The World Of Warcraft Movie Has A Dream Director

If you’ve seen the movies Moon and Source Code you’ll be well aware of just how good a Director Duncan Jones is. Moon, in particular, is a truly special flick with a unique look, feel and overall vision. So it bodes well that Jones, the actual son of David Bowie, has signed on as director of the World Of Warcraft movie adaptation.

It’s a positive move for the movie, and a major project for Duncan Jones. Apparently the World of Warcraft movie has a budget of $100 million, compared to $35 million for Source Code — which was a huge hit — and a paltry $1 million for Moon. So it’s a bit step up in terms of scope. The script, by Charles Leavitt who also wrote Blood Diamond, is apparently already in the can so things appear to be moving along nicely.

Sam Raimi was previously attached to the project but, to be perfectly honest, we prefer the idea of Duncan Jones, who is a bit gamer and a talented Director with a lot to prove. Hopefully we could have the first have decent game to movie adaptation on our hands.

‘Warcraft’ Movie Lands ‘Source Code’ Director [The Hollywood Reporter]

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