The Walking Dead Guys Would Love To Do A Halo, Half-Life Series

Fresh off their success with The Walking Dead series, as well as experience with half a dozen other properties that belong to someone else, developers Telltale have told Red Bull (the website of...the drink) what their dream projects are.

And they're about the same as anyone else's dream projects.

"Coming from LucasArts we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game," Telltale's CEO and co-founder Dan Connors says. "We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise, something like Half Life Stories or Halo Stories."

I'm pretty sure Halo's story is already deep enough, thanks, but it'd be hilarious to see someone try and make a narrative-driven adventure game out of Half-Life. The Adventures Lamarr & Barney.

The Walking Dead: Bringing the World's Smartest Zombie Series to Life [Red Bull]


    Would people have bought the game if it didn't have the name?

      I would. As long as it's got zombies I'll give it a go :D

      Why does that matter? The game was really well received by the people who brought it. It was a very well made game that handled it's license perfectly and exceeded expectations. Walking Dead isn't that powerful a franchise (especially after the first two seasons of the show) so the name alone didn't win it any awards. I think The Walking Dead FPS is going to prove that.

      It's not like they took a lousy game, threw a coat of Star Wars paint on it then tried to sell as many copies as they could before word got out it stank. What's to complain about?

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      I have never watched the show or read any of the comics I played the game based of the reviews and loved it would play more of them but still have no interest in watching the show

        You'll be dumber for watching it, I guarantee it. All through the first season, I couldn't get to grips with how idiotic the survivors behaved and how unlikeable the characters can be. I really don't understand the leap of faith required for the viewer in accepting these people survived, when, had you behaved the in a similar way in Day Z or L4D, you'd be deader than Dillinger...

        The comics weren't bad, but avoid the show like a witch from L4D...

      They wouldn't maybe. But I actually bought it because it is Telltale and I enjoy their games. In fact, I didn't read or watch Walking Dead because I am over zombies. So, if it was just a Walking Dead game I wouldn't have touched it. But, now, I am so glad I did and that's thanks to Telltale lol.

      Probably not. I don't usually buy non-Telltale adventure games.

    Yes, a Telltale Half Life game could work, Telltale has episodic gaming down to a fine art and something Valve has had trouble with.

    I believe Microsoft did plan for a Halo adventure game, and they partnered with Peter Jackson in order to do so. It would have also created a film. That project didn't work out, and while adventure games are now a little more accepted, I can't see a Halo adventure game being green-lit, much less be made. Valve may be more accepting of the idea, as Telltale have already incorporated one of their characters in one of their games (Poker Night at the Inventory), but I know how sacred they hold Half Life, so I doubt it would happen. However, a Telltale episodic Star Wars game is certainly something of a possibility. They already have a working relationship with Lucasarts, and Disney is no stranger to games either. And it's definitely something I'd be interested in seeing from the company.

    Ha! Good luck with Halo. That fanbase is nothing but persistant in their hatred of anything different.

    What's with that picture?

    Glenn didn't come with you to the train - he left at the motel to go to Atlanta

      I think it's promo art. I don't remember a moment like that anywhere in the game :P

    I wish Valve would consider it. It would make fans happy for a little while and keep HL buzz going.

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