There Was A Mega Drive Version Of Super Mario World (Huh, What?)

It wasn't official, of course, but thanks to the magic of bootleg cartridges, there was indeed a version of Nintendo's classic platformer ported to Sega's rival console.

The game is a little janky, and missing some features altogether (no Yoshi, for example), but as you can see, there's some kind of Super Mario World experience to be had. Using a Mega Drive / Genesis controller.

Dogs and cats, living together, people.

It looks to be way better than the last Mario port job for the Genesis we saw, which made things easy for itself by bringing over the original Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario World Unofficially Arrives On The Sega Mega Drive [Retro Collect, via @gamespite]


    "Sega's rival console"....that's come full circle and back on the Nintendo!

      Its odd phrasing, but its correct.
      The SNES would be "sega's rival's console"

        It's one of those funny sentences where it's all in how you read it.

      See the apostrophe? it means ownership. Who owns the rival console? Sega does.
      You think you're being clever but you're really misunderstanding the whole thing.

    Those sound effects have got to be the worst thing I've heard all day.

    @ #35
    Friend, I think you are mistaken. The way it is phrased makes it sound like it was ported to "Sega's rival console", aka. Nintendo or, SNES. It should read "...there was indeed a version of Nintendo’s classic platformer ported to Sega, Nintendo's rival console."
    Of course it could read better but I worked with what i had to show you.

      I THINK that it's gramatically correct. The Sega isn't referring to the console, but the manadacturer. So 'Sega's rival console' would mean that it's Sega's console that is a rival, in context to the SNES.

      Also, it doesn't really matter and it made sense to you, anyway. Just try to appreciate sentences that at least have vowels in them. I know people that think they're optional, even in official documents

        Sega's rivalling console.

        Vowels? WTF? Realistically - all sentences have vowels.

      Like i said, it want the most... readable way of saying it, but at least grammatically, its correct.

      but yeah, There's a few better ways the idea could've been expressed :p

      Grammatically it is correct, as I said above, it's one of those sentences where it's all in how you read it. :)

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