The World Of Warcraft Movie Has A Dream Director

The World Of Warcraft Movie Has A Dream Director

If you’ve seen the movies Moon and Source Code you’ll be well aware of just how good a Director Duncan Jones is. Moon, in particular, is a truly special flick with a unique look, feel and overall vision. So it bodes well that Jones, the actual son of David Bowie, has signed on as director of the World Of Warcraft movie adaptation.

It’s a positive move for the movie, and a major project for Duncan Jones. Apparently the World of Warcraft movie has a budget of $100 million, compared to $35 million for Source Code — which was a huge hit — and a paltry $1 million for Moon. So it’s a bit step up in terms of scope. The script, by Charles Leavitt who also wrote Blood Diamond, is apparently already in the can so things appear to be moving along nicely.

Sam Raimi was previously attached to the project but, to be perfectly honest, we prefer the idea of Duncan Jones, who is a bit gamer and a talented Director with a lot to prove. Hopefully we could have the first have decent game to movie adaptation on our hands.

‘Warcraft’ Movie Lands ‘Source Code’ Director [The Hollywood Reporter]


  • Sidenote, but I bet the dude gets sick of being called “David Bowie’s Son” in every article about him ever.

    • Bowie’s shadow is pretty similar to a black hole. Attempting to escape from under it is futile, it is all consuming.

    • “Jones” is David Bowie’s actual surname, and since Duncan is not using the stage name (he reportedly used to), then likely plausible.

      I haven’t seen Moon but heard it’s good. I saw Source Code and was happy with its plot and cinematography, so will vouch for Duncan.

      • I’ve never met anyone who disliked Moon, but plenty who thought it was only OK. Personally I absolutely loved it. I came out of the cinema ranting about it in a way I haven’t done for any other movie in a long time.

        Source Code was good apart from the name (I work with source code every day…) and the very end. If they’d left it on the freeze-frame I think it would have been better.

        At this stage, Duncan Jones has bought a tonne of good will. I’d see anything he directed, even a movie based on a game I have zero interest in. Charles Leavitt has also written some great scripts.

  • This has the potential to be good.

    This also has the potential to completely sink Duncan Jones’s career. Although as a fruit spawned from The Area, I’m sure that he can survive this should it tank.

    One of the problems with a Warcraft movie is where to begin. Do you go to the beginnings and try to shape a new universe based roughly around what exists? You do dive into the middle of it all and try to unclusterfuck the lore?

    I have no idea what to expect from this movie but if they have Grubby cameo as a random Orc, it will be the best movie ever of all time.

  • I wonder what the story will be. I’m hoping for a retelling of Arthas’s story from Warcraft 3/Frozen Throne, but a new story would be cool, so long as it’s not a Horde/Thrall love fest, which it very well could be if Metzen has too much imput into the story.

  • Still hope they’ll base the story off one of the RTS games (preferably WC3) rather then WoW but I doubt it’ll happen 🙁

  • Do you actually say that a film script is ‘in the can’?

    Thought this applied to the fact that shooting has finished and editing is ready to commence since film itself goes in a can.

    I guess, so far, that pretty much every film based on a video game seems like it was written whilst the writer was on the Can though….

  • Following Thrall from his beginnings through to his rise to power might be a good direction – That could be spun into a suitable movie length story arc without too many problems. It might be a tougher sell than something revolving around a human character though, given that there are a lot of folks unfamiliar with the game that’ll need something to latch onto.

    The rise and fall of Arthas could work, but it’d be a little like watching the first three Star Wars movies without the rest – The main character ends up as an evil bastard and then the movie ends.

    • I’m not sure I could subscribe to watching an entire real action movie where the protagonist was an Orc who then met Taurens after travelling to a new continent.

      As much as I’m Horde for life, you definitely need a human protagonist to pull this off.

  • “World of Warcraft Movie”? Is this actually somehow based on WoW, or just generally set in the Warcraft universe?

  • Am I the only one that thinks the Warcraft Universe isn’t a good fit for a movie? It’ll be like LoTR or The Hobbit all over again.

    The again, Starcraft wouldn’t be a good fit either. Too many parallels would be drawn to movies like Alien and Starship Troopers.

    Diablo? Like there aren’t enough movies about demon outbreaks already.

    Maybe Blizzard should just stay away from the big screen and concentrate on their games.

    • I actually don’t mind a Starcraft movie. Even if it draws parallel to starship troopers. I can’t remember any good alien swarmimg sci-fi movies since.

  • Moon was made for about $5m. The man knows how to stretch a dollar.

    And, hey, Uwe Boll made the Dungeon Siege movie for $60m…

    Edit: That was supposed to be in reply to @warcroft

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