinum, an enhanced version of Pokémon Gold/Silver, hit shops in Japan. Yet, people online made one sort of accurate prediction — and one very accurate prediction. People? Sorry, I meant soothsayers.

On Yahoo! Japan's questions section, someone asked what people thought the next Pocket Monster instalment would be titled. Then, that same individual added that he or she thought there was going to be a remake of Gold, predicting it would be called Pokémon Sun Gold/Moon Silver. After that, the new Pocket Monsters would be Pokémon: Amethyst/Topaz (though "Topaz" was misspelled in Japanese). This earnest individual seems to have really thought about this!

"Pokémon God of Wind/God of Thunder," quipped one answer. "I think it will be Pokémon Gold/Silver", replied another. Then, there was this:

In October 2008, Yahoo user Deadevil2002 apparently wrote, Pokémon X/Y, nailing the name of the newest Pocket Monster games five years later. This seems to be a wisecrack reply. Below that is another wry reply, Pokémon Right/Left. What, no one wanted to write Pokémon Up/Down?

「ポケットモンスターシリーズ」の次回作のタイトルを予想してください。 僕は金... [Yahoo! Japan via 秒刊SUNDAY]


    Moon Silver? Everyone knows moon is reserved for the inevitable GBA remake, Moon Sapphire, and Al Gore will offer a copy of the game to anyone who can solve global warming.

    Plantinum was the "enchanced" version of Diamond and Pearl.

      LOL saw that too and went O___o. Phew thought my eyes were screwing up and messing with my mind.

    "Think back to 2008. That September, Pokémon Platinum, an enhanced version of Pokémon Gold/Silver"
    Enhanced version of Gold and Silver hey?

    I'm sure someone has guessed every colour possible as a pokemon title at some point before they came out.

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    After black and white i remember a few people online joking that if they made a proper wii version it would probably be called X and Z and that the 3rd installment would be Y, i wonder if i can track that down because as i remember it was a pretty funny discussion.

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