The Weirdest-Looking Video Game Bosses Of All Time

A memorable boss fight is not just about gameplay or battle themes — slaying zombies can get tedious after a while, no matter how well-made the fight is. Luckily, developers never forget to ensure that we encounter the most ridiculous-looking (probably in a good way!) and nonsensical bosses from time to time.

We collected a bunch of them. Let us know in the comments if you find even stranger ones!

Joe Head Joe (Skullmonkeys)

Source: sanata1000's longplay of the game

The Great Mighty Poo (Conker's Bad Fur Day)

Source: Conkerkid11's video of the boss

The Master (Fallout)

Source: Dap642's longplay of the game

Bob The Killer Goldfish (Earthworm Jim)

Source: Tuwoa's video of boss fight

Temperantia (Bayonetta)

Source: TriLink12's video of the fight

The Slot Machine (Starfox)

Source: MortalP's longplay of the game

Sin (Final Fantasy X)

Source: Zashtheman's longplay of the game

Barthandelus (Final Fantasy XIII)

Source: MasterLL's longplay of the game

Giygas (Earthbound)

Source: AeroClash's longplay of the game

Gaping Dragon (Dark Souls)

Source: EpicNameBro's longplay of the game

Almost Everything From Parodius

Source: Cubex55's longplay of the game


    Yes! No! Yes! No!

      Ummmm why not Kingdom under fire: Circle of dooms last boss Encablossa it was a black stick figure and the boss room had nothing in it... Was highlarious you should make a whole article about it

    Come on. Why is Final Fantasy 13's Orphan not in the list.

      I feel like this list could contain a lot more of the bosses from FF games, but yeah Orphan looked even more whack than Bartandelus(however that is spelled, geez)

        Every Final Fantasy's final bosses final forms should be on this list.

          But this isn't even this articles final form!


      Space chicken Lavos I'm guessing. :)
      I was disappointed Lavos was missing from this list but I might be bias seeing as Chrono Trigger is THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME!!

    "A memorable boss fight is not just about gameplay or battle themes"
    I think we may have to agree to disagree on that one =D
    Gameplay sure, I've loved many terrible boss's (game-play wise) but music is usually the most important factor in a bossfight for me. That said most of the music I listen to is from game soundtracks so I may be one of the few who thinks that way.

    I'm dissapointed that Dink Smallwood wasn't listed.
    Although I was expecting Barthandelus... so at least he's listed.

    What about Hitler in a mech suit, from Wolfenstein?
    For sheer cool-factor, that has to be up there with the best bosses of all time.

    FFXI's Promathia:
    FFXII's The Undying:

    Promathia may need an explanation as to why I find his design to be weird, but The Undying should be self explanatory for anyone who has played FFXII.

    How can you even talk weird when you haven't even brought in a boss from a Cavia game? Where are the giant eyeless god babies with massive teeth?

    I'm surprised that nothing from Castlevania was mentioned.

    A quick Google image search shows you some of the bizarre and horrifically obscure bosses that game threw at your. And because of the way the shape and form of the bosses affects the fight, it makes the designs all the more interesting.

    Many of the bosses in the Devil May Cry series were a lot weirder than that one from Bayonetta...

    How about pretty much every boss from the No More Heroes series?


    Demons Souls | The Adjudicator -

    Dark Souls | The Ceasless Discharge -

    Totally Rad | Every damn boss from that game -

    Last edited 18/01/13 9:12 am

    The Nihilanth from Half-Life? Or the Gonarch?

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