The World’s Newest Console Is Already Being Used For Street Fighter, Mario 64

The World’s Newest Console Is Already Being Used For Street Fighter, Mario 64

If you were unexcited by the fact the new Ouya console runs Android games, remember: if it runs Android, it can run emulated games working on the platform.

And as anyone with an Android phone can tell you, that’s a lot of games.

Users on the Ouya Boards who are already in possession of one of the consoles have been sharing gameplay videos, and many of them are for games that, well, let’s just say they’re not exactly licensed for the device.

There are games like Street Fighter II and Mario 64 you can see here, but really, because these are running through emulators you can assume most games for those platforms will also run on the Ouya.

Ouya Games [Ouya Boards, via Gamefans]

blackoutworm [YouTube]


  • Yeah…. This has already been posted. Its only a couple of pages in, maybe you could take 2 mins to check if something has been covered before wasting time writing a new article?

      • That may be true, but the Wii became the titan it was because of its appeal to the “casual” crowd. The Ouya I feel wont break a niche market, which doesnt it mean it wont be successful I just feel a new bit of tech should have more to do then play yesteryears games.

        • It really should. Mainly because anyone who plays roms already has some way to do that. What ouya needs is some kind of identity to appeal to enough people. cellphone on a tv *might* be that, only one way to find out.

    • The plaguaristic cut and paster has taken enough time to abuse me more than once. He does read Australian articles. He should be ashamed.

  • Luke Plunkett steals Australian Kotaku articles all the time, soon there will be the post about the world minecraft project as well

  • Yay it can run emulators! That’s something my pc has been able to do for over 10 years. I am still Ye to see anything that makes this device worth my hard earned moola.

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