There Are So Many Reasons Why You Should Watch This Tony Hawk Pro Skater Speed Run

This incredible Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 speedrun is a must watch for several reasons. The first is just the incredible technique and skill shown in the video. As someone who played THPS3 to death upon its release, I was astounded by this video. But the second main reason for watching is this: you'd be hard pushed to find a video that so comprehensively goes through almost every aspect of the THPS3 (except Cruise Ship, he doesn't even go to Cruise Ship for some reason). I'm currently rocking in a nostalgic fetal ball. Sob.

There were just so many little tasks in this game that I had completely forgotten about! Helping the Thin Man in Suburbia, starting the earthquake in Los Angeles. I loved this game so much!


    Why did they ever stop making these kinds of skating games in the first place?

      Skate 3 is about as close to it as you'll get, but it's more of a homage and you lose that whole over the top level design thing that THPS always had going on

      I think it suffered from the Guitar Hero syndrome. IE, there were too many games released in a short space of time.

    I love this game, probably my favourite in the series. The only problem I have with it is when compared to THPS2, this one feels too easy. Maybe that's just me though.

    Maybe Cruise Ship wasn't included because it is technically not a level proper, just a bonus level. Still, that video blows me away.

      i have a mate that can score 10's of millions on that cruise ship level with 1 continuous grind trick, longest run i saw him circle the ship for 45 minutes (after the clock stopped), never missed a beat, never stopped his trick.
      anywhere there wasnt a grind bar he hit up a manual, then fliped into a grind again.

      not good at any other game on the planet, but damn if he wasn't the gretest i've ever seen play THPS.

        MUST have had "Perfect Balance" cheat on to do that.

          Nope, just spent wayyy to much time playing nothing but THPS games.

    Anyone interested in more speed runs should look up Speed Demos Archive and Speed Runs Live, the two sites behind the recent Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon.

    You can also watch people streaming a whole host of different speedruns over on the SRL twitch page.

    The things that they do to these games are pretty amazing. I've been watching Werster try to run Pokemon Fire Red lately. It rarely goes well and that's where a lot of the fun comes in.

      Totally. I used to spend hours on there back in the day.

        I spend hours on there these days, mainly thanks to Awesome Games Done Quick.

        It's great to see how far the limits of game can be pushed and thanks to livestreams, you can often have some great commentary explaining exactly what's going on. Cosmo Wright is the absolute king of that, watching him stream Banjo Kazooie or Wind Waker is pretty neat but the best of it is easily his Ocarina of Time any% run from Awesome Games Done Quick.

      SDA is great.

      I was personally working on a Donkey Kong Country 101% speed run to submit, until someone submitted an insane time which is the one currently posted up there. The previous record was 50 minutes which I was working on beating, but the new one was 44 minutes. Hah, no way am I beating that.

    Holy! I pulled this out on gamecube six months ago barely managed to get past the airport after half a day. That was amazing.

    This just reminds me how bad and cash grab the HD release is.

    Oh wow, that video gave me all sorts of nostalgia. Always loved the soundtracks to the Tony Hawk games.

    Loved THPS3, but definitely not as much as this guy. The last "great" Tony Hawk, in my opinion.

    I watched the video then looked at the time... it doesn't make sense. Did that just happen?

    THPS is the greatest game franchise ever - its amazing how you can remember every single bloody challenge

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